Cory Booker Ends His Presidential Campaign

Is diversity our strength?

The Democrats have shown little interest in acting on their politically correct credo and nominating a POC in this cycle. Kamala Harris, Julian Castro and Cory Booker have all failed to gain traction. No one even knows that Deval Patrick is in the race.

FOX News:

“Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey dropped out of the Democratic presidential race on Monday, ending a nearly yearlong quest built around a message of peace and unity that failed to resonate with voters eager for a more aggressive posture against President Trump.

The departure of Mr. Booker, 50, from the crowded Democratic field, heralded at the outset as the most diverse in history, leaves just one African-American candidate, Deval Patrick, vying for the nomination in a party where black voters are an essential bloc of the Democratic base. …”

The next Democratic debate will feature Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, Tom Steyer and Amy Klobuchar. There won’t be a single black, Asian or Hispanic face on the stage. POCs didn’t even make it to the final five.

Note: It’s also over for Andrew Yang and Tulsi Gabbard. The primary is quickly slimming down to a Biden vs. Bernie or Warren race.

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  1. White liberals truly believe in diversity—-provided it doesn’t affect their ability to rise to the top. If it does, they will push the nonwhites out of the way.

    • Same clearly applies to Hollywood. I believe at least half of those nitwits don’t believe the SJW nonsense they spew. They only say it because they know they won’t get work if they don’t.

  2. “””…The Democrats have shown little interest in nominating a POC ….”””

    Of course. Why should they ? Lenin and Stalin and Tito and Ceausescu did not nominated POC. And despite this, they had pretty good dictatorship and communism thanks to genetic white liberals.

    In Europe, diverse voting block is still weak. But genetic white liberals do not need them. Western white people voting en masse for them. Every last open border was voted by 100 % of white people. And still is

    Normie fear is what is needed for elections. Normie does not think, Normie is only afraid and want to feel good.

    Eastern Europe went different way. Nazis went after white liberals and no we are the guys who Normie does not wnat to piss off. POC were irrelevant 100 years ago and they are also irrelevant 100 years later, when Nazis have upper hand at least in the current moment.

    • Yep, you are 100% correct when you state this all the time, Juri!!!
      I wish i could get to Eastern Europe where many of my friends are from….Romania, Hungary , Serbia And Bulgaria all sound like better places for my white children to grow and live.

      J00MERICA IS A STINKY ,PUTRID CORPSE… and its largely because of cucked out white leftists..
      They are not “liberals” , i am getting sick of hearing this nonsensical drivel.
      They are maniacal anti white communists….they are race traitors..
      They are mentally ill drugged out race mixing scum , feminists and faggots.
      These people are mind warped by the jewish disease and cannot be saved.
      They are literal NPCs who are the useless idiots the kikes produce via capitalism and consumerism, as communism constantly morphs into a slightly different version of its former self like a self mutating virus.
      Niggers, faggot sodomites, open borders, feminists, mud people , pornography etc etc are all symptoms of the jewish disease.

      • Having visited Hungary for the first time this summer, poverty was all over the place. And that language. Ever tried to learn an agglutinative tongue? Nem Ertem! The wife and I were REALLY out of place…..

        So, there are no Utopias. If an American (like yourself) could even find a job, then living in a country like Hungary or Serbia would be a huge culture shock, when their languages (and/or their alphabets- think Cyrillic!) are so vastly different from your own monolingual Amurrican English. Then the political and religious scenes, (what? You gonna do bars every night?) the lack of the fast food mania we ALL are addicted to, and even if you find one, don’t relax- cuz Mickey D’s DON’T taste the same over there, as they do here. Then, add a pay scale that is woefully inadequate, IF you can even find employment as a NON-EU foreigner of Cacasian Ethnos. And the animosity toward Americans that will surely come your way, because of, or in spite of, our Elected Idiots, cannot be downplayed….

        You cannot escape the culture you were born in, and even if you do, you then deny your own existential self, in the process. The number of LOSER MEN on internations or other expat platforms, who have married ‘child brides’ or ‘gook brides’ and are extolling the ‘virtues’ of living abroad, are annoying to look at, and listen to, as they have reduced their existence to a foreign vagina that makes them think they are ‘young again,’ or something, when they are just old geezers living a lie, is disgusting.

