Bernie Sanders Unendorses Young Turks Host Cenk Uygur

Cenk is running for Rep. Katie Hill’s old seat in California who resigned from Congress after cucking her husband Kenny with two staffers.

New York Times:

“LOS ANGELES — Can an endorsement be put back in the bottle?

On Thursday, Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont endorsed Cenk Uygur, a progressive talk show host running for a California congressional seat who has a history of making offensive comments about women, Jews, Muslims and other groups. But he withdrew the endorsement a day later, after facing considerable backlash for his decision, and after Mr. Uygur made an announcement of his own: He was no longer accepting endorsements of any kind.

“Going forward from today I will not accept endorsements, so it means Bernie Sanders has not endorsed me,” Mr. Uygur said, adding that he did not “want to damage” his potential backers.

The backing from Mr. Sanders, a leading candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, came in what has already proved to be a heated battle in the race to replace former Representative Katie Hill, who stepped down earlier this year. …”

I appreciate the fact that Cenk is at least honest about wanting to legalize bestiality. He is saying this is what I believe. There are plenty of other people in the Democratic Party who quietly want to legalize bestiality, prostitution (aka “sex work”) and pedophilia, but they are smart enough to keep quiet about it until these things are normalized by the mainstream media.

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  1. I appreciate the fact that Cenk is at least honest about wanting to legalize bestiality.

    I think we should be grateful for the Cenks of the world. They are progressivism on steroids. I doubt he, personally, gives a rat’s ass about bestiality; he’s just taking basic progressive tenets to their logical extreme.

    The one instance I can recall of ever watching his show, he was saying something like if America became completely Muslim, it’d still be America. Again, according to progressive tenets – American identity is bereft of any essential cultural content – sure, why not.

    These people are beyond parody. The most productive course of action is to just let them speak openly and trust – risky, I know – that despite the relentless media brainwashing most people will retain enough good sense to feel repulsed by these loons.

    • Cenk used to be a conservative and so is more concerned about principles than the average progressive is.

      Cenk isn’t a progressive on steroids though. If anything he acts as a gatekeeper keeping their purity spiralers in check.

      Cenks beastility was probably more of his turk slipping out than his progressivism. Also dudes been on the air everyday for 15 years plus, sometimes you can say something thinking out loud and almost immediately regret it. I have no idea how committed/serious he is about it.

      Ana on the other hand is more of what you describe. She will say, middle America sucks and I want to change middle America because they suck.

      Cenk almost cut Ana off because of her BLM posting. He was very reluctant to buy their narrative hook line and sinker, not because he’s against blaming white people for shit they didn’t do but he knew it was stupid. And after mike brown tyt really out the brakes on blm/blacks being “killed for the color of their skin” stories.

      Again I’m not praising Cenk, but he was smart enough to not make his hatred for America as transparent as ana or other progressives would like.

      Part of this controversy is that he was always disrespectful to Muslims and Orthodox jews. Cenk is an atheist and would openly mock religious muslims and then turn right around mock Christians. Often making a false comparison of Christian fundamentalists to Muslim fundementalists. He also mocked orthodox jews for being dogmatic. None of that is to say “he’s based” only to say his a more optics friendly version of anti-whiteism and is more dangerous BECAUSE he isn’t openly hostile to white people.

  2. This sucks.

    I support Cenk 2020.

    Cenk’s two big issues he’s focused on is getting money out of politics and medicare for all. I support both. Money in politics was always a meme the DNC through out to their base they were never planning on enacting upon, but now that trump has pissed off republican donors, they really are not interested in it even as a meme. Although money in politics is more of a concern now than its ever been. I generally can’t agree with anything a shitty cali dem would say but with cenk I at least agree with him on two issues of great importance.

    The other reason supported Cenk 2020 was because Cenk has a more nuanced anti-whiteism that is more dangerous than Ana Kasparian’s seething hatred of white America.

    Cenk was leaving Ana in charge of tyt, now he’ll be back keeping the ship on course. Cenk is quick to say as a throw away line he supports socioeconomic standards to affirmative action. He would push back against BLM’s hysterical narratives and would generally put a more restrained and measured anti-white narrative.

    Cenk going to congress would’ve been great on two levels. One his two main platform planks I agree with, money out of politics and medicare for all but also because tyt as a left wing propaganda machine would’ve completely collapse without cenk.

    Ana is an alpha harpie. She would’ve made tyt completely unbearable. Tyt would’ve just become a more aggressive msnbc, and would end up with a similar amount of viewers (not many).

    What’s funny is that NO ONE on the left is bringing up his bestiality clip. None. It’s all about him ranking women in politics appearance bullshit.

