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    • Yes. Like we have TIME to sip tea, ( pinkies out, ) and listen to pseudo intellectual banter. Rome is burning. Build & save the south. F&ck movies. When you’re Spiritually empty … you don’t ‘get it.’ You don’t get a lot of things.

  1. Off topic I know but when I see movies like 1917 one thing I think of is what a difference FM backpack radios like the AN/PRC-77 would have made, a game changer.

      • CW was the radio technology in 1917, radio telegraphy, which was AM. Voice was just starting after the war although there was one experimental
        transmission of voice in 1906 from a station in Massachusetts to ships at sea. FM was invented in the 1930’s by Edwin H. Armstrong, one of numerous White men who invented radio.

        No doubt next month, Black history Month, there will be a plethora of stories about Black inventors, all bogus of course.

        • You are correct, FM radio was invented in the 1930s. But RCA (under the Russian Jew “General” Sarnoff ) had a lot invested in AM radios, so FM didn’t become widely available until the late 1960s.

    • SS commando Otto Skorzeny said if his men had walkie talkies like American GIs did the SS could have gotten a lot more accomplished.

    • When are the Christians and the churches going to deny that “Jesus” was a
      ‘Jew” ?
      After all, he was born in Phoenician Galilee and not Judeo-Edom!

  2. It’s a good fillum. I understand I lost two or three ancestors at Ypres and a grand father taken prisoner in Operational Michael. It’s good film. The sceen in the German fortress when the Tommies encounter the architecture is frightening. Poor mad lads.

  3. Clouds of mustard gas drifting over a blasted landscape, giant artillery shell craters filled with mangled corpses half buried in the mud, dying soldiers crying out for their mothers…..I think I would have literally gone insane.

    • I was rooting for the Germans to kill the last Lance Corporal with the British general’s message, so the Dovers would be slaughtered by the trap set by the Germans. Oh well, a Hollywood happy ending for the Anglos in service to the Rothschilds.

  4. The worst was still yet to come in 1918, the British starvation blockade of Germany, and the Treaty of Versailles stipulations.

    Screw the Limey scourge. The modern West is by their hand and deeds. Make no mistake about it.

    • The French thought Versailles treaty was not harsh enough, they wanted to annex Rhineland and occupy Germany for 40 years. It was British who prevented them from doing that.

      • NTR,

        Occupation by the French while being dreadful would not have starved the German populace like the British naval blockade of Germany’s ports and harbors.

        • If the French had got their way, there would’ve been no Germany today. They wanted to annex most of the Germany and occupy the rest, like Napoleon did to Prussia. Do you think British blockade was worse than brutal French colonial troops such as Moroccans, Tunisians and Algerians raping and murdering Germans?

          At the end of the war, there were Americans too who advocated dismembering Germany. The British, despite accused of being “anti-German”, were the only voice of moderation on the Entente side.

          • NTR,

            I read that 900,000 Germans died after the War because of the blockade of the British. Did French Colonial troops rape 900,000 German women in 1919? I think not.

            My source was Gingko August 2,2017. Other sources might have different numbers.

            Conquering territory is different than mass murder like the British did. Saying others commit atrocities is no justification for anyone to do so.

            The actions of the British are not moderate by any sane definition.

          • NTR,

            The Americans wouldn’t have even been in World War One hadn’t it been for schemes and traps laid by the British and zionist jews to create a scenario to drap the neutral USA into the European carnage.

            The use of RMS Lusitania as a supposedly passenger liner non-combatant vessel, but it was loaded with military materials. It was Lusitania’s sinking and loss of life along with the Anglo and Jewish controlled newspapers stoking the flames that drove the USA into that conflict.

            You and I both know that without the American Expeditionary Forces to pull the British and French bacon out of the fire, Germany and her allies would have won that war, and there wouldn’t have been any Treaty of Versailles, conversations on partitioning Germany, or Engländers starvation blockade.

            If the Brits ever retake their count back from the jews and the other interlopers, for the sake of Europe, I hope Great Britain only has about as much influence in the world as Slovakia.

          • The British starvation blockade of Germany was so atrocious that families that could sent their children away to other countries but Norway in particular. Many German children that weren’t fortunate enough to flee displayed the mental and physical affects throughout their lives.

            We don’t even want to discuss the British and American treatment of German military personnel and civilians in their detention camps after they surrendered in 1945.

            Let’s not forget England teaming up with the Ottoman Empire against Christian Imperial Russia during the Crimean War.

          • During the November 11, 1918 Armistice, Germany honorably but foolishly demobilized its field army, while both the British and French remained on a war footing with complete mobilization of their militaries.

            It was during this time that both the French and British conceived the talmudic Treaty of Versailles that judged the Germans the cause of the war and demanded reparations that not even negroes descendants of Southern slave owners would request from the progeny of their former masters.

            When the German delegation arrived t the palace of Versailles, they refused to sign this foul and evil document. The British with their starvation blockade of Germany that eventually led to the deaths of 900,000 or so German senior citizens, men, women, and children forced the Germans to sign that evil treaty.

