Was World War II Necessary?

I’m going to be on the road traveling all day and won’t be able to post much content.

In the meantime, I want to start a debate on the merits of Adolf Hitler’s foreign policy, which I believe was a total disaster that brought about the worst defeat in German history. Specifically, I believe that Hitler’s foreign policy was reckless and militaristic and that Germany did not need a land based empire in the East. Hitler’s choice of allies saddled Germany with wars on multiple fronts which ought to have been of no interest to the Third Reich. Danzig wasn’t worth World War II which is proven by the fact that Helmut Kohl later acquired the whole GDR from a nuclear armed Soviet Union without firing a shot. Hitler could have found a way to eventually get Danzig from Poland without a war.

Operation Barbarossa was also Hitler’s greatest mistake and the West’s containment policy was a much wiser strategy to deal with the USSR, but it was the culmination of a long series of errors like the aggressive moves that brought down Neville Chamberlain’s government and brought Winston Churchill to power in Britain. Similarly, if Hitler had only focused on domestic policy for a few years after annexing Austria, FDR would have died a few years later in the United States.

If the Third Reich had been more content like Franco’s Spain and had been less aggressive toward its neighbors, how would subsequent history have been altered? In this timeline, Germany doesn’t go to war with Poland over Danzig, but recommits to diplomacy. Winston Churchill doesn’t come to power in Britain. Germany rests on its laurels after absorbing Austria and the Sudetenland, international tension subsides and the Third Reich focuses on developing its rocket program, the atomic bomb and aerospace technologies. After detonating its first atomic bomb, the Third Reich becomes invulnerable to attack and Hitler’s regime survives.

Hitler didn’t know when to stop. He should have stopped after Austria or after the Sudentenland. Germany’s weakness was its geographical position which made it so vulnerable to a two front war. Germany’s strength was its economic power and technological superiority over the Soviet Union. The proper foreign policy for Germany was more pacifistic. Hitler’s fantasy that he could be the Frederick the Great of the continent was a misreading of England and how much it has changed since those times. He misread the strength and motivations of Russia. He misread the strengths and weaknesses of Germany too. It was all so unfortunate and unnecessary.

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  1. Hitler’s logic was sound as far as the need for lebensraum—a growing population needs room to live, and his policies certainly would have made the German people thrive. But he moved too quickly. There was no need to expand German territory as quickly as he sought to, especially with the devastation of WW1 still so close in the rearview. The only mistake he made was in moving too quickly; otherwise, his reasoning made sense.

    • The reasoning made sense, but his choice of alliances could be argued to have been the beginning of the end.

      Japan refused to attack the Soviet Far East even as a diversionary measure, and Italy kept requiring bailouts by Germany that cost enough time and manpower that likely would’ve been decisive in Russia.

      Imagine if the men/aircraft of the Africa Corps and the weeks spent in the Balkans were instead spent on the Soviet Union?

      • “Japan refused to attack the Soviet Far East even as a diversionary measure, “

        Be fair….

        Japan had already fought a war with Russia, in Mongolia, while Hitler negotiated a non-aggression pact. Who didn’t support who ?

        Japan didn’t have the oil to fight Russia. They had to spend every drop fighting and maintaining sealanes to Indonesia.

      • Italy had nothing to do with Germany’s defeat in Russia: Hitler did that all by hisself when, in late July 1941, he issued the fatal Halt Order that stopped Army Group Center’s breakthrough drive toward Moscow; 6 weeeks later he realized his error and resumed the drive….but it was just too late. In fact, though botched initially, Italy’s invovement in the Mediterranean and N. Africa opened a second door to Axis strategic victory: thru the Middle East, into the oil fields, and then onward to collapse the Raj. But Hitler dropped the ball again: first, by forcing Rommel and the Afrika Korps to operate on a shoestring, and then by spurning Japan’s March 1942 offer to extend their Indian Ocean carrier sweep to include the easy seizure of Vichy-controlled Madagascar and thus cut the last remaining Allied convoy route to the Middle East. Basically,

        HW is correct. Hitler was a brilliant political leader….but an incompetent warlord. It’s not for nothing that v. Hindenburg scorned Hitler as a “Bohemian corporal”.

        • Barbarossa was delayed by more than a month thanks to Mussolini’s needless fiasco in Greece. That extra time would have made it to Moscow before the mud and Siberian reserves.

      • The alliances were definitely a mistake that I can’t comprehend why he made. Particularly since in Mein Kampf, he went into great detail about how and why the WW1 alliances of Germany were so horrid. He should have known better.

        But then I wonder…did he have a choice? Were there any better options than the ones he had?

        He could have still been successful in spite of the poor alliances, had his foreign policy been more measured. Very sad to think about, hence why I try not to dwell on it too much.

    • “Japan refused to attack the Soviet Far East even as a diversionary measure, “

      Be fair….

      Japan had already fought a war with Russia, in Mongolia, while Hitler negotiated a non-aggression pact. Who didn’t support who ?

      Japan didn’t have the oil to fight Russia. They had to spend every drop fighting and maintaining sealanes to Indonesia.

    • The only mistake he made was in moving too quickly;

      I’d argue the opposite.

      He had to move swiftly before the Soviets had massed and were fully supplied for the invasion of Europe. He caught them in the lerch.

      You aren’t considering how desperate Germany was for oil. Hitler knew that a cutoff of Russian oil was imminent.

    • Hitler’s personal physician Dr. Morel had told Der Führer that he wasn’t going to live very long due to arteriosclerosis. There has also been speculation that Hitler suffered from Parkinson’s disease as well. David Irving covered this in his Magnus opus “Hitler’s War,” and in his speech at an IHR Conference about Hitler’s role in history.


          Morel and his special “vitamin” injections, loaded with methamphetamine.

          Hitler’s housekeeper, Anni Winter, said Hitler’s personality totally changed when he became s patient of Morel.

  2. Hitler wanted to liberate all white Europeans from the murderous demonic tribe. In eastern and southern Europe most governments fought with NS Germany against the communist jews in the Soviet Union and the capitalist jews in America, Britain, Canada, and Australia. The jew/anglo alliance are responsible for the deaths of millions of white Europeans in WW2 and are ultimately responsible for the problems whites face today in 2019.

  3. The Allies were out defeat Hitler and disarm Germany, just like they did with the Kaiser a generation earlier.

    • Exactly right Spahn. Just as I pointed out in my comment, the Allies hated GERMANY, that was what the war was about, not Hitler or the Nazis.

      This is proved by the fact that German Traitors in WW2 tried negotiating with the Allies for a better peace for themselves, but were turned down because according to the Allies they were the very kind of “Prussian Militants” that they were working to smash! It didn’t matter if it was a Führer or a Kaiser, a Germany that wasn’t a satellite of the Western powers had to go.

  4. I pretty much agree with your assessment. He made other mistakes, too – but he fought the Last War. They all do. WWI ought never have happened, either. And the English were JUST as responsible for everything, if not more so, than Kaiser Will and Uncle A. Jew War II would NEVER have happened if it weren’t for the (((English))).

    • I’m gonna’ have more to say on this later (maybe…) but what about the (((americans)))?
      I’ve been looking into the writings of Revillo P. Oliver…he had a lot to say about (((frank roosevelt))).
      If you think drumpf is totally jewed…oh brother!

      • Brian – of course. Jewmerica has done the mindless bidding of the kikenvermin from almost the beginning. But England has served as willing water carrier of the Jew for 400 years.Churchhill was literally owned by the kikes, but the Crypto KIKE RosenFELD was chomping at the bit to get Murkins involved in killing Germany.

  5. I am not a history buff, so I’ll let others enlighten me. All I know is, what the Jews say about Hitler, is not the real Hitler. And that is enlightenment enough, once you realize that factoid.

    DEATH to the Jew World Order.

  6. Mr. Wallace,

    You said the West was containing Communism. How so? The Soviets conquered Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, and 1/3 of Poland in 1939 and the West did not care. They attacked Finland in 1939 and the West did not really care. They had a Communist Revolution in Hungary in 1920 and the West did not care.

    Where was all the containment of Communism from 1936-1939 in Spain when the Communists attacked priests, nuns, the Church, and committed massive atrocities? Did not the USA even have an Abraham Lincoln Brigade to aid the communists?

    The Communists had powerful Parties throughout Europe and the USA. Shortly after WW2 the Communists took over China.

    From what I have read and been taught the Communists were funded by rich men in the so-called West who wanted Communism to grow not be contained.

    Regardless of all of Hitler’s possible motives the attack on Soviet Union is a necessary moral crusade by my beliefs. The Spanish Volunteers helping in the invasion were blessed by the Spanish Church for the struggle. I stand by that.

    It was to the benefit of all of humanity that Communism be crushed. The only disaster is that the war was lost. How many souls and lives were crushed because the West did not fight Communism but only pretended to contain it?

    • Having said all I did I have to admit that if I were ruler of Germany in 1941 I would have been very cautious. My temperament is more like Franco than Hitler. When I play Risk with my family I go for alliances first. My older brother and one of my sisters go for the throat first.

      For those who believe that if the world were one then there would be peace well, they have never seen my family play Risk. The back stabbing and the gloating involved would shatter that fallacy immediately.

      I keep a large force in Poland in case the Soviets attack. Then I send a large amount of men to North Africa to help the Italians win. I continue to try to reach a settlement with Great Britain. I also continue to develop submarines. And nuclear weapons.

      Even though I consider it a moral imperative to destroy the Soviet Union i do not attack them while I am fighting the British Empire. If I get peace with Great Britain then full speed ahead against the Soviets. Perhaps the alliance with Japan makes sense now if they attack the Soviet Union instead of that dumb attack against Pearl Harbor.

