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  1. When you allow some Paki like “Munira Mirza” to speak, AS IF SHE WERE A VALID ENGLISHWOMAN, you ALREADY ARE JUDAIZING THIS DEBATE.



    DEATH to the Jew World Order.

  2. turns out that Drumpf’s voters really were

    and are

    deplorable: he has now betrayed them

    on every single issue he ran on. But

    they still haven’t noticed. That level of White stupidity

    has zero survival value.

    • Truth be told many of those “deplorables” are detestable. I laff 6 million times whenever Antifa attacks them and Trump’s Justice Department does absolutely nothing about it.

      • everyday I get e-mails from some “consitutional cops” outfit (Oathkeepers) looking for volunteers to “protect Trump supporters” at some rally somewhere. Makes me Laff. Maybe antifa can beat some sense into the MAGApedes. But

        I doubt it.

    • Haxo – I would normally agree with your assessment of White stupidity – but people need hope. Also Whites have been subjected to an UNPRECEDENTED psy opps campaign, for over 100 years. And most Whites have not lived around non-Whites. They gym owner – he stated he grew up in the ghetto. Around blacks. Behold his age. Negroes were still, more of less, forced to live under White social standards. He’s in for a very,very rude awakening.

  3. LOL, I was starting to like that old guy who owned the gym in Erie, PA – until he said he had brown grandkids whom he “loved to pieces”. What a typical Trump-supporting CUCK.

  4. As an aside I just read of a case in Iowa where a man received a 16 year prison sentence for burning a homosexual flag.

    So I looked things up. The average sentence for rape in the USA is 9.8 years.
    The average sentence for murder is 7 years.

    So burning a homosexual flag is considered worse in Iowa and in the USA than murder and rape.

    • There are different levels of preferred and protected classes in our new Cultural Marxist society. Homosexuals are at a higher level of protection than women. I understand why many people despise the new USA.

      • Powell,

        Yes. The man burning the homosexual flag was a latin american. Perhaps a new addition to the USA.

        Since I have been on this site my appreciation for what Americans are going through has increased. I also read of a black principal who was fired for merely stating he took no position on the so-called Holocaust. So being black in the USA takes a back seat to the Agenda that is for sure.

        In 2-3 days I travel to Mexico for the Christmas Holyday. I will have a lot of conversational information for my relatives there.

        I wonder if Sodom and Gomorrah was this bad?

    • This is what happens when the inmates – the lunatics – literally run the asylum(s). I’d be willing to bet in any case that most of that sentence gets commuted before all is said and done. But you’re right that it never should have been handed down in the first place. Hell, the guy ought to get a medal for burning that flag in public!

      • T.Morris,

        I hope you are correct in that his sentence gets commuted. Christians and others should be in outrage over this.

        I like to imagine being a ruler. Well, Queen Cristina gives the convicted man a gold medal and a million dollars tax free. As for the owner of the flag?
        I would give him a chance to confess his sins before the festivities begin.

          • November,

            Thank you. The art of previous centuries is so much more beautiful than modern Art. Perhaps because Modern Man is dead inside.

          • November,

            The girl playing Maria Theresa in that movie clip you showed me looked almost exactly like one of the paintings in the art gallery.

            Isabella of Spain is probably my favorite Queen. But then Isabella was not an Empress.

    • Anyone who defies our state imposed religion of Political Correctness is a heretic and deserves to be burned at the stake. He got off easy. This is an object lesson in what our anti-White overlords have planned for any dissident in the near future.

      • more of the same,

        Political Correctness is a religion that is for sure. As well as a disease.

        I learn a lot on this site. It also gives me a chance to engage with adult men intellectually.

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