            By the way, between the Franco-Prussian War and the beginning of WWI, in all of France’s military academies, the officers were indoctrinated in “vengeance” against the upstart Germans.

            The British used virtue signaling to enter the war using anti-German atrocity propaganda of events in Belgium, but the British feared Germany as a rival as did France, so they joined together to ‘knock it down a peg.’

            Okay, let’s see how “moderate” were the British and French. They acquired all of the German’s merchant fleet of ships, all of their railroad locomotives and cars, imposed villainous war damages that sent Germany’s economy into a hyperinflation where it took a wheel barrel of Deutschmarks to buy a single loaf of bread, gave away to Poland Germany’s best mining and agricultural regions, took Alsace-Lorraine (which the Prussians rightfully retook from France in the Franco-Prussian War, as Louis XVIIII has annexed this territory), and the list of these “moderate ” concessions go on and on.

            Because of hyperinflation regular Germans had to sell everything they owned to feed their families. Jews in Germany being only 1% or 500,000 in a population of 65 million with their access to international banking and finance were able to buy 50% of all real estate in Deutschland.

            At the same time, because of these extreme austere conditions, Bavaria became a Soviet state temporarily with the aid of jewish bolsheviks and Berlin was under assault by jewish bolsheviks during the “Spartacus Coup.” Both were fortunately put down by the heroes of the Freikorps.

            As we all know, in the 1920s Weimar Republic and its jewish cultural conditions polluted German society. The people were impoverished, demoralized, and surrounded by enemy nations. And butt goys wonder how Adolf Hitler rose to prominence.

            One last thing, in the summer of 1916 when a German victory seemed likely, Germany proposed peace to England which the English immediately refused. It was at this time that Lord Balfour and Chaim Weitzman began their plot to bring America into the war by utilizing the jews in Wilson’s inner circle (I.e., Warburg, Jacob Shiff, Rabbi Stephen Wise, Loius Brandeis, Morganthau. Sr., and Felix Frankfurter) and the infamous sinking of the contraband carrying RMS Lusitania and the so-called “Zimmermann Telegram ” that was intercepted by (((British intelligence))).

        • Cristina,

          Blockade is a legitimate strategy in war. Germans would have blockaded Britain too, had their fleet been big enough. Germans starved French during the siege of Paris in 1870-71, with Bismarck suggesting French “cook in their own juice”.

          British were certainly moderate when compared to others. If not for them, French would’ve carved up Germany and American were willing to go along with that.

          • NTR,

            This was after the war had ended as I already said. The British are not moderate. Are you British? Anglo?

            Did you even read about the blockade? From the Gingko article———The British blockade violated the laws of War, International Law etc.

            Just 2 quotes from the article:

            First, in regard to the character of the blockade, it violated the Declaration of Paris of 1856, which Britain itself had signed,….

            The “starvation policy” had begun in 1914. Winston Churchill, then First Lord of the Admiralty and one of the framers of the scheme, admitted that it was aimed at “starving the whole population — men, women, and children, old and young, wounded and sound — into submission.”
            Such British policy was in contravention of international law on two major points.

            Please address the issue. Do not skirt around it or be honest and admit you do not care when British commit evil.

            Another quote from the article.

            Even the founder of the Boy Scouts, Robert Baden-Powell, naively expressed his satisfaction that the German race is being ruined; though the birth rate.

          • Your feeble and duplicitous ways of equating what was done in relative small measure during the Franco-Prussian war, in the brief siege of Paris — to what the British did to Germany on an industrial scale in the twentieth century, is rather mendacious.

            The British were absolutely not in any way “moderate” in their starvation blockade of Germany, which was targeted at civilians, and was a war crime during ww1 (depriving them of food and medicine), which they maintained even after the war, to enforce the sham Versailles “armistice”.

          • Please address the issue. Do not skirt around it or be honest and admit you do not care when British commit evil. ~Cristina

            Blessings to you Cristina, for being such an eloquent witness to the Truth.

            *I cannot possibly think of a better modern day example of Isaiah 5:20 – woe to those who call evil good and good evil – than the UK (United Kuckdum), and it’s apologists.

          • The Royal Navy’s blockade of German ports resulted in development of the U boat. As First Lord of the Admiralty Churchill must’ve been responsible for implementing that blockade.

      • To all the commentators on this thread, thank you for your knowledge and insight.

        The descriptions of complications and vicious deception from the Crimea war, WWI, and WWII are appalling to me.

        What would the white population be to this day if not for the Black Death, WWI/WWll and birth control/ low birth rate feminisms?

  5. If the US had stayed out of the war (like Wilson promised voters in 1916) Operation Michael would’ve been a success and Germany would’ve won the war. And unlike the Allies they would’ve been gracious in victory. Maybe the EU would still have eventually been established but it would’ve been dominated by Imperial Germany, not the Islamic Republic of Merkelstan.

