Russian Government Resigns After Vladimir Putin’s State of the Nation Address

It looks like Vladimir Putin will still be around in 2030.

New York Times:

“In his annual state-of-the-nation speech on Wednesday, President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia shook up the country and its political class by calling for constitutional changes that would give him a new path to holding onto power after his current — and, in theory, last — term ends in 2024.

With that, the entire cabinet, led by a long-serving Putin ally, Prime Minister Dmitri A. Medvedev, abruptly resigned. The head of the Federal Tax Service, Mikhail V. Mishustin — a little-known but skilled technocrat — will become the next prime minister.

The spate of moves offers some clues about Mr. Putin’s plans and priorities, but also raises questions about what may lie ahead for the Russian president. Here are answers to some of them.

Mr. Putin’s hold on power in Russia is unrivaled, built up over the last 20 years in his posts as president and prime minister. …”

It is hard to imagine a Russia without Putin.

He has been in charge there for my entire adult lifetime. I can still vaguely remember when Boris Yeltsin was president of Russia. In any case, Putin is still more popular in Russia after being in power for twenty years than any of the last three American presidents. It is not hard to see why either after what Russia went through in the 1990s when Yeltsin was president. Liberal democracy is living in a perpetual state of national disintegration under a Jewish oligarchy.

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  1. Imagine if ZOG USA had a president who really cared about his country and its people, instead of constantly trying to appease a hostile alien elite.

    • Since Wilson, we only had a brief, partial respite from Coolidge, and then after that nothing but dupes of various elites. We initially got the chosen ones of the WASP elites, then their former (((junior partners))) took over and picked the ascendant dupes. If you want a different kind of president, you’ll have to install a different kind of elite.

  2. I read that Putin proposes constitutional changes which would decentralize power at the national level and would have the entire country vote on it.

    One Russian observer thinks that the whole thing signifies chaos and uncertainty at the top.

      • Virtus,

        Okay. Without looking this up or asking a teacher. I with my school girl Russian will try to interpret.

        Russia—-With your ? Our power

        Russia—Our favorite country

        Great Rus

        Well how close was I?

        • “”..Well how close was I?..”””

          Almost. There is no direct translation but

          svyashchennaya nasha derzhava,..may translate as “our holy stronghold” . svyashchennaya means holy, nasha means ours and derrzhava means something what you get with war and then keeping it. This land is ours because we conquered it it in the war and we will defend this land with force.

          lyubimaya nasha strana……our beloved land.

          Vladi means take or conquest or rule
          Mir…means world.

          So Vladimir ,means “rule the world”. Putin means nothing. And the NYT is fake news. There is short overview in English, what really happened in Russia

          • juri,

            Thank you for the translation. I did not know what the Russian word for holy was before. I should have known about derzhava however. Derzhat means to hold.

            lyubimaya means favorite but my teacher also said it is used between lovers as beloved etc. as well. So you are right I was going by direct translation.

            Interesting information on the word Vladimir. I knew Vlad was power and mir was world but I never tied them together.

            Also thank you for the link. Sorry for replying so late but I just got home from school.

        • Hi Cristina,

          Yes indeed, you were very close. Juri filled in the details on the more precise, though not directly translatable to English. (*And you directly got the translation of velikaya Rus’ — Great Russia/Great Russian People).

          The words of course are from the very beautiful State Anthem of the Russian Federation (many wonderful editions of it on YouTube).

          *Cristina – you are one of the most thoughtful commentators on this blog.

          • Virtus,

            You are so kind to make such a statement. I will look at the anthem. I have listened to Katyusha and Malinka and the Kossack Kuban Choir before.

            Lovely music. I have also seen War and Peace–the one with Audrey Hepburn. My father said when he was very young they showed in Mexico a Soviet version from the 1960’s/1970’s that he thought was good.

          • Oh shit! We have Russians posting on OD. Therefore, OD must be part of Putin’s dastardly scheme against “American democracy.” Notify the (fake and decidedly kosher) news! LOL!

            Next thing you know, people will be put on the ‘Do not Fly” and deep state watch lists for applying Russian dressing on their salad. Big Hooked Nose Brother is Watching.

        • Cristina – just in case you already have not seen it, I highly recommend the movie For Greater Glory (also known as Cristiada), about the tremendously brave Mexican Catholics, los Cristeros, who valiantly resisted the anti-clerical, free-masonic government of Plutarco Calles, that vile tyrant who violently oppressed the Catholic faithful.

          Viva Cristo Rey!

          • Virtus,

            I have read some about the Cristeros but I have never seen that movie. Thank you for drawing my attention to it.

        • Cristina – also, did you ever hear the hauntingly enchanting Spanish song Primavera?

          It’s a song of the División Española de Voluntarios — or the División Azul (Spanish Blue Division) — of la segunda Guerra Mundial.

          • Virtus,

            Again I owe you thanks for such information. I listened to it before I responded. It is enchanting.

            Vaya Con Dios

          • De nada, gentil dama .. y muchas gracias tambien.

            *Cristo, Cristero, Cristiada, & Cristina .. your name perfectly captures your alma.

          • Virtus,

            Thank you for such a fantastic compliment that you wrote to me below. Now I will have to be sweet all day long in class tomorrow.

            It is late and I should be in bed but I will soak in your compliment until I drift off to sleep.

