Is There a War on Masculinity?

Is there a war on masculinity?

Absolutely, you don’t have to go any further than YouTube to see this war in action where the recent news that Jeffree Star has broken up with his boyfriend has reached 28.6 million views. This isn’t a coincidence. It is the content that YouTube wants on the platform.

There is a reason why Jeffree Star is promoted as a role model on YouTube while Wife With a Purpose was banned from the platform. Last summer, I was banned from YouTube without publishing a single video. I just watch videos and write about them here.

There isn’t just a war on masculinity in which male effeminacy is being promoted in mainstream culture to the point where “trans men” are being encouraged to compete in and take over women’s sports. The reverse is also true. In contrast to men, women are encouraged to be fiercely independent and sexually liberated. They are encouraged to join the workforce and to abort their children and rebel against the patriarchy rather than submit to their husbands.

As Bjørn Andreas Bull-Hansen points out above, masculinity is constructive. It is a positive force. It is one of the building blocks of civilization. The same is true of femininity. Masculinity and femininity are complementary and when both sexes are aligned in marriage and encouraged to be masculine and feminine the result is a family. It is for precisely this reason that both masculinity and femininity are being deconstructed, subverted and discouraged in our degenerate liberal culture while feminism, homosexuality and transgenderism are relentlessly promoted.

What else is discouraged? The single most evil thing you can be these days is a “racist.” A “racist” isn’t just someone who believes in racial differences or who hates other races. If you believe your ethnic group is unique, different and worthy of being preserved because you feel connected to it, then you are a racist. If you are of European ancestry, you are not allowed to have a positive sense of ethnic identity. You are encouraged to be an atomized, deracinated consumer. The only sense of identity you are allowed to have is a purely negative one in which you are encouraged to feel guilty over various atrocities committed by your ancestors. This is also only one front in a larger war.

Religion has been conscripted into the weakening campaign. Every aspect of Christianity which can be twisted and interpreted to promote liberalism like welcoming refugees has been played up while other aspects like pretty much everything it has to say about sexuality or other religions are played down. The ideal Christian becomes a very nice and respectable social worker who has learned to tolerate all the single moms, homosexuals and Muslims in his community.

In order to further weaken European nations, none of these rules apply to minorities. Muslims are encouraged to settle in Europe, preserve their cultures and assert their identities. Black men are similarly encouraged to be masculine and corporate advertising relentlessly promotes black male/white female couples. Refugees are deliberately settled in White areas to break down the racial homogeneity of the area. The only identities which are banned and repressed are European ones. Diversity is celebrated as a strength so long as Whites are excluded.

It is almost like there is a demon that is whispering evil into the ears of Europeans through the television and our universities. Everything that is constructive and a necessary part of the foundation of any civilization whether it is masculinity and femininity, marriage and the family, religion, the nation, racial, ethnic and cultural identity are all being sapped by some mysterious force. Healthy behaviors and instincts are all demonized and policed as -isms and -phobias while a flood of degenerate behaviors are being strongly encouraged by our elites.

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  1. Masculinity in pop culture can have a big revival. It’s simple now with social media to have parallel institutions juxtaposing degenerate culture, this site is a perfect example (Thank You HW). Independent Social Media will by pass the MSM and dominate internet media, Russia’s Yandex is so much better than Goggles with searching images, normies will catch on.

    Getting back to Masculinity in pop culture, let’s visit music.

    Big 80s hair rock was cheesy and degenerate, the makeup and vision optics/sound a copy of T Rex, glitter rock and Led Zeppelin’s swagger. During my youth this music was popular and on heavy rotation on MTV. I loathed it and thought I was more sophisticated listening to the Smiths, Joy Division, and Nick Cave.

    In the pop music being promoted today, big hair 80s would be labeled a sexist innuendo pursuit of women with male sexual dominance and not given the light of day on Top 40.

    Now I find Big 80s hair rock being the best weapon to blast when I see hipsters and Soyboys posing as musicians/ or song writers.

    The music rocks, took me 20 years to accept it and figure out it’s masculine and

    Get ready for it folks it’s, it’s


    • Metal, at least the heavier stuff, is generally very masculine. That is why when right wingers, whether pagan or christian, get together to make music it’s some form of metal or punk. I would play some Hatebreed to get the pretentious hipster faggots to vacate.

  2. There is evil at work in the world. Demons are working behind the scenes promoting chaos, perversion and civilizational destruction. Whether you label the demons “multiculturalists” or “globalists” doesn’t change their depraved and degenerate nature.

  3. Large beards are fashionable again. That is definitely a sign of revived masculinity. Right now it’s an anything goes environment, where effeminate flamboyance is just as acceptable as tattooed and mustachioed machismo.

  4. Note too how the ONLY time white men are ever allowed to be portrayed as masculine is when they are fighting some Jewish bugaboo such as Nazis or Muslims. Just more evidence confirming how totally Jewish our culture is.

  5. That is one of the most concise and accurate analysis that I’ve read in a while. It is just so well written that it borders on macabre poetry. Nothing more to add here.

  6. There has been a decades long war on women,
    to turn them into androgynous shrews.
    Degrading the most important event in a womans life, MOTHERHOOD.

  7. White people are terrified of being ostracized, and we all know who does the ostracizing.
    White people have been conditioned into accepting inter-generational narratives that are blatant lies.
    White people have been conditioned to find it safer to turn on each other, rather than face their real enemies.
    White people have little time left to unify as a people, there is no time left for atomized factions.

  8. I was taught that man is the head of the household when we marry. And that men have dominance over women. Those higher privileges and authority does mean superior obligations however like going to war and protecting us.

    Men that act like women are worms. Women that act like men are unfeminine. I know I only respect strength. That means strong will way more than it means muscles.

    In truth no one had to teach us in religion on the proper relations of authority between males and females. Everyone knows them by reason and nature. It has to be brain washed out of people to think otherwise.

    I like males to be macho. I like it when they show off in front of us.

    Every Mexican female I know agrees with me. Every Anglo girl I know also agrees with me though to a lesser extent. However, society will claim some of them when they graduate and start internalizing societal propaganda later in life.

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