Jews Attacked By Machete Wielding Black Man On Hanukkah In New York

As I am sure everyone on the planet has heard by now, some more Jews were taken out in New York on Hanukkah by this black guy.

New York Post:

“Authorities are investigating whether Grafton Thomas, the man charged in a machete attack on Hanukkah celebrants in Monsey, is tied to a recent stabbing near a village synagogue, a law-enforcement official told The Post on Sunday.

Details of the incident under investigation were unclear, but a 30-year man was beaten and repeatedly knifed while walking to the Mosdos Meharam Brisk Tashnad religious center in Monsey around 5:30 a.m. on Nov. 20, the Journal News reported at the time.

The victim, a father of four, was so badly brutalized that cops were initially told he’d apparently been hit by a car, officials said. …”

I don’t think see how this one can be explained as “white supremacy.” It seems like it was just a few weeks ago that a Black Israelite attacked those Jews at the kosher market in Jersey City.

Note: BTW, there was also another church shooting in Texas this morning and the difference in the reaction to the two incidents was pretty much what you would expect.

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    • The only interesting part of this Black pseudo-cannibalism is that the Negro attacker must have been known by the Jews he attacked. Otherwise he couldn’t have been tracked down as easily as he was.

  1. Their Golem, is turning on them………

    So lets sit back and watch the sht show !!

    Hey, chicken swingers, your ‘chickens’ are coming home to roost………

    “I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass…and I’m all out of bubblegum.”

  2. It’s annudah shoah.

    American jews’ violent and low impulse control pets have turned on their operant conditioning controllers.

  3. Notice how they all have a meltdown when they experience diversity and equality first hand?..Im starting to think maybe jews dont like diversity and equality, which is too bad, cuz sonething tells me they are about to experience much more diversity and equality.

  4. Another fakety fake shooting. They are fake because the victims are never the big movers and shakers, that if they died would diminish jewish power. It is always ones they can afford to lose, and yet use to justify more oppressive laws to shore up jewish supremacy.

  5. O noes, another black white supremacist! Time for the jews to once again flee persecution. Needless to say I laff six million times wherever one of the jews’ pet schwartzes turn on their masters. If only Whitey would do likewise.

  6. Parishioners packin’ heat in that Texas church shooting

    Even the anti-gun media had to grudgingly report the virtue of this

    « A gunman has opened fire in a church in Texas, fatally shooting two people before being killed by an armed member of the congregation.

    The gunman stood up from a pew at West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement, a suburb of Fort Worth, pulled out a shotgun and began firing.

    The gunman fired again, at the man he had spoken to, before a member of the congregation acting as a security guard returned fire with a handgun, immediately felling the attacker.

    Several other parishioners also produced handguns and trained them on the attacker. It was not clear from the video footage whether any of the other armed parishioners fired shots.

    In September, a new law came into effect in Texas that allowed licensed handgun owners to carry weapons in places of worship.

    Police chief JP Bevering praised “the heroic actions” of those who confronted the attacker. »

    • ” . . . West Freeway Church of Christ in White Settlement. . . “

      I like it. We need a lot more of those places.

      I’m not from Texas, been there once but I am going to do some turribl, turribl stereotyping (is that a real word in English?) about real Texans anyway. The people who were in church on Sunday, a Texas thing. Packing heat, knowing how to use it, a Texas thing. Having the courage to confront then shoot this deranged guy, a Texas thing. Being modest about it afterwards, ditto. Also, on a different day, if you were stuck by the side of the road, broken down they would stop to help, no money allowed for helping, another Texas thing.

      Who would you rather have as neighbors?

  7. Why did the Jews open their door to a black male who had his face covered?

    What is interesting to note is the Jews in the synagogue next door barricaded themselves inside when they heard screaming instead of trying to come and help their fellow Jews and their rabbi.

  8. Jews are not Semites, therefore, ‘anti-semitism’ is a CHARADE. A LIE. A MEANS TO CONTROL THE WHITE MAN, and his NARRATIVE.

    This is an interior problem. Let the local authorities deal with it. IT DOESN”T MATTER TO AMERICA.
    JEWS ARE UTTERLY OTHER, and don’t have a special place in our Country.

  9. As I said in a prior comment, the problems of the Jews are NOT OUR PROBLEMS. The ‘solutions’ (apart from a FINAL SOLUTION) are not working….

    To that end, I encourage partition/secession. Here’s a great quote I found over at Western Rifle Shooters, and their link to this column:

    “For those of us bent on upending present political arrangements, it’s more logical to lay claim to part of the country as the US splats against the wall than to try and reconstitute a government to govern the sprawling American land mass, and a disparate and ideologically incompatible population of 330 million. Part of something is better than all of nothing. Texit or Appalachexit would be far easier than restoring a Constitutional republic to the whole of the United States. And there’s a tactical advantage to advocating for peaceful secession rather than violent revolt: the former won’t get you thrown in jail—yet, unless you’re in Catalonia or China—the latter might.”

