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    • Because we let them into our land, following the egregious example of Oliver Cromwell, the Puritan. I like the Puritans for their desire for a godly order, but Cromwell’s great crime that probably damned him (among other things) was allowing the Christ-killers back into the Anglosphere.

      And they just migrated to the colonies as a matter of course. We should have known better.

  1. Maybe if Tru News staff and watchers pray really really hard, the invisible man in the sky will prevent their jewtube channel to survive the purge.

    Nah, they’re toast.

    • Go to hell, you impious bastard. YOUR religion has done no better. (for even if you are an atheist, your god is naught but your belly, and your own hubris in thinking that you deserve to live….)

      • It’s very unfortunate that as OD is receiving more new readers that an Luddite obscurantist views like yours are what they encounter here. How many White Gentiles fled this site and never got redpilled, after reading your harebrained comments?

  2. All 3 for impeachment are jews. You’d think that they’d be impressive characters since they teach at places like Harvard and Stanford. Hahaha. Stupid comments, lies and general semitic nastiness. Tacitus knew.

  3. Definitely a Jew Coup and these TruNews guys are on point. The question is: why is organized Jewry doing this so openly?

    Because they know they can get away with most of it and they are showing off their power level to knowing White America. They know they’ve been outed and just like ‘The Forward’ they seem to be trolling knowing White America.

    But, it’s not just trolling. It’s somewhat analogous to open military exercises in full view of foes and enemies. Whether they succeed or not with the impeachment and removal seems besides the point. The point is to demonstrate to knowing White America the lengths that Jewish Supremacists will go to subvert our Federal government and most of our institutions to keep hold on power.

    Trump is still the symbol of the rise of White Nationalism to most of Jewish America. Trump is also now notorious for declaring the Jewish mainstream media, Fake News. The Jewish Lugenpresse is one of the main ways that Jewish Supremacy retains its hold on power and it definitely feels threatened.

    Even Jewish Chris Wallace of FOX News has gone full TDS and is now as bad or worse than Jewish Jake Tapper of CNN. It’s not a Jewish Skynet Noosphere thing although I’m sure some of that is true. Most of it is them acting in concert because behind the scenes they go to synagogue and fraternize together and it’s just a manifestation of what they’ve been talking about.

    Definitely a good time for introducing newbies to the JQ and finally pushing the resistant over that last hurdle…..


    • ” Definitely a good time for introducing newbies to the JQ and finally pushing the resistant over that last hurdle….. “

      Excellent suggestion – with strategy in mind !!

    • Dissente makes good points about the in-your-face Jewishness. Considering psychotic paranoiacs like Nadler claim anti-Semitism is on the rise in America, you’d think if they were serious, the last thing they’d do is call attention to Jewish power in so blatant a manner. If nothing else, these hearings prove anti-Semitism is a canard and always was, dragging the duly elected president before a Jewish kangaroo court with its POC flunkies and mocking and vilifying him a thousand times a day in their wholly owned msm. Let’s make no mistake about it—it’s only because they take him as a proxy for white America. Otherwise he’s appointed more Jews than you can name and gives Israel everything it wants.

      “Professor” Karlan’s seething hatred of an innocent boy also makes it perfectly clear this orchestrated display of Jewish hatred extends to all of America’s white children, and not just the president’s son. It’s worth repeating that Philip Roth’s Portnoy’s Complaint was celebrated by Jews in America just about fifty years ago, and precisely because Roth fantasizes about shtupping little girls in their school uniforms, not for the sex, but to screw their Christian American fathers.

      In Israel a highly regarded book, The King’s Torah, sanctions the murder of little children on the grounds they might grow up to oppose Israel. Why would anyone think the chief animus of this sort of Jew in this country is any different? Once they confiscate citizens’ guns, as they’re likely to do, why won’t they do here what their ancestors did to tens of millions of Russians during the last century?

