Donald Trump Boasts About Killing That “Son of a Bitch”

In 2015, Donald Trump didn’t know who Qasem Soleimani or the Quds Force was who he confused with the Kurds. Hugh Hewitt had to explain to him that he was the most evil terrorist in the world. This was one of many moments that we chose not to dwell on during the campaign.

Here is Donald Trump at his rally tonight in Wisconsin channeling Dick Cheney’s talking points on Iran from 2007 to justify assassinating Soleimani:

This is who we elected president.

We elected a moron and a con artist who has no real knowledge, ideological worldview or practical experience who has proven to be putty in the hands of his conservative donors and advisers. This is just another example of it. See also the time he offered to give Schumer and Pelosi everything they wanted on DACA and comprehensive immigration reform.

Skip to 35:00.

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  1. What can I say that you and others haven’t said already? Traitorous piece of sh*t, honestly, since this whole game is no-win and we’re going to legally lose what little rights we still have under the law (har har), I do hope this a**hole loses and spends the rest of his days in a cell.

  2. Your trenchant analysis of Trump is spot-on, HW. I almost feel as if I owe the likes of Robert DeNiro and Mark Cuban an apology for their harsh words about that bum during the 2016 campaign. But dammit they should have explained why they disliked Trump so much. I wasn’t so bamboozled by Trump’s bullshit that I wouldn’t have listened to what they had to say.

    • The difference between us and the MAGAtards is that we liked what he was saying. In the end, the MAGAtards only liked how he was saying it.

      Bravado is a trait that apparently hypnotizes the weakest among us….. those stupid, gullible whites with soft eyes and even softer heads.

      • Snowhitey,

        In answer to your comment below. I believe both Russia and the USA have weapons that they keep secret. I was only going by the known total of nuclear weapons admitted to by both sides. The Russians have slightly more strategic nuclears and way more tactical ones,

        They have said if the State is threatened to go under they will unleash all they have. No matter what, many nuclear weapons will hit both countries.

        If I was ruler of Russia I would continue to play the waiting game. The USA is vulnerable internally with it’s population where everyone really hates everyone despite those laughable commercials with smiling and laughing actors. And the US owes 24 Trillion dollars.

        Surely these internal weaknesses will come to haunt the US sooner or later.

        • It is merely a question of time, Cristina. Economic and social turmoil is coming to this country, one way or another. The bill has to come due for the many mistakes that have been made.

        • When it comes to weapons, wise men reveal nothing. It’s all theater, Christina. It really is. Besides, they all have the same boss.

          I thought the Sampson Option only applied to Israel. I would tend to believe that every nation with a decent arsenal will respond the same way if ordered. Weapons and populations can eventually be replaced.

          • Snowhitey,

            There are times when I think or hope that Putin is different and an independent ruler but I am not sure.

            I still am mildly to moderately pro Russian based on my level of knowledge and understanding. Russia and China are counter forces against the USA but to what extent I do not know.

            I can only speculate of course.

  3. I am going to put my poster of Travis Bickle back up on the wall of my Wolfshanze bunker, next to Sharon Tate and FBI Director Hoover.

  4. Orange man bad!

    Heroic Brown General did nothing wrong.

    Heroic Brown General’s replacement, Browner Hero General, didn’t totally shit the bed on the fake and gay narrative that everybody has been trying to forcememe about how totally serious face and tough/sophisticated Iran is, by shooting down a civilian airliner that just took off from their OWN airport. We can’t possibly win against Iran. They are just too smart, so righteous in their cause, way smarter than Orange Man who is bad.

    Did you all know Iranians are actually Aryans? Look at that picture of Browner Hero General.
    He is practically pure bavarian phenotype, fam!

    And they also hate teh Jooz. Our natural allies.

    We should support Iran. They will have Whitey’s back.

    • Iranians supported the Third Reich. Your relatives crossed an ocean to murder Germans during WWII. Tell me who are the good guys again?

