Restoring The American Chestnut Tree

This is cool.

I didn’t know the American Chestnut was still around. I enjoy watching these videos because it reminds me that science and technology is on a different track while our culture and politics have gone to shit under liberal democracy. There are still positive things going on in the world. We brought back the bison from the verge of extinction in the last century.

In the 21st century, the world is wealthier and more peaceful. In spite of the rhetoric about climate change, the environment is better off in all sorts of ways than it was a century ago. Science and technology are far more advanced. We can communicate with an ease that would have astounded our ancestors who lacked electricity and were afflicted with malaria and pellagra a century ago. In spite of all this progress, we are worse off morally and spiritually as a people.

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  1. The Chestnut deserves to be restored. Sadly, just like with People, plants do not do well when in proximity of the “Xenos.” Unlike People, however, crosses with Asian Chestnut trees are hoping to avoid the blight that destroyed them in the early 20th Century.

  2. This hybrid of which they sleak is a 15/16 American, 1/16 chinese chestnut. Anyone who wants to hunt pig or hog without fail should plant some of these. Also, if you find a chestnut in the wild that may be a blight resistant true merican chestnut, the ACF has a way to mail them samples to progress this research into blight resistance.

    And on another tree related note, if you want the most rot resistant wood in north america, check out the osage orange tree. An interesting history on these, and Hunter, possibly related to your posts on the extinct horses of america.

  3. This is a typical white man’s project; recognizing a loss in nature, diligently working to restore the loss, using science to accomplish long term goals. The people doing this great work will not live to see its fruition and they know that, they are doing this great work for generations yet unborn. What other people would think and act this way?

    Maybe the Somalis would restore the Somali chestnut tree? After they figure out running water and electricity first, of course, if Allah wills it. .

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