Michael Bloomberg Touts His Pro-Israel Credentials

According to Michael Bloomberg, Donald Trump is forcing Jewish voters to choose between their foreign policy and domestic policy views while Bernie Sanders wants to transform America into a kibbutz. Trump threatens Jewish values. Sanders threatens Jewish money.


“WASHINGTON – Michael Bloomberg blasted President Donald Trump for his support of the far right and emphasized his unwavering support for Israel, at an event for Jewish supporters in Florida on Sunday, criticizing his fellow Democrat Bernie Sanders along the way.

Bloomberg attacked Trump for “trying to use Israel as a wedge issue for his own political purposes.” He called the 45th president’s use of Israel in American politics “a disgrace.” He added that “we must never let Israel be a football that American politicians kick around.”

“There are those who will cite the embassy move [to Jerusalem] as a reason to support President Trump,” Bloomberg said. “To that I say very clearly: If I am elected, you will never have to choose between supporting Israel and supporting our values here at home.” He said that, unlike Trump, “I will defend both.”

Meanwhile, Donald Trump spent the day commemorating the Holocaust and huddling with Bibi Netanyahu in preparation for tomorrow’s release of the Kushner Middle East Peace Plan.

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  1. Jews, jews, jews. All the time. No matter what the issue. All over the television. Complete domination of Congress. Jews on Wall Street wrecking the heartland. A stranglehold on foreign policy. Running the censorship of social media. The “holocaust” as the country’s new unifying event and symbol. The whole country revolves around jews. What a disgrace.

  2. I will never again vote for a candidate– at any level– who pledges allegiance to that vicious “shitty little country.”

  3. What would the reaction be if I were to run for office and my campaign banners incorporated the Romanov double-headed eagle?

    • Romanov double-headed Eagle will always make a excellent tattoo on a white males shoulder! However only by it’s self, no connecting tribal/mosaic art fart.

      My wife, however being a mix of Polish and Italian ethnicity…

      Never gets my sense of humor with this coat of arms masculinity?

      • Perhaps your wife could get a small, tasteful tattoo of the Roman eagle clutching a Fasces with SPQR written underneath it?

  4. “Tikkun Olam” has been morphed, through Marx and other (((secular theorists))), into the leftist mania for trying to force change on the gentile world. “Repairing the world” is a mitzvah, goy, so let your virtuous betters do it to…FOR…you. We’re all just malleable clay, of course, meant to be molded according to our (((master’s))) whims.

  5. I doubt his pro-Israel credentials are as impressive as Trump’s, but it would be good to have an openly Zionist Jewish billionaire as president, if only to remove all doubt about who is really running the country.

    • Ricky Butt-Goy Vaughan,

      You don’t think having the king of the jews, the messiah of the jews, and the zionist POTUS in American history is enough evidence of “who’s calling the shots and in control?” The boomercon normies are thicker than a Chinese phone book, but if they can see through this transparent façade, then they must have taken the brown acid at Woodstock.

  6. It looks like netanyahu has gone full jewish schizo in that clip…look at his facial expressions and body language of the first 2 minutes…he’s starting to go over the edge..lol

    • Agreed. Barely able to contain himself. Excuse my vulgarity but he appeared one second away from dry-humping Trump’s leg.

      I’m sorry but there was just no other way to properly describe it.

  7. Holocaust memorial day again? This is like the twilight zone man, seriously this has to be the 20th one this year

    I find it ironic that holocaust memorial day was out trending kobe bryants death the other day on twitter that has to piss off the black community a little bit lol

  8. Mike the Kike made a candid admission the other day….yes, he too has benefited from, ahem, white privilege.

  9. We can choose between the communist jews of the Democrat party, the Zionist jews controlling Trump, and now the vanity campaign of yet another jew.

  10. Oyyy veyyy, goyim. It’s truly incredible how these politicians trip over themselves for Israel. In New York Governor Cuomo flew out to Poland for The Holocaust Memorial Day.

    Money in politics has created subservient politicians to the highest bidder. Yet Bloomberg is Jewish and super rich needing no donations so he does the routine. Yet he knows he has to cater to blacks and browns far more due to their numbers in the Democratic Party and thus his putrid sucking up to blacks regarding his stop and frisk police policies while he was mayor.

    Bloomberg is a creepy dude. He literally stole a third term despite a two term limit. He is fine with a wall for Israel but not for America. Bloomberg talks nonsense about never-ending immigration and how we have to let them all in because their values are better. Yet for Israel I don’t hear that same line.

    The Democrats are filled with lunatics. Just the fact Trump is using this public charge rule and has heavily curtailed Hud from spreading the way Obama used it to create election tampering and the fact at least some wall is up including the reinforced one which was basically nothing under previous presidents is fine for me to vote for him again. The Democrats want white people dead and gone.

      • Yes, keep waiting on your ultimate candidate to get elected. You will be about 400 years old when it happens. If you can’t see at least some progress on the wall( yes those 100 miles or so of replacement fencing were needed too) then I don’t know what to tell you.

        Trump is now clamping down on birth tourism and using the public charge rule. Tell me, who else was or is remotely discussing or doing such things outside of Trump? Bernie Sanders is too busy running around with Aoc and Sharpton.

        Not everything is negative all the time, man. Trump’s got my vote. I guess all those thousands at his rallies are all cucks, too, right? Lol. Stop living in a negative fish bowl 24/7.

    • He would be immediately denounced.

      They want to keep crèches off of public property but the menorah is okay.

      I really dislike living in Eretz Israel.

    • No, most are too cowardly to do it and don’t want to offend Jews and Moslems. JESUS said you will know his true followers by their fruits..Now we get politicians pandering to fruits.

  11. Our people faced the exact same question in the heart of Europe in the 1920’s and 30’s. Then a true leader arose and demonstrated the way to our salvation. In return we joined forces with the enemy of our people and destroyed not only that leader, but also our very kinfolk, in a horror storm of mass murder, destruction and rape.

  12. ” If you believe our country can do better.

    If you want to join the fight to make sure that we do.

    Join us here: https://t.co/auaAEKNvpd #UnitedforMike pic.twitter.com/o7IDE2FuHD
    — Mike Bloomberg (@MikeBloomberg) January 26, 2020 “

    WHOSE Country ???????
    I can assure you there my little chicken swinger, America IS NOT YOUR Country !

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