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  1. What is this commie shit doing on this site? Are you a degenerate leftoid? Do you understand how hard these Jewish billionaires worked unlike the lazy, stupid goyim proles who didn’t want to work and study and follow real American values? I bet you want a Bolshevik government to steal their money and give it to the “have nots” – degenerate single mothers and white trash and lazy idiots? Do you understand that capitalism is the only system that truly brings freedom and prosperity and that all poor people are anti-white bolsheviks? What kind of a sicko commie prole are you?

  2. The tax treatment on these yachts is really an eye opener.
    They are registered as charter craft and then never charactered.
    Showing only loses and not taxed as a luxury item.

  3. William F. Duker keeps on popping up as a fraud and an Afrikaner-Jew.

    Everyone with a mega-yacht is a fraud, without exception. The Monaco clique is the un-adulterated scum of humanity. Not a single person with a berth at Port Hercules has earned their wealth.

    Greta Thunberg will stare down on their souls with autistic fury for all eternity.

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