      • Pearl Harbor was unfortunately going to happen because of American oil sanctions against Japan that would’ve made their war in China go down to defeat.

        The Jap plan was to expand into the resources of Southeast Asia, but that required a preemptive strike against the Americans to keep them off balance.

        They still, however, should’ve at least launched a diversionary attack against the Soviets that would’ve tipped the balance.

        Think – even if only 5-10 divisions were kept East, Moscow would’ve fallen in November-December 1941.

        • Marcus Cicero,

          From 1939 onwards, shabbos goy churchill and the crazy cripple were plotting to get America into the European Theater of Operations against the Reich.

          The Brits had already cracked the Japanese Navy’s encrypted 1940, so they knew that the four aircraft carrier strike group that left Japan in late November of 1941 was heading to Pearl Harbor. The Roosevelt administration allowed the attack to occur as the only way for the USA to enter the war because on the mood in America on December 6th 1941 was isolationist and non-interventional. It should also be noted that most of the victims of the Pearl Harbor attack were enlisted men on the ships (i.e., a dime a dozen to the NWO), and both American aircraft carriers in the Pacific were out to sea while the Japanese attacked occurred.

          I’ve written a few times on OD that the Japanese needed to preseason threat to the USSR from the east. I find it hard to believe that the German High Command and General Tojo didn’t iron out that strategy prior to launching Barbarossa.

          German U-boat Wolfpacks were pleading to sink the American military aid heading to both England and the Soviet Union, but Hitler held back Admirals Carnaris and Dönitz from attacking the American convoys carrying military contraband to its enemies, so as to not give the American/jews a propaganda win to enter WWII.

        • Marcus Cicero,

          Yes, the Germans came very close to victory. If they do exactly what they did and would have won then I do not think anyone would have said their plan was disastrous.

          The only disaster is that it failed.

          My family also has a wargame called Third Reich. It is a boardgame. My brothers make my sisters and me play Poland and France in 1939 and the Soviets in 1941. They have fun while I wonder what happens to my armies.

          The Japanese should have attacked the Soviets instead of their obsession with China. A lot of what IF’s in WW2.

      • Christina,

        What a lot of what you’re writing is sound, but we are all playing “Monday morning quarterback ” to events that were happening in real time. I am sure that nothing the Germans, Americans, French, and especially the cock sucking British did was done without weighing the pros and cons of their actions.

        • November,

          That is true. If an attack on the Soviets resulted in a quick victory then history would wonder why anyone thought letting the Soviets build up their forces was a good idea. Then a cautious strategy like I generally prefer might have been the policy of disaster. I would then go down in history as weak.

          Great Britain, the USA, and to a lesser extent the Soviet Union are protected by being at the “edge of the map”. Time was on their side not Germany’s. I do not believe the Allies would permanently leave Germany alone no matter what they did.

          Since the Allies were determined to destroy Germany it is extremely difficult to be certain what Grand Strategy to pursue.

        • November,

          I also was not even aware of the vast distances involved in the attack. As a guess I thought that maybe there were 700 miles between Berlin and Moskva. When I looked it up it said 1131 miles. Those are huge distances to cover.

          Most transportation has to go by road. Russian roads were bad. Except when you are being attacked then sometimes bad is good.

          My father mentioned to me that most German transport in 1941 was still by horse and cart!! He also said that there were many thousands of horse cavalry in the Soviet Army at that time.

          I did not know that. So you are correct in that we are all just speculating on the best strategy.

          As always my statements reflect my current level of knowledge.

          • It is very true that the USSR’s backwards and underdeveloped rail and road infrastructure helped save it’s skin. And it’s true the Wehrmacht did not have the most modern logistical support.

    • Cristina,

      In 1940 (i.e., almost two years before the jewnited states entry into WW2), the ussr had 60 Residentias and 1500 KGB/GRU agents in the USA. The soviets had some more in Canada and a british physicist spying for them in Ottawa and relaying atomic weapons secrets to the kremlin by jewish scientists working at Los Alamos.

      The british and soviets were busy spying, lying, and doing everything possible to maneuver the jewnited states to become a combatant against the German Reich.

    • Christina,

      Yes, of the 2500 men of the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, and 75% were communists or “fellow travelers.” Even the reporters from England (Orwell) and America like a-hole Ernest Hemingway slanted their dispatches with a Pro-republican bias. Hemingway went as far to make a republican propaganda film called “The Spanish Earth.”

      On the other hand, Norwegian-born Torkild Rieber who ran Texico supplied Franco’s nationalists that ran their tanks, trucks, and planes on credit and without charging a transportation fee to move the fuel from Texas to Spain. Other American oil companies also began to supply Franco’s forces too, but Mr. Torkild did it first.

      • November,

        That was very nice to know. I am glad that the average person in the USA was anti-communist at the time including the oil companies. That helps me to realize the huge difference between normal Americans and the official government policies.

        Interesting as well to realize that fancy battle maneuvers on maps are only possible because of supplies, organization, and money.

        Tomorrow I leave for Mexico and will not come back until after the New Year.

    • His country was being strangled by the British blockade.
      What was he to do, watch 100s thousands starve, as they did after WWI ?

      • The funnest part about these sorts of interesting topics is listening to (or reading) people talking out their *sses.

        • T. Morris,

          That is true. We are all great leaders after the fact. In troubled times the responsibility of leadership would probably paralyze most of us into indecisiveness.

  7. Hitler and Stalin should have maintained their alliance, worked to implement a REAL Holocaust and waged total war on the Anglo-American-Jewish bloc and its cuckservative puppet states like Poland, making them submit to National Bolshevism whether they liked it or not.

    His other great mistake was the Night of the Long Knives. He should have massacred the reactionaries, priests and industrialists, not the socialists.

    • The problem was that 1939-1941 Stalin was different than the Stalin in 1950-1953.

      Post WW2 Stalin finally figured out the Jewish Problem, while pre-war Stalin was still for the most part “unreliable” on that issue.

      He still wholeheartedly trusted Jews like Beria and had not yet fully implemented the purges that “handled” the old Jewish Bolsheviks.

  8. Don’t see my comment. Posting again I guess.

    “I believe that Hitler’s foreign policy was reckless and militaristic”

    Hitler’s foreign policy was based on the fact that the Western Powers hated Germany and wanted to keep her under their heel, and Hitler (unlike the Weimar traitors) refused to go along with it. The Communists had tried to overthrow Germany, while the Allies pursued an aggressive policy against Germany (For example telling Hitler they would consider returning Germanys colonies while privately saying that would never happen.) Meanwhile both the Soviets and the Allies kept trying to strike a deal to encircle Germany, only made impossible because neither side trusted the other.

    “and that Germany did not need a land based empire in East.”

    Hitler explains this in Mein Kampf. Germany needed someway to accomadate it’s population, and the Soviets made it clear their aggressive spreading of Communism. War was inevitable between a strong Germany and the Soviets. The Soviet Union was a standing menace to all of Europe, rather than tackle the problem head on the Allies preferred to let Europe be destroyed rather than assist Germany to destroy Communism once and for all.

    “Hitler’s choice of allies saddled Germany with wars on multiple fronts which ought to have been of no interest to the Third Reich.”

    They chose their Allies based on the fact that Britain did not want to to Ally with Germany, despite the fact that only 2 powers would benefit from an intra-European war: America and Russia. It was a Plan B. A united European block led by Germany would have been the only possible solution to prevent the spread of both Communism and the Liberalism of America-Jewry.


    • “Danzig wasn’t worth World War II which is proven by the fact that Helmut Kohl later acquired the whole GDR from a nuclear armed Soviet Union without firing a shot.”

      Yeah, AFTER the Soviet Union was dying and Germany was a firm American puppet. America did not want Poland or its British/French puppets to approve any negotiation with an Independent Germany. It all makes sense when you realize America-Jewrys massive role in sparking the war.
      Hindsight is 20/20

      “Operation Barbarossa was also Hitler’s greatest mistake and the West’s containment policy was a much wiser strategy to deal with the USSR,”

      Ah yes, their “containment policy” worked so well to prevent Germany and Eastern Europe from falling to Communism post-WW1…oh wait that was a result of European Patriots fighting off Jewish-Communism themselves. America-Jewry was perfectly happy to let Communism spread until after WW2 when America and Russia were the only world powers and the Soviets had accusations of “Anti-Semitism” levelled at them after they hung a bunch of Jews and became Anti-Zionist

      “If the Third Reich had been more like Franco’s Spain and had been less aggressive toward its neighbors”

      Franco was a milquetoast Nationalist at best, not even really a Fascist, and because of his half-hearted approach his ideals fell flat after his death and today Spain is ruled by Marxist-Feminists who dug up his body. He could have dedicated to Alliance with Germany and assisted them in taking Gibraltar for example but stayed neutral to save himself, and Europe and Spain suffered in the long term for it.

      Anyone interested in reading more should check out “Hitlers War” by Richard Tedor, which explains the efforts Hitler actually took NOT to cause a big war in Europe, for example by making outrageously humble concessions only to be turned down by the Western powers.

      Also the various Essays by Francis Parker Yockey like

      “The Enemy of Europe”
      “The Hanging of 11 Jews in Prague”
      “The World in Flames”

      They lay out pretty well how America-Jewry and Communist Russia were the actual puppet masters and were the only ones who benefitted from WW2, hence why they pushed Britain and France so hard despite it not being in their interests.


  9. Take a look at the Nazi’s from an engineering standpoint alone, i.e. the Wünderwaffe. Or something like Projekt Riese in the Owl Mountains. And if you really want a salacious read, Celle Neues Rathaus.

