The Public Space: Richard Spencer

Editor’s Note: Richard Spencer shared an interesting rumor tonight.

Richard Spencer is making his first public appearance tonight on The Public Space since he resigned as Secretary of the Navy:

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  1. Lemme guess what that aloof, effete PRICK is going to talk about …. his favorite James Bond movie? Where the alt-right was in mid to late 2016 vs where it was in early to mid 2018? The transvaluation of values? How much more awesome the music of Depeche Mode is over synthwave?

    Hey Rich, have another double martini, whydoncha?

  2. I really enjoyed this interview and I appreciated the discussion about Atheism and Christianity and it’s role in Dissident Right and society at large. One of the paths that many of us have taken who have grown up in fundamentalist Christianity and then become secularized through scientific education is the holistic reconciling of these mutually exclusive identities into a less polarized and less antithetical congruence.

    Atheists must accept that there are many brilliant scientists who are devout Christians. And Christians must also accept that there are many good, honest, and well-meaning atheists.

    Many years ago, I found the writings of John Polkinghorne who served for twenty-five years as Professor of Mathematical Physics at Cambridge and distinguished himself in the field of elementary particle physics and in 1974 was named as a Fellow of the Royal Society. He then in 1979, resigned his position in order to train for the priesthood in the Church of England.

    Certain disagreements are never going to be resolved but there doesn’t need to be such hostility when a man like Polkinghorne can so eloquently and intelligently bridge both worlds.

    • Dissente,

      From your previous comments, you’re one of the more intelligent people on OD.

      Here’s the problem with your suggestion. White Christians either want to proselytize to non-believers in their faith or condemn them. Whereby, non-desists just point out where the the evidence to the contrary and don’t give a crap whether or not the believer ‘sees the light.’

      In my theoretical ethnostate, White Christians would be able to practice and worship their creeds as they saw fit, with one caveat being that their religious practices do not hinder or prevent scientific research, discoveries, and dissertation of that knowledge to those who want it.

      Admittedly, I find the creationist arguments and “evidence”(I’ll be polite) not compelling.

      If the creationists could refrain from causing strife within our ranks by not insisting that unless we accept their interpretation of reality, then non-believers will not mock them for speeding to a red light.

      Dr. Polkinghorne is the exception or outlier in scientific circles. Dr. Collins that worked on the Human Genome Project is another.

      • ” White Christians either want to proselytize to non-believers in their faith or condemn them.” – unfortunately and sadly that is the truth of the matter.

        That has been the traditional way of dealing with non Christians, by the Apostates (as we Eastern Orthodox name them to be) i.e. Catholics, Protestants and other MAN MADE denominations.

        You need to ask yourself why, or why, the Christian Orthodox church from the very beginning of setting up an Apostolic church, never attempted and even DISCOURAGES proselytising non believers.

        In the New Testament, Christ himself says that the ONLY way to help convert another man to the Life is to be a guiding light an example of a life worth following.

        here are some proper Christian Catholics:
        Pope Francis expressed something that he has voiced several times during his pontificate: “to proselytize in the ecclesial field is a sin.” He added: “Proselytism is a sinful attitude.”

        To ‘Neovember’,
        So do not listen to ANYONE that wants you to be so called “saved”.
        At best they are IDIOTS at worst they are DEVILS.

        God gave you like all of us a brain and best of all a mind, USE it and use the critical thinking part.

        • Eksothen,

          What you wrote makes a lot of sense. I cannot tell how much time that I will never get back was spent on politely listening to Christian zealots attempt to “save me.” Usually, after they tell me “the good news,” I’ll tell them the bad news and where they are are incorrect and delusional.

          The Orthodox Church has the correct attitude. Recruiting by example.

          • ” I’ll tell them the bad news and where they are are incorrect and delusional. “

            That is it. That is Exactly it !

            I have had the some thing done to me, by other denominations even though I explained I was a Christians.

            It come to the point where I had to ABUSE their Christian sensibilities, by offering them a swap, their women for one night for my conversion in the most explicit way – they ran out the front door in F1 style.

            F n morons !!

            Unfortunately, their Hierarchy lately is nothing to bragg home about:
            ” The Orthodox Church has the correct attitude. Recruiting by example. “

    • Dissente,

      Polkinghorne doesn’t “bridge both worlds”, here merely drapes a Christian gloss around an otherwise standard modernist view – which is why you find him palatable.

