The Wignats Were Right About Donald Trump

UPDATE: To the credit of Nick Fuentes, he is attacking Yoram Hazony’s sham “National Conservatism” conference on Twitter.

It is no secret that I have long disagreed with Nick Fuentes and Greg Johnson about Donald Trump and the wisdom of voting for the GOP in the 2020 election.

As longtime readers of Occidental Dissent know, I was fully on board the Trump Train in the 2016 election. Unlike Johnson and Fuentes, I was far more skeptical of Donald Trump, the GOP and conservatism though due to their history. We had seen these anti-establishment populist movements come and go many times – the Reagan Revolution, Buchanan Brigades, the Contract with America, the Tea Party – over the past fifty years in which the GOP and mainstream conservatism have been politically dominant in the United States. In each case, the Republican Party hijacked, neutered and ultimately tamed these populist movements. There was always a better than average chance that it would happen again with the MAGA movement.

In the 2016 election, my attitude toward Donald Trump was essentially trust, but verify. I voted for him and encouraged others to do so. I was willing to give him a chance. He seemed to represent the arrival of populism and nationalism in the United States. I thought he representated a positive trend. I was overly excited by Trump’s rhetorical assault on mainstream conservatism in the 2016 primaries. I took him at his word. I even went to Washington, DC to attend his inauguration. While I had trusted Donald Trump enough to vote for him in both the Republican primary and the 2016 election, I immediately shifted into verify mode after he won the presidency.

It took less than six months for us to learn the truth about Donald Trump. Those of us who pointed this out at the time, however, were dismissed as “wignats” and “blackpillers.”

  • In the first six months, the nepotism of the Trump administration was already on full display. Jared Kushner and Ivanka were given enormous power which they have wielded ever since solely because Donald Trump is Ivanka’s daddy. Trump famously attacked Syria in April 2017. Jared Kushner was already pushing out Jeff Sessions and Steve Bannon who were his rivals in the White House. From the earliest days, Trump has run the White House like he ran the Trump Organization, not as a “nationalist” or “populist” ideologue.
  • In the first six months, we were plunged into the Russia conspiracy scandal and Robert Mueller was appointed as special prosecutor. The Ukraine conspiracy will culminate in Trump’s acquittal by the Senate next week. This is the second scandal that has consumed the Trump administration. It will be followed by a third and a fourth.
  • In the first six months, Trump staffed his administration from top to bottom with conservatives and his political enemies. He surrounded himself with people like “Mad Dog” Mattis and Rex Tillerson and Gary Cohn who were there to undermine him to defend the status quo. He approached governing the United States like managing the Trump Organization and his reality television show The Apprentice. He saw himself as the “leading man” of the administration. He is the face of the administration on Twitter. This is why he told Mike Pence during the campaign that he would be the most powerful Vice President in history. He delegated the work of actually governing to conservatives.
  • In the first six months, Trump shelved his populist and nationalist agenda and embraced Paul Ryan’s Better Way agenda. He spent his political capital on delivering Paul Ryan’s agenda. Because of the filibuster in the Senate, the only way anything significant like Obamacare or the Trump tax cuts gets done in Washington is through budget reconciliation and that trick can only be used once a year. He used it on tax cuts because it was the only thing that Senate Republicans could agree on other than their project of dismantling Obamacare. The Trump administration has been defined since the beginning by the steady advance of mainstream conservative policies. That’s because when you elect a “National Populist” president like Donald Trump you are really electing an incoming government and the thousands of people who will comprise the government and do the work are all conservatives.
  • In the first six months, the Alt-Lite dumped the Alt-Right and began trashing it because the 2016 election was over. The Alt-Right had served its purpose in the 2016 election and was kicked to the curb. It was clear before Trump was even sworn in as president when Mike Cernovich hosted the Deploraball that the Trump era would just be a perpetuation of the status quo and what moving the “Overton Window” really meant. As we saw at the 2016 RNC Convention, it had always meant normalizing homosexuality. That’s how the Overton Window shifted. White Nationalism didn’t become more acceptable. In fact, it has been condemned by the Republican Congress at least two or three times and Steve King has been frozen out of committee assignments. National Populism didn’t become more acceptable either. Jeff Sessions and Steve Bannon were both fired by Donald Trump. Needless to say, this is all proof that Donald Trump never had a real ideology. He is just a marketing executive, a con artist, an opportunist and the archetype of the American demagogue.
  • In the first six months, it was already clear that the Trump era would be dominated by lackeys and grifters like Charlie Kirk who spoke at the 2016 RNC Convention. These are the people who have truly flourished in the Trump era. There hasn’t been any ideological “realignment” of the GOP. Ann Coulter is ideological. She was marginalized. So was Jeff Sessions and Steve King. Sheldon Adelson has been Trump’s real horse whisperer as we can see with the pardon of Sholom Rubashkin and the assassination of Qasem Soleimani.
  • In the first six months, we already knew that Antifa violence was soaring under Donald Trump and that nothing would be done about it. We also knew that social media censorship was becoming a problem and that nothing would be done about it either. Neither Big Tech censorship or Antifa had been major issues in the 2016 election.
  • In the first six months, our fate had already been determined. It was actually determined BEFORE the 2016 election. We were pumped and dumped and baited and switched by Republican operatives. Everyone who voted for highly misleading ideas like “conservatism” or “nationalism” or “populism” which resonate with the instincts of people who are rightwing GOT the same old liberalism. We never GET the substance of what we vote for in elections. We only get words, tweets, token gestures and political theater which after election season are systematically walked back while unpopular policies are pushed through Congress.