  10. Some negroes have a degree of agency if not necessarily political awareness. They have been the tip of the spear, acting for the jewish agenda, for decades. Perhaps some of them are aware of this and resent it. Perhaps there’s something else going on. Considering the present state of FUSA, could be anything. At any rate, if the twatter traffic is any indicator, it’s all your fault; you filthy huwite supremacists…smdh

    • What’s happening, my dear, if that Jews have cleared Whites out of huge swatches of territory. They are left with what they expected to be their Dark Slaves. Remember – Jews believe they are ENTITLED by G slash D to own literally everything on Earth. They expect that their Darky Pets are going to be willing slaves. After all – ALL the Goyim are exactly the same, right?


      Have you heard about that recent opinion piece, in the Jew York Times, by (((Bret Stephens))) re how schmart and special and Jewish Jews are?

      They aren’t as schmart as they think they are.

      • I have a female relative who can literally look you square in the eye and lie like a dog, and never bat an eye while doing so. She’s been very good at this for as long as I’ve known her, and I’ve known her her entire life. People who don’t know her very well are often “easy prey” for her deceitful and manipulative tactics. She isn’t smart (or schmart) by any stretch of the imagination, and most everyone who has anything at all to do with her knows at least that much about her. But being smart (or schmart) isn’t the same thing as being good at deceiving and manipulating people of good will who, for whatever reason, haven’t yet fully caught onto your schemes. Meanwhile she is too stupid and incorrigible to ever understand or come to the realization that there is such a thing as “overdoing it”; that over-selling her schemes will take its toll over the long haul, her victims will ultimately catch on, and at that point she’s pretty much screwed.

        This is essentially the way I view Jews. In a very real sense they have to be the stupidest, most incorrigible people on God’s earth. It probably won’t happen within my lifetime, but signs are increasingly cropping up in various ways that people are slowly but surely catching on to what the Jew is all about. And when enough people figure a lot of this out (again), look out! But how does the Jew react to all these signs he’s over-selling his case? Why of course he doubles down and sells it even harder. Again, not smart (or schmart) – STU-PID! Or, I should say, SCHTU-PID!

  11. So this black guy and his machete were driving around a Jewish neighborhood looking for a party to crash? He managed to find one thrown by Rabbi, and really rich one by looks of the house. No one is killed. What are the odds of all of that?

    All the while, Trump is bombing Iranian and Hezbollah troops in Syria and Iran. No one is talking about what could be the beginning of yet another war. Maybe it’s cynicism, but I wonder was the Church shooring was suppose to be a massacre done by either Hezbollah or Iranian?

  12. Finkelstein on why the so-called Alt-Right loves Israel. I don’t love Israel and I don’t hate it. I’d prefer it survived since its demise could only empower global Islam and I don’t see that outcome as positive. Finkelstein speculates that the Alt-Right views Israelis as White Ubermenschen and not as Jewish; he concurs that Israelis aren’t Jewish in any historically recognizable way or sense: illiberal nationalists.

    • Israel can be used in different ways depending on what your goal is.

      If you want to draw attention to Jewish power, the easiest route is to focus on Israel/Zionism/AIPAC. (Which is why they’re trying so hard to depict this as “the new anti-semitism.” That will scare some people into submission, but many will see right through it in a way they don’t with “traditional” charges of anti-semitism.)

      If you’re looking for both a political model and a source of moral encouragement for a how a modern, western country turned nationalist might deal with a problem demographic, then Israel can provide a useful model. (I point this out because it can people to visualize how things might be dealt with, which encourages them to support racial nationalism rather than to view it as “impossible.”)

      As for Israel’s demise empowering global Islam, that’s a concern, but I don’t it would make things all that much worse for white countries. Frankly, although I’m not exactly eager to see it, if Israel were overrun, I’m sure I’d be smiling rather than crying.

  13. Anti-Semitic? Were any Semites even near the vicinity? I wonder if he is a black nationalist, the next big mythical “anti-Semitic” group that needs to be expunged from society?

    Maybe he attacked them because he viewed them as white?

    • I daresay most Negroes can tell the difference between a white human and a jew, madame. Especially since most slumlords are sheenies.

    • Maybe these hanukkah celebrating Sanhedrin disrespected the machete wielding missing link by not making him the next tupac?

      All that bling and swag ain’t gonna buy itself.

  14. As to that Texas Church shooting…have they released the ID of the perp yet? No? My bet is on dindu with a shotgun, in the pew. Let’s play “Clue”…

  15. I must think Father John for the quote. I really do believe the United States is too big and too diverse to govern itself effectively. Likewise I do not believe we will ever get the United States back from sea to shining sea.Since I believe in self-determination for all I would not mind if the majority black or Latino sections of the United States become independent nations. All I want if for a few the remaining majority white and politically sane red states of America to form their own nation. My vision is not that of conquest or some type of Fascist dictatorship but a nation that is a combination between the Orania concept and Switzerland.

    • Giving the coloreds their own state will not work, HS. They will just leave it and move back in with us. They have to be shipped back to the jungle, preferably in rusty old boats that can be easily sunk.