      Should you really desire a coming together of Christian and non-Christian, you’d have to look beyond government-schooled neo-Darwinism, which is the foundation of pop-atheist culture and ideological norms.

      Consider: there are two types of evolutionists. The one is completely insufferable, the other is noble (even if wrong headed):

      The first believes in evolution because he’s philosophically naive and believes “facts speak for themselves”; this, coupled with a blind dedication to any lab-coat-wearing pagan ends in a mind-forged box of naivete requiring more faith than any snake-handling West Virginian.

      The second, to the contrary, understands that all empirical data must be interpreted through the lens of a prior held conceptual scheme and he has a mature epistemology because of it. This man may accept evolution because he honestly believes the Bible teaches it, or he may find the concept poetic or otherwise appealing for aesthetic reasons – but he’s not sophomoric enough to believe he *must* be an evolutionist because of something as fickle as “facts”.

      Give me a man of the second sort, even if he questions the religion of his grandparents, over an army of fedora tipping Sam Harris fans, who think microscopes have the power to solve debate and are utter fundamentalists in their secular religion.

        • Maybe you’ve stumbled on some Nobel Prize worthy epistemology that clearly and authoritatively grounds naive government school empiricism?

          If so, I’d enjoy it very much if you tried to “point out my errors”…in the manner you bragged about above. (You might enjoy it too).

          …otherwise, you’re just one of many who believe what they do without rational thought and as a result of mocking snears and blind faith in authority.

          I know that’s the majority position as I’ve spent the bulk of my adult life doing intellectual battle with the very passionate atheist evangelists you naively claimed don’t exist. But maybe you’re not naive, just inexperienced and someone with enough grace to have avoided the storm of controversy on these issues?

        • If you’re directing you comment toward me, I’ve written numerous times on this subject. Your side has lost not only in the court of public opinion but with Whites due to embarrassing beliefs that violate every natural law in the universe.

          The year is 2019 CE not 100CE.

          You’ve be conned.

  3. The most interesting revelation that RS shared was that it was a “groyper” or “groypers” that doxxed Josh Neal.

    I haven’t given up on RS, as so many others have.

    • I agree. I haven’t given up on Spencer but when he’s in the area, I will sleep with one eye open until there is no longer any shadow of a doubt.

      • The fact that Eric Striker, Jim Goad, Jefferson Lee, and JFG haven’t disavowed him doesn’t clear him of some of the contempt he receives, but until someone other than a knee jerk RS hater comes forward, I’ll stay neutral.

        Snowhitey, I completely understand your position. It’s a rational one to take.

        Nick Fuentes was buddying around with homosexual jew milo right before the infamous secret recording of RS went viral.

        I hope that I am wrong, but I believe that NF (who still supports the reelection of trump) could be groomed into a “bad cop” version of charlie kirk 2.0 as controlled opposition.

  4. I don’t watch FoxJewz, but earlier this year Horus The Avenger mentioned that Tucka Carlson (or his controllers at Fox) do not let Pro Whites on their show. He lets anti-Whites on his show to give their side, but never any leader from the Pro White community. I thought that was weird and wondered what Tucka is up to.

    Then later in the year, Tucka turns up at that Conservative “Nationalist” conference, where the Jewish organizer, who was flown in specially from Israel, told the American audience, “If you are Pro White, you are not welcome here. GET OUT!”

    • We need both men like Kevin MacDonald who tell the whole truth, and men like Viktor Orban who can get elected.

      Tucker falls into the latter category.

    • @Harry

      Tucker Carlson is the gatekeeper and always has been. Ann Coulter too, to a lesser degree.

      Nick Feuntes is just a kid and helped the cause a little bit. Richard Spencer doesn’t matter. Spencer is just a washed-up has-been jealous that he failed and no one cares about him anymore.

      It’s not like we didn’t give Spencer five years to do something decent – he fucked it all up. Everyone who ever helped him got burned and eventually dropped him.


      • Your commentary regarding Richard, the Earl of Spencer, is spot-on. He does not have what it takes to be a Leader of men. Let him return to the life of a ne’er do-well, a carousing, womanizing trust-fund kid, a dilettante.

