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  1. Merry Yule, my dear fellow! I hope you have a lovely day, and week, and the rest of your life with your beautiful family. I’ll be spending the day with mine.

    Bless you and yours! Sliante!

  2. A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to Mr. Hunter Wallace and Fr. John and to all the readers and commentators. For Christmas, a beautiful hymn from Germany :

    es ist ein Ros entsprungen

  3. Merry Christmas and Joyous Yule to all our brothers and sisters – special shout out to the beautiful young mothers I met at James Edwards The Political Cesspool radio show anniversary party.

    But, not everyone in our disunited states of America is honoring a healthy positive Christmas/Yule. Takimag’s Jim Goad has “noticed” and called out two very aggressive, insulting “other” groups who have and are now ramping up extreme disrespect for Christmas, the hate Christmas and are waging a

    War on Christmas

    Why do they do this?

    They hate us


    Jim Goad suggests after finishing your Christmas feast today to go get a video camera and go to the local Chinese restaurant and just document who is disrespecting us and hating on us this Christmas Day.

    One of the leading “Other” people that isn’t doing his usual disrespect us on Christmas day is the hateful, fat pervert Hollywood Mafia leader Harvey Weinstein.

    Harvey usually opens a mass release of some genocidal, hateful snuff film porn movie like “D’jango Unchained” on Christmas Day. Harvey likes to deliver a giant “F U” to White Southern, or just pretty much any and all White European Gentiles/Christians on Christmas Day.

    Why did Harvey Weinstein do that for so many years on Christmas Day?

    A: He hates us, wants to insult us, replace us and also shtup our most attractive young women/Shiksas.

    Harvey’s disgusting perverted ways got even a bit too much for this Hollywood/New York tribal mafia – sort of, aired their dirty laundry, threatened Hollywood tribe’s monopoly on American mass media. So Harvey Weinstein got taken down this year, others have stepped up and of course we had no, absolutely no/Zero pro American, let alone religious European Christian movies at the Christmas Season.

    Why does Hollywood do this to us?

    They hate us.

    We don’t hate these people…..

    We don’t particularly like them.


    Merry Christmas everyone.

    P.S. If you don’t mind, I’m going to post my blog featuring Christmas music just to share some good Christmas cheer with our readers. I love our readers.

    • @ jaye ryan

      They hate us

      Of course, they hate us, it’s torah mitzvah that they hate us.
      They are required to hate us, by divine commandment.

    • Thanks for that bit of information. I always wondered why Jews had such an affinity for Chinese restaurants.

    • “”…They hate us.
      We don’t hate these people…..”””

      Well. This is the exact reason why Western Nationalism is losing. There are also Christmas in Eastern Europe, but our Christmases are not merry but white.

      It is not because of Jews or snowstorms. We just managed to take our genetic white liberals under control , that is why .

      I wish everybody a WHITE Christmas.but you get them only when you adopt our methods.

  4. “https://www.takimag.com/article/egg-rolls-for-christmas/”

    So, get DT to mandate all Chinese restaurants MUST be closed for Nativity Feast (Christmas to the illiterate out there) and see if he can get impeached…. again….

    DEATH to the Jew World Order.

    Merry Christmas (in January, according to the Julian Calendar)

  5. Have a happy gender-neutral, non-binary, multicultural winter season holiday, one that is free of transphobia, homophobia, xenophobia and the racist, sexist, bigoted values of the heteronormative cisgendered patriarchy.

  6. Merry Christmas to Brad and his family and to the entire OD family of posters.

    May 2020 serve us all extremely well.

  7. Merry Christmas / Frohe Weihnachten to Mr Wallace and all the people here! This is a great site with great content.
    One of the very few media outlets that still promotes the real conservative values and virtues. It also managed to figure out ((the real enemy)) …
    All in all a very pleasant contrast to the decadent mainstream of these days…

    • I hope to visit our Fuhrer’s Wolfschanze in East Prussia this summer, as well as Braunau am Inn and Berchtesgaden. I also wanted to attend Wagner’s Bayreuth Festival but the ticket prices are a bit exorbitant.

      • That’s a good choice of sights sir. But the Wagner Festival can be ignored. It has become kind of a freakshow long ago, mainly attended by the bigwigs of the leftist establishment. It’s not worth your hard earned Yankee-shekels. You better should visit the Wewelsburg Castle in Westphalia instead. It was a former headquarters of the SS, and still a very interesting place to watch.

  8. Wishing and praying for a Merry White Christmas to all …

    To All, who participate in our small ‘Agora’, our little public town square, of ideas and thoughts.

    Most importantly to all my brothers of common faith and heritage I pray you have a heartfelt White Christmas/Yule!

    A mention to the good people at Red Ice. Pioneers, jest like their forefathers – stay True !!!!

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