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  1. Exactly.

    The liberalism of 1945 to 1979 was replaced by neo-liberalism. It was actually White, Southern Baptist Evangelical Jimmy Carter that cut the feet out from under the unions, only to be followed up by Ronald Reagan, who completely destroyed the industrial base of America, financialized the economy, and also just happened to make us “best friends” with a certain small country in the Middle East.

    And who created Ronald Reagan? Yes, Hollywood, California, the mass media capital of the world.

    By the time of the modern liberalism of ’45, it was already fraying and it was the labor unions – and communism – that were its major rivals.

    “Social liberalism” – code for anti-family-values – were increasingly used as a wedge against White Worker Solidarity.

    E. Michael Jones, despite being a silly crank, has a lot of this completely correct.

    America could recover from Lincoln – DID recover from Lincoln, but we never recovered from FDR. The “fireside chats” were the first use of mass electronic media that reached its final boss form with the television.

    In the mid-2000s, post-9/11, we had a revolt with the internet and Pat Buchanan and Ron Paul, who had no serious intellectual ideas other than a hazy kind of reaction to neo-liberlism.

    Then, we dominated social media and got Trump elected. A mistake – of course – because Trump is an obvious fraud. But it was an expression of social power.

    Which is why the internet is being cracked down on, and why all of these social media companies are now refusing to run “political ads.”

    Demography is the only issue; race is the only issue.

  2. There was a five year period between the fall of Saigon and the Iranian Revolution/Soviet invasion of Afghanistan when the US was temporarily forced to do something extraordinary…..mind its own damn business. That won’t happen again until the inevitable collapse of this rotten empire.

    • I would have loved to have lived in that era. It looked like the good guys (the USSR) were going to win the cold war and it had so many cool leaders – Pol Pot, Francisco Macias Nguema, Ali Soilih, Jim Jones and of course the Great Brother Leader Muammar himself.

  3. To know (now) that Khomeini was resident in France, and THE WEST let him go back to Iran, is the fallacy that the West has either the right – or the KNOWLEDGE- to meddle in the events of the World!?!?!? Oh, my God.
    It’s like letting Lenin back into Russia, during the Bolshevik Revolution.
    And J2P2 babbling on about ‘Spiritual Semites’ – Blecch. As a young twenty-something, I knew so little of the LIES of the Powers that Be- but now, seeing this, I am filled with RAGE… we could have done something, ANYTHING, to stop these traitors, and did NOTHING.

    The Shah was the West’s lapdog. But Khomeini was the Devil. And John-Paul the First was clearly murdered for his knowledge and willingness to actually bring the Vatican’s Finances OUT of the hands of the Mafia, and J2P2 was corrupt and a heretic, as the Synod of Assisi showed in the 1980’s.

  4. 1979 was the year when the cucked neocon right clearly defeated what was left of the old right, in both the UK and US. In the UK, the surging National Front failed to break through after Thatcher pretended to oppose immigration. In the US, the fully open borders supporting Reagan was a major step back from men like Ford and Nixon who did not have any burning passion for massive immigration like Reagan did. At the same time, neocons were changing their voter registration and flooding conservative institutions for the first time.

  5. I was arguing with (heavily J) Liberals about politics virtually every single day of my life from the age of 7 on.

    The Iranian takeover the US embassy by crazed, dark, hairy 8th century Islamists and then having this whole humiliating event played every night on American ABC Nightline “America held hostage” hosted by the Howdy Doody J Ted Koppel – that was a real big event for me, similar to 9/11/01.

    I remember like it was yesterday arguing with this Liberal artsy guy schoolmate who turned out later to be bi-sexual. He was of course all for the Iranian Revolutionaries – thought it was just like the French Revolution for “Freedom and Liberty’, plus Liberal Leftists just like anything that is anti American. I tried to tell this idiot that these were 8th century Islamist nut cases that do things like throw gay people off of roofs!

    I saw this guy who later turned in to a decent friend and was very complimentary of me, he got married and had children (like Oscar Wilde) – I saw him at a class reunion, he started something that he had heard I had extreme politics and I just cut it off and said “I never discuss politics or religion in a bar”, I’m the same guy you know in the 5th grade and in high school. If you liked me then, you’d like me now, if not then, same now. Then I politely told him I remember trying to talk some reason with him back in the day about these 1979 Iranian Islamic extremists.

    This usually works well for me with Liberal Left guys start trying to get in my face and say “You’re racist”. I come back with, “Well I’m sort of against people that don’t use soap or toilet paper and who throw gay people off of roofs. I could see maybe tearing up gay people’s flags for which I’d get 16 years in prison for a hate crime, but the Islamists throwing gay people off of roofs apparently get a free pass. Go figure.”

    • Jaye Ryan,

      I felt like you from 1979-1981. I even had a t-shirt with Mickey Mouse giving the finger to Iran.

      The truth is that the American embassy was nothing more than a hive of CIA agents/Zog-USA that enabled to tyranny of the Shah. In exchange for American support, the shah’s government allowed the United States to use Iran as a listening post on the USSR. American foreign aid also kept Iran neutral in relation to Israel, and kept the oil flowing into America and Europe without fear of another OPEC embargo.

