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    • At least Germany was saved from being turned into a Revolutionary Soviet Republik in 1919-20, thanks to demobilized German troops and the Freikorps. Lenin believed the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia would ultimately fail if there was no concomitant Revolution in Germany as well. Weimar Germany is worthy of more study, it shouldn’t be dismissed as simply a decadent, disorderly interim between the Second and Third Reichs.

      • After the armistice and Treaty of Versailles, the backstabbing sentiment that the returning German soldiers felt was endemic. When they returned home, and found a jew on every corner waving a hammer and sickle flag, they didn’t need anymore motivation to subdue the Bolshevik virus.

        Rosa Luxemberg learned that her marxist rhetoric and activism had consequences when the Freikorps caught up with her.

        I think Ernst Zündel described it best when he said that the jews follow the same script every single time.

        Just think of how degrading a time it was when a German-Prussian general had to put on a live sex show to ‘make ends meet’ in front of “(((tourists))).”

        The difference between daytime Berlin and nighttime Berlin makes me wonder if bi-sexual Cole Porter’s song “Night and Day” was inspired by a visit to the German capital during the Weimar era.

        • It wasn’t anything so theatrical as Jews on every street corner waving the hammer and sickle, altho Jewish subversion infected almost every institution of society analogously to the hyphae of a pandemic fungus.

          What the Jews had done in the aftermath of WW I was to wantonly move against the farms of those soldiers who were either killed or left unable to make their mortgage payments, repossessing their farms and throwing women, children, and grandparents with no place to go into the streets by the hundreds of thousands.

          Why would anyone in his right mind believe it’ll be any different in the US, given what they did in Russia a century ago or given the barely concealed calls for white genocide their woke POC puppets are promising for us in the here and now?

  1. Does someone know the answer to this: Which president was the first to go to Jerusalem, put on a yarmulke, pray at the wall and pledge allegiance to Israel? It certainly could not have been John F. Kennedy. Johnson? Nixon?

  2. The answer was surprisingly easy to find– it was Trump!

    Bush I, Bush II, Clinton and Obama visited, but not as sitting presidents. I think candidate Romney did in 2012.

  3. It’s the jews themselves who are exclusively responsible for anti-satanism. And they use it to gain undeserved sympathy, as well as to promote greater tribal cohesion. Eventually they go too far and provoke their gentile host into attacking them. But after that happens they always flee like spiders or rats into a neighboring country, where they will regroup and plot their revenge by fomenting wars and revolutions against the people who kicked them out. So if we ever manage to rise up against them again we must not allow them to get away!

  4. There is no such thing as “Anti-Semitism” because Jews are NOT Semites!

    We MUST dismantle Jewish power, and the two planks* to be denied (to the point of death, if need be- immediate Martyrdom, let’s face it, after the mess of Richmond on Monday – as AA clearly noted!!!!) are listed below.


    “But any core concept could be the focus: Christianity or defense of the family, for example.”- A. Anglin

    1) Hollow Hoax Denial – it never happened, six million don’t exist, etc.
    2) Anti-semitism is a ‘red’ herring. Jews cannot claim ‘Anti-semitism’ because they are not Semites.

    “Anti-Semitism”? It’s a trick- we always use it to stifle legitimate criticism of Zionist Israel” – Shulamit Aloni, former Israeli Cabinet Minister

  5. The cure for anti-Shemitism is for the Jews to accept Christ and his teachings. Why do they hate the innocent Christ? Why why a thousand times why?

      • “Why do they hate the innocent Christ? Why why a thousand times why?”


        Believing in Christ violates 2 of the 13 essential tenets of jwzdism.

        1) god is incorprial, there is no physical manifestation of god.

        2) god is singular, there is no relation to god, father, mother, son, daughter etc.

    • Great point …why do they hate the innocent Christ…but we all know why.

      Just as fish will never walk on land , the children of satan cannot be saved.
      Evolution is a lie just like whole idea that “jews can be saved by accepting JC”.
      Nope, never….it’s just not possible.
      They are pure ,unadulterated subhuman evil from the infernos of hell and they have no soul.
      So there is nothing to “save”….
      The only people who can be “cured” here is our own lost people that have been drowning in a swamp of their evil ,perverted jew-promoted sins.

      Since we are not supposed to wish harm on others as Christians , meh fuck it…
      Actual final solutions are the best measures to ensure our survival.
      Madagascar….Pfff, I reckon the bottom of the Indian ocean is a better place for them ALL.

      • “Since we are not supposed to wish harm on others as Christians….”

        With your handle, I’m going to jump out on a limb, and presume you are Catholic.
        Let me tell you, this mindset of yours, ONLY works when EVERYONE in your entire ‘world’ is catholic. As it might have done, in Eire, in the early XXth Century, or in America, before the 1920’s. WE’RE NOT THERE, ANYMORE.