  3. “Liberal democracy is living in a perpetual state of national disintegration under a Jewish oligarchy.”

    Putin will be remembered and honored for generations to come in Russia. He put the thieving Jewish oligarchs in prison or made them flee to London and Israel. Berezovsky is thankfully now dead and Khordokovsky has had to emigrate. It’s clear why our Jewish controlled media and political system resent or even hate him and try to project this onto the entire country with their insane theories of bots and agents like Zlimpf working for Putin and their insane impeachment drive regarding the failed state of Jewish oligarchic Ukraine. They have polluted millions of minds with their tribalist nonsense.

    He has also kept ZOG from reaching too far by supplying Syria, Turkey, and Iran with state of the art missiles, aircraft, and anti-aircraft defense systems. He’s benefited Russia and the world immensely.

    Many had and still hope that Russia would eventually assist Syria in activating the S-300 to secure the realm, including Lebanese airspace, to neuter Israeli aggression after the IAF deliberately took down the Russian military reconnaissance jet. But, Israel still must have major influence inside Russia given recent reports that they supplied the Israelis with Iranian Tor-M1 access codes.

    Russia can only assert itself so far given its relatively small population and massive land size and I’m sure its population like ours prefers to have their money spent at home while continuing to counter ZOG and NATO.

    I, for one, hope that the Axis of Resistance is maintained with the help of Russia.

    But, the Jews never sleep. Thankfully, protective provisions have been crafted into the constitution ensuring that future elected officials are native, resident, and not foreign entangled.

  4. It’s too bad Medvedev wasn’t gone a decade ago. The world today would be a far different and better place had there been a Russian veto at the UNSC of the US-NATO war crime in Libya.

  5. Just for the record the Russian national anthem is the same exact song, but with different lyrics, as the Soviet
    National Anthem. I do think Russia and Germany have to two most beautiful anthems in the world. America’s sucks!

    • Heartland Separatist,

      They both are beautiful. That Deutschland Uber Alles is haunting and inspiring just like the Russian one. I also like the God Save the Tsar one as well.

  6. It’s interesting that Putin is devolving the executive (which was created by the Yeltsin administration) and giving power to parliament. The Russia of the Tzars (of whom Nicholas was the best 😉 ) whom the west for centuries has manipulated and complained about, Russia is now becoming less reactionary and Tzarist and more National Bolshevik/Third Positionist, now the people have more power in government policy, far more open and democratic than western states.

  7. Cristina: The Russian War and Peace, made in the 60’s, is pretty good. I saw it on American TV then, and it was a special event…War and peace was considered an American Gone With the Wind, which it kind of is, but you really need to read Tolstoy. When I was in college, I simply took the book, took a week of my life and read it cover to cover.
    But you understand most American girls do the same thing with Gone With the Wind.
    The 1950’s movie is okay, but there were obvious Hollywood touches, and Henry Fonda had a running gun battle to make sure his Pierre kept his glasses on. The producer wanted Henry to look more ‘movie star.’

    The Russian film: I liked its score, and the director also played Pierre. They got the uniforms right, too, and the battle scenes really look like what a Napoleonic battle would have been like.

    You might like a BBC version that came out four of five years ago, in I believe nine segments, and I thought it was well-done.

    As for national anthems, there was a Russian anthem that replaced the Hymn of the Soviet Union (made during WWII…before that, the anthem was the Internationale) I’m sure Putin reinstated what he thought proper.

    I don’t think America’s anthem ‘sucks’, but there could be better ones. I always liked Washington’s march, written in the 1770’s by Francis Hopkinson, a physician and signed the Declaration of independence. Short, martial, and to the point. Hopkinson also wrote the first real American hit song, ‘My Days Have Been so Wonderous Free.’

    When I was in Mexico, I thought watching TV showing their national anthem was kind of fun. Mexican troops in dress uniforms marching, dozens of schoolgirls marching, flags waving…it’s just not the image I have of Mexico.
    It’s a pretty rousing anthem, though.

    There is a sense Putin cleaned the house, and there
    is no argument once the USSR fell, a lot of profiteers swarmed in and took over. Yeltsin was kind of a joke. Putin’s no joke.

    • An old Russia hand who spent years in the country’s far reaches told me that he sees Putin as a kind of “manager” rather than an autocrat – someone adept at playing off the country’s different powerful interests against each other. Make of that what you will.
      I also love “War and Peace” the book, but never saw any of the movie versions.

    • dargason,

      A pleasure to hear from you as always. Let me address your comment thoroughly. You deserve this consideration. It takes a while for me to type a message since I have long fingernails.

      So here goes. I was on the side of the Russians in the war. I am against the French Revolution. I have not seen the Soviet War and Peace but I will try and hunt it down. I did not know that there was a third version. Well I will have to watch that as well. I am enthralled with Russia.

      I have never read War and Peace or Gone With the Wind though I did see the movie.

  8. Cristina: That War and peace is BBC 2016, starring Paul Dano and Lily James.

    You should enjoy it.

    Also, you might like the Sharpe novels by Bernard Cornwell. His hero is Richard Sharpe, an English soldier in the rifle regiment who fights Napoleon’s troops in Spain. His mistress and ally is a guerillera in the resistance, and they kick a lot of Napoleonic ass. It was also a BBC series.
    The rifle units were special troops, kind of like commandos.

    Long nails…sounds like talons.

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