U.S. Air Strike Kills Qassem Soleimani In Iraq

UPDATE: It is exactly as it looked earlier. Trump has killed the head the IRGC for Israel and has basically dared Iran not to retaliate. This comes after he deployed thousands of American troops to the region.

New York Times:

“WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — The commander of Iran’s powerful Revolutionary Guards Corps was killed early Friday in a drone strike at Baghdad International Airport that was authorized by President Trump, American officials said.

The commander, Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani, and several officials from Iraqi militias backed by Tehran were killed when an American MQ-9 Reaper drone fired missiles into a convoy that was leaving the airport.

The killing of General Suleimani was a staggering blow for Iran’s military and national pride, and was a serious escalation of Mr. Trump’s growing confrontation with Tehran, one that began with the death of an American contractor in Iraq in late December. …”

If Trump is reelected, he will plunge us into a war with Iran for Israel. Assuming he doesn’t succeed in doing so with this provocation.

I thought that I was finished for the day.

If this is what it appears to be, Donald Trump just took a major step toward starting a war with Iran for Sheldon Adelson and the Jewish billionaires who have bought his foreign policy.

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    • I don’t want to disrespect this website with too many comments. But, if any foreigners might, by chance, read this website please understand that we voted for Donald Trump because he promised that he would never do this.

      At least these Americans here, in the Dissident Right, do not support this. We no longer support Donald Trump and none of us are going to vote for him again. He is liar, a fraud, and a criminal as is his family and entire administration.

      Please direct your anger elsewhere. We hate The Great Satan just as much as you do.

      We live under occupation and wish to be free as well.

      God Bless.

  1. War crimes. Occupations. Regime changes. Arming and funding jihadist proxies. Bombings. Leveling cities like Raqqa and Mosul. Killing over a million civilians. Depleted uranium. White phosphorus. Stealing natural resources. Aggression based on lies. Settling land taken by force of arms.

    Now the assassination of leaders.

    It’s clear who are the bad guys.

    • The United States has done everything and more than what it has accused its enemies of doing throughout all its wars.

  2. Great victory for the Jews. It’s a ancient dispute against Persians and Americans and their dotard in chief are being used as fodder pawns.

    • We don’t have any “ancient dispute” with the Persians. If the CIA hadn’t propped up the Shah for so long we wouldn’t be having all these problems with Iran.

  3. He was no friend of Whitey. I don’t care how many brown heros die while showing their asses to us.

    I can hate them, without hating ZOG any less. I have enough contempt to spare.

    Its our job to oppose and fight against our own government and its excesses abroad. None of these sand people get that luxury, or a say in the rightness or wrongness of it. Given the opportunity, they would take everything from us, and would be even more brutal to us than we have been to them. Do you think these are good people just because they don’t like Israel or Jews, and oppose ZOG?

    The Persians have been our enemies longer than the Jews ffs.

    • He was no threat to Whitey either. “Given the opportunity”, Who the hell do you think it is giving them that opportunity in the first place?
      These people were a major threat on their own maybe a thousand years ago but now the amount of a threat they pose to us is correlated with how jewed we are.

      People are talking about this because Iran is one of the last countries not controlled by jews, and they are a far greater threat to Israel than they are to us. …and this is a major step towards war with them. This is bad news no matter how you slice it, so yeah, I care.

    • IronicSockAccount,

      “The Persians have been our enemies longer than the jews ffs.”

      Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot!!!

      Are you still hold a 2500+ year grudge against Persia? Did one of your ancestors die at Thermopylae? SMDH!

      If the Iranians hate Whitey for taking over their country during WWII, installing the tyrant shah after fermenting a coup d’tat, and shooting down a civilian passenger liner in 1988 mudering over 250 people, then they have damn good reasons to.

      • Lol ferment.

        Sorry you all, but I have a hard time getting upset about dead brown people.

        Like I said, ZOG is our problem. Israel is also Irans problem. That doesn’t make Iran my ally.

        The Jews aren’t the center of my worldview. The persians are definitely on my shit list permanently, just like the turks. These are historical enemies of the West and Christendom.

        I’ll save my pearl clutching for white folks being killed.

        Gotten much political support from Iran lately in the dissident right? No.

        Scorpion and turtle yo, scorpion and turtle.

      • November,

        When the Macedonians under Alexander the Great conquered the Persian Empire in the 4th century B.C. I did not read that the Greeks(Macedonians) bore the Persians any special malice. And the Greeks had fought the Persians for over 150 years at that point in time.

        In fact the Spartans were heavily subsidized by the Persians in the 4th century BC. The Persians were a very lenient people in general when they conquered others. Unlike say the Assyrians.

        Sometimes it appears the United States is more like Assyria than Persia.

        • Christina,

          Very interesting information from you.

          Isn’t it a strange coincidence that the Three Wise Men were from Persia and the Epiphany just passed on January 6th?

