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  1. The silent majority is a thing.

    The Altright thought of itself, incorrectly, as a vanguard who’s job it was to redpill normies, who are necessarily part of that Silent majority. I know those people. They are my own family. They don’t want to be redpilled. They want what all normies want, to be respectable and thought well of. They bear no ill will to anybody and dont understand that anybody would bear them ill will. And so they lack the essential understanding of the current paradigm, that we are under assault as a people, and thus never get shaken free of their routine of consumerism and two party politics.

    It takes something like mass grooming and rape of young girls to get the attention normies. Memes are meaningless to those not already paying attention. This is why the Altright will have only a legacy of failure. It only self reinforces, and never reproduces itself by spreading as an ideology.

    The dissident right has to get back into the real world, embedded in the trenches with the normies. A real grassroots movement more like the Golden Dawn, that helps real people, instead of just being a supply of shekels for subscription based fringe media sites.

    Anglin decries the strawman of the “fat costumed freak”, a rhetorical construct which only exists in this fringe circle as a label to isolate anybody that disagrees with him (alinsky’s rules). I am part of that isolated group now. A fringe of the fringe.

    IRL tho, i never left normieville. Never lost touch with reality.

    IRL, its the Christian Southnats, Paleocons and Trads who can just step back into the silent majority and disappear into the woodwork, indistinguishable from the normie next door, socially camouflaged by our normie jobs and church groups. People like Anglin, the TRS guys that also hate people like me, they are fucked. Damaged goods. They can’t go back because they put all their eggs into the Altright basket and then set it on fire with a tikitorch.

    The real work is out there. The dissident right folks are the most well positioned to move forward. Normies can be persuaded. It just isn’t with autistic arguments, fanatical antisemitism or memes.

    This Labor thing, is proof there is hope still. Nobody saw this coming.

    • “Nobody saw this coming.”

      LOL. Labour were consistently trailing Cons in polls by 10 or 15 points. This is the 4th consecutive parliamentary election Labour have lost (and countless local elections). Their 2015 defeat was worse when they won just 29% of the vote.

      The only interesting thing about this election was the Jewish hysteria about Corbyn.

    • Meanwhile back in the real world, normies have been terrified of the anti-White memes racist, nazi, hater, white supremacist, since the 1960s.

      Imagine you are a teacher in a classroom and there is a student shouting and cursing at you. Do you try to teach a Calculus lesson or do you deal with that student first. You can’t educate under conditions of warfare.

  2. Most events/posts here are interpreted SOCIALLY rather than grounding vis-à-vis a POLITICAL lens! It adds a lot more clutter in the mind. The Political: Authority, Power, Law, Family, Community and of course State! Understanding the ‘in-between’ of the relationship between the Individual and the State

    Understanding the importance and centrality of Hobbes’s ‘Leviathan’ as a living and breathing arcana thrust from the past to demand from us a solution to its poisoning today! How Spinoza discovered the ‘barely visible crack’ within Leviathan to bring it down from within by poisoning it with Liberalism!

    Be careful! Do you feel an urge to pick up this book? Careful dear reader! This is a thoroughly esoteric book and the more you dive and penetrate, the more the esoteric meaning of the book reveals itself. Even the lithograph that accompanies many copies of ‘Leviathan’ is to be pondered at length!


    Better yet, put the book down! Don’t touch it! Wait and see if the book calls you again! And one day while laying down the thought of committing yourself to read it will come! Then soon the esoterics will follow! For now put it back on the shelf and walk away!

    Your friend Benito Cereno!


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