        “Let them be yours alone, never to be shared with strangers. 18May your fountain be blessed, and may you rejoice in the wife of your youth… ” Prov. 5:17-18.


        • The number of LOSER MEN on internations or other expat platforms, who have married ‘child brides’ or ‘gook brides’ and are extolling the ‘virtues’ of living abroad, are annoying to look at, and listen to, as they have reduced their existence to a foreign vagina that makes them think they are ‘young again,’ or something, when they are just old geezers living a lie, is disgusting.

          There is satisfaction in knowing we are better off without them.

  3. They will probably nominate a POC Vice President candidate. Any of the leading geezers for the nomination could have another heart attack (Bernie) between now and Election Day.

    • I disagree, I have a better choice. What about the 400 Lb.,obese, ugly, scowling, angry, blackety, blackety, black Stacey Abrams? I hear she is available. Oprah can be her VP.

    • I would actively campaign for her if she runs. She is by far the best US politician within my lifetime. I am saying this as someone who normally thinks supporting even a “fringe” politician is a waste of time, but she is right about basically everything and anything that helps spread the philosophies of the Green Book to a wide audience should be encouraged.

  4. Booker is like the Black Miss Manners, always outraged and veklempt..clearly he’s not the product of natural selection, a beta of such magnitude starves or is predated in a natural environment…its almost like he’s adopted female survival traits to advance himself…but he’s one of the biggest sociopaths at that party IMHO, him and his mangina are tyrants, a blight on the Magna Carta and the natural laws of man.

  5. No matter that a POC won’t get nominated, because a POS certainly will. As far as the debates go: What, no (((Bloomberg)))? I can’t watch anything on YT without seeing Nanny Mike’s annoying commercials. Hasn’t his massive media buy purchased him any traction in the polls? The Dims have a really weak field, after all. Biden and Sanders both might croak on the campaign trail, for Chrissakes. Bernie’s already had a heart attack, and doddering Biden can’t remember what state he’s in half the time.

  6. LOL i remember when this knuckle dragging schwoogie rape monkey was ookin and eekin cRap lyrics on the house floor…
    We need negroes in our society…duh
    Who else will cure diseases , build things, invent technology and altruistically help others?
    Anyone who notices they rape and kill our people for sport in the most heinous ways imaginable for 6 straight decades since forced intergrading are just intolerant racists!

  7. The dumbo-craps are obviously not serious about defeating Blormp this time around. They will save their big guns for 2024. At least that’s my guess.

    • LOLwould CNN even still be in business without their nonstop kvetching about orange man?
      Well ,we all know media outlets like CNN, the NYT and WaPo ALL have operated at huge losses for decades.
      Should make the normies question its purpose…but nope.
      All we here is “let them come by the millions as long as they come legally” and how the dems are the “real racists” or how spreading globohomo makes us free.
      So winning.

  8. This is a, sad ….SAD… SAD, day for America…..

    I propose that the US flag on all Federal & state and commonwealth buildings, must fly half mast !

  9. ” The Democrats have shown little interest in acting on their politically correct credo and nominating a POC in this cycle “

    rhetorical question….
    Does, “POC” stand for Piece of Crap ??

  10. rhetorical question 2:

    When ever we refer to non-White/European/Western men as “POC = Person of Colour” does that mean that White/European/Westerners are colourless ???

  11. Well, Corey Booker’s ” beard” can rest easy now and go back to dating men the way Corey does. I laughed so loud when I read Tucker Carlson called him the ” dollar store version of Obama.” Obama is a treasonous anti white of course but the line was funny

    A Corey Booker can only have a great job like US Senator in an overly diverse place like New Jersey. I remember when I was much younger, Jersey was a place white people ran to get away from diversity and was considered a moderately conservative state considering it’s in the northeast. Well, decades more of too much diversity and allowing welfare people to have as many kids as they want have made New Jersey the number one state people are leaving and is now a solidly Democrat state that has Booker and the rancid Bob Menendez as their senators and a wrecking ball governor in the anti white Irishman Phil Murphy.

    Go away Booker to your crappy state. Nearly all of his voting record is to ruin America as too much diversity almost always votes for.

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