          Unlike IronicSockAccount, I don’t hate people just based on the color of their skin. As a matter of fact, other HuWhites that are leftists are a bigger problem for a White Renaissance in North America and Europe than your average black, brown, or yellow person.

          I’ve only known a few Iranians. Actually, both women were half Iranian (both had Anglo-Saxon fathers) and they were most pleasant, feminine, intelligent, and good looking. The one Iranian man that I knew was the spitting image of British actor Dudley Moore.

          Thank you again for that ancient history.

          • November,

            You are welcome. History is my favorite subject and I like reading about it even outside of class. Especially European History.

    • The “Persians” have never been America’s enemy. The entire situation with Iran was the doing of America going back to the Shah.

  4. Here’s my thoughts on this:

    1. It’s possible that Iran will not escalate the situation as their economy is doing poorly (rapid inflation) and they seem to want to outlast the USA.

    2. If they do escalate this and it gets big (a hotter Proxy War, USA vs Iran, or Saudi + Israel vs Iran) then we’re possibly looking at Iran attempting to shut down the Strait of Hormuz. If that happens then we’re looking at steep oil price increases in East Asia & Europe and that could get very intense. East Asia eats up a huge portion of Middle East oil.

    Watch China. They import massive quantities of oil and any long term hiccup in their ability to import fuel would send their economy into a severe recession.

    3. The American ‘Deep State’ ‘Embedded Elites’ ‘Power Elites’ – whatever you want to call them, they’re smart enough to know it isn’t easy to occupy Iran. So if there is a USA vs Iran war it will likely be a war in which the USA leads heavy airstrikes and attempts to propel a friendly faction into power in Tehran.

    4. The type of ‘decivilization’ seen in Venezuela is the natural end stage of a third world nation flushed with oil money and then cut off from the advanced world (and keep in mind they still had access to the Chinese market & Russian assistance – and the wheels still flew off the bus). The same can happen to many other countries.

    Oh 2020s, you so damn dramatic already.

  5. Boomers and MAGA conservatives are all high fiving and celebrating. They are eager for war with Iran and seem to have no fear or doubts.

    • Those boomers who are cheering on their Orange scumbag president are probably the same people who took a half dozen student deferments to keep from being drafted during the Vietnam War.

    • Let’s see how eager they are if a big war results from this and the U.S. Government, stretched thin already, decides it needs conscription to maintain the wars in the Near East. Conscription is the bright red line no scumbag politician is willing to cross. Even that village idiot GWB II, after 9/11, when he could have gotten conscription through the thoroughly corrupt Congress didn’t even try. If this escalates it will be Trump and his neo-con friends’ Waterloo.

      BTW, DJT dodged his war in Vietnam with shin splints just like Rush, John Bolton, GWB II, Bill Clinton and all the other war mongering hypocrites. They aren’t in a position to call for conscription now with their histories, it will be thrown back in their faces by both the far Left and the Right. The Liberals and reliable “conservatives” would support conscription with a proviso that their families (of course) are exempt.

      It’s the lack of conscription that is the limiting factor in the U.S. Government’s ability to fight more wars, they simply don’t have the troops especially the White Christian males needed to run the high tech side of the war effort.

    • Yep the loudest trumptard cheerleaders are the ones too old or too rich and entitled to fight, Isn’t it ironic?

      these hypocritical zio shitbirds squawking for a war they won’t fight in, absolutely no balls And all the blue checkmarks on twitter pretending they hate trump for this but if obama or Hilary did this there would be non stop praises

  6. Strange how this security for this guy was so careless after that shitbag, SecDef Esper, said this morning that targeted assassinations were on the table. It would seem to me that that would indicate that Iranian leaders should “Go To the Mats” as the mafia used to say – meaning hunker down and prepare for an attack.

  7. I remember when Soleimani helped lead the fight against ISIS, he and the PMU defeated ISIS in Iraq in 2014-2017. They’re the good guys. Revered.

    The US provoked this whole scenario. Word.

  8. Well QASSEM SULEIMANI was more devoted to God, as he understood him, than most Americans are to God.
    He was devoted to his people and those of his faith.
    He was an ethical man whose bravery is amazing. I read about 2 years ago or so that the US had given Israel the green light to assassinate him. This was on a news service not some wild website.
    Of course that got no play on US news.
    I think God knows who is good and who is bad, and people who may not have it just right about religion, but who are still devoted to God and being a just and honorable man will get a pass.
    The EVIL that the US has done over time this act of assassination against a man who was a brave and honorable warrior is as obscene as anything the Bolsheviks did.
    And guess who is next boys and girls? American whites will be the next target of those who you pay taxes to, not kidding.

  9. Don’t ever forget! The Shia Muslim Persians Vs Zog still want whites Poor and 6 feet under! Please Don’t forget!

    • November,

      You might find this of interest. This is from the article —-On Babe Ruth, Popular Science, Eleanor Cummins, 03/1/2020. The copied portion is a little past the midpoint in the whole article. Evidently the Allies were planning on using massive Mustard Gas against the Germans. But then they are the Greatest Generation.

