Ghostbusters: Afterlife

Editor’s Note: Woke Ghostbusters bombed and feminists and progressives are outraged about the latest movie.

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  1. John Belushi was supposed to be in the original movie but was replaced with Bill Murray after his untimely death. Based on the trailer this new version doesn’t look too appealing. It does look very jewish, though.

    • Thats really unfortunate about belushi dying and not being in it, don’t do speedballs kids. Murray was fine in the first film but bill murray really screwed up the 2nd ghostbuster film with his stupid irony type humor and he was giving off alot of groundhog day vibes in it with sigourney weaver romcom crap didn’t need to be in there imo

      How does it look jewish tho? Oh nevermind I can sort of see why that mike kid from stranger things is in it still tho it still looks way better then the stupid ghostbuster feminist remake

  2. I’m looking forward to that new WWI movie “1917”. And the DVD release of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, perhaps the most significant film since Triumph of the Will.

    • Once upon a time in Hollywood was a seriously a trash film, I’m sort of perplexed why you liked it so much spahn can you give me a few reasons why you enjoyed it? Aside from being a family member or admirer of manson?

      Alot of dissident right see dicrapio and pitt as alpha males which is sort of latent homo in my opinion this phony alpha male worship bullshit but whatever i don’t really care one way or the other they are both average milquetoast actors whos films are mostly forgetable aside from the odd stand out

      I rather watch reservoir dogs and pulp ficton for the 20th time then have to watch Once upon a time in Hollywood again

      • I saw Once Upon a Time…. at the New Beverly Theater in Hollywood. The place is owned by Tarantino, so in addition to his own films he uses it to run all kinds of other movies that interest him. Many of the scenes in Once Upon a Time….were filmed just minutes away from the theater’s location, including the El Coyote restaurant, where Sharon Tate and her friends had their last meal together before heading back to Cielo Drive. It’s easily one of my favorite restaurants.

        I’m surprised you found the movie “boring”?!?!? I thought it was absolutely riveting. I also recently saw Inglorious Basterds and the Hateful Eight for the first time. I didn’t think I would like them but I do. Tarantino’s directorial style is highly idiosyncratic.

        • Its neat you got to see it at taratinos owned cinema but that doesn’t detract it from being a bad boring film with a weak plot and story, it had a shit ending too

          I’d be more interested in seeing what obscure old films he plays there. Hateful 8 was decent but inglorious bastards was german torture porn for the heebs didn’t enjoy that one at all

    • The first two films were the kind of bad that is funny. Built on a cast of genuinely funny actors, who had already established themselves, into an ensemble cast that was a unique kind of funny.

      I don’t see how putting a bunch of no name minority kid actors in a reboot is continuing the “legacy”.

      The physiognomy of Finn Wolfhard is unmistakable. The rest are no name token ethnics.

      • Excellent commentary, ISA. Based on the trailer I do not think this new movie is going to be any kind of funny.

  3. I am sure that this movie will still have some woke things in it. In the trailer they had the black chick with the white guy, or was he Jewish?

    Who knows? The trailer didn’t do a lot for me.

  4. one of the main characters looks like a little girl dressing like a boy. these people just whine about things not going full tranny. its still filled with jews, and is a jewish production, so we are guaranteed some form of subversion. im guessing something about Christianity. who wants to bet?

  5. Yeah, I’m not sure it’s an improvement going from men Ghostbusters (original) to woke female ghostbusters who really couldn’t even carry all that equipment to kid ghostbusters, one of them being androgenous. I so hate the idea of the women busters that perhaps this one will actually be an improvement, but I am not interested enough to watch it and find out.

  6. This is going to bomb soooo hard.

    …original GBs was an homage to working-class NYC culture, with big comedy star power.

    This? They move the story to a rural town, market it to kids, and Paul Rudd is their go-to guy!?!? Really??

      • It really won’t bomb tho ghostbuster feminist remake still made a killing but they wasted like 300 million in marketing which is retarded if you think about it

        I have to say not crazy bout Paul Rudd being shoehorned into this film, he looks totally out of place I enjoyed the antman films he was in maybe the only decent thing marvel has produced so far since the original spiderman trilogy

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