    The Nazi’s made what appear to be tactically premeditated failures. You’d think they would have moved heaven and earth to find out about Operation Overlord. Or D-Day, shit, the Nazi’s had operational radar during the war and they were totally caught off gaurd by the largest naval flotilla ever assembled in the history of the world.

    The Nazi’s failed because they were meant to fail, whether it was premeditated sabotage or incidental. There were mistakes made that appear suspicious historically. Seriously, the Greeks weren’t totally unsurprised that Xerxes could and did bridge the Hellespont. You think a lesson from a civilization defining military engineering exploit like that would be lost on Rommel or Guderian?

    • In fact, the Corinthians with their allies the Lacedaemonians (Spartans) were counting for Xerxes to cross from the north via the Hellespont.

      Thermopylae was chosen for a reason.

      As you know well, the Stand at Thermopylae By King Leonidas his 300 King’s guards and other additions from other city States, (2000+ from Arcadia), was nothing more then a strategic defence tactic, to halt as much a possible the march of the Persians, so as to give ample time for the other City States, to prepare for the oncoming war.

      It was a mission of sacrifice for mother Hellas !

  10. HW, I think your opinion is colored by many conventions of false history.

    Hitler could plainly see that the Soviets were massing to invade Europe and eventual world conquest. That is clearly a stated goal of communism.

    Hitler had a brilliant series victoties, fast and almost bloodless, France, Holland, Norway, Poland. He was on the verge of conquering the USSR when he became ill and Halder changed and ruined the entire battle plan. Halder diverted resources from the South to attack Moscow.

    “Without the oil of Baku, the war is lost” Hitler …… He was right
    “My generals do not understand the economic basis of warfare” Hitler
    (He was right, again)

    • Arian,

      1.) How was this any different from Soviet troop deployments in the Cold War? Aside from the fact that by that point Eastern Europe had been overrun and its militaries converted into the Warsaw Pact?

      2.) The result of Hitler’s foreign policy was the most crushing defeat in German history. It was hardly unprecedented either. Charles XII and Napoleon had made the same mistake.

      3.) Hitler’s generals opposed Barbarossa, right?

      • 1. By the Cold War, MAD was on the table, and in 1941, Germany was at the very least 3-5 years away from a nuclear device – possibly 7-10 years away from one that could’ve taken out distant Moscow.

        2. The war in the East was a lot closer fought than most historians like to admit. As late as 1943 it was winnable. Say if Manstein was allowed to hit Kursk earlier, or if Germany wasn’t forced to bail out the Italians time and time again and stop the actual timeline Battle of Kursk, the Soviets were doomed.

        3. It was split with the generals, and the squabbles were actually part of a wider struggle between the old Prussian elite and the new NS meritocracy that hit the breaking point with the 1944 assassination attempt.

        And just as an addition – imagine if Germany had gone total war economy earlier (they didn’t stop civilian goods production until AFTER the Stalingrad disaster), or imagine if Hitler had copied America and drafted women into the labor force to free up all men capable of bearing arms. That alone might have tipped the balance…

      • 2.) The result of Hitler’s foreign policy was the most crushing defeat in German history.

        That is too arcane and clouded in secrecy for me to understand.
        I’m perplexed by most of it.

        I will say , the Allies tantalized Hitler with peace offers that kept him from full mobilization and development of things such as Fritz x and me262. He suspended development while waiting for a substantial peace treaty. Another dirty trick, to offer peace while chambering a round.

        • The Allies gve no such peace offers. The goal was to break the German Spirit forever. It was Hitler who offered peace to the British more than once, and the egomaniac Churchill refused.

          • Well I meant peace considerations to the offerings he’d made. They weren’t honest with him , they dragged out things, bgiving false hope.

      • 3.) Hitler’s generals opposed Barbarossa, right?

        Which ones?
        I know Halder (the one who counted), ruined a brilliant campaign strategy, like a dog walking through paint.

        What they say during the war and what they write in their memoirs are often at odds.

        By all accounts, Hitler was a very congenial character, too congenial. People took advantage of that. He tolerated behavior that had lesser offenders and their families vanish into the gulags.

      • Mr. Wallace,

        On a lighter note I wish you and yours a Merry Christmas! You have an extremely interesting website. Goodbye for now.

    • The world being communist doesn’t mean the world under ussr. That’s how stalin and Trotsky differed. This argument would have some logic if Trotsky took power but he didn’t.

      • Absolutely. Communists recognized West weak point, social thrust. Western Man can not think 2 steps ahead and figure out that sign on the door and people inside are two different things.

        Everything commies need, is to take red flag down and put up sign “christian conservative ” or whatever and build up communism under every name. And the Western Man believes.

        Eastern Man understand that when something If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, then it probably is a duck, despite somewhere is written that the quacking guy is respected conservative or brainwashed child or whatever excuse you would like to say that there is no communism.

        This why name and isms and institution based things never work. Communists infiltrate and take them over. John McCarthy was the smartest American ever lived. He understood the root cause of the problem.

        Founding Fathers said that all men are created equal. Genetics say that some people are natural born communists and equality is simple trick used by Jews to prevent find out and remove the real problem. ,genetic white communist.

    • your version is backwards and upside down. For a quick kill on the SU the Wehrmacht had to take Moscow before the snow fell and thus shatter the Stalin regime. Halder understood this but Hitler – mis-reading Napoleon’s defeat in Russia – thought otherwise, HE halted the drive on Moscow and diverted most of AG Center into the Ukraine in order to grab industry and wheat. 6 weeks later, after winning a huge but strategically useless encirclement battle in the Ukraine against mostly colonial troops, with Russian resistence stiffening all along the line, he resumed the drive on Moscow. Too late. In 1942 Hitler stabbed at the Caucasian oilfields….but tried to do Stalingrad at the same time. With a fatal, widening gap between v. Paulus and Hoth. You know the rest…

      • Taking capitol but leaving enemy army alive is not quick kill. Napoleon took Moscow, Soviets took Kabul ,later Americans took Kabul and Baghdad. There are no such things like strategic objects, there are only real estate, full of rats, drug addicts and resistance fighters, so our capitol may be in the enemy hands for a few years . They only bleeding there.

        Caucasian oilfields were useless too. What good you have oil when you do not have the soldiers who drive a tank or fly the fighter plane. And the enemy has the fighting style, where tanks and planes are useless.

        The only chance to win a war is destroy the only thing, enemy can`t produce in the factory or compensate. Living people, it means infantry or ground troops or just people on the enemy side.

        Taking symbols or real estate like capitol or oilfields is no meaning whatsoever. When enemy is alive , then enemy will compensate. When enemy has the 1000 tanks and we have zero, then we must be different from German generals and fight a war without tanks. Like those people who took down Soviet Union with bare hands when Soviet Union had Moscow, oil fields and 68 000 thousand tanks.

        Germany lost because nobody in Germany understood what the word war actually means.

        • ” The only chance to win a war is destroy the only thing, enemy can`t produce in the factory or compensate. Living people, it means infantry or ground troops or just people on the enemy side.”

          Exactly !

          Boots on the ground and blood in the soil.

  11. “they were totally caught off gaurd by the largest naval flotill”

    Total nonsense, they had built the Atlantic Wall, and prepared for years.

    The allies couldn’t bust through the Atlantic Wall until they resorted to chemical weapons. Hitler thought the allies were honorable and would abide by the treaties outlawing such weapons. He was wrong.

    The allies couldn’t bust the bunkers or revetments until they flooded them with chemicals.

    Most allied soldiers refused to use the chemical weapons until a savage few were offered life time pensions and Congressional Medal of Honor if they used the weapons. (Most soldiers knew the weapons were illegal and if prosecuted after the war they would be executed).

  12. Yeah , the Allies won, by invading a totally neutral country and causing the starvation of 10,000s innocent ppl, mostly women and children.

    US, USSR and Britain invaded Iran, A TOTALLY NEUTRAL COUNTRY, commandeered the Trans Iranian Railroad to ship tanks, trucks and fuel to that wonderful Joe Stalin. The result was no food shipments within Iran and the mass starvation of 10,000s and malnutrition of millions with consequent birth defects, too.

    • Arian,


      Why did so many German Army personnel speak fluent Norwegian? Because they’re parents had to send them to Norway to prevent their children from starvation due to the British blockade of food and medicine to reach Germany after the armistice was signed.

      I hate and despise the British with the same amount of bile and animus Southern Nationalists have for the “Yankee Nation.”

      • It is deserved, November. The British and Americans have ultimately done more to harm White people globally than anyone else.

  13. The Germans had over 50,000 tons of the world’s most powerful nerve gasses and never used a drop of it.

    Several German combat battalions fought heroic and impossible battles to get to the nerve gas factories and destroy them before they fell into Soviet hands. They also destroyed all the stockpiles of binary nerve agents.

    • Hitler refused to deploy nerve agents on D Day, during the Battle of the Bulge, and even during the last stand on the Oder River.

      His memories of being gassed and seeing friends literally cough their lungs out made him hate the stuff.

      But muh bug spray at Auschwitz…

      • @Cicero

        It goes beyond that.

        Hitler was a highly ethical man , who observed the conventions of treaties.

        Contrary to the lies of our times, Hitler was exceedingly humane.

    • Arian,

      British kosher pig chuchhill wanted to use nerve gas on D-Day. That derby wearing pos was insane with hatred towards the Germans.

    • Arian,

      I would have used the nerve gas against the Allies. If you can kill, bomb, burn, and shoot soldiers in war then why not gas them? Either way I leave non combatants alone but enemy soldiers are fair game.

      • @Cristina

        Civilized people try to limit the horrors of warfare, like not using explosive bullets, but being civilized isn’t conducive to victory.