      If you’ve read “Confessions of an Economic Hitman,” you’d know that the USA and England undermined Iranian Nationalist leader and president Mohammed Mossideigh, and fomented a coup d’tat in 1954, after which Zog installed their pawn. Doesn’t that sound awfully similar to what zio-bitch Blompf , Abrams, Rubio, Bolton, and Pompeo attempted to do to Venezuela this year?

      Bottom line is that I no longer hold any grudges against the Iranians for storming the American embassy in 1979.

      Yeah, Khomeini was a tyrant too, but to the long suffering population of Iran, he was the lesser of the two evils, and kicked the “Big Satan” out of their country.

    • Public stoning for sodomy, throwing people off of roofs. It’s all the same, actually, and it is NECESSARY.

      Both the Bible, the Koran, and just plain common sense, should make it clear- sodomites, and lesbians are ABOMINATIONS before God. Once a man ‘comes out of the closet,’ his SOUL is demon-possessed, and his sexual proclivities are the mark of a damned man (same with women and lesbianism). ANY Compromise on this issue, means that “…your son, your daughter, in the arms of a jungle, animal instinct…. well, ya got Trouble, my friends.”

      When even 30-plus year old ‘pray the gay away’ Evangelical organizations crumple in the wake of unending sodomite propaganda, you HAVE TO ADMIT, Sodomy is the bitter ‘fruit’ of a society cursed by YHWH God. Better they should die, than corrupt any more young souls. And the threat of death for such acts, will clearly act as a valid deterrent toward ANYONE thinking they ‘might like to give it a try.’

  6. I didn’t like the takeover of the American embassy — until I heard someone on the T.V. news, some big-shot Washington VIP was being interviewed, the VIP said that the Iranians called the American embassy a “spy nest”, the Iranians thought the American embassy was nothing but a “spy nest”, and very soon after saying that the T.V. talking head and Washington VIP started talking about how ANTI-Semitic the Iranians are and how the Iranians don’t like Israel and the Iranians don’t like Jews so I figured the American embassy was nothing but a sheenie sh*thole of putrid detestable habiru hebe spies, so then I was happy the Iranians took over the American embassy.

    Islamists putting an end to filthy dirty putrid detestable jews spies in the jew sh*thole called the ((( American embassy))) in Tehran. Go figure.

    The Iranians have the moxie to stand up to the jews and not allow themselves to be pushed around by the grasping overbearing blood-thirsty war-fomenting jews — the jews are always fomenting war. The Iranians are proud of their heritage and culture and won’t allow the feral jew animals to sh*t all over their country and ruin their country. The Iranians won’t sit back and let the jew animals takeover Iran. Good for the Iranians. They have courage, they have backbone. Americans allowed the jew animals to destroy the United States.

    Iran existed before anyone ever heard of the United States, and Iran will still be around long after the EXTREMELY jewed-up-the-kazoo United States is flushed down the toilet bowl of history.

  7. Liberal Left guys and Conservative Right guys BOTH are all about not being racist and violent against NON-Whites, but the babylonian wandering desert habiru jews committing outright Genocide of the NON-White Palestinians apparently get a free pass. Go figure.

    Conservative Right guys are appalled and horrified and deeply opposed to Islamic terrorism, that’s why they ALWAYS overlook THE FACT that it is JEW Jerusalem and JEW Washington who own-and-control the Islamic terrorist groups like ISIS for example. Conservative Right guys are deeply opposed to Islamic terrorists, but USrael JEW mass-murdering war criminal mobsters who start-up and own-and-control Islamic terrorist Al-Qaeda and ISIS and Al Nusra and The Muslim Brotherhood apparently get a free pass. Go figure.

    Ryan sounds like he might be on (((gay “conservative” Milo’s))) payroll. Or, maybe Ryan is on USrael
    ((( Dick Cheney’s ))) payroll, apparently Ryan enjoys being either (((Cheney’s))) little bottom boy bitch and/or (((Milo’s))) “butch top” . Go figure. [ go figure that out, lol ]

    [ Somehow I knew I wasn’t going to last too long in Mayberry. Let me say “Happy New Year” now, before I get kicked-out of Mayberry and no one hears from me ever again. Happy New Year everybody! And in the end whoever has the correct Filioque Wins !!! good bye. ]

  8. *gasp* the Iranians didn’t want a bunch of jew spies in the ((( American embassy))) in Tehran looking to undermine Iran so Iran would fall into the hands of the jews so the jews could own Iran and make the Iranians slaves and destroy Iran like the jews/ZOG/USrael destroyed Iraq, Libya, is desperately trying to destroy Syria, and wants to destroy Lebanon also, the jews are just drooling to destroy Lebanon ,along with Iran and every other NON-jew country in the Middle East and North Africa. The Iranians are…. Clutch Your Pearls Gurlzzz…. the Iranians *gasp* don’t care for Jew ZOG Usrael *gasp*!!!!!

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