Sixth 2020 Democratic Debate

Is anyone watching this?

I’ve been out of the house all day finishing up our preparations for Christmas. I doubt there is anything new for the Democrats to discuss tonight beyond the fact that Trump was impeached last night as the culmination of the Russia conspiracy. I’ve written off voting for any of these people and it seems like just a waste of time to keep tuning in at this point.

Note: I like Tulsi but she won’t be the nominee.

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  1. Not watching it. It’ll probably be a snoozefest and I can catch the highlights here or elsewhere. Gonna spend the evening with good company instead.

    Off topic, but even though the impeachment is ultimately going nowhere, it was worth it just for what it brought out in trump. I kept an eye on CNN headlines today and just about died laughing when the pundits were moaning about trump saying a dead congressman was looking up at his wife from Hell. If he wasn’t such a deceitful prick, I’d love him for his audacity.

    • And that widow has no right to even talk back to a Man, let alone a sitting President. If her husband was a sleazebag, that means (by default, and marriage vows) she shares in his debasement. If she is innocent, then she had no reason to respond. Seeing as she has, she is…. guilty.

      And Trump is still correct.

        • Awww, you remembered! Thanks for reading all of my posts over the years, and yet, this is the only thing you remember, that my wife wouldn’t let me have a female dog. Must be a misplaced sense of identification… with the dog.

  2. Yang killed it tonight. He ignored all the virtue-signaling and contentless catchphrases, bringing all questions directed at him back to the insecurity of the multitudes, and the need to address real-life issues. I do not support all of his ideas, but he is a genuine human being and a true breath of fresh air in this sham we call American Democracy. I am officially back on the Yang Gang. If Democratic primary voters are intelligent enough to nominate him as their presidential candidate, I will give him serious consideration, especially if he choses Tulsi as his VP.

  3. The Demoncraps are obviously going to let Blormp stumble into his second term without putting up any serious resistance. I guess they’ve decided the best course of action is to continue with their idiotic accusations and investigations.

    • no. She’s aiming @ 2024. When the current demoncrat gerontocracy

      is gone. By then – if ‘Murka still exists – it might be ready

      for a Samoan communist grrl Prez. On a related issue, hardRight WN’s

      gotta like VA demoncrat gov Ralph Northam: he has

      definitely pressed the CW2 acceleration button.

  4. Oh Lord Almighty, I turned it off when they started talking about reparations and black transgender death rates. Amerika is doomed.

    • It’s interesting that the Vulgate doesn’t have that line. It’s clear Jerome either removed it or the Jews removed it, and he translated their corrupt version.

      Some Greek manuscripts also lack that line, but they include Raphael’s reference to it later on in the book, proving it was removed. So it’s clear many hands have tried to clear the anti race-mixing message of Tobit, but they failed, thankfully. Never mind the fact they don’t even print it in most bibles anymore, even as part of the “apocrypha”.

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