    • And the German scientists, under Hitler developed the atom bomb, BUT NEVER thought of using it…..

      it took, shabbos goy in America to do the bidding of the (((chosen))) ones !

      Wernher Von Braun a German leading scientist, was hijacked from Germany in order to bring the Atom bomb & rocket technology secrets to the US. Especially with the OSS to Allan Dulles little pet project!

      Who opened the conquest of space???
      German sicientists, in Hitler’s Germany did with the development and completion of Continental missile/rocket V2.
      Original Footage of German V-2 Rocket Development Tests [HD]

      Who came up with the plans of a cruise missile??
      Hitler’s Germany did, via the V1 “buzz bomb”

        • Even though I’m not familiar with that event, I’d bet on it.

          Germans had the technology and the know how, to accomplish such a feat for those days.

  14. Germans never tortured or abused American POWs, less than 1% of POWs died while in German captivity, least of all wars America has fought.

    Just the opposite of America, where German POWs were taken to torture facilities like Fort Hunt Virginia, po box 1142 was the code name. Where the Germans were tortured for months on end until the end of the war, like the crew of U546.

    The Germans were ethical, the Allies were not.

  15. 1.) How was this any different from Soviet troop deployments in the Cold War?

    Totally different, because of the nuclear factor and geography.

    a)The US can strike anywhere in Russia, from continental bases or seaborne or our nuclear garrisoned surrogates in Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Germany, Britain and unknown. The Russians have no place to retreat.

    b) Germany was/is a tiny, resource starved, largely landlocked nation.
    America is a vast, resource superabundant, open access to two oceans with fleets that control the oceans of the world without contest, nation.

    c) America could lose all of Europe and still retain military supremacy, Germany could not.

    Germany was cornered, it had to act swiftly and dynamically.

  16. As a history buff, you really need to get beyond the school book / media propaganda we’ve all been fed about WWII.
    Your historical assertions are too far from the truth to adequately address in a blog comment. Let me just point out that World Jewry openly declared war on Germany in 1933, all that followed was a direct result.

  17. More excuses for Britain and France’s war guarantee for the effing pollacks, eh?

    Churchill ‘s jews wanted war with Germany as early as 1933, in the twentieth century, have the jews even not gotten what they wanted from England or D.C.?

    It was the vicious Treaty of Versailles, communist agitation from the likes of rosa luxemberg and her tribe from 1917-1933, Weimar conditions, that made Hitler not only possible but the solution to all that the jews and their allies imposed on Germany.

    HW, funny you would mention Danzig. England declared war to “protect ” Poland, but gave Poland and Eastern Europe to Stalin and the communist butchers. Yeah, that’s not a fucked up foreign policy. LMAO

    • Yeah, pretty funny Britain and France entered the war to “protect Polish independence”. The Poles were slaves to communism after the war. Ere go, WW2 was a total failure. The lie given for its reason was, anyway.

  18. WWII was just an extension of WWI, which was concocted by English aristocracy, and their owners. They ensured that Germany would be strangled after WWI, and it was they who declared war on Germany in 1933. It is easy to second-guess and criticize the losers in this regard, but that is rather moot, is it not?

    Communism and it’s owners where the real winners of WWII. The Soviet Union was “contained”, not “communism”.
    Today, we see the fruits of that victory playing out all over what is left of Western Civilization. And, White people are as divided as ever.

    • Calling BS. Britain and Germany were squaring up decades before WW1; it was always “when”, not “if”. Read contemporary accounts (e.g. F.R. Burnham).

      • In the late 1890’s, certain members of English aristocracy initiated a policy of isolating and vilifying Germany, this included the royal connections, and banksters as well. Not quite 2 decades before WWI, but almost. This was mostly jealousy and paranoia on English aristocracy’s part, as well as the desires for control by their owners.

  19. Hitler wasn’t looking for a German empire in the east, unlike the briti, French, Spanish, and American empires that used extreme violence to spread across continents for treasure, land, and power. How many did they kill in their collective wakes? Maybe they should have contented themselves in England, France, Spain, and the original 13 colonies.

  20. The basic problem in a more “pacifistic” German foreign policy was that Hitler was not a single actor – even before 1939, Britain & France were hostile & staunchly opposed to the resurgence in German power represented by Hitler. Above all, the USSR was an existential threat – Stalin & the Bolsheviks were waiting for an opportunity to strike Germany a deathblow. Indeed, this was the preferred outcome in both Paris & London even before war actually began, a long, exhausting conflict between Germany & the Soviet Union which would weaken or destroy both without involving France or Britain directly. (Hitler sometimes referred to Russia as “Britain’s sword.”)

    So an argument can be made that Hitler had no choice, given Germany’s absolute economic dependence on natural resources (especially oil) controlled by its enemies through their far-flung empires, to make a grab for those resources, to secure itself against the long war of attrition and economic blockade waged by the western allies.

    But Hitler did have a choice in how he treated the Slavic peoples of Russia. He chose to savagely exploit & abuse them, because they were obstacles to his lebensraum plans to colonize European Russia with German settlers. As a result, millions of Russian civilians died through German actions: destroying their homes in the dead of winter (or throwing them out of their houses into the snow & ice, to make room for Wehrmacht troops), stripping them of their only winter clothing for German use, issuing food rations so low it led inevitably to starvation, & working them to death behind the front. Which caused the Russian people – who initially greeted Hitler’s troops as liberators & could have been valuable allies in destroying Bolshevism – to turn back to the communists as the lesser of two evils, & create an anti-German partisan movement which ultimately helped to defeat the German invasion.

    • Absolutely true. Germans treated Soviet civilians like “Untermensch” instead of recruiting them. Typical Teutonic arrogance and cruelty. USSR serfs were wallowing in sh*t, desperate for liberation – but Germans were starving and shooting them, not liberating.

      • Jannie,

        Germans don’t possess a smidgen of the arrogance of the British. It’s not even close. The briti win by a country mile.

  21. “War is the Health of the State” – Randolph Bourne,1918…
    “World War II” wasn’t Uncle A’s choice, it was frank roosevelt’s. He made that choice, I believe, shortly after winning re-election in 1936. He had this small problem to solve: ending the Great Depression while preserving
    capitalism, amerikan-style. Alas, his shot-locker was empty! So, falling back on his experience as wool-head wilson’s secretary of the Navy, he knew there was only one way to solve his little problem: start a big-ass WAR.
    The European War that began on 9/3/1939 should have ended on 7/25/1940. Uncle A never wanted a war with either Britain or the USA…that was his preference. He never knew that frank and his drunken “ardent lieutenant”
    had other plans.

  22. I can’t recall the book (it was reviewed on Counter Currents) but in it, a former Soviet officer came out and admitted that just before Hitler attacked the USSR was already preparing to invade Germany — and indeed was just about to do so, when Hitler got wind of the plan, saw that Germany was in deep trouble, and did the only thing that he POSSIBLY could to even TRY to avert the disaster — attack first, to have the element of surprise on his side.

    It didn’t work, but it did keep Germany in the game much longer than would otherwise have been the case, which would have been a pretty immediate steamrolling of Germany by the USSR if indeed the USSR had attacked first.

    That’s why the USSR was so incredibly well equipped for war when Germany attacked (well, that and the fact that the US was covertly giving them billions in aid) — because all of their factories and production was at full capacity in preparation for their imminent invasion of Germany and Europe.

    So it wasn’t Hitler’s blunder at all, but the only option he had (a desperate gamble), given the Soviet invasion that Germany was about to face.

      • Powell,

        In former USSR General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev’s memoir, he openly admitted that the Soviet Union was going to strike Germany 57525hike it was distracted and weakened by its ongoing operations in Western Europe and North Africa.

        Invading German armies almost immediately encountered enormous Soviet military forces. That’s why so many Red Army prisoners were taken in the summer of 1941.

    • Agree that the USSR had plans to invade Germany, but Germany should have waited on the defensive – then, having the moral authority and rectitude, wiped them out on the counter-attack. Operation Barbarossa meant Germans were always the aggressors and Russians were fighting defensively for their Motherland. Failed USSR attack on Germany would have been demoralizing for Soviets & Stalin would have likely fallen.

      • Operation Barbaroihit the Soviets so hard in 1941, it took the communists almost four years to recover. Of course, military and humanitarian aid from (((GB & USA))) allowed them to continue to fight and survive.

      • This is nonsensical. How would the “moral authority” have benefitted Germany if Germany had been steamrolled in short order by the USSR? Because that’s exactly what would have happened if they had waited for the forthcoming attack and relied on defense. Only a pre-emptive strike had even a CHANCE of saving Germany; it failed, but it was the best and only hope. Berlin was very close to the German border even as the time of the Molotov Ribbentrop pact (at least by comparison to the distance to Moscow). Germany had no way of building any sort of meaningful defenses against the endless millions of soldiers that the USSR could have launched against Germany, if the USSR had been allowed to strike first. (and as the Maginot and Siegfried line proved, such fortifications were pretty meaningless anyway before an invading army).

  23. Hitler’s foreign policy should have been orchestrated within the constraints of not provoking a second world war. With this in mind, was the invasion of Poland reckless and counter-productive? Maybe, but similar actions in Czechoslovakia, Austria, and the Rhineland did not precipitate global war, nor should have they, since they were legitimate state actions. The British were reckless to start a European-wide war for territories which belonged in the Reich and for which Hitler was not going to be deterred until he had reunited them with the Fatherland. Why were the British so intent on tumbling headfirst into another world war? A romantic desire to remain a foremost European power is my opinion.

