Matthew Goodwin: Why Labour Lost The Election

This is a great analysis.

What happened to the Center Left?

It became the Far Right. Fastforward to 34:35.

Matthew Goodwin is the author of National Populism: The Revolt Against Liberal Democracy. I’m highly skeptical of the ability of the Tories and the Republicans to change their policy agenda to fit the needs of their new working class electorate.

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  1. Goodwin made the point that most voters want both economic and cultural protection. As HW as written about here, that is the economic leftism and social conservatism most voters subscribe to, but no political party here caters to. Most people seek to belong to a community and have some meaning to their lives, as well, but the globalist forces do everything they can to promote self-indulgent nihilism. As the globalists have been pumping so much money into politics and most social institutions, they’ve mainly had their way. But recently, there has been pushback against being forced to assimilate into the PC Anti-White Borg, here and there. May the trend continue.

  2. Hunter, Boris Johnson in 2018 declared that he supported amnesty for illegal immigrants who had been in Britain for longer than ten years. He reiterated that in July of this past year. Google it. Far from being a conservative who will support free markets AND mass immigration, he’s also a supporter of increasing NHS funding. It reminds me of someone, writing decades ago, who compared the Tories to liberal Republicans (you’ve heard of Rockefeller Republicans, who of course supported increasing spending on government and whatever the hell else). I’m not even sure you could call him a cuck; just the modern-day British equivalent – MAYBE – of Edward Heath, and for that matter of George W. Bush, who of course was a “compassionate conservative” who expanded the government.

  3. The way that populism can revolutionize a jaundiced political paradigm, is by propelling an agent of change (who is willing to utilize their mandate against the status quo) through the party system and down the throat of the establishment.

    We thought we had that in 2016. Trump has been a near total failure in this light.

    I don’t see how anything but an out and out coup could truly secure the reins of this thing when every member of the establishment is willing to sabotage their posts rather than let an outside force of any kind challenge their monopoly on power.

    Currently, Whites lack the motivation to engage in the ruthless tactics necessary to change this dynamic any other way.

    Labour, Tory or Republican/Democrat is irrelevant. There is no difference. These are false dichotomies.

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