      • War is hell. I don’t apologize for anything my family has done.

        They are poor people from Appalachia without much education, doing what poor people without much education have been doing since organized warfare, dying badly fighting in wars they didnt start, killing other poor guys who didnt start the war.

        You want me to be ashamed of my actual family, out of some abstracted guilt over WWII, which they were supposed to know wasn’t what it seemed, and ignore a draft order?

        My family weren’t Nazi’s. My only German ancestry is old German Anglo Saxon and Frank.

        You got your priorities all backwards from nature. Family first. Tribe second. Allied tribes third. Cohesion is more important than coherence in decision making among tribal groups because most things dont have black and white answers or outcomes.

        Better or worse, loyalty to family will get your family through.

        • My dysfunctional tribe is my family. Flesh and blood kin aren’t always your ally no matter how similar your genomes are.

          It’s not about being ashamed of your family’s ‘service’ to ZOG, but about looking at their actions in the larger picture through the lens of time. Your family weren’t National Socialists, but they willingly participated in a war that the jews concocted, so that White gentiles would spill each others blood in a pan unnecessary war between ‘cousin’ nations. No big bad “Nazi” was going to be in Appalachia looking to kill your kin in the early 1940s.

          Persians aren’t our enemies, unless ZOG-USA aggressive bullying for Israel forces them into an existential life or death crisis.

          BTW, not all the men and women that you refer to as “Nazis” were German. Many different European ethnicities carried that torch.

          • November,

            I continue to be appalled at how the head of state of the 2nd most powerful country on earth acts. Openly without decency or dignity. He even openly gloats at the killing of a human being. Did I not read somewhere that Hillary Clinton did the same over Libya?

            I consider Russia with more nuclear weapons to be slightly more powerful than CWA.-sorry no cyrillic keyboard.


          • Cristina:

            Not to speak out of turn, but Hillary did it laughingly and in context of a joke. At least “The Donald” had the “decency” to give the impression it was a grave matter and nothing to joke about. Hillary is so whacked in the head she doesn’t even understand the concept anymore (if she ever did) that certain things are not to be joked about. Especially when you are a high ranking public official.

            Btw, take the time to watch that video I posted the link to below. It’s only about four and a half minutes long, and will serve, I trust, to solidify in your mind what a damn clown this guy Trump is. Hillary isn’t a clown; she’s just evil, pure and simple. This is why I say “The Donald” was “the lesser of two evils” in the swing states, and the people there who voted for him can therefore be exonerated of any wrongdoing in many cases. I think Zippy Catholic was a little more stringent than me on the point, but we generally agreed that material and willing cooperation with a known evil is wrong no matter what. So, e.g., it is never permissible for God’s people to knowingly pursue a good end via evil means (as in purposely and knowingly voting for the greater of two evils). I think the catechism will support that position, but stand corrected if it doesn’t.

          • Christy,

            Yes, before Trump, only Soviet General Secretary Nikita Khrushchev looked like such a unstable, blustering , and dangerous player on the international stage. What’s almost as bad are the idiots at Trump’s pep rally cheering him on.

            Whoever is sworn in as POTUS on January 20, 2021 will still be nothing but a mouthpiece for ZOG and its deep state apparatus.

            Can you wrap your head around the threat Trump will pose domestically and internationally, if he captures a second term in office but is a lame duck president, and therefore, his incompetent and malevolent policies won’t be restrained by having to face the voters in 2024?

          • Christina,

            Certainly you don’t believe the weapons “we” know about are the only weapons the USA has. The USA is the dictator of the world – and gets away with it – for a reason. The real question is….. who is the power behind the traitorous, asinine loudmouth? If they can liquidate vehicles into globs and disintegrate humans into ash (Libya and/or Syria), they have even bigger secrets.

          • November,

            In answer to your comment below when you asked hypothetically if I could imagine what happens when a completely unrestrained Donald Trump wins a second term. Well it will be war. Self righteous war.