    Hunter’s thesis that Germany stood a better chance against the Soviet Union playing deterrence, or at worst playing defense in the east is worthy of consideration. Would a German defensive posture in the east have been enough to either deter or repel a massive Soviet invasion? I do believe that Stalin was massing forces for an invasion of Europe and was “beaten to punch” by Hitler’s Operation Barbarossa. Would the Germans have fared better had they not invaded? Probably. It could not have ended any worse, that much is for sure.

    • Soviet invasion of Germany would have proved Hitler’s claims to all Europeans and shaken faith in & within Allies. Roosevelt baited the Japanese in; Hitler could have done the same with Stalin.

      Imagine the USA attacking Japan without Pearl Harbor.

  24. On March 21, 1939, while hosting French PM Daladier, British PM chamberlain discussed forming a joint front with France, Russia, and Poland to deter “German aggression.” France jumped at the offer, while the Russians insisted that both France and Poland sign the agreement first. Polish PM Józef Beck balked at the agreement on Maru24, 1939 because polish statesmen were instinctually more fearful of the communist Russians than the Christian Germans. Polish Marshal Edward ?mig?y-Rydz told the French representative, “With the Germans we risk losing our liberty; with the Russians we risk losing our souls.”

    Another complication occurred when the residents of Memel in Lithuania sought to join the Reich, after Germany’s occupation of Prague. The Treaty of Versailles had detached Memel from East Prussia and placed it under the authority of the League of Nations, but Lithuania seized it. Memel had been a historically German city for several centuries and had never been broken off from Prussia. At the end of WWI, German was so weak that it couldn’t prevent the tiny new nation of Lithuania from stealing this territory.

    On March 22, 1939, Lithuania’s foreign minister agreed to transfer Memel to Germany, and Poland didn’t take issue with the return of Memel.

    The conflict between Germany and Poland was over the supposedly “free city ” of Danzig. Danzig was a city founded in the fourteenth century at the mouth of the Vistula River. Danzig inhabitants were always overwhelmingly German with a Polish minority of approximately 3% of the population out of 365,000. Again, the League of Nations (LoN) intruded and made Danzig a protectorate with pro-Polish policies. By 1939, most of the German residents of Danzig wanted to rejoin Germany, especially due to Germany’s prosperous economy and Poland still stuck in an economic depression.

    Danzig was very pro-National Socialist to the point of having an NS parliamentary majority before Germany did. Hitler wasn’t opposed to Poland’s economic growth at Danzig, but he would never allow the establishment of a Polish political takeover of Danzig.

    On October 24, 1938, Germany presented a settlement to the Danzig question. Hitler’s plan was to annex Danzig and build both autobahn and railroad to East Prussia, and in return, Poland would be given a permanent free use of the port at Danzig with no German customs duties levied, in addition to Poland’s right to build their own highway and railroad to the port of Danzig. In Hilter’s offer was to accept the existing German-Polish borders, including the boundary of Upper Silesia which was gifted to Poland in the Treaty of Versailles. Hilter’s guarantee of Poland’s frontiers a level of military security that no other non-communist nation could equal.

    In Anglo Saxon Protestant Wilson’s Thirteen Point program at Versailles, Poland was given huge pieces of territory in Western Posen, Western, Prussia, and the richest industrial area of Upper Silesia. Germany was willing to abandon these three territories to keep the peace with Poland. Was this compensation more than fair for the annexation of Danzig and construction of autobahn and railroad in the Danzig-Prussian corridor?

    On March 36, 1939, Poland’s ambassador to Berlin rejected Germany’s proposal. Poland refused to reconsider any changes in the existing areas of contention between the two countries. Polish ambassador Joseph Lipski told German Foreign Minister Von Ribbontrop, “It was his painful duty to draw attention to the fact that any further pursuance of these German plans, especially where the return of Danzig to the Reich was concerned, meant war with Poland.

    On March 30, 1939 Polish FM Beck accepted Great Britain’s offer of an unconditional guarantee of Poland’s independence.

    In a speech written by British Foreign Secretary Lord Halifax, Prime Minister Chamberlain spoke these words to the House of Commons on March 31, 1939, ” I now have to inform the House…that in the event of any action which clearly threatened Polish independence and which the Polish government accordingly considered vital to resist with their national forces, His Majesty’s Government would feel themselves bound at once to lend the Polish government all support in their power. They have given the Polish government an assurance to that effect.”

    For the first time in England’s history, they left the decision to go to war outside of Great Britain to another nation. Britain entered this agreement with Poland with no commitments from Poland to reciprocate. Even the British public were shocked at this agreement. Unfortunately, Lord Halifaxhas no difficulty persuading both conservative and labour parties to accept Britain’s unconditional war guarantee to Poland.

    A plethora of British historians have been fierce critics of Britain’s war guarantee with Poland. British diplomat Roy Denmsn called the war guarantee, “The most reckless undertaking ever given by a British government. It placed the decision on peace or war in Europe in the hands of a swashbuckling military dictatorship.”

    Niall Ferguson wrote, “Britain tied its destiny to a regime every bit as undemocratic and anti-Semitic as that in Germany.”

    American historian Richard Watt wrote, “The enormous broad guarantee virtually left the Poles the decision whether or not Britain would go to war. For Britain to give such s black check to a Central European nation, particularly Poland–a nation that Britain had generally regarded as irresponsible and greedy–was mind-boggling.

  25. Hitler is often mistakenly thought to be driven by a Blitzkrieg mentality. The fact is that from 1939-1941, Hilter has no such outlook. He reacted with profoundly conservative mindset and followed a circumscribed strategy of of pushing out siege lines set around Germany by the (((allies))). Being a siege Führer explains his incomprehensible actions at Dunkirk, his obsession with capturing Leningrad, and in the summer of 1941 to into Ukraine when both Moscow and victory in WWII were within his reach.

    Germany’s Army High Command was oblivious to Hitler’s siege bearing as the German generals planned a blitzkrieg campaign against the Soviets. It was after all through bold strategies and innovative operational tactics that the German army won several victories over the (((allied powers) in WWII. All of this led up to the great campaign to the east against the Soviet Union in the summer of 1941.

    It has been suggested that had German Army Group Center had the strength to both destroy the Red Amry forces defending Moscow and to advance beyond the Soviet capital if need be. This would have sealed the fate of the Soviet Union and assured Germanya swift victory in WWII, but instead Hitler ordered Army Group Soututo secure resources in Ukraine against a potential siege of Moscow, and allowed a virtually guaranteed German victory slip away.

    All this might’ve been accomplished before the United States entered the war on December 8, 1941.

    Yes, Der Führer was too hands on. He believed that the strategy he used that had been so effective would continue to lead to endless victories.He was wrong. It’s unfortunate that Wehrmacht High Command General Wilhem Keitel didn’t have the ability or wherewithal to influence Hitler to change from siege to blitzkrieg in the fall and winter of 1941.

    Another mistake Hitler made in the east was his change in treatment toward the conquered people in the west. Hilter’s rage for the Soviet Union was as blindingly as the hatred FDR had towards the Third Reich. Had Hitler continued to follow Alexander’s strategy of placating defeated adversaries in Ukraine and Russia, the invading German armies would have been welcomed as liberators instead of oppressors.

    Can we know move onto how Saint Robert E. Lee screwed the Confederacy and his army by blundering at Gettysburg? How his actions led to bore the lion’s share of the triple demoralizing disasters in the summer of 1863 in Vicksburg, Tullahoma, and of course, Gettysburg. Yeah, Pickett’s Charge against Major General Meade’s Army on July 3, 1863 was reckless and incomprehensible.

  26. There are four critical decision points here, all of which fundamentally affect the way any alternative history scenario plays out.

    The first was the decision to attack Poland and invite a war with Britain and France.

    The second was to launch Barbarossa.

    The third, which is a variation on the second, was to launch Barbarossa without first winning in N. Africa. (Or 3a, failing to simply concentrate on victory in N. Africa and foregoing Barbarossa.)

    And the fourth was to prosecute Barbarossa as an anti-Slavic race war rather than as an anti-Bolshevik liberation war.

    Most important are first two. History plays out very differently and incomparably less disastrously for Germany if neither or only the first of those two take place.

  27. “If the Third Reich had been more content like Franco’s Spain and had been less aggressive toward its neighbours, how would subsequent history have been altered? “

    I agree.

    Although these comparisons are like comparing apple and oranges.

    Franco’s troubles where more of an internal nature in to how to balance power within the moving ideological shifting floor within Spain and the powerful families that had been running Spain placed there by the Crown.

    If I’m not mistaken Franco really solidified his power when the commies the whole Third Internationalist brigades where flooding on to Spain to bring down that nation.

  28. analysing Hitler’s strategy and campaigns during WW2, we CANNOT discount deliberate and calculated deception and “mishandling” by his JEWISH Field Marshals and his lower commissioned SENIOR JEWISH officers.

    ” Cambridge University researcher Bryan Rigg has traced the Jewish ancestry of more than 1,200 of Hitler’s soldiers, including two field marshals and fifteen generals (two full generals, eight lieutenant generals, five major generals), “men commanding up to 100,000 troops.” “


  29. Viktor Suvurov along with many available documents seem to point rather conclusively that Stalin was waiting for the Allies to soften up Germany then invade. The timing of Barbarossa wasn’t bad… WHAT WAS AWFUL was the decisions made after the invasion (going for Stalingrad for pure dick wagging purposes instead of the oil fields) in addition to not outfitting the troops with proper winter gear and an escape route before Stalingrad.

  30. “Hitler didn’t know when to stop. He should have stopped after Austria and the Sudetenland.”

