Gov. Ralph Northam Declares “State of Emergency” Ahead of Gun Rally in Virginia

This brings back some bitter memories.

  • A political rally to defend our constitutional rights in Virginia.
  • A Democratic governor who declares a “state of emergency” to deliberately sabotage the event and throw it into chaos.

New York Times:

“RICHMOND, Va. — Bracing for the possibility of violence ahead of a rally to protest efforts to enact sweeping new gun control measures in Virginia, Gov. Ralph Northam on Wednesday declared a state of emergency and announced a temporary ban on weapons on the grounds of the State Capitol.

Thousands of protesters are expected to converge in Richmond on Monday to oppose a series of proposed restrictions on gun purchases expected to be taken up in the coming weeks by the Virginia Legislature, where Democrats control both chambers and the governor’s office for the first time in a generation.

The governor said on Twitter that the authorities had identified credible “threats of violence,” including from out-of-state militia groups and hate groups that planned disruptions. He said the authorities had also found extremist rhetoric online similar to what had been seen in 2017 before the Charlottesville rally, when white nationalists and counterprotesters clashed in a deadly fight over the removal of Confederate monuments. …”

  • The FBI arresting dissidents who are attracted into going to the rally.

New York Times:

“WASHINGTON — The F.B.I. has arrested three men suspected of being members of a neo-Nazi hate group, including a former reservist in the Canadian Army, who had weapons and discussed traveling to a pro-gun rally next week in Richmond, Va., in anticipation of a possible race war.

The men were taken into custody on Thursday morning as part of a long-running investigation into the group, known as The Base. The men were charged with various federal crimes in Maryland, according to the Justice Department. They were scheduled to appear in federal court before a judge on Thursday afternoon. …”

I’m not going to Virginia to get f***ed again over guns and monuments after what happened last time in 2017. I am still dealing with the fallout.

Back then, we all thought we were going to just another demonstration – one of several that had occurred that year – only to find out after arriving that day on the ground that there was going to be no police protection, that the Democratic governor was sabotaging the event and that the Charlottesville Police and Virginia State Police were there to fight us and to deliberately push us into Antifa in order to create a violent spectacle for the mainstream media.

Do you remember the reaction to Unite the Right? We were all denounced as evil and thrown under the bus by cowardly mainstream conservatives and Republicans. Now it is happening all over again and they are the ones who are going to this gun rally in Richmond. It should be interesting to see if Antifa comes out and starts attacking everyone again and the Virginia State Police arrest anyone on the Right who fights back in self defense. DeAndre Harris earned over $150,000 on GoFundMe by going to Charlottesville and attacking people returning to their cars.

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    • Another cheap shot at Catholics I see. This story has absolutely nothing to do with Catholicism so not sure why you are bringing this up.

      • Because they do. If one has a serious beef with the Papal Religion, then that is worth discussion. But blanket Prot knownothing-ism? Nyet.

      • Croat0517,

        This Catholic versus Protestant schism is the West’s very own version of Sunni versus Shia. The muslims have been at each others throats for almost 1400 years with no end in sight, while Christianity’s split is nearly 500 years old and still roiling.

  1. They are not going to come to your house and take your guns, it is way too dangerous. What they will do is cut you off from your money. So if you get government money, or a pay check those monies will be held until you comply with their gun demands. It is what they are planning.

    • Yeah, blackmail will work on probably 90% of them. But what about the other 10% which amounts to millions of gun owners? That’s where it can get dicey.

  2. yes, it could be that large group of gun-owning White boomers/X’rs/millenials are about

    to discover that their “constitutional repulblic” died decades ago and

    was replaced by a Jewocra$y. No worries,

    all good.

    • Well is ZOG sets it’s Golem on White Normies – it’s about time. Normies are way overdue in having their Racial Delusion Cherries popped. The one potential positive outcome – and I’m not holding my breath – is when the attendees of this lawful rally start getting attacked via set-up, rounded up, and persecuted and tortured by the Jewdiciary – maybe just maybe a few Normies may comprehend that We Evil Racist Nazi Bigots have been telling the truth, all along.