            If a Democrat gets elected? I am not sure. Perhaps massive Republican resistance to any Democrat might produce a stalemate. There is a possibility of no war with a Democrat but with Trump? I think war for sure.

            Domestic policies? More reparations for blacks? I asked my father about that since some of our businesses are in the USA. He said if they do reparations that means some of his taxes are being stolen so he said he would just raise the prices and get back the money and more.

          • Ironic Septic Account, along with his brown grandchildren, should volunteer for military service and defeat the turrists, madam. Today’s ZOG mercenary force will accept any ambulatory, non-feathered bi-peds, even a pathetic, cowardly WRETCH like him.

  5. Yeah Hunter, I’m just totally shocked that Trump would try to justify his actions after the deed was done. That’s completely unheard of for a politician. Wow, what a bum.

  6. “People don’t have legs right now – and arms – because of this son of a bitch.”

    Maybe people don’t have legs or arms right now because they were seen as unwelcome invaders in a foreign land and the locals fought back the best way they could against those who turned their country into rubble?

    I wonder if they yelled ” Wolverines.”

    • Basic common sense like this should be intrinsic to an America First nationalist movement like MAGA.
      Unfortunately, the caducean left-right dichotomy continues to reinforce this perpetual ignorance which the Empire appreciates.

    • Yep. Hostile occupation forces should expect to be hated and possibly attacked. It’s sad that American troops are blown up and maimed, I know a few who have been; but they shouldn’t have even been there in the first place, and they don’t need to be there now.

    • T. Morris,

      You were not speaking out of turn. I will watch the video after school today. I am late. I am notorious in my family for going to bed late and getting up late.

    • T. Morris,

      Oh my. That was bizarre. The more information I receive the more I realize that most politicians deserve a padded cell or other.

      I also agree with your comment above that supporting evil knowingly is always wrong. A person may hope the lesser of two evils prevails in order to lessen the damage but may not support it.

      For instance a girl going to be violated by one of two gangs of men. One gang has 3 men and the other has 7 men. She may hope that the lesser gang prevails but obviously should not cooperate with or support the lesser atrocity.

  7. Psalm 5:4 For thou art not a God that hath pleasure in wickedness: neither shall evil dwell with thee.
    5 The foolish shall not stand in thy sight: thou hatest all workers of iniquity.
    6 Thou shalt destroy them that speak leasing: the LORD will abhor the bloody and deceitful man.

  8. It is shockingly easy to convince the mob that it was necessary and righteous to murder a man for nothing more than bravely and competently serving his country.

    • No no no rob Iran doesn’t have any freaking nukes! Thats a zog lie you know who has nukes Israel and weirmerica and they would use them in a heartbeat I’m surprised they haven’t already

  9. His Boomer base loves this kind of tough talk and flag waving. Trump is mobilizing them for the coming election. Meanwhile, Boomer children and grandchildren face a hostile future as minorities in their own country. A hostile future which Boomer hero Trump either ignores or exacerbates. Are their parents and grandparents worried? Hardly. After all we’re a nation of immigrants, we’re all equal in God’s eyes, we’re the shining city on the hill, we’re a melting pot, blah, blah, blah.

    • It’s too bad Trump and other draft dodgers didn’t have the same blood thirsty instincts during the Vietnam war, the Army could have used him and John Bolton, Rush, Dick Cheney, GWB II and all the rest.

  10. Trumpo has as much or more Scandinavian blood in him as anyone. After all his mother was from an isolated island off the coast of Scotland in the North Sea. Then his Dad’s people are from the Rhine River Valley, a Viking highway.

  11. Walid writes from Syria:

    “Watch the MAGA sheep cheer on Donald Trump when he calls Qassem Soleimani a “son of a bitch”. This indicates a low level of intelligence & a complete lack of morals on the part of POTUS’ support base. Not to mention what a moron Trump is.”

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