    What was Confederate States can claim at most just four (Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Arkansas) of the original thirteen as still Dixie. All the others have turned “blue” or are going to in the next few years. Identity Dixie wants to reclaim ALL of 1861 Dixie. What if through some miracle Zog-USA was willing to allow Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Arkansas secede, but the other nine former states of the Conferderacy had to stay in the Yankee republic; would you make that deal, or would you demand all 13 states of the old Confederacy (Kentucky and Missouri never formally seceded)?

    The territories Hitler was taking back belonged to Germany in 1918, but were sliced off by by the League of Nations, The Treaty of Versailles, and Wilson’s 13 Point Plan. Why shouldn’t Germany retake historically and overwhelmingly populated lands that were literally stolen by globalists?

    Hitler did focus in domestic affairs. Germany’s economy was booming, he suspended the gold standard, and created millions of jobs with his public works projects, and those are other reasons France, England, and the United States yearned to destroy the Third Reich.

    Yes, it’s too bad there wasn’t operational V-88 nuclear tipped ICBM or at least tactical radioactive artillery shells that could have been used to defend Germany and defeat the jew world order. Wonder weapons were being tested, but the clock ran out before they came off the assembly line.

  31. The Anglosphere was gonna go to war with Germany, no matter who governed it. Or what Germany did. Since the Entente had lost the First War, they had to finish off Germany in the Second. Britain wanted a dangerous economic competitor eliminated, France wanted revenge for its several political, diplomatic and military defeats since 1815. Liberals wanted the last bastion of Protestant Christian Conservatism crushed. “Defending Western Civilisation,” had nothing to do with it, since Germany is in the West, and is the West.

    Yankeedom was gonna go to war with Dixie, no matter what the Southern People did, or didn’t do. The Oligarchs of Boston and New York demanded no less than that the Southern People surrender their political and legal rights, and subordinate themselves to the rule of Massachusetts, and to the will of Boston, New York and Chicago. “Patriotism,” the welfare and well-being of Black Folks, and “defending America” had nothing to do with it, since the South is America, and Yankeedom is just New England and Liberalism/Capitalism writ large and geographically inflated beyond the borders of Massachusetts.

    1800 to 1945 was the period of the struggle to crush the enemies of Capitalism, Liberalism, and Zionism.

  32. Hitler, huh?

    “The German race has to be annihilated, there is not the slightest doubt about this”. — Bernard Lecache, President of the Jewish World League + LICRA, July, 20, 1932

    “The Israeli people around the world declare economic and financial war against Germany. Fourteen million Jews stand together as one man, to declare war against Germany. The Jewish wholesaler will forsake his firm, the banker his stock exchange, the merchant his commerce and the pauper his pitiful shed in order to join together in a holy war against Hitler’s people.” – Daily Express, March 24, 1933

    “The Jews of the world now declare a Holy War against Germany. We are now engaged in a sacred conflict against the Germans. And we are going to starve them into surrender. We are going to use a world-wide boycott against them, that will destroy them because they are dependent upon their export business.”– Samual Untermeyer 1933

    ‘The present Congress is duty bound to put the Jewish problem in Germany before the entire world…(We [Jews] must) destroy, destroy, destroy them, not only with the boycott, but politically, supporting all existing forces against them to isolate Germany from the civilized world…our enemy [Germany] must be destroyed.” — (Speech by Vladimir Jabotinsky, a Polish Jew, on June 16, 1933)

    “The war against Germany will be waged by all Jewish communities, conferences, congresses… by every individual Jew. Thereby the war against Germany will ideologically enliven and promote our interests, which require that Germany be wholly destroyed. The danger for us Jews lies in the whole German people, in Germany as a whole as well as individually. It must be rendered harmless for all time…. In this war we Jews have to participate, and this with all the strength and might we have at our disposal.” — The Jewish newspaper, Natscha Retsch, 1933

    “We Jews are going to bring war on Germany.”— David Brown, President of American Hebrew, in 1934, quoted in Edmonson’s I Testify, page 188.

    “Germany is striving to become once again a great nation, and to recover her lost territories as well as her colonies. But our Jewish interests call for the complete destruction of Germany…” (Valadimir Jabotinsky, in Mascha Rjetsch, January, 1934)

    “Hitler will have no war, but he will be forced into it, not this year but soon…” (The Jew Emil Ludwig Cohn, LesAnnales, June, 1934)

    “Germany is the enemy of Judaism and must be pursued with deadly hatred. The goal of Judaism of today is: a merciless campaign against all German peoples and the complete destruction of the nation. We demand a complete blockade of trade, the importation of raw materials stopped, and retaliation towards every German, woman and child.” (Jewish professor A. Kulischer, October, 1937)

    “We managed to bring the United States into the First World War and if you tow our line over Palestine and the JEWISH fighting force, then we can persuade the JEWS of the United States to drag the United States into it again this time.” — CHAIM WEIZMANN letter to Churchill, Weizmann Archives, Tel Aviv

    “Our fight against Germany must be carried to the limit of what is possible. Israel has been attacked. Let us, therefore, defend Israel! Against the awakened Germany, we put an awakened Israel. And the world will defend us.” – Jewish author Pierre Creange in his book Epitres aux Juifs (1938)

    “Germany must be turned into a waste land, as happened there during the 30-year War.” – Das Morgenthau-Tagebuch, The Morgenthau Dairy (p. 11)

    “Kill the Germans, wherever you find them! Every German is our moral enemy. Have no mercy on women, children, or the aged! Kill every German — wipe them out!” — (Llya Ehrenburg, Glaser, p. 111) 1938

    ‘Even if Hitler at the last moment would want to avoid war which would destroy him he will, in spite of his wishes, be compelled to wage war.’ — Emil Ludwig Cohen wrote in his book The New Holy Alliance, Strasburg, 1938

    ‘It is our task to organise the moral and cultural blockade of Germany and disperse this nation. It is up to us to start a merciless war.’ — Bernard Lechache, jew, The Right to Live (December 1938)

    “Germany is our public enemy number one. It is our object to declare war without mercy against her. One may be sure of this: We will lead that war!” – Bernard Lecache, the president of the “International League Against Racism and Anti-Semitism,” in its newspaper “Droit de Vivre” (Right to Life), 9 November, 1938.

    “The Jewish serpent will show its hydra’s heads everywhere, blocking the way to a relaxation of international tensions. We Jews will not allow peace in the world, however hard statesmen and peace advocates try to bring it about.” — London Jewish Chronicle, March 3, 1939

    “The millions of Jews who live in America, England and France, North and South Africa, and, not to forget those in Palestine, are determined to bring the war of annihilation against Germany to its final end.” – The jewish newspaper Central Blad Voor Israeliten in Nederland, September 13, 1939.

  33. Operation Barbarossa was not a “mistake,” it was the purpose of the entire war. Hitler wanted to defeat Jewish Bolshevism, which had been fomenting communist revolution in Central Europe since the end of WW I. The Spartacist Rebellion, the Bavarian Soviet of 1919, and the Hungarian Soviet of 1919 were all led by Jews trained and financed by Moscow.

    Hitler’s allies in the East, like Admiral Horthy in Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Finland allied with the Reich due to the fear of the spread of Soviet-Jewish communism.

    • The result was a setback in defeating communism, the destruction and partition of Germany and the death of millions and the loss of German territory. It was the wrong way to handle the problem.

      • “The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.”

        Those quotes by DICARLO about Jews declaring war on Germany tell the story. When your country is under economic sanctions, you are at war whether you want it or not. Economic sanctions is a precursor to war.

        If you re-create your Southern states and exclude Jews, international Jewry will not leave you alone, because they do not tolerate the existence of anything that is not under their control. If you haven’t learned this by now, they will teach it to you.

        • Yes, read the jew quotes. I find it most disappointing that many of us blame Hitler for the destruction of WW2, when it is obvious that Hitler had no choice other than to do what he did. If he had not attacked Poland and did nothing, the (((ALL-LIES))) would have found some other reason to declare war on Germany. The jews would have no peace!

          The ALL-LIES drove Germany into the war with Poland. Germany wished for peace with Poland and all other nations. Hitler spoke for world disarmament soon after he came to power. Hitler’s ambition was peace and world disarmament. Germany was disarmed in 1933 while other nations refused to disarm and had no intention to disarm. The Allied countries were controlled by the jews and they wanted to destroy Germany. Why? Because the European races (i.e. the White race, European humanity) would have had the chance to survive through Germany and it was/is the intention of the jews to destroy the White Race. This was the main reason for WWII: race. Economics played into it, but it was not the main reason jews wanted to destroy Germany. Germany had to be destroyed in order to eliminate the White race.

      • That’s hindsight. In 1941 with the British off the Continent, Western Europe secure, and a nonaggression pact to keep Stalin off guard, it made perfect sense to attack the USSR.

        Barbarossa came within fifty miles of capturing Moscow, and if Paulus and the Sixth Army had bypassed Stalingrad instead of trying to take it and captured the oilfields, they would have won. It really was that close.

        And don’t forget that the communist Soviet Union had the USA giving them money and arms, without which Germany might have won.

        Perhaps Hitler’s biggest mistake was not Barbarossa, but declaring war on the U.S. unnecessarily.

        • “Perhaps Hitler’s biggest mistake was not Barbarossa, but declaring war on the U.S. unnecessarily.”

          He honored his treaties. It was in the Tripartite Pact that he support Japan in a mutual declaration of war.

          Hitler was scrupulously ethical.

          • It was a mutual defence pact. There was no requirement if one of the Axis attacked another nation. FDR manipulated the Japs to get America into the war against Germany. The Japs were fools for attacking, and Hitler was a fool for supporting them. There really was little or no co-operation or overall strategy on the part of the Axis countries.