  6. Virtus,

    Good answer. The British blockade violated International Law. The German blockade of Paris in 1870 did not. It is quite clear. I am not sure NTR will listen to reason or Law. He did not even address the issue. He just kept giving a form letter on how wonderful the British were/are.

    Close blockades were ruled legitimate but not distant ones. The article I linked explains it.

  7. Don’t watch it, please. I was invited to see this and I regret it everyday.
    1917 is year of the Balfour Declaration. The main character is called Scofield, just like the guy who wrote the Zionist Bible. There’s blackwashing of British troops and in one scene, the protagonist find a platoon where whites are shown as morons and a pajeet as the voice of reason.
    Sam Mendes, the director, is a half breed (Portuguese Creole father, Jewish mother).

    If white racialists/nationalists are willing to pay to see this anti-white garbage, it’s obvious the movement has become a joke.

    • Yeah, I noticed “our Dick” was all high on Mendes in his review. Something about Mendes seamless drama, or some such or some such blather.

      As far as the minorities go, its like sci-fi movies that portray the future as Black, African and Chinese. That’s a future I don’t want to see.

  8. 1917 is an amazing movie. Sure, a couple of wee gripes (the English-French conversation – why didn’t they just pick a language and stick with it? Also some tokenism like the Sikh guy and one black soldier; although thousands of Indian troops did die in WW1 trenches) but overall an incredible work, absolutely gut-wrenching and the heroes really are authentic, “Best of British” London boys. Shows the horror and tragedy of war. Never again!

  9. I saw the film, I wasn’t a fan of it. It felt like i was watch a call of duty video game. It was done really well but it just felt like a gimmick with a WW1 motif laid over it.

  10. “Alsace Lorraine (which the Prussians rightfully retook from France in the Franco-Prussian War, as Louis XVIIII has annexed this territory)” ~November

    That’s right November, Elsaß-Lothringen (Elsass-Lothringen), with it’s capital Strassburg (“Strasbourg”) has always been historic, core German-speaking territory that was appropriated (stolen) by Louis xiv, the “$un king”, in his imperial expansion and centralization, of the French state and empire. (*It was he who also revoked the Edict of Nantes, beginning another round of the Catholic-Protestant brother wars, and the expulsion and persecution of the Hugenots.)

    The territory was German-majority speaking until the end of ww2, when the French essentially outlawed the German language and forced them to adopt French language and hegemony. To this very day most Alsatians still have a German surname.

      • Thank you very much brother, and so are you!

        No other nation, White or otherwise, in the history of the world, has been as maliciously slandered, and totally dehumanized, as has been the historic German nation, and her people, to this very day.

        It is an utmost honor to rightfully come to their very deserved, and completely justified defense, especially historically.

        Germany is the heart and soul of Europe, and of Western Civilization.

  11. For Big Spence, Docc, Brahm and the rest of the Gen X R.A.H.’s……

    For 2020 and Beyond (sorry, I’m in the Pink Heavy):

  12. There’s a lot of anti-White themes in movies these days. Take “Joker.” All the villains are white, from the yuppies killed on the subway to Thomas Wayne and Murray Franklin. There are non-whites attacking Arthur Fleck early in the movie, but they’re “just” kids. A fetishization of black women runs through the film: Fleck fantasizes he’s with a dark single mother, and the two psychologists assigned to help him are also dusky ladies. They’re all put-upon angels, apparently. He does kill one of the state headshrinkers at the end, but it’s only hinted at, unlike the other blatant butchery done to whites.

    So-called “White privilege” is basically on trial in the film, along with the inequality and cruelty of the capitalist system. (At least the latter is real.) Gotham is a chaotic, garbage-filled, crime-ridden cesspool with the multihued masses under the thumb of the uncaring white elites, who at least get to attend a special showing of Chaplin’s “Modern Times” in tuxedos and evening dresses. The rioters inspired by the Joker’s violence are a rainbow of victims of the system run by the ebil crackas. With all the leftist political themes in the movie, it’s odd that Joker is the least political character in it. He’s out for revenge against those that have harmed him, not trying to burn down society.

    I have no idea why the movie was so celebrated by White preservationists.

    Way of the World has a similar take on “Joker”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsyTFD-7za8

  13. Notice the two men are both corporals and runners behind enemy lines-the same as Hitler was in WWI. I did notice 1917 was the year of the Schofeild Bible and the year of the Balfour Declaration. It also was the year of the Bolshevik revolution. Hidden codes to Jews in the audience? Without 1917 there would not be an Israel! Or if we add 1917 we get 18 or three times six. There is that number again. Or another way is saying it is 6 + 6 + 6

    • For America, the year 1913 was a doozie as well, with the passage of both the first federal income tax, and, the mother of all harlots, the “Federal” reserve (central banking) act.

      All brought to us thanks to the foreigner Paul Warburg (protege of Jacob Schiff) and president Wilson’s “advisor” (handler).

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