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  1. Rick has the balls of steel to call out these parasitic people. He’s right, when they finnaly get their way we’ll all be Palestinians. President rabbi cheeto Blompf is leading the way, Pharoah and his slaves, Q trust the plan.

  2. Could you imagine CNN, Fox or MSNBC conducting an interview like this? So much for America’s “free” press.

  3. Rick Wiles throttled that lying, sleazy, rat-faced Mossad mouthpiece. If it was a boxing match, the referee would have stopped it.

    Fantastic performance by Mr. Wiles. Brilliant takedown of that sheenie pos.

  4. This is the second excellent TruNews video I’ve watched. My only criticism: I believe the obvious smirk on Cohen’s face at the very end was there because he knew that Wiles concluding this political discussion with Jesus Christ was a big mistake, weakening Wiles’ political credibility and alienating a large portion of his otherwise receptive audience. Of course the smirk also revealed the smugness of usual and customary Jewish superiority, real or pretended.

      • Exactly. Mr. Wiles is a religious man and a pastor of a Church in Vero Beach, Florida. Of course he should mention JESUS CHRIST as he- like many billions in history ( myself included) believes CHRIST is the Son of GOD and through HIM is the only way to get to HEAVEN.

        Ironically Islam holds JESUS up far higher than Judaism. HE is considered a prophet in Islam while wacky Judaism holds HIM to be a fraud boiling in excrement. This is what happens when you believe the crazy talmud which took over Judaism many centuries ago. I would rather deal with an atheist Jew over a talmud believing one. Truly tragic beliefs.

  5. TruNews has also talked about how the rabbis tell Blompf that Gematria says he’s the Messiah (they’ll later say he’s a mere second-class moshiach, for the –ptui!– goyim). Previously they told Magic Cheeto Man that he’s the second King Cyrus. Blompf is an incredibly egotistical man, so he laps that grandiose b.s. up. The more orthodox heebs are even preparing to rebuild the Temple, because they think that finally the Americans won’t get in their way. Blompf is easily manipulated by the jooish courtiers whispering he’s God into his ear, while simultaneously filling his pockets with gold. And to think I used to laugh at talk of jooish conspiracies.

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