        • Hitler foolishly wanted to capture STALINgrad as a big FU to Josef himself. And the declaration against the US was also unnecessary and foolish.

          • Japanese had to attack Pearl Harbor. They were being strangled and surrounded by the ABCD encirclement. They had to knock everyone off guard and get oil from Indonesia.

  34. I agree with Pat Buchanan’s analysis that both catastrophic wars were unnecessary. The disastrous Versailles treaty practically guaranteed another war would follow. The punitive treatment of Germany by the treaty and the corrupt Weimar government set the stage for a militaristic Hitler or someone else just like him. The final straw was Britain’s guarantee to Poland that the former would defend the latter if attacked. There was no way Britain could defend Poland and when Germany attacked WWII was on due to Britain’s insane guarantee and multiple alliances.

    • It was truly unprecedented in the modern era the way that the AL-LIES treated Germany after WW1. No other long standing, ethnic nation has ever been screwed over that badly in the industrial era, and probably quite some time before that. The weaklings figured they had to gang up and destroy the strong one.

    • HW, keep on writing the great articles…..

      the delay is a small price to pay……

      By the way All the best Merry Christmas and a good & hopeful and a (Back to the Future) to our traditions 2020 !

  35. Hitler could have won the war a couple of times that I know of. If he had massacred the Brits at Dunkirk, Britain would have been taken out of the war. The other place he messed up was the Battle of Britain. He switched from bombing the RAF to bombing civilians. because the Brits were bombing civilians in Germany. If he had continued bombing the RAF, he would have won air superiority.

    Another way it could have gone is if King Edward hadn’t run off to marry that American woman. Apparently he was a facist and could have helped the facists come to power in the UK. If that had happened Germany and the British Empire could have ruled the world together.


    • Dunkirk was irrelevant. 300 000 was very small number by World Battle II standards. Germany was defeated in the Eastern Front. And the UK and US too.

      The only reason why Brits were allowed to make a D Day was comrade Stalin statesmanship. Great engineer of human souls understood that victory must be long lasting and permanent.

      And he was right. Now 67 years after Stalin death, the UK and US are terrible mess , full of immigrants, but the Stalin put poison “we won the good war” and “Nazis” still works.

      This how real war look like. Do not let your army be the real estate managers but give the enemy long lasting death kiss.

      Now back to the real estate. Donald gave the Jews Jerusalem. Well, French people have Paris and UK people have London with Khan in charge and US have Washington DC. Do you really like your capitols in your hands…:D

      This the real war. Deep understanding of enemy nature and winning a long lasting permanent victory. Battle and war are to different things and until the West refuses o address the problem, the West keep losing.

      • 75 to 80% of all German forces fought on the Eastern front. It was the USSR, not the USA, that defeated both the Nazis and Imperial Japan.

      • A big part of the reason the Germans lost is based on their geographic location, in that they couldn’t get energy supplies. Britain conquered, or on their side would have helped out there.

        Germany also had a big technological edge, in that it wouldn’t matter how many soldiers the Soviets had if the Germans had started dropping nukes. I think the Germans were closer to the atomic bomb than anyone realizes, and Operation Paperclip had something to do with America getting a working bomb.

        Lebenstraum was also a silly mistake. Saying they needed more land to breed in was nonsense. You just breed and if you run out of room on the ground you build upwards, or you invest in rocket science and use it to settle other planets.

        The only way the Americans and British could not have lost WW2 is if they had stayed out of it. If they let the Nazis and Commies fight each other to exhaustion somewhere inside the Soviet Union, the two would be too weak to conquer anyone else, and would spend the rest of the century bickering with each other like India and Pakistan. As you say the USA went off fighting wars overseas yet lost the war back home, because they did not fight it at all. And the British lost their empire fighting to give Joe Stalin his empire.

      • Stalin did not cause and spread the poison of political correctness. Did not elect Woodrow Wilson, did not have France and England declare war on the Russian Empire over ottoman Constantnople, or subvert the British banking system back in 1815 either.

        The “cultural-marxists” arose in the “weimar” German republic, then fled to the United States when Hitler took power, not the Soviet-Union.
        It was always the Deep Sewer and its subverted institutions in both the United States and the United Kingdom that spread political correctness there and beyond during the cold war.
        It was not only leftists that embraced this social engineering, far from it. By blaming the Soviet-Union for it, conservatives only helped cover its actual (((origins))). But as Lincoln Rockwell discovered, many knew the real threat but would not face it.

        It is in the former Warsaw Pat bloc that while still becoming decadent and low energy before its globalist subversion in the late 80s, the poisoning was somewhat mitigated. China even more so, woke movies just keeps flopping.

  36. Whew. A lot of comments. First, there is a movie out called Jo-Jo Rabbit, a ‘comedy’ about Hitler and a young Hitler Youth boy. My review of it is on the VNN forum. You might want to look at it.

    As for Hunter’s question, there is no doubt Hitler had many enemies, but also friends. People in Europe were afraid of communism, but they also didn’t want a National Socialist Europe. As Sebastian Haffner pointed out in his The Meaning of Hitler, Hitler actually was close to victory in 1938 and 1940. He argues Hitler should have formed a kind of European union building up after his brilliant 1940 victory. Instead, Hitler prepared all his resources to conquer Russia.

    Many European leaders might have been willing to accommodate Hitler, and Haffner argues that a Europe such as this would have made any prolonged British resistance. pointless. Haffner talks of Hitler’s plans for world domination (which he outlined in Mein Kampf, but in the distant future), and Haffner felt the problem with this was Germany was not a serious contender for a world power, but a united Europe could have been.
    Also, Hitler seemed to feel he had to initiate all of this in his lifetime. He wasn’t able to be a statesman and take time. He gave the impression of being unstated, while Bismarck, once he achieved his conquests, played a stable peacemaker.

    There is argument over how prepared Germany was for a major war. Many of you cite Hitler’s peaceful intentions. I doubt this, but note Hitler’s ‘conquests’ up to 1938 were simply filling in what had been the old Holy Roman Empire. He was allowed this, but the war over Poland was the point where the British would fight. The french, much less enthusiastically. Carolyn Yeager, on her website, offers the argument that Poland was provoked into standing up to Germany, and there was much border contention between Germans and Poles.

    Still, I think Hitler should have tried to make Poland an ally…at least not be so brutal after 1939. A few hundred thousand Poles on his side going into Russia would have been of enormous help.
    As it was, Hitler’s major ally, Italy, was a nuisance. As someone noted, Hitler was always having to bail Mussolini out.
    As for the USSR, I think there was just too much to handle. Russia had the world’s largest air force and tank forces, and the German attack was diffuse and while initially effective, should have gone straight to Moscow, but as a post noted, Germany had to watch its oil supplies. The Axis powers never had the complete freedom of oil the allies had.

    Also, the Russians were tremendous fighters. The Blitzkrieg didn’t work as well, and a better policy of liberating the Russians from communism would have been effective. More then one historian said if the Nazis hadn’t been so brutal, most of Russia would have simply collapsed, or at least sizable parts would have been pro-Nazi.
    Even noting how many Russians were starved and died under the Nazis, Vlasov raised a considerable amount of soldiers for the Germans, but he was ineffectively used.

    Hitler declaring war on America was a blunder, but really, we were already fighting a shooting war with Germany on the ocean. Hitler had no obligation to come to Japan’s aid, although if Japan had attacked Siberia, it might have done some good, but as a previous post noted, Japan was obsessed with oil supplies it needed from the east Indies. In effect, our cutting off oil and metal was a declaration of war, and it’s a pity U.S. history never covers this…instead we have the ‘they attacked us FOR NO REASON WHATSOEVER’…the same excuse in Vietnam; Kuwait, 9-11.

    I think Hitler wanted a series of short, ‘lightning’ wars, much in the Bismarck mode, and that explains the lack of total mobilization in 1939. Russia was going to take more then a lightning bolt. Hitler argued Russia was weak, and he was right…in 1925. Under Stalin, Russia had industrialized by 1940.

    The problem was in 1941, as Paul Johnson put it, ‘Yet once united in global predation (Germany and Japan), they rapidly shrank to the status of two medium-sized powers, flailing desperately against the creeping force of economic and demographic magnitude.’

    Haffner argued that Europe had to choose between a German-dominated Europe or be partitioned between Russia and America, and they choose the latter. Hitler said to Bormann in February, 1945 that he was Europe’s last chance.
    Perhaps, as Hunter argues, if Hitler had held off Barbarossa and tried to build a coaltion of pro-Nazi governments, things might have turned different.
    Maybe like if the South had never fired on Ft. Sumter and not left the Union? After all, the South had control of much of the federal government, courts, and by leaving, threw away their hand.

    • Dargason,
      Obviously, you didn’t read what I wrote about the Poles and their reluctance to negotiate with Von Ribbontrop or Hitler after the GD limeys gave them a blank check war guarantee. A war guarantee that in the entire history of Britain was never issued to another nation, let alone one in Central Europe under a military dictatorship.(i.e., a country other than Britain could cause Great Britain to go to war on their behalf).

  37. I’ll admit I don’t have much knowledge on WWII, but I do know about jews. My take is that WWII was completely unavoidable. The jews already had a lot of control over the anglos to the west and the slavs to the east and were beginning to flood Europe with mud and degeneracy. This lines up with what we know about Weimar Germany. The jews would’ve never let the reich survive so Hitler had to go to war and strike while the iron was hot.

