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  1. Yes, sir. And did you know there was a WW II mini-truce? ‘Mini’ because it only involved 3 American soldiers and 4 German soldiers. But a truce nonetheless. Battle of the Bulge – Christmas Eve, 1944…..

    On that day, a 12 year old German boy, Fritz Vincken, and his mother, Elisabeth, were holed up in a small cabin in the Hürtgen forest, southeast of Aachen, Germany, very near the Belgian border. They had taken refuge there after their home had been bombed out in Aachen. Fritz’s father had stayed behind in Aachen to continue to work. The boy and his mother would only have each other for company that Christmas.

    Suddenly, there was an unexpected knock at the door. Elisabeth opened the door and there stood two American soldiers with a third, badly wounded, lying in the snow. They were lost and had been wandering through the forest for several days and had unknowingly gone behind the enemy lines. The soldiers could have kicked the door in with rifles firing, but they didn’t. They asked to come in. Though Elisabeth and Fritz spoke no English and the soldiers spoke no German, they made themselves understood. She invited them inside, settled the wounded man as best she could and started to prepare a meal with what little she had.

    Then there was another knock at the door. Elisabeth went outside and found four German
    soldiers. They asked if they could spend the night because they had become separated from their comrades. Elisabeth replied that not only could they spend the night, but they could have a Christmas dinner, however there were guests inside they would not consider friends. The German soldiers tensed up, realizing immediately that meant American soldiers. Elisabeth insisted that it was Christmas Eve and there would be no shooting. She convinced the German soldiers to leave their weapons outside. Going inside, she also convinced the American soldiers to give up their weapons which she placed outside.

    The atmosphere inside was very tense at first but by the time the meal was ready, things had eased up and relaxed. One of the German soldiers was an ex-medical student who spoke English. He tended the wounded American and said he would survive but needed rest and food. As Elisabeth said grace before the meal, Fritz noticed tears in the eyes of the soldiers.

    They all spent the peaceful night comfortably in the warm cabin. The next day, the German soldiers indicated on the Americans’ map the best way to get back to their side and also gave them a compass. They shook hands and parted in opposite directions.

    Fritz grew up and eventually ended up in Hawaii, where he operated a bakery. He had always wondered what had happened to the soldiers. His story was picked up by the “Unsolved Mysteries” TV show in 1995. A viewer who knew one of the American soldiers, Ralph Blank, contacted the TV show staff. Ralph was living in a nursing home and Fritz finally met him the following year. Later, he met one of the other American soldiers but never tracked down any of the Germans. Fritz died in 2002.

    Here’s the segment from “Unsolved Mysteries” with Fritz telling his story.

  2. The Days that Shook video. Can’t watch it without tears welling up. What a waste of our people those wars were.

  3. I am sorry to say, to the supporters of FDR who have a high opinion of that WORM that SNAKE that cripple sale out named FDR – if you knew what that PIECE OF SHT accomplished against European nations and their people what he did to get the American people in to WW2, EVEN THOUGH HE CAMPAIGNED & PROMISED TO KEEP the US OUT OF EUROPEAN AFFAIRS, you would be out in the street with pitch forks trying to murder any Washington political hack you can find in front of you !!!

    Even that drunken TRAITOR the pawn of Cromwell’s (((people))), w.Churchill had advised against teaming up and making treaties with the commies especially stalin !

    Did you know FDR and Churchill BOMBED European cities of allies??

    Did you know that FDR & churchill send bombers to bomb in broad daylight, major cities in Greece that had NO German presence or military significance MURDERING more then 5000 civilians – targeting SCHOOLS, MUNICIPAL buildings, Orphanages ???????

    US bombers & British bombers – Piraeus December 1944
    NOTE – German and all AXIS occupying troops had left Greece from October 1944

    And Hitler was the bad guy, yeah?????????????

    • eskothen,

      I did not know that. A war crime that is ignored. Deliberately targeting non military targets is obviously mass murder.

      • I know Cristina.

        We have been living in lies since the end of WW2. Not only did we as European peoples had our best generations die and physically destroyed in our Brother wars, but we allowed the the (((victors)) of WW1 & WW2 their values with communism, socialism, progressiveness, left vs right, modernism and femenism.

        FDR and Churchill were representatives of the (((victors))) of these brother wars.

      • FDR was a cripple in body and in spirit & mind.

        He dragged America in to the European conflict, even though he campaigned to do the exact opposite.

        Then when Germany fell he gave a carte blanche, unrestricted freedom to stalin to have DIRECT influence inside European Nations.

        FDR NEEDS TO BE EXPUNGED from the American society from the education system and history books and painted as the TRAITOR the PIECE OF SHT that he was!

  4. That is why we nationalists in Europe are heading and long for REVISIONIST Nationalist movements.

    We aim to FK UP ANYTHING, turn EVERYTHING and EVERYONE UPSIDE DOWN that is left of Nationalist beliefs & view points – democracy will BE ABOLISHED !!

    • The firebombing of Dresden was the worst example of Churchill’s policy of blind vengeance. He got the USAAF to participate in the bombing to diminish any recriminations ultimately claiming Air Marshal “Bomber” Harris made the decision to bomb the almost defenseless city filled with refugees fleeing the dreaded Red Army. The city was famous for its porcelain and artistic heritage and military targets were not seriously damaged during the raids in 1945, civilians suffered the consequences of the air raids.

      • What the “allies” did to Dresden, to Hamburg to other French and Greek cities their so called “allies” is ONLY comparable with what happen in Hiroshima & Nagasaki on August the 6th & 9th in 1945.

      • “Vengeance” implies that Germany did a crime against Britain. Nothing could be further than the truth. Churchill simply hated Germans and the British did not want fair or honorable competition with them going back more than 30 years, at least. So they had to be destroyed.

        • Many brain washed Boomers and the Great generation, still rationalize the bombing of Dresden and Dropping atomic bombs on Japan was Justified to break the morale.

          The war would of gone on forever argument and it saved many lives by the Allies doing do.

          So Breaking the morale is
          A major war crime against civilians that will be rectified in the future.

          Japan will not cuck forever with that atrocious action, it may take German-stein a little longer however.

  5. actually, HW, the liberal cabinet majority at first opposed intervention on the side of France. Then

    Zio-Tory Churchill’s (((Rothschild))) connection – bankster (((Herbert Samuels))) – smuggled him into the session

    (as First Lord of the Admiralty, WC did not have full cabinet rank)

    and silvertongue carried the day.

  6. The West never recovered from the Great War. Like someone here recently posted WWI ended the old order and WWII created the present order. The Christmas Truce was one of the last examples of chivalrous conduct in wartime.

  7. ” one of the last examples of chivalrous conduct in wartime..

    NOPE !

    In wwii when Germany invaded Russia, almost all Russian troops didn’t want to fight. The Russia soldiers sent peace emissaries to the German lines.
    The Russians wanted to discuss their goals in socialism and cooperate with Germans in building a socialist society.

    Then NKVD terror squads starting shooting anyone who spoke of peace and threatening to harm the families of anyone who didn’t fight.

    Guess who was dominant and controlled the NKVD?

    • I wasn’t aware of how reluctant Red army soldiers were to fight at first. Maybe that’s why so many of them were taken prisoner by the invaders. There were some instances of chivalry in WWII, mostly between German and British fighter pilots but possibly between Japanese and British/American officers in Southeast Asia as well – the Bridge on the River Kwai theater of the war.

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