This was all clear before the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville.

Greg Johnson is a man of ideas. Donald Trump is not a man of ideas though. He is just a demagogue. He isn’t motivated by ideas. He is motivated by more earthly things like money, power and social status. He believes in WINNING. The substance of those victories aren’t really that important. Donald Trump could declare victory over Neptune like Caligula and bring seashells back to his followers and he would still be celebrated by his cult of personality.

If you want to find out what ideas Trump is running on in the 2020 election, check out Charlie Kirk’s upcoming book The MAGA Doctrine: The Only Ideas That Will Win The Future or Don Jr.’s Triggered: How The Left Thrives On Hate and Wants To Silence Us. It is the more of the same vacuous movement conservative garbage that anyone could find on display at a Barnes and Noble over the past twenty years. Far from representing any breakthrough for “nationalism,” we are operating under the same old conservative formula of preying on and exploiting grievance politics.

Isn’t Donald Trump a “nationalist” though? Isn’t he advancing the idea of “nationalism” just by being the president? Conservatism has been the organizing ideology of the Republican Party since the Reagan era. It has forty years of political victories under its belt. Everything really turns on what you mean by “conservative” though. The devil is in the details. American conservatism is “conservative” in the sense that what it wants to “conserve” is liberalism. The “conservative” brand is more popular than “liberalism” which is why it is used by the Republican Party.

George W. Bush was a conservative liberal. Donald Trump is a nationalist liberal. By nationalism, he means that our nation is great because the substance of it is liberalism. Rich Lowry attended the National Conservatism conference and recently wrote a whole book called The Case for Nationalism: How It Made Us Powerful, United, and Free. By “nationalism” and “conservatism,” Rich Lowry means liberalism in the sense of being dressed up in the Stars and Stripes and celebrating the Constitution. This is just window dressing though because while the word “conservative” has been traded for “nationalism” it means EXACTLY THE SAME THING.

Greg Johnson has been reading Yoram Hazony’s book The Virtue of Nationalism likely in the hope of reassuring himself that the ideology of the GOP is changing in some substantial way. Hazony made it crystal clear that this isn’t the case when he banned Peter Brimelow and Patrick Casey from the first “National Conservatism” conference and invited John Bolton to speak and had David Brog invite any White Nationalists in the crowd to GTFO of the building. Nick Fuentes was blacklisted and banned from CPAC and the Turning Point USA conference last year. When Barack Obama was president, White Nationalists like Jamie Kelso were allowed to attend the conference. Such has been the shift in the Overton Window under the Trump presidency. Michelle Malkin was deplatformed from speaking at Mar-a-Lago and is now hanging out with Nick Fuentes.

It is too kind to say that White Nationalists have become the niggers of the Republican Party. In the Jim Crow South, it was considered lower class to toss around slurs like “nigger.” The word “negro” was typically used and also in the sense of being a term of endearment. The Old South was a paternalistic culture. The blacks were “our negroes.” They had a place in our society under segregation albeit a lower social status. In contrast, White Nationalists have no place in the GOP. They have no place in the conservative movement. They have no representation. They have no place in America. They are actually lower than “niggers” and even drag queens in the conservative stack. We always treated our niggers much better than these people treat us today. We took care of them, provided for them and looked after them. We get no credit for that.

Do you remember the Joker movie? If you were dying in the street, these “National Conservatives” would walk right over you. They wouldn’t even call an ambulance out of the fear of being seen with you or “linked” to you by someone like Jared Holt. Why should we be so servile to these people? Are we that desperate to participate in meaningless elections?


Greg Johnson wants to focus on the question on whether the Dissident Right can swing the 2020 election against Donald Trump. This is irrelevant. Regardless of the size of our political clout, we all have a decision to make and that decision is whether or not to vote to reelect Donald Trump and to support the GOP in the 2020 election. We all have to determine for ourselves whether the last four years of having Donald Trump as president is worth renewing for a second season. Is it better or worse than the alternative of Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders being president?

In the 2016 election, we approached that election like we were all on the same team. We were Donald Trump supporters. We identified with him and voted for him. We created and spread memes. We made the case for him as ardently as any of his other supporters. We supported him more ardently than most of the people who were hired to work for his administration. Donald Trump’s enemies became our enemies, but after the 2016 election was over we were all cut from the team. We were dumped and left to fend for ourselves. No one came to our defense when the Left went after us. We were thrown to the wolves.

Are we stupid enough to repeat the same mistake in 2020? Have we learned nothing from that experience? If Donald Trump wins the 2020 election and we go to bat for him like in 2016, the result will be that conservatives will win, we will lose and we will catch all the flak for the effort. We will continue to fight wars for conservatives. Why should we be fighting their wars? What have these people done for us? What have they done to deserve our loyalty?

