A System Of Lies

If the liberal order is built on lies about universal man, equal and interchangeable individuals and the evil of “racism,” then we would expect the contradictions to start piling up as the system races to its logical conclusion. The system would start to malfunction. Disaffection would grow because reality and theory would become increasingly out of sync.

I can’t help but notice the contrast between the UK under liberalism and China under communism. Of all the nations in the world, the Chinese have the most confidence in their institutions. In contrast, the British and the Russians have the least confidence in their institutions. 80% of Chinese trust the media compared to 35% of the British. 90% of Chinese trust the government to 36% of the British. 69% of Chinese expect to be better off economically in five years compared to 27% of the British. While there is a trust gap between the general public and the “informed public” (the college educated middle class) everywhere in the world, the countries with the highest trust gap are Australia (23 points), France (21 points), Germany (20 points), UK (18 points), Spain and Ireland (17 points). The trust gap is only 8 points in the United States.

It is too bad that we can’t break these numbers down even further in Britain. I suspect there is a large divide between England and Scotland given the Brexit vote.

Note: Given these numbers, it isn’t surprising that we have recently seen things like Brexit and the collapse of the Labour Party. I wonder what the American numbers would look like without non-Whites.

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  1. How many living Limeys still believe WWII was a worthwhile endeavor? Find those that answer in the affirmative, and feed them to the Pakis and Caribs on cuck island.

    I bet those White British girls that have been sexually groomed by Mohamed and his friends wish that Operation Sea Lion was launched and successful, and they were speaking English and German now.

    What do you think the German public’s trust in Hitler’s government and Goebbels media poll numbers were? Yup, sky high.

    Liberal democracy. Fuck yeah!

    • “Groomed” ???

      Use real words, not counterfeits.

      They were slaved,
      They were gang raped.

      Stop falling for the euphemisms.

      Don’t give jewisms currency !

  2. As the saying goes;If it wasn’t for the United States we would all be speaking German now to which I respond: as opposed to our descendants all speaking Spanish? WW II exhausted the British and they lost their empire as a result and haven’t been the same sense. America filled the void with NATO and the Neo-liberal world order which Trump promised to dismantle. Instead it appears to be dismantling him! Imagine if Mosley had come to power and the UK had made peace with the Greater German Reich. Europe would not be in danger of becoming Eurabia as Angela Merkel has proved to be a greater threat to Germany than Hitler ever was. When she finishes there will be no more ethnic Germans!

    As regard trust or distrust in institutions Asians tend to be more conformist and whites are sick of the Lugenpresse! After all wasn’t the “White Nationalist” rally in Virginia supposed to erupt into Civil War and bloodshed as “White Supremacists” went on a rampage? That is, after all, exactly how the Lugenpresse portrayed it!

  3. “for the United States we would all be speaking German ”

    We are well on our way to speaking pidgin Ebonics.

    Feel me , mofo ?

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