Ayatollah Khamenei Wants Direct Military Response To Soleimani’s Assassination

The Orange Buffoon has lost control of the situation and has set us on a course to war with Iran because he wanted to look tougher than Obama during Benghazi.

New York Times:

“In the tense hours following the American killing of a top Iranian military commander, the country’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, made a rare appearance at a meeting of the government’s National Security Council to lay down the parameters for any retaliation. It must be a direct and proportional attack on American interests, he said, openly carried out by Iranian forces themselves, three Iranians familiar with the meeting said Monday.

It was a startling departure for the Iranian leadership. Since the establishment of the Islamic Republic in 1979, Tehran had almost always cloaked its attacks behind the actions of proxies it had cultivated around the region. But in the fury generated by the killing of the military commander, Maj. Gen. Qassim Suleimani, a close ally and personal friend of the supreme leader, the ayatollah was willing to cast aside those traditional cautions.

The nation’s anger over the commander’s death was on vivid display Monday, as millions of Iranians poured into the streets of Tehran for a funeral procession and Mr. Khamenei wept openly over the coffin. …”

Any direct response by Iran that is proportional to the magnitude of assassinating Soleimani like assassinating a high ranking general or launching a bunch of missiles and killing American troops on a ship or on a base in the Middle East will bring on a full scale war. Once the war starts, it will spiral and there is no turning back from the shitshow.

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  1. It’s possible Khamenei has changed his mind since making these statements, although considering his tears at the funeral I’d guess it’s not likely.

    The Orange Buffoon has lost control of the situation and has set us on a course to war with Iran because he wanted to look tough.

  2. I would urge caution. The Americans are inveterate warmongers who take their orders from ultra-bloodthirsty Israelis who actually want a big war. There must be a quiet way to screw up the empire?

    If Khamenei insists upon a showy military attack they might as well sink an aircraft carrier and rain 100,000 missiles on Israel because the empire will attempt to destroy the country and kill millions if they do anything at all.

    • Even if Iran does nothing, you can expect the US & Israel to perpetrate a false-flag incident which will produce the same result. Iran loses whether they sit tight, or sink an aircraft carrier.

  3. Soleimani was like their version of a Patton: an innovative, outside-the-box, highly successful commander. But he was a special forces guy, which makes his public renown unique. To kill someone comparable on our side, Iran would have to take out a commander in the SEALs. Or another well-known tactician with success in the field. If they can’t pull that off, expect targets of some significance to us to be hit. Expect that anyway.

    Anything that will (probably) come short of being a provocation for a full-blown war will be in the offing: Drones bombing US embassies or army bases, proxies from different Shiite militias trained by Soleimani going after similar targets or US corporate foreign offices, perhaps “secret” CIA facilities, etc. Iran will be using unconventional tactics, of course, to which our forces are particularly vulnerable.

    Why couldn’t Zippy Trump just bomb an empty air field like in Syria? Doesn’t anyone in gov’t know about the law of unintended consequences? Even Israel is acting like their bitch Blompf has leprosy. The Unstable Pinhead has stepped in it this time. The elites may love that the war machine is gearing up again, but most people are tired of foreign adventurism and the blood and treasure it costs.

  4. Reading that the Grand Ayatollah Khamenei openly wept over General Suleimani’s casket should give Blompf and his MIGA administration a cold chill down their spines. Khamenei and Suleimani were close friends, and ayatollah Khamenei greatly admired the slain general.

    There’s an east wind gathering strength and about to blow.

  5. Revenge is a dish best served cold, they say.

    This is what happens when Trump’s jews kill the smartest guy in the room, and all that is left is low IQ hot heads. They are doing exactly what he wants them to do. Dumb.

  6. Quassim went to iraq for the sole purpose to calm negotiations with iraq officials to get them to pull US troops out, blumpf sucker punched him cowardly with the drone strikes. Now gop inc are making up phony death statistics laughably in the millions to justifie this assassination of Quassim

    • Thom,

      The next lies in ZOG’s book will be that Suleimani supplied Auschwitz with Zyklon-B, provided Oswald the rifle that killed JFK, and shot down both TF-160 Blackhawk helicopters with RPGs in Mogadishu back 0n October 4, 1993.

      The saddest and most disgusting part is that the Sean Hannity listening boomers will believe every lie as gospel.

  7. ZOG never told us about anything about General Suleimani or how revered he was by his fellow Persians. His countrymen obviously don’t regard him as a “terrorist”, otherwise hundreds of thousands of them wouldn’t be out in the streets to mourn his death. Zion Don and his jew masters have made themselves and America look like absolute criminals for the sneaky, cowardly way that man was killed.

  8. Iranian plans to simultaneously nuke Wall Street, Hollywood and Washington D.C. have been scrapped because “we’d be doing America too much of a favor”, according to the country’s top cleric.

  9. This fellow is not without redeeming features, but he is actually more of a problem than he is a solution. He will go to his grave thinking it is 1979 and possibly take his regime with him.

    Monarchy showing its weakness again.

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