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  1. What i like about ‘Ramzpaul’s analysis when he touches on issues in he’s lack of emotional angst and his use of sarcasm and reason.

  2. Interracial coupling and their mixed-race offspring mutts are on the rise on Talmudvision, too – it has been there for awhile but it is almost every commercial now.

  3. The reason woke capitalism buys these “diverse” adds isn’t to increase sales. It may even decrease sales because of the natural revulsion to race mixing in normal people. The purpose of woke advertising (just like corporate “giving”) is to keep the NGO lawyers and government’s Civil Rights attorneys at bay. Any company that doesn’t participate is suspect and will come under endless litigation and public harassment until they knuckle under or go broke.

    Yes, corporations only care about money. They are not immoral, they are amoral which is even worse.

    The origins of the advertising business:


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