        Comrade November, is that really the man you think will lead us to the Fascist ethno-state?

        • Spahn,

          Of course not. Spencer isn’t a real leader, but he and a few other “eggheads ” would be well suited as party intelligentsia. Both you and I would prefer Tom or John Metzger to lead, but we both know that their way is too hardcore for the younger set.

          We should take a multi-pronged approach to this quagmire we find ourselves in. Jason Köhne and Jared George are one arm or flank, Jared Taylor is another, as is David Duke, Eric Striker, Mike Enoch, HW, Mark Collett, Kevin MacDonald, but none of them are the combination of Marcus Aurelius, Sir William Wallace, and uncle Adolf that will lead our divided ragtag legions to victory. Until we find our “King Arthur” and/or “John Conner,” we have to work with what we have.

        • Spencer is also working with Dr. Edward Dutton. Of course, that won’t sway the anti-“lab coat” crowd. You know those darn lab coat wearing scientists. Who do they think they are curing polio, tuberculosis, and small pox? The nerve of them showing up the AWOL son of man that way!

      • You can’t beat our Dick!

        Once Spencer comes to the realization that the otherside is playing for keeps, and being a smart ass has a limited favorability rating, Dick will get with the program.

        Fuentes is a 21 year old flash in the pan. Spencer has already tried the sky rocket act, and, maybe now Spencer will get down to serious organizing.

  5. Simple question:

    Has R. Spencer’s testes, dropped yet ???

    I hope not, this way, at least he’ll keep a respectable name.
    Other wise, the only way someone can explain his pseudo aristocratic demeanour, is that he is a self delusional fag !

    “Not that there’s anything wrong with it – “ but, you can’t have a fag for a leader in a movement – if you want that movement to be successful !!

    • Eksothen,

      Richard has been married. He currently has a girlfriend. He’s a father. Please explain and provide prof that he’s a homosexual.

      I get that his personality can come off as elitist and smug, but that isn’t evidence of being a fag.

      • I don’t believe Spencer is queer but he does seem rather swishy and effeminate, don’t you agree?

        • Spahn and Eksothen,

          I completely agree that Spencer’s verbiage can come off as condescending, arrogant, and elitist. But how many morons has he had to deal with in this movement? You both know from reading some of the comments on OD that some of “our guys and gals” aren’t the ‘sharpest knives in the drawer.’

          RS’s sentences trail off in a queerish manner, so if people are keying off that, his mannerisms, and style of clothing, I could see where one might make the assumption that RS might “play for the other team.”

      • I know that he is married.
        It was a sarcastic jab at him, trying to say how ineffectual he is.

        He is becoming less relevant to the movement, as time goes by. I don;t think anyone can challenge that.

        simple question to determine his value:
        What does he add to the movement?
        Still trying to figure that out.

        By the way, there is this to consider as well.
        Richard Spencer has a confident a mentor of sorts who is a jew, Paul Gottfried !

        I guess Ezra pound and his works or a myriad others from Europe that R. Spencer could have picked to have as a mentor/guide in our Nationalist movement were not up to the task, yeah???

        Personally I do not trust him.
        (is this another, “fox in the hen house”) situation ?

        • Regarding Spencer, I always hear, “What has he accomplished?”

          Well, according to Hillary Clinton, the Alt-Right—and Spencer apparently coined the term along with Paul Gottfried—helped get Trump elected.

          What have the Groypers accomplished beyond harassing Charlie Kirk?

          Maybe relevance and accomplishments aren’t subjects you really want to bring up.

          • The only reply that would be appropriate, Mr. Nathan Bedford Bonsai, is this:

            Shalom !

            Now I speak your language or the language of those that (((mentor))) your Mr R Spencer !!!!

        • Eksothen,

          I find it somewhat amusing that I am playing public relations advocate for RS. It’s not that at all. I’m just still on the fence so to speak. Once the composite of information swings one way or the other, I won’t hesitate to congratulate or crucify him.

          Perhaps, the anti-Spencer crowd knows more than I do, and I have not caught up yet.

          • Hang on so we don’t end up getting tangled up in personal attacks.

            I do not know R. Spencer, I’ve never met the man.
            I have listened to his online speeches, interviews.