      So, it’s more than suspicious that even the Israeli press is calling attention to the Jewishness of it all. And it must have taken quite a bit of looking and asking to come up with three such obnoxiously in-your-face Jewish leftists as those three professors. It all suggests a set up to manufacture anti-Semitism to cover their coup d’etat as the Holohoax does their economic and other depredations. Regardless, Trump is a proxy. It’s whiteness that’s on trial before the Jews with the probably intent of automatically disqualifying whites from national office.

  4. Dale Dudley is the talk radio host at KLBJ radio in Austin TX who said someone “should” shoot Rev. Rick Wiles in the forehead(!) Check out this link to a YOU Tube video by Dale Dudley who acknowledges his lifetime struggle with mental illness. Since he was 19 years old, he’s been “struggling with mental illness.”

    Bad news: Mental illness won. See it for yourself.


  5. Judge Karlan is yet another rodent-faced jewess, whose ugly face is a physical manifestation of its ugly soul.

    I am surprised that Reverend Wiles still has his JewTube channel. That’s probably because of a backlog of bad goyim accounts that need to be shoahed.

  6. Trump is not worthy of any support from these two fine gents. He is a BUM and I’m glad the jews are conspiring to get rid of him.

    • These Boomers are ahead of the curve.

      Fact: Trump is going to lose Bigly at the next election.

      It is better that his 60 million supporters get mad at the Jooz for bringing him down than the Alt-Right.

    • Whatever the rationale, Spawn, it does us far more good to ‘expose the deeds of darkness’ of the Antichrist seed, than not at all. So, either way, good comes of it.

  7. If I were Jewish, I’d be extremely uneasy about all these fellow Jews front and center trying to take down a populist US President with lies and deceit. But maybe they don’t give a f*** and figure that the average American is just a TV-addled, manipulated bozo who can be easily cowed into turning his country over to the Mexicans.

  8. As the man said …. “We know what makes them SQUEAL “

    BINGO !

    A.H had said the same thing in his autobiographical book, Mein Kampf !

  9. “Give a jew a ride and he will push you off your own wagon” polish prov

    (We are witnessing our own displacement, by the hijacking of our government.)

  10. Watching the above episode of ‘Tru News’, one has to come to the same conclusion that on key talking points, ‘TruNews’ MIRRORS Tucker Carlson !!!

    Coincidence ??????

    • No Coincidence.

      Simply honest men telling the obvious truth.

      Honest men, in positions of power, are a real rarity in our time.

      • They are, really a rarity.

        and may I make a hopeful prediction.

        Out of such men, we’ll probably get OUR A.H !!

        Gott mit uns

  11. HW,

    Play the video attached to this comment…….

    I leave it to the reader/viewer to make of it what he/she thinks:

    A Jewish rabbi telling the truth about Hitler.

    • Eksothen,

      Who was the jew addressing? Fellow rabbis?

      Notice how he says torah instead of the talmud.

      Hilter also knew that the jews were behind the “stab in the back of 1918.”

      • They know EVERYTHING, that we claim against them and EVERYTHING we convict them with. Deep down they KNOW !

        They just know how to hide between words and how to be first rate imposters !

  12. S writes:

    “I am surprised that Reverend Wiles still has his JewTube channel. That’s probably because of a backlog of bad goyim accounts that need to be shoahed.”

    I respond:

    Yes, It’s most probably the case that this news portal is just low on the list of YT accounts to be banned. It’s reality that Youtube, Facebook, Twitter are now in enemy hands and they are going totalitarian censoring of immigration patriots, nationalists, identitarians, Southern populists, anti Zionists, traditional Christians etc.

    The free and open internet was fun while it lasted, it’s over.

    It’s like solid southern White folks holding on to loyalties to the national Democrat party in to the 1980s because of loyalty to their parents, grandparents who were Southern Democrats.

    That boat has sailed.

    • Might be, the are a little afraid to take on a church entity, for fear of possible repercussions.

      Wiles might be the one pebble that could start an avalanche.

      Time to invoke antitrust laws !

  13. Why do these so-called ‘educated’ Jews insist that we are a Democracy?This is false! We are a Constitutional Republic and it’s obvious that they performed poorly in Civics class.

  14. Trunews = good optics

    Awkward jew college student asking “hey, what’s up with all these jews?” = bad optics

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