    This is dividing the left already. Jimmy Dore is super bummed on Bernie for retracting his endorsement.


    Jimmy Dore hates cenk on a personal level and doesn’t see eye to eye with him politically which is why Jimmy was fired from tyt, but he is very bummed on bernie.

    Tulsi was co-chair of the dnc and step down in protest in support of bernie and he has either been quite or amplified attacks on her which has rubbed many on the left off.

    Bernie throws his former supporters under the bus all the time and the bernie light rail express is coming off the tracks. He’s losing the 2016 “bernie bro’s” aka middle American whites and has swapped them out for Brooklyn hipsters and illegal immigrants.

    Bernie has been concerned trolled into a dsa style socialist and his campaign is now dead in the water, but as opposed to 2016 to it being stolen from him, this time around he wont even win enough states to be competitive.

    California has moved up from their late primaries to super Tuesday, cali democrats are pissed they have to wait for middle America to choose a candidate that they don’t want. Because of Californias changing their primary date, the sanders campaign concerned trolled him into fighting hard for cali votes.

    The big problem is that latinos have lower voter turn out then blacks, they also always go with the winner. It’s the peasant mindset, if the king sees me supporting him, he may have pitty on me.

    By Sanders campaign pushing him away from his old pro-worker immigration position he’ll lose the early primary states, and when super Tuesday rolls around latinos will support whomever won the most going into super Tuesday.

    Sanders getting toasted by woke politics will be fun to watch. I’ve had more fun reading radlibs tweets about bernie & cenk being misogynists than I have in a long time. Good stuff. But unfortunately Cenk will go back to tyt and Ana wont be able to burn it to the ground

  3. “Young Turks”…

    A Donmeh project – that was originated from the Ottoman controlled Hellenic region/City of Thessaloniki/Thessalonian – lead by another Donhme and faithful to the (((tribe)), Mustafa Kemal (ataturk).

    Just imagine, o second/third generation US born turkish man, using for political purposes the words “Young Turks” and ALL the cultural/historical baggage that this phrase “Young Turks” brings with it….

    What does that say about him ????
    What does that say about his agenda ???

    We in the Hellenic Nationalist Movement know ALL about people like mr ‘cenk’, they live comfortably in today’s Greece and are part of the establishment – as they are the descendants of ottoman seeds since they belong to the Janissary families

    The Janissary corps was originally staffed through dev?irme, a system of tribute by which Christian youths were taken from the Balkan provinces, – MAINLY HELLENE YOUTH – converted to Islam, and drafted into Ottoman service. – AND ALL WERE BUGGERED WITHOUT EXCEPTION – Subject to strict rules, including celibacy, they were organized into three unequal divisions (cemaat, bölükhalk?, and segban) and commanded by an a??. In the late 16th century the celibacy rule and other restrictions were relaxed, and by the early 18th century the original method of recruitment had been abandoned, opening the ranks to Muslim Turks. The Janissaries were known particularly for their archery, but by the 16th century they had also become a formidable firepower contingent. “

    • You took the words right out of my mouth. Cenk is a G-D TURK.
      He doesn’t even BELONG in the USA, let alone as a Political Candidate.
      He’s the male AOC and Ilhan Omar, combined (He’s fat enough to do it, too!)

  4. The more one digs deeper in to the various angles of this fight that has been dropped on the lap of our people like a comet.

    The more we find that this is TRULY a battle for the very SOUL of OUR people, OUR Heritage, OUR past and future, our own Civilization, OUR Children.

    HW, I believe the magnitude of this fight begins to dawn on most people in our movement.
    A magnitude of GLOBAL proportions.

  5. The pendulum cannot swing much further to the left. Like HW has already said “progressivism” means a permanent state of cultural revolution. Since liberals will never be satisfied with all the gains they have made they will constantly demand more. Talk about a degenerative mental illness!

    • Cenk is a total degenerate surrounded by exactly the same. His show consists of GOD less, foul mouthed baby killer promoters trying to be Howard Stern. He would push for open borders, discrimination against white people, suck up to blacks and every other failed far left talking point. He is another nut job.

      I hope his candidacy crashes and burns.I can’t believe someone on this site actually supports him because you like two issues of his. You must like .200 hitters in baseball too. Cenk would further turn America into a third world country. He is another Ocasio Cortez with less balls.

  6. Cenk Uyger is the most evil non-Jew in the USA.

    Does anyone doubt he’d be out there slaughtering Armenians if he’d lived 100 years ago?

    • No doubt what so ever, that he would be holding a knife and slashing Armenian/Hellenic pregnant womb’s wombs.

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