            My criticism of him is not so much about his personal/physical form and lifestyle. I have no clue what he is like in real life.
            As I pointed above my ‘fag’ comment was a sarcastic jab at him to show how ineffectual I believe he is for this movement.

            He might be more of a man then I dream to be, being knee deep in “vaggie patches” every day !

            My point is what it always has been as write about it.

            It NEVER is about personas it is about RESULTS. It is about PERPETUAL MOTION going forward.

            And I for one have not seen results from R Spencer if I’m wrong would someone kindly point out what it is that I’m getting wrong.

            Another tell tale sign from R Spencer is that he is wishy-washy all theory and NEVER touching on critical politically incorrect issues that raise awareness and conciousness to our movement LIKE N FUENTES DOES !!
            (If you ask me R Spencer should have been there amongst those your ‘groypers’ using his academic and verbal ability asking and humiliating cptn kirk and his “veteran” bum buddy).

            He is in favor in almost all of his talks, of compromise.
            He’s speeches become authoritative and ‘manly’ only when he is referring to the left/antifa/socialist/democrats.

            Well that is not who our REAL enemy is.

            There are TWO internal enemies we are facing as a movement world wide within OUR Western & European worlds.

            JEWS & Conservatives !!

            And he is LEAD by a jew.

            So what do you expect me to say about mr R Spencer??

            Hooray to our leader ??

          • Eksothen,

            I see where you’re coming from.

            I suppose in the results column, you could credit RS in red pilling hundreds if not thousands of Whites from 2015-17 about the calamity that was headed in their direction.

            I am not defending RS, but on the dissident right there seems to be a feeding frenzy to bash him. Was he an effective leader? Not by a long shot. Neither is Nick Fuentes. NF is an AmNat who pals around with numerous sketchy characters, grifters, jews, and homosexuals. For all this insinuation that RS is a fag, imo NF is more likely to be “on the down low.”

            If you recall, NF was intercepted by security at Politicon, so what is the realistic chance that RS could slip through a tpusa event, grab the microphone, and ask a pointed question to kirk, trump Jr., or any other cuckservative, inc shill? RS is well known by Zog and the jewsmedia. In the segment (((60 Minutes))) aired in Sunday on YouTube, they made sure to include RS (and to be fair NF) in their hit piece.

            RS isn’t going to lead anything anymore, but he wasn’t responsible for the Charlottesville debacle. The Alt-Right should have never trusted Jason Kessler.

            NF and his groypers are not are friends. They call us “wignats ” and think we’re “cringe.” They still support the reelection of “The King of Israel.” I’ll give credit where credit is due. NF and his groypers have brought demographic trends and consequences to normies and NPCs attention.

    • Simple question:

      Has anyone who makes a habit of calling Richard Spencer a “fag” ever been spotted in the same room with a woman?

      As far as I can tell, they’re all proud “incels” who spend 100% of their time with other males, calling other males fags. Nothin’ faggy about that!

      • Results matter NOT personas.

        When people in our movement understand the importance of that Truth, then we all will be in a better place.

        Nick Fuentes is 10 time the Man, R Spencer is !!

        • Nick Fuentes is a 120-pound virgin whose voice hasn’t changed yet. He lives with his parents and would be beaten by Elizabeth Warren in a boxing match.

          You keep talking about “results.” He got people to harass Charlie Kirk. WOW!!!!

          Spencer got Hillary Clinton to mention the Alt-Right and blame them for Trump’s election.

          What the fuck is it with the Groypers and their insanely inflated sense of importance and accomplishment? Seriously, you’ve done NOTHING beyond embarrassing Charlie Kirk. Most Americans don’t even know who Charlie Kirk is.

      • To November ” December 4, 2019 at 4:28 pm ”

        No one doubts R. Spencer assisted has added progress to our movement. He has moved the overton window towards our side from what it used to be. No doubt about that.
        I’m sure that I didn’t claim something along the lines, “what has he ever accomplished?”.

        Yes he spoke truth and like many thousands i cheered when he did so.
        There is no doubt that he pushed the ball forward. No doubt.

        But if he sits on his yesterdays accomplishments then we certainly can say that he is following President Trump, in being a one hit wonder.

