Tucker Carlson: Hedge Funds Are Destroying Rural America


As with Jeffrey Epstein, Paul Singer is another facet of the Jewish Question. Epstein, Singer and George Soros are also all examples of how the liberal order and free-market capitalism (i.e., the “Open Society”) have enabled Jews to amass enormous wealth, political clout and cultural influence in the West. The system has essentially allowed them to run wild.

Who is going to stand up to them? Sheldon Adelson and Paul Singer own politicians like Marco Rubio and Ben Sasse who are just as much a part of their portfolio as, say, Cabela’s. The only people who matter in the Republican Party and who get their way and control policy are the donors like Adelson and Singer. No one else matters. The American public only gets to choose between the Sheldon Adelson and Paul Singer agenda OR the Democrats.

Look who is worried:

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  1. The truth is that jews will rise in any non rural society that doesn’t explicitly limit them from ussr to USA to csa to Italian fascism. They’re a community that is totally white collar and politically minded.

    • “The truth is that jews will rise in any non rural society that doesn’t explicitly limit them”

      Just as they rose under the monarchs of Europe, china, Persian,rome, Turkey, Spain etc.

      They have their methods of infiltration that work in any civilization.

  2. Our system of Finance Capitalism is a curse. Unfortunately it probably has to get a lot worse before it will get better.

  3. Tucker painted a TRUE picture and then said the only Truth that should turn EVERY American in to a raging minute man!

    ” That is America, community after community decimated EMPTY HUSKS……. “

    Next time you meet or are in an argument with a conservative a boomer play this Tucker Carlson clip and ask them: So, what America are YOU leaving behind for your kids??

  4. That’s very true. The Republicans and Trump only care about the Donor Class which is dominated by Corporations, the Medical Industrial Complex, the Military Industrial Complex, Jews, those who Pollute the Environment, and keeping the Working Poor down. The Republicans are really ignoring Christian Conservatives now. Anybody with a Social Conservative view of the World is ignored. It’s a classic example of the the Free Marketards in the Republican Party. Just look at Cuck-Fil-A as a perfect example. It’s stopped funding Christian organizations and was literally caught donating money to the Southern Poverty Law Center! It’s nothing but 2 faced like Trumptard. I agree Christians should stop being nice and playing nice with Corporate America, Republicans, and Trump. Stop playing the game. Not voting is better than supporting these idiots who have no problem with Gay Marriage, Race Mixing, Illegal Immigration, Cultural Marxism, Feminism, and other things that are destroying the White Christian Race! Let it get bad and hopefully the public will finally figure it out and join us in retaking everything in the streets! Deo Vindice !

  5. I am reminded of what columnist Bret Stephens recently said to a gathering of fellow jews– that if he weren’t born jewish he would now be a “raving anti-semite.” Think about that.

  6. Yup..Saw the 10 minute segment. Part of me agrees when I hear ocasio cortez and Sanders say billionaires should not exist. There is something truly bizarre, creepy and unnecessary having that kind of obscene cash. Usury must be thou middle name to have that kind of dough.

    The heartless Singer is known as being heartless. To destroy an entire community like that to fill your yiddish pockets further is truly vile. Hey, Warren Buffett? You are from Nebraska. How about propping up a business or many in the area? You are 90 years old. How about going out a true star to make up for this kosher vulture?

    There is no doubt ” muh anti semitism” will come out against Carlson again or an alt right general hatchet job by cosa nose tra.

    Unlimited capitalism is not good. Venture capitalists give buzzards a good name. It is vile, filthy, new world order control. Singer’s kosher bro Bloomberg is very similar as is that Cohn character Trump hired for a short time. All rootless Jews with no loyalty except to Israel. They are living the dream or ruling over the goyim as their weird Talmud says.

    Be it the jew coup against Trump or the fact three Jews on the Supreme Court voted to legalize homosexual marriage,; or the heavily Jewish open borders lobby; the fact Happy Holidays has taken over Merry Christmas; the Jew judges perverting laws everyday and on and on, well, this is just the Jewish norm…utterly subversive. Too bad because there are Jews whom are pro this nation. They just make up a minority. Obviously reading about the Jewish psyche, their customs and culture is the cause of this constant friction that builds over time again and again.

    Unpatriotic Jews have too much money and they use it as a major weapon. Wakey, wakey goyim.

  7. How disgusting those vile, hypocritical Talmudics are! A false claim to a race they never belonged to (Semitic- they’re Turkic Khazars [ http://www.texemarrs.com/082013/jews_are_khazars.htm ] a God that divorced them at Calvary, and a constant ‘host’ status in EVERY COUNTRY they have been kicked out of…..

    They are TRAIF (unclean). They are Scheiß. They are consummate evil, even the best of them [Tob Shebbe Goyim Harog]. TRU NEWS clearly has pointed out the “Jew D’Etat” that is happening, NOW.

    DEATH to the Jew World Order.

  8. Tell it to that worthless asshole Colin Flaherty. He will reply “i never saw a gang of guys wearing yamulkas attack a white person on the street”

    Straw man, Colin, you coward. Who keeps us from rounding them up and restoring order, Colin, you traitor?

    God hates liars like Colin Flaherty.

    God loves men that tell the truth, who name the Jew.

    Like this article. Very honest and true.

  9. What will piss off the jews more than calling out (((Paul Singer))) for his nefarious acts will be Tucker praising Henry Ford Sr.

    • You’re right.
      I don’t believe any of the goy hedge funds , like Dalio or Chanos , engage in vulture capitalism.
      Chanos shorted and rode Enron all the way down, Enron was a fraud and deserved to collapse, with (((Fastow ))) cooking the books.

  10. I want to know the names of all the slimy Republican senators and representatives who are funded by this Singer vampire.

  11. That Conservative Inc. meme is going off right now. I’ve been using it for YEARS, but can’t remember when I first saw it. That is a sign of a good meme.

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