  16. Did you hear about the new TV show? It’s called AGAIN! (as in Never Again) Every Sunday, super anti-Semite alert Snoop Bari Weiss narrates a lurid episode about a kindly, humble Jew who is inexplicably singled out for harm by malignant zombie goyim.

  17. Jokingly, I told a few trusted friends that I wouldn’t be surprised I’d coumo and/or deblasio declared a “state of emergency ” over jews being attacked by negroes in nyc. No sooner than the very next day, two congressional ny jews want the New York State police and national guard called upon to protect and defend jewish neighborhoods. Wow! The arrogance on the 2%.

  18. Wishes for a good and productive New Year 2020 to all European/Western men of Good Faith …

    Let’s hope that it won’t be another clown world like 2019:

    Clown World – (Mad World by G. Jules – parody)

  19. Clown World – lyrics:

    ” Olivia Key
    328 subscribers
    2019: Year of the Clown. Lyrics below.
    All around me is a Liberal sanction
    Third world nation
    In the making
    Calling for all kinds of reparations
    Subject to our exploitation

    And the best of us are all deplatformed
    Goodbye freedom of expression
    Hide my head I need to feed my family
    In this dire age of iron

    And I find it kinda funny
    I find it kind of sad
    Cause two plus two is four, but everyone thinks I’ve gone mad
    I find it hard to function, it’s the world that’s gone insane
    But I will stay awake and
    fight the nightmare that is
    Clown world
    Clown world

    I won’t say I’m sorry for my people
    My ancestors, my descendants
    Come on teacher tell me all my evils
    Teach me nothing with your lessons

    Hold the line,
    Do not give one inch,
    Break the fever
    Fight the sickness

    Nothing’s normal
    Time to fix it
    For our future
    For our children

    Now or never
    We’ll get through this
    Stay together
    Don’t give one inch

    Fight the nightmare that is
    Fight the nightmare that is
    Clown World
    Fight the nightmare that is
    Clown World
    Fight the nightmare that is
    Clown World
    Fight the nightmare that is
    Clown World
    Fight the nightmare that is
    Clown World
    Fight the nightmare that is
    Clown World
    Fight the nightmare that is

    Nothing’s normal
    We’ll get through this
    Love your people
    Help them see it “

    liberalism and ALL who support this cancer – may DEATH find them ALL!

    Nationalism = White Men’s Power !!

  20. Trump is essentially funded by 3 jews..

    Singer , Bernard Marcus and Sheldon Adelson together accounting for 250million in pro trump political shekels.
    In return they demand war with Iran..
    The same pattern emerges again and again..

  21. What isn’t being mentioned where Grafton Thomas is concerned is that he dabbled in “Black Hebrew Israelite” beliefs. This on the heels of the Black male and Black female who shot up the Jewish deli were also “Black Hebrew Israelites.”

    The reason why the Black Hebrew Israelites are finding fertile ground with Blacks in NY and NJ is that these Orthodox Jewish families are in the process of trying to force Black families out of their neighborhoods like they did with great success to the White residents of Lakewood, New Jersey. There were increasingly coercive attempts to get homeowners to sell their homes to a Jewish realtor.

    They got a Black Jersey City councilwoman, Joan Terrell-Paige, fired for complaining about this on Facebook as a private citizen,

    And then there is their antics at Yom Kippur in Lakewood once they got enough of their people in to drive out the rest of the goyim:

    When Whites complained about the dead chickens, the Jews whipped out their Anti-Semitism Card.

    Black Hebrew Israelites believe they are the REAL Jews who were deliberately stolen and taken into slavery from the land of Judah in Africa which they now call The Slave Coast (where they fled to from Israel to escape invading armies and hide from them by blending in with other Black people).

    Coincidentaly, the people there were taken to the colonies in America as slaves by ships owned by Jews and forty percent of Jews owned Black slaves in America as opposed to less than two percent of White gentiles. The slave auctions there were closed on Saturdays and Jewish holidays.

    So, with aggressive Orthodox expansion into Black territories and soaking up benefits which Black believe belong solely to them, I expect this Black Hebrew Israelite movement is going to gather gale force winds.

    I think you can blame Donald Trump for this escalation with how blatantly his administration has been about giving AIPAC and the ADL everything they want. To the point where Mark Levin called Trump the “first Jewish president.” Giving Netanyahu the green light to annex more Palestinian territory (even though he always ignored the American stance that these settlements were illegal, knowing nothing would be done) and then there was contorting the Civil Rights Act to give Jews protected status as their own nation. That’s what emboldened the Orthodox takeover of Black enclaves in New York and New Jersey.

    Of course, only the sharper knives in the Semitic Drawer could have foreseen the backlash going on against Jews all over the world, particularly by people of color. I think they suspect Trump is a closet anti-semite who has figured out the best way to deal with Organized Jewry is to kowtow to them so indiscreetly that no one can pretend their privilege doesn’t exist and not resent it. There are times I wonder about this myself!

    • As I wrote further above…

      The ally-ship of jews and blacks, their proverbial ‘gofers’, their ready made Golem, is like nature takes its course, turning against its master !!

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