      “Chemotherapy came to us because of an accident in World War II,” says Brawley of the American Cancer Society. In 1944, German bombers attacked the Allied forces at a port in Bari, where Italy’s boot meets its heel. The air raid itself killed troops and civilians and damaged military supplies. But it was what the Americans were hiding in one of the wrecked cargo ships that made the event historic: The U.S. SS John Harvey contained more than 120,000 pounds of mustard gas. As the ship sunk into the sea, it released its secret stash, poisoning some 628 people. Within the month, at least 83 were dead.

      It was a tragic event—and a shameful one, as the Geneva Convention had outlawed chemical weapons almost 20 years before. Given its inherent illegality, the United States and British governments worked quickly to cover the crisis up, suppressing Bari’s secrets for decades. But the data could not be denied. Based on tissue samples stealthily collected from the bodies of autopsied victims, scientists saw for the first time the therapeutic potential of this chemical concoction.

      “One of the effects of people exposed to mustard gas,” Brawley says, “[is that] their white blood cell counts come down.” Researchers hypothesized that mustard gas might be used to treat cancers like leukemia, which results in abnormally high concentrations of white blood cells. Doctors also noted that in many victims, the somatic cells, which normally branch off around the clock to restore aging or dying cells, ceased to divide. Given that cancer is the result of cell division gone wild, this result indicated another potentially positive effect of the chemicals.

      Cristina Post Script: I do not have to return to school until next week so I will have plenty of time to scan this website.

      • Cristina,

        Thank you for that information. I believe your eyes have been opened to the lies told by the dastardly (((allies))) and the jewish power structure that caused the Second World War in Europe.

        You may not have seen my comment wishing you a Merry Christmas, but enjoy your break from school. Does your family observe Pentecost?

        I’m glad to see your comments return here after a short hiatus.

        • November,

          No. I did not see your comment wishing me a Merry Christmas since we left shortly after my last comment here. I thank you for it.

          The males in our family go to mass only when they are obligated to. My mother and grandmother will have the rest of us say extra prayers for Pentecost. Of course we all go to church on Pentecost Sunday.

  10. I will believe the Iranians before I believe anything that ZOG or the ZOG media have to say about this incident.

  11. Don’t think that somewhere in that dysfunctional wasteland of evolutionary deadends a wild eyed fanatical breeder isn’t poised to download another just like him.

  12. Your analysis is correct except for one crucial error. Trump is not doing this because of donations or bribery or threats. He is doing this because he personally is a devout Zionist and always has been.

    This was no secret when Trump was campaigning. The alt-right was willing to accept it and throw their support behind an open Zionist because he triggered the libtards and promised to deport a few brown people. Now they can enjoy the fruits of their unprincipled and myopic smugness. Congratulations alt-right, you elected ZOG.

  13. If only Trump were so robust by half about defending our own borders as he is about trying to start WWIII.

  14. @ Sunburn

    If it’s true that the Shias want us Whites “Poor and 6 feet under” they want that because us Whites go along with every goddamned Jew lie and fight wars based on every goddamned Jew lie and destroy whole countries, destroy Muslim countries, based on goddamned Jew lies. As most Whites are on the side of the Jews against the Muslim world including Iran, as most Whites buy into all the Jew lies about Islam and the Muslim world I for one can not blame the Iranians for not liking us Whites.

    What do you expect, Sunburn, that the Iranians should love us White Americans? After us White Americans in-service to USrael ZOG destroyed so many Muslim countries for the benefit of the Jews, the destruction of the Muslim world based on Jew lies. The Iranians should love us Whites? Really?

    As you know, Sunburn, as you know but for some odd reason you don’t mention anything about it : The Jews want us White Americans “Poor and 6 feet under”. It’s the Jews who are trying to take the guns away from Law-Abiding White Americans, and it was the Jews who did everything they could do to turn the United States from a predominately middle-class country into a country of haves and have-nots. It was the Jews who did everything they could do to turn the United States into a third world sh*thole, and it’s the Jews who are calling for the White Race to be genocided, NOT the Iranians.

    What do have to say about the Jews wanting us White Americans “Poor and 6 feet under”? Do you have anything to say about that, Sunburn? It’s very obvious you’re a Jew, Sunburn. I don’t know who you think you’re kidding.

  15. If this outrage (assassination of a leader of a foreign country with which we are not at war, traveling under diplomatic credentials) results in a big war, I hope that they recognize who
    r e a l l y ordered the hit and act accordingly.

  16. To make it clear, I’m not a defender of Iran, but I’m not a supporter of neo-cons either. Thus I do oppose stupid escalations like this.

    Before my line was that Trump was bad, but Hillary Clinton was worse. Basically I’d favor Biden or Sanders over Trump, but not Clinton. Trump has sunk so low now that he’s lower than Clinton.

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