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  1. Not being a reader, particularly not of fiction, I gave this novel no attention when I saw it reviewed, upon its release, several years ago; but within the last year or so, when I happened to learn its idea, I was so impressed that I was downright eager to read it. Unfortunately, the prose is so poor that I simply had to stop reading it after a few pages.

    A while ago, I read an article in which it was remarked that the ability to create melody stands apart from the other aspects of musical talent. A writer of great melodies needn’t really know how to play a musical instrument very well.

    The same is true, I would say, of storytelling. There are writers of fine, fluid prose who have no gift for the creation of story, and there are great storytellers who really don’t write very well.

    Having been born in 1953, I am old enough to remember the release of “Goodbye, Columbus,” the 1969 film that put Roth on the map. (I, at least, hadn’t heard his name before that movie of his 1959 novel of the same name.) Never had I read a single sentence of any of his books until I looked at those first few pages of “The Plot Against America.” I’ll say it again: Couldn’t read it, but what a great idea for a story.

    • You, Bonocorsanno, are a self-admitted PHILISTINE. I shall therefore have nothing more to do with you. Begone, wretch.

    • Bone of contention! Good to have you back commenting. It’s been a while….
      But yes. Many of the great melodists are not orchestrators. Especially in the fake talent pool known as Hollywood. Gershwin was one of those rare breeds- he could write good melodies, orchestrate them, and try his hand at a variety of genres. Sadly, he was of the race of Deicides. But, he’s dead now, so I can enjoy his music… Sondheim is another case in point. If it weren’t for Jonathan Tunick, his orchestrator, all we’d have are those little motivic ‘bits’ and quirky rhythmic versifications for voice and piano. But, when compared to that bastard Lin-ManHHHHUEL Miranda, and his crap music, I’d go for Sondheim any day. Of course, I only wish there were more R&H tunes out there. But then again, Jews. ‘You’ve got to be taught, you goyim dull, to do what we say, for good or ill’ – that bit of Talmudism still rankles.

      • Thanks for the greeting, Fr. John. I enjoyed your remarks on those well-known songmakers.

    • PS A few minutes ago, it occurred to me that the release of Roth’s novel “Portnoy’s Complaint,” not the movie version of “Goodbye, Columbus,” might have been what brought his name to my attention and what put him on the map. Sure enough, Wikipedia says that that novel was released at 1969’s beginning, just a few months before the “Goodbye, Columbus” movie, and that that novel is what brought Roth wide attention. So–it was all happening at the same time, there in the heart of the counterculture days.

  2. Few Americans to the left of …well, US are aware of Lindbergs’ anti-war stance and understanding of Jewish behavior. I myself am vaguely aware of his visits to Henry Fords’ home and long talks with Mr Ford in his study. My point is, I think that this film will add to the ranks of those with an understanding of Jewish subversion and criminality. Hope springs eternal.

  3. Read the comments…. The piggies are excited and appreciative to down more of their media slop and brainwashing.. “This looks great. Can’t wait”….. “OMG .. DAVID CHASE AND PHILIP ROTH… THIS WILL BE EPIC”

    • Which I lost interest in, in the first five minutes. Everyone touted it as a great ‘neo-nazi’ story, but it was the same Judaizing propaganda. Nazis bad, opposition good. I want a movie that GLORIFIES truthfully what made the National Socialists SUCCEED, and THEN, I can judge for myself TYVM, whether it was ‘eeeeeevillll’ …. or not.

  4. I read the book years ago. Charles Lindbergh is elected president and keeps the United States out of the war. Isolationism overcomes international interventionism.(Sort of reminds me of the classic Star Trek episode where Kirk, McCoy, and Spock are whisked back in time to the thirties in order to eliminate Edith Keeler who led a peace movement that kept America out of the war long enough to allow the Greater German Reich to develop nuclear weapons and win WWII) Speaking of Lindbergh:

    ” We can have peace and security only as long as we band together to preserve that most priceless possession, our inheritance of European blood, only as long as we guard ourselves against dilution by foreign races. It is time to turn from our quarrels and build our White ramparts again. This alliance with foreign races means nothing but death to us. It is our turn to guard our heritage…before we become engulfed in a limitless foreign sea.”
    Charles Lindbergh, Readers Digest, November 1939.

    Now do you understand why the Judeo-Liberal Coalition (JLC) hates him with a passion?
    I think we are engulfed in that endless sea now and are in the process of drowning!

    • Generally speaking the jews have not tried to vilify Col. Lindbergh for his outspoken America First activism. I wonder if they were responsible for the kidnapping and murder of his baby?

      • The FDR regime wisely avoided persecution of Col. Lindbergh during the war because they knew it would create a public backlash.

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