        If he cannot continue to be relevant to the movement then he needs to step away from the spot light, of popularity and let another pick up the baton.

        As I have been saying and I will continue to say this, till I go blue in the face and drop dead from asphyxiation.

        It is a marathon, we need to make sure we keep going forward by any means possible – PERPETUAL MOTION going FORWARD.

        It is NEVER EVER about the persona – you see we are not fortunate enough to have our own Adolf – it’s ALWAYS ABOUT RESULTS.

        And results means WINNING in the STREETS by POPULARITY

        Life continues to roll like a river.
        By Heraclitus
        Everything flows, time flies, tempus fugit
        “no one can enter the same river twice – because the river is never the same.”

        We cannot be the IDIOTS the ignoramus of life and try to remain static.

        This is NOT about the ‘Cult of Personality’, NO ONE IS ABOVE OUR MOVEMENT – NO ONE !!!!!!

        It is up to Richard Spencer to PROVE he is relevant and worth following – NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND !

    • The Rt. Hon. Enoch Powell, MP, MBE, was a good man, as was Sir Oswald Mosley, 6th Baronet. I fear we shan’t see their likes again.

      • I agree.

        That was our best generation, which was wasted in needles brother wars.

        Today, we, in the west as in Europe are 50% or less men then those who fought in WW2 i.e. lowest sperm count in West/Europe.

        And the new Moors the mongrels who are invading our shores every day produce 5 and 7 and 10 children per concubine of theirs.

        And here we are talking about semantics in whether it is good optics to do this or that, or to have burgers with caramelized onions & swiss cheese.
        If we continue like navel gazing then we DESERVE to be WIPED OUT !!

    • “Enoch Powell, what a Leader, he was !!”

      You’re so dumb, you actually make this fun.

      Exactly what did Powell “lead”? Did he stop mass immigration to England? You’re all about “results,” right?

  6. Spencer analysis of American Christianity is, predictably, wrong-headed.

    The love for Israel among Christians is only partly due to the end-time mania inherent in the teachings of some congregations. The fervor for these philo-semitic theological positions isn’t as widespread as some believe, being more of a bookstore phenomenon and a way for the zealous to signal their piety in church meetings. But the average church goer, as always, is simply interested in pot-lucks, fellowship, and a clean conscience.

    The real cause of chronic Israelitis among Christians is the same as the cause for it among all white Americans, including those Spencer doesn’t feel the need to condescend to: it’s a post-WWII “hero” narrative, where the brave, strapping, savvy, American boys went over to rescue the little-brother jews from Satan himself. (Note: As an example, Spencer is wrong to say American Christians have a jewish messiah. While it’s technically correct, from an ethnic perspective, almost no American Christian thinks of Jesus in the same way he thinks of jews. Jews are our magical little brothers who impart to us warm fuzzies as we protect and defend them from evil, while Christ is thought of as a champion strong-man on a white horse.)

    Spencer’s antagonistic focus on Christians here blinds him to the broader “spirit” motivating the American mind.

    Spencer – of all the government schooled neo-darwinists – ought to grasp this, as I’ve heard him speak many times of a “cultural mood”…which I’ve always taken as a convenient, if too-narrow, stand-in for my talk of social and cultural “spirits.”

    • Spot on the mark, insight on this issue.

      I cannot comment about the psyche of the American evangelicals who support israel and all things jewish, I do understand the need for some “Christians” to believe that israel is this mythical place where they conflate israel with worshipping Christ.

      So they end up worshipping both, Israel & Christ.

      ” Spencer’s antagonistic focus on Christians here blinds him to the broader “spirit” motivating the American mind. “ = Bullseye !

  7. Man I despise such frenchies, the pepe le pew, this cuckold JFG that hosts this “public space” snooze fest. What an obnoxious douche bag he is !!

    The only Nationalist credentials that ever come out of these socialized French people, are Charles de Gaulle, the Vichy Government, Jean-Marie Le Pen, the men in the SS Charlemagne Division.

    listening to R Spencer is like watching paint dry. A very feminine and annoying voice signature he has. A boring HAS BEEN…….
    He values compromise over substance, that tells you what kind of a person R Spencer is.

    Hey Richard your Conservative inc. buddies are waiting for you – say hi to cptn Kirk !!

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