  3. Ah yes, the young upstart and rap mogul, DeAndre Harris, whose handy work with a maglight earned him a $75k sports car, several limited edition AirJordans, and most notably, his tour de force rap video, which he impressively was able to finance himself through his GoFundMe E-Begging combined with the donors overwhelming self loathing white guilt.

    I agree with your decision not to go. My own personal analysis is the same. Despite genuinely liking most people i meet and not having a malicious hateful bone in my body, I am aware all it would take is a NYT or WAPO headline and picture to turn someone who tries everything to be kind and decent into a cartoon like evil character.


  5. ” Weaponized Drones?” You mean like the one trump and his bff used to assassinate General Solemanei? Damn, that’s some high end jewish projection taking place in the Virginia Statehouse.

  6. Northam is a cowardly pr*ck… or is it that “c” word for vagina? He’s so not manly…. his cowardice should be replaced by a Governor WILLING TO MEET AND DISCUSS HIS LAWS WITH THE VOTING POPULACE.


  7. Just read the VCDL blurb on WRS…the legally ultra-violent left is gonna’ be all over that event like stink on shit.
    The people fool enough to go there are gonna’ learn a hard lesson. As will we all, cuz’ this sorta’ shit is gonna’ spread nation-wide. The pity of it all is most of those people would be appalled at my ideology…well, they’re gonna’ learn what it feels like to be a “nazi”.

  8. On Rebel Yell #156, “Mencken” warned potential participants in the pro-second amendment rally to be held in Richmond that the best they could hope for was that nothing would get accomplished and they’d go home safely. Now that advice seems sage.

    Richmond and Charlottesville are FUBAR!

  9. I just remembered some Canadian dude was a frequent participant on certain White Nationalist livestreams. He would drop links in the sperg chat to a site sponsored by something called “The Base”. Curiouser and curiouser…

    • That Canadian dude was smeared, slandered, stalked and run out of his job by skinny jean commie faggots here in Canada, they made him want to kill, he is a good soldier and good man who loves his people, family and country…if you get a chance, pay a visit to @berniefarber on twitter and let him know what kind of maggot he is…it was Bernie Farbet that did this guy.

  10. Its very good that mainstream, everyday Joe gun owners are going to brush up against the psycho commie love and tolerance crowd…the more people that see what these dirty commies are like IRL, the sooner we will be in a position to crush these Bolshevik parasites like the cockroaches they are!
    I don’t know how these commies think they can take America by fight or slight, they are vastly outnumbered,outgunned, outmuscled, outsmarted and outwitted..where the rubber meets the road, they die!
    Like Admiral Yamamoto said:
    “You cannot attack mainland America, there would be a gun behind every blade of grass’

  11. The FED planned gun control/grab wasn’t going as planned when Trump seized the Election in 2016.
    So…”What we have here is failure to communicate.
    Some men, you just can’t reach.
    So you get what we had here last week — which is the way he wants it.
    Well, he gets it.
    And I don’t like it anymore than you men.”

    No matter what you do, it is coming.

  12. The MSM characterizing Normie-Con Muh-2A tards as Nazis is a good thing.

    They are helping Bubba lose his fear of being called a Racist.

    Embrace it. Agree and Amplify.

  13. IMO, VA is being used as a trial balloon to get an idea how national gun confiscation would work out. I’ll bet 90% of the ply my gun from my dead fingers type would meekly hand their firearms over. The remaining 10% (still millions of people) is troubling and could result in a blood bath which a not totally insane PTB wants to avoid.

    But no worries. Trump will rally these brave 2Aers hanging on to their firearms while the same remain indifferent to their children and grandchildren facing minority status in a White hating brown country.

  14. Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is guilty of a Federal Felony under US Code title 18 sections 241&242 aka Conspiracy against rights. If the Feds won’t arrest him for violating this Federal law then perhaps we the people should take the necessary legal steps to sue him and remove him from office.

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