        The Bible, and an Orthodox Saint disabused me of this fallacious ‘interpretation’ of Scripture, some time ago. Now, I’m offering you the same freedom of conscience, and a battle plan for the future.

        1) Bible: “Do I not hate those who hate You, O LORD,
        and detest those who rise against You?
        I hate them with perfect hatred;
        I count them as my enemies.
        Search me, O God, and know my heart;
        test me and know my concerns.
        See if there is any offensive way in me;
        lead me in the way everlasting.” Ps. 139:21ff. (cf. also, Ps. 137:9)

        2) Saint: “Live in peace with your enemies, but only your personal enemies, and NOT the ENEMIES of GOD.” – St. Theodosius of the Kiev Caves

        Who are God’s enemies? Think of those who a) despise Christ/Christians, and b) flout/flaunt His Laws, and/or c) Actively seek to shackle the ‘free exercise thereof’ of the ONE faith, that ALONE founded this nation.

        Here’s just one article, outlining the battlefield.

        But, let’s just list a few of the more ‘obvious’ transgressors, shall we?
        Abortion advocates
        Transgender freaks
        non-Adamics (Blacks, Spics, Democrats, ‘conservative’ CINO Republicans, etc.)

        One will only find out the depth and severity of the depravity and antichrist nature of these criminals, once a Christian civilization is restored, and the tribunals are put in place. But until then, this is a pretty good list.

        “Go thou, and do likewise,” I believe someone once said. It’s time Christians started acting like the Army of God, and not the puerile infant at the breast, once more. And the first step, is freeing your mind of the fallacy that all men are equal, and all are loved by God, and that you have to tolerate heresy and blasphemy in your midst. Change your MINDSET, and all else will follow. BUT CHANGE YOUR MIND, FIRST. Romans 12:2

        • Thanks for your response.
          I learn a lot reading you and many others comments on this site.
          I am not a Catholic, but i do understand why you’d think that.

          I am half Italian but i kept my handle from 10 yrs ago when i first was on Chimpmania.com and G+’s forum that have both since been (((shut down)))…
          irAte irishman sounded better than irAte italian guy..lol

          My family on both sides were a mixed bunch of religious types..from Southern Baptists to Lutherans to Catholics.
          I personally never really liked the Catholic church because of the ritualistic aspect and shallowness of the services, but then again the evangelical baptists were also a bit overboard for me too..
          I never went to a Lutheran church but i live directly across from one now.
          I am just uninterested in mainstreamed religion anymore.
          They are not pro-white so i don’t bother.
          What version of the bible do you read?

  6. As difficult as it is to listen to these two ass hats, the podcast was actually quite entertaining(from our perspective) and hopeful redpilling for the insightful normie. First off, they spend the entire first hour just bullshitting about random subjects, keep in mind she’s on the show to talk about her ridiculous book called Anti-Semitism. She tries a couple times to hard pivot to her book but can’t because Joe just keep bulldozing her. They talk about the Dems for alittle while and she talks about Yang and her two criticism of him are that she not sure UBI works and that hes against cutting baby boys dick tips off. Joe sperged out on her, it was great. She even tried to cope by asking if hes a anti-vac’er too, way to look like a asshole jewess. Then they talk about Harvey Weinstien and Jeffrey Epstein and how they’re both jewish. And then over an hour in Joe finally pivots to her book. At which point they both start babbling about how they get other racism but they just don’t understand anti-semitism. After all the ridiculously jewry they discussed in the first hour. Plus the fact that he just had this yenta on like 9 months ago. I guarantee this red pilled at least a handful of people. Beri Weiss truly is bad at her job, she’s not good at making coherent arguments. IDK why the top Jews think she helping them, she helps us more than them.

  7. “Just because foxes enjoy eating chickens doesn’t mean they should not be trusted to guard the henhouse, it is blatant anti-foxism. This lack of trust is why six million foxes died at Auschwitz.”
    – Bari Weiss

  8. I’d bet that down ratio is probably double or maybe triple. We do know who runs YT. It’s like the holocaust and their 6,000,000 number that’s firm, no other number exception.

    • Joe Rogaine is a boring, aging cuck who pretends he is bad ass because he practices mma type fighting. He is clearly a liberal Democrat despite the boring Independent talk like Bill Maher.

      All these guys are bad imitators of Howard Stern from younger years. All say the stupid, foul, sexual stuff, curse like no big deal, promote abortions and gay stuff because their Jewish overlords ok it. But when it comes to politics they will never take a stand for true patriotism…ever.

      Meanwhile the first thing they do is move to the whitest neighborhoods they can find. Even the rotund, senior citizen, fake communist worth 10s of millions of dollars, Michael Moore, made a point of living in an all white area of Michigan and a very white area in New York City- the upper east side. Truly bad actors in life.

  9. I for one cannot think of a more prevalent and modernized mouthpiece for ZOG than Joe Rogainstein ….what a total cucked out druggie degenerate who is shockingly married to a serpent jewess.
    Imagine our shock…

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