  38. Spanish Civil War was the rehearsal. Russian arms/tanks/aircraft often proved superior to those supplied by the Fascists. But Stalin was afraid to go all-in for fear of provoking early war with Hitler, and when the commies took over the Spanish Republicans they were more intent on thoughtcrime detection and fake propaganda victories – squandering vital men and resources – while the Francoists were united and purposeful. It was by no means a foregone conclusion, and my reading is that the Republicans lost rather than Franco won.

    On to WW2 and Hitler attacked Russia because he thought German armies were invincible. Also underestimated Russian winter, land mass and resolve. Treated conquered Soviets like beasts. Wasted vast resources on murdering Jews (which was the Nazis’ spiritual goal – they invaded North Africa in order to take Jerusalem). Attacked Russia before finishing off the British Empire; poor coordination with Japan. Too many fronts. Loads of sh*t decisions.

    US and UK knew USSR was the eventual enemy, but Germany and Japan the immediate threats. Collapse of British Empire and USSR would have seen US isolated, with victorious Germany and Japan attacking once they’d absorbed their gains. So US/UK leaders needed pretexts (Poland, Pearl Harbor) in order to get into a war which the respective populations were reluctant to enter after the disaster of WW1.

    Sure, 2019 is getting like Weimar, but life under Nazi or Japanese rule would suck. Being bossed around by shouty thugs in uniforms doesn’t sit well with Americans and Brits.

    • Life under the Nazis? Whites would be improving and advancing our race and its achievements. Life with purpose and goals beyond materialism sounds okay to me.

      • White men now stand by and applaud as our sisters and daughters breed with proto-humans and erase genetics forged over millenia, or live empty meaningless lives with no children at all. But yeah, thank god we’re “free”….to drink and drug and buy and sportsball until we die.

  39. WW2 was not only unecessary, it’s outcome is why we live in a society, as Gamer Joker puts it.
    It is why western nations where and still are threatened with destruction,
    first with the threat of WW3, then through “diversity” and “political correctness”.

  40. @dargason — It seems that all you know or think you know about WW2 you got from (((Hollywood))) comedies. I won’t bother to refute, point by point, what you’ve said, but you could start by examining most of the comments in this thread.

    Hitler NEVER wanted war, and there is overwhelming evidence that proves Hitler did not want a European war. Look into it! Adolf Hitler was right about jews. He was right that the jewish problem is at the center of all problems in the world and he was right that the jewish mind is poisonous to the soul of the White race. The jews were the cause of World War II. They instigated and incited war to crush the one European nation that chose to be the master of its own destiny free of the jews’ hostile, foreign and alien influence. One only has to honestly assess the catastrophic problems present in formerly all White countries today as we see the jews at the helm.

    The problems the Germans had before Hitler were just little things like starvation and their country being bled dry by the jews, just as America is today. Hitler provided a solution by building, building, and more building, and manufacturing manufacturing, and more manufacturing then building some more. He also created a working environment whereby the workers were not just another dispensable cog in a big machine but actually had input and pride in their work and Nation.

    After more than a decade of oppression by the jews, from the 1919 signing of the Versailles Treaty, to Hitler’s rise to power in 1933, Germans wanted their country back. They wanted their prosperity back. They wanted honest, secure, happy lives for themselves and their children. Germans wanted Germany to be a country of Germans, not of jews, meztizos, Arabs and Africans, that we suffer today here in America, but I digress. They wanted what Hitler promised to them, Prosperity! — and in a very short time frame, he was able to fulfill that promise by simply removing the jew banks, and Germany flourished in prosperity while the rest of the Western world languished in the jew contrived Great Depression. So, the jews combined the military might of the USA, Great Britain, and the jewS.A.-funded Soviet Union to genocide the German people. That was World War 2, and the winners of that war were the jews and nobody else. Look around you!

  41. Here are some interesting coments made by American journalist Donald Day, an author and a correspondent for the Chicago Tribune. He spent 22 years reporting from Northern Europe from 1920 to 1942. This is his real-time reporting of the popular impression of Poland in 1942 …. He wrote:

    If anyone is to be blamed for the tragedy of Poland, it is the Poles themselves. Not one of Poland’s immediate neighbors had a good word to say for this miserable country. The Rumanians detested the Poles, the Czechs hated them, the Germans despised them, the Lithuanians feared them, the Latvians loathed them, the Russians abominated them and the Ukrainians and Ruthenians abhorred them. During their short existence as a modem nation the Poles were unable to make friends, but they did make plenty of enemies.

    Poland was too ambitious. She was not satisfied with her frontiers which were fixed by the peace conference in Paris. She wanted additional territory. She took it through organizing putsches. She gathered behind her frontiers millions of Germans, Ukrainians, Ruthenians, Russians and Lithuanians. She tried to assimilate them forcibly and failed. She also failed to provide a higher living standard for her inhabitants. She failed to provide an efficient government apparatus to manage the affairs of the country. The intrigues and treachery which fill so many chapters of Polish history also dominate the latest chapter. In the end she double-crossed herself and once again vanished from the map.

    Warsaw seethed with political intrigues. Poland wanted Danzig. […]

    Conditions were made so unbearable for the Germans inhabiting the Polish corridor that a great migration developed. Almost 2,000,000 Germans left Poland and either settled in Germany or migrated overseas. This policy of terror, so typically Slav, continued until the German armies marched into Poland.

    It was also used against the Ukrainians, White Russians and Lithuanians. I knew the leaders of the persecuted groups and interviewed them many times over many years. I traveled extensively in Poland and had the opportunity to make first hand investigations. So when I say terror was used by the Poles I mean just that.

    • What about the 1939 quote by the Polish field marshal that the Poles would be in Berlin in six months. The one in the British press.

      Anyone have an attribution to that?

  42. Hitler bent over backwards to avert war with Poland over Danzig. The last two weeks before the eruption Hitler initiated a flurry of diplomatic overtures, all reasonable requests. The Polish ethnic Germans were suffering and Hitler had to act. As far of Operation Barbarossa goes, I believe it was a preemptive strike, I think the ‘Icebreaker’ hypothesis is correct.
    What was a mistake, though, was not coordinating more closely with Mussolini over the Balkans and the attack on Greece. This delayed the advance on Moscow, causing it to stall out in the winter.
    Japan should have attacked the Soviet far east too.
    Hitler often gets criticized for Dunkirk,, but David Irving and others have convincingly explianed that Hitlers tanks could not have advanced into the sandy beaches, plus at the time it seemed appropriate to not go in for a total kill, as it was reasoned that Britain would never submit to a peace after suffering such a humiliating defeat, Hitler was being a gentleman.
    Hitler has also been criticized for his ‘no retreat’ policy but he saved the army in 1942 when they were ordered to stand firm – if not, the army would have frozen to death.
    The lebensraum policy is a partly made up thing by hostile Allied propaganda. There was no need for an eastern empire once German unemployment was tackled.

  43. Mr. Wallace, you really need to research further to get a better understanding of the years leading to WW II. As is clear from Suvorov’s books, Stalin was putting into place a massive invasion of Europe – from the east to the Atlantic – and we have Hitler to thank that Stalin only got as far as he did. As far as the Polish invasion, the Polish mistreatment of their German minority is totally forgotten now. Hitler offered very generous terms to Poland to resolve the Danzig issue and the isolation of East Prussia which Poland not only rejected but refused to make a counter proposal – meaning the only solution was war.

    Anyway, I could go on, but there’s a very good source for primary documentation. I would suggest heading over to http://www.unz.com and looking at the various entries in American Pravda for 2018 and 2019. Given that Ron Unz is a “conservative” millionaire Jew, he gives the impression of being intellectually honest and following where the historical trail leads him. Whether true or not, he has made some books available in html and pdf that are very difficult to find these days. https://www.unz.com/page/american-pravda-series/
    WWII related books are found within the following decade lists:

    Also, take a look at the various articles there by John Wear:
    especially “Why Germany Invaded Poland”

  44. After the Molotov / Von Ribbentrop pact, why the heck didn’t Hitler let Stalin invade Poland first? Call Britain & France’s bluff and see if they’d declare war on the Soviet Union.

  45. World War II as understood as merely a continuation of the First World War always seemed too simplistic to me. Indeed, with the launching of Barbarossa, Hitler “closed the book” on the Great War. After 1940 we should understand WWII as a titanic clash between Jewish Bolshevism and the forces of the Left against the forces of the Right, properly understood. The development and growth of the Waffen SS as a multinational Aryan elite force is a manifestation of this. In that vein, I would like to have seen Hitler create a new Carolingian Empire in the West, with the forced union of France and Germany and three regional capitols: Paris, Berlin, and Aachen. It is what Europe needed in 1940 and what it needs today.

    The result Hitler’s failure in Russia was, of course, was a crushing defeat not just for Germany but for our peoples worldwide as well. WWII was, in turn, the third consecutive defeat our peoples have had the ignominy of suffering at the hands of our enemies. The first being the English Civil War, when the Puritans defeated the Cavaliers and the second being the our defeat to the Yankee Puritans in the U.S. Civil War.

    Agonizingly so, the margins in each of these wars were razor thin: any of them could have broken our way with just a little better luck in one or two battles. The Germans were close in Russia in 1941 (capture Moscow!) , and had Lee won at Gettysburg…

    Of course the consequences of these successive defeats have been anything short of disastrous for our people.

    I sense that next time things are going to be different, though. Due to our successive defeats we have been more introspective and have learned from our mistakes, whereas the enemy is overconfident and conceited. We won’t start the next conflict, our adversaries will: their bottomless hatred for us will ensure that they won’t be able to help themselves.

    Against a coalition of mutants, degenerates, trannies, homos, lesbians, and soyboys we will surely prevail. Not only that, but our victory will be epic and will alter the course of our peoples destiny forever.

    Merry Christmas and Yuletide Greetings

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