Morgoth’s Review: Do Modern Cities Destroy Men?


The liberal poison that is degenerating our culture emanates from the metropolitan ant heaps. This is where you will find the greatest concentrations of it. It is worth noting that it only began around 1700 in London and Amsterdam which became the first big modern cities.

This IS NOT to say that it doesn’t pour out into rural areas which are equally immersed in popular culture thanks to the media. Everyone has a smartphone and a television even in the remotest parts of Alaska. Rural America has vast problems. It is downstream of the source though. The dominant culture is being created and propagated from the metropolitan areas.

Social conservatives live in rural areas. Social liberals pool in the big cities. The suburbs are a mix of social conservatives and social liberals. This dynamic is true of all regions of the United States. It is true in Britain and Norway where Morgoth and Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen live. There is obviously a connection between population density and liberalism. The people who live in these spaces tend to be uprooted, lack personal space, unattached to place and immersed in the features of urban life like bars and restaurants while more rural people and suburbanites go to church.

It recently occurred to me that one of the most positive developments of the 21st century is the death of retail. Southerners moved from rural areas to the cities and suburbs in part to live close to the new big box stores. The ideal of the postwar generations used to be living in a suburb that was in close proximity to the mall. Now, anyone who lives a rural area though can shop online and order anything in the world and have it delivered to their doorstep. It is also possible to live in a rural area and work online now like Bjørn is doing with his channel.

A generation ago, there were a handful of network television and cable news channels which delivered their programming vertically down to the Boomers from a handful of metropolitan areas. The national news magazines and newspapers all echoed the same liberal narrative which was similarly set in these large metropolitan areas and was vertically delivered down to the masses. Until very recently, those of us who live in the countryside didn’t have a means to talk back to these urban liberal elites and articulate and share our perspective with the masses unless it was through approved channels under the control of Conservatism, Inc.

Technology is gradually making us less reliant on the metropolitan areas for information, entertainment, employment and shopping. In the future, no one will have to work anymore because of automation and hopefully we will be able to abolish the cities and suburbs.

Note: Bjørn’s maxim that a man shouldn’t live where he can’t piss is very true. It is not good for your mental health to live in those places.

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  1. “Even in the remotest parts of Alaska”

    Had to laugh at the truth of this as I am in a crew truck driving across the north slope….

  2. I can’t argue modern, especially American cities do in fact create more liberalism but we shouldn’t abandon urbanization.

    European great cities, especially but limited to rome is what differianted Europe from the rest of the world. Rome blew all near east and asian cities out of the water, with its combination of sheer architectural beauty, efficiency and entrenchment of lower classes to access beauty and resources (bathing, clean water, education etc)

    Whenever you have to do with a LOT of people it does give you thicker skin. Even if you’re society is homogenous dealing with all the different classes all at once does constantly show you that your norms are not the only way of behaving. So petty bigotry does go down.

    However living my whole life in major urban centers(and not in the burbs) cities can also have a hardening effect to what you will and will not tolerate. You can overlook some differences you perceive as petty/inconsequential while handing you to what you see as not acceptable.

    A good example of this divide in the pro-white sphere is how we would want to do with blacks. Whites from urban areas who are pro-white are more focused on how could we separate then how much it would cost. While rural whites are more inclined to ego trip over their perceived version of ‘justice’ and ‘right & wrong’

    I know black public schools in Detroit, New Orleans, DC and jersey already get an insane amount of funding per student a year and yes you could make the argument “they actually owe us money” but this attitude puts your own cultural sense of right and wrong before the result you wish you achieve. Again cities harden you and clarify what you actually want, do you want some abstract sense of ‘justice’ to massage your ego and to protect your mental image of yourself or do you want a result?

    I can openly acknowledge without any qualms that yes I would allow whites to be (omg!) ripped off financially if we could create living spaces for ourselves. I do not care if blacks are taking more than their giving in taxes, that doesn’t rustle me. What rustle me is white kids being jumped in school, white girls being groomed for prostitution and raped. White children learning they are the most evil and wicked people to ever inhabit earth. That is my priority, not my pocket book and certainly not some ego tripping pursuit of “justice”

    The problem we have is that cities are harden people into anti-whiteism. That has to do with our institutions and what they’re saying should not be tolerated.

    *justice is very important morality to hold, my point of underming justice oriented people is that for people who are socially isolated have an extremely specific sense of justice that often has to do with social/class realities they grew up in. Working class people in their own social circles exclude people who can not carry their own weight, for obvious reasons. But when you’re talking theoretically about funding black schools their desire not to pay for free loaders over rides their desire for creating white spaces, which is then followed by tough guy bloviating about they’ll force separation with the use of state or “bugaloo” violence. Which is simply an attempt to preserve their own mental image they have themselves and their own sense of justice. Instead of looking at it as I’ll take this lose to win what I really want.

    What’s also extremely self defeating about not wanting to improve nonwhites material interests is that by keeping them an under class you’re only strengthening their dependency on white people. I know I’m deep into LARP territory because we have zero power to enact any of this, but if we did. Itd be easier to artificially inflate nonwhites material well being while creating separation. If their material needs were meet it’d be easier to convince them, you don’t need white people at all? Why even share a nation together? you’re doing great in your Atlanta wakanda. I’m not triggered by nonwhites having things, I’m triggered by whites being demoralized and shat upon while using white labor to benefit non-whites for our own erasure

  3. Maybe it’s not only the cities themselves, but the elites that live in them too. They are the source of the cultural trickle down, if you will.

  4. “””… It is worth noting that it only began around 1700….”””

    I honestly disagree. The first well documented genetic white liberal madness, witch hunt happened long before. Like our days, the white males in the small rural communities were too ignorant or too afraid to fight back madness

    “”…Social conservatives live in rural areas. Social liberals pool in the big cities…..””

    Long tome ago I heard a story about Magic Mud Theory. It tells, that genetics is irrelevant and when you force to live somebody long time somewhere by somewhere rules, then this somebody will change.

    Big city of Warsaw is white. Morgoth homeland Norway small rural communities taking immigrants so that situation is almost as bad as in Sweden. Magic Mud Theory just do not work. Genetic is what matters.

    When why destroy the big cities, then we are back on square one, when Morgoth and other educated people try to figure out how to stop witch hunt madness in the small villages like Swedish King and aristocracy tried to stop madness 400 years ago. They figured out. When somebody accuses people to be a witch, this somebody must accused to witchcraft and his head must chopped off.

    I am proud to introduce the Gävle Boy, born less than 100 miles from Greta Thunberg 400 years ago .Sweden was and is always Sweden….:D

  5. ” Do Modern Cities Destroy Men? “

    Yes it does, but HOW???

    Modern cities in the west FEMINIZE men !
    That’s how.

    • The same phenomena is happening in Asians cities.

      South Korea and Japan have the west liberal cultural (((Bug))) the most (((progressive))).

      Slowly the same will follow with China, North Korea, and The southern Asian Pacific. Heck let’s throw in Hindu India!

  6. I think both rural and urban America need to sort of stay in their own lane. A party that recognized that would have an advantage. Basically that you need a double standard because its two very different situations. Big cities aren’t going anywhere, but they should keep their stuff quarantined to their own boarders. The one thing I like about Pa is being able to go from a major city and a crazy urban decay to a rural are in under an hour.

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