The answer is nothing. They have done nothing for us. We can expect nothing from them. We get nothing in exchange for fighting their battles. It has gotten to the point where they can’t even be photographed in the same room with one of us. These bold defenders of free speech who would rather be seen with drag queens. These enemies of Antifa. These people are “National Conservatives” now. Give me a break! It is now the same old Jewish racket that it ever was and it is more Jewish than ever before with Israelis defining “American Nationalism.” Have you heard that Trump might even let Jonathan Pollard return to Israel before the 2020 election? Mamma said … Muh Muh Merica First!

Perhaps I am just a high-time preference wignat. I can’t see what 50 years of the conservative movement did for the ideal of conservatism. I don’t think that Donald Trump and Charlie Kirk are helping the cause of nationalism or populism. I see a bunch of liberals who are our avowed political enemies trying to associate themselves with “nationalism” and “populism.” If we give these people another four years in office, the result will be worse than George W. Bush’s second term. Since Donald Trump has been president, our analysis and forecast has consistently not been pessimistic enough. We should have been chastened by the 2016 election which we got completely wrong. Some of us got the 2018 election completely wrong too, but not this website.

Bernie Sanders is actually the lesser of two evils. At least the damage that Bernie will do as president will be laid at the doorstep of socialism. At least it will be recognized as damage rather than as victory. At least no one on the Right will be “trusting the plan.” At least Trump’s supporters will be alert and mobilized to oppose the damage rather than suffering from the complacent delusion that they are “winning” and “Making America Great Again.” At least that will be the end of Jared Kushner and Bibi Netanyahu and MIGA controlling the White House.

None of this is to say that we should support Bernie Sanders. It is just better for us to have an open enemy in office than a demagogue and a fake nationalist. The Trump presidency is mostly history now and with the benefit of hindsight we can look back on it all and say that those people who were called “wignats” and “blackpillers” were right. Those who didn’t trust the plan in the Dissident Right were right and the Trump fan boys were wrong. Why would they be wrong about 2020 when Charlie Kirk is the face of the Trump campaign and after Trump and the GOP have taken over $200 million in donations from Sheldon Adelson?

The 2016 election feels like it was twenty years ago. Donald Trump was drained by the swamp. He is running a standard and boring conservative campaign now. He cut taxes. He rebuilt the military. The black unemployment rate is lower than ever. The U.S. embassy was moved to Jerusalem. He tore up the Iran Deal. He appointed conservative judges to the Supreme Court. He used nationalism and populism as his booster rocket to carry him through the 2016 primaries. The man is openly running as a conservative now though. He is saying mostly the same things that Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio or Ted Cruz would have said had they seized control of the Republican Party. He has even implemented Jack Kemp-style opportunity zones in Detroit.

Are we better off than we were four years ago? It’s true that our web traffic has increased under Trump, but wasn’t that also true of Obama’s second term? Wouldn’t that have occurred anyway under Hillary? When Barack Obama was president, Counter-Currents was selling books on Amazon and PayPal. The “Alt-Right” label hadn’t been completely trashed and identified with Donald Trump. If Donald Trump has been so great for us, why have we ditched the label? It still means Trump supporting Republican on social media, NOT Heilgate or Charlottesville.

The best course of action is to remain neutral in the 2020 election. In our hyperpolarized partisan environment and with our political isolation and lack of representation in the GOP and small relative size, the Dissident Right has nothing to gain from entering the fray. We shouldn’t choose between two evils. To quote an old African proverb, when the elephants fight, it is the grass that gets trampled. The Alt-Right got trampled and never recovered.

I’m sure that Greg Johnson and Nick Fuentes will disagree. I look forward to hearing the case for Trump in 2020. I’m guessing that it is somewhat weaker than the case for Trump in 2016. I’d like to know how reelecting Sheldon Adelson’s man will somehow advance our cause.

Note: It is unnecessary to make the case against Bernie. I don’t plan to support or vote for Bernie Sanders. Why shouldn’t we remain indifferent to this shitshow?

How about a rap battle over 2020? Who is cringe here?


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  1. Greg was also defending Ricky Vaughn (Douglass Mackey) a few days ago, too. I’m pretty sure he only does this because his opinions are all defined by his opposition to Richard Spencer.

  2. Trust the plan guys.

    What is the plan?

    a) We right wingers now!
    b) Tell your followers to support Republicans.
    c) Get screwed over.
    d) Boo hoo!

    a) We left wingers now!
    b) Tell your followers to support Democrats.
    c) Get screwed over.
    d) Boo hoo!

    3. Go to 1.

    Good plan!

    • “””….What is the plan?…”””

      De legitimize all institution and bring the system and global order down. Trump is one big wrecking ball. For example now people think that they must put right people for example to the Supreme Court. They must understand that this institution is prone to corruption and must be gone.

      It is problem everywhere. Poland has currently fighting with their Supreme Court and trying to get rid from their life appointees. Also they think that EU is good, when we elect right people. The problem is that EU was designed for tyranny and corruption and because of that, it is irreparable.

      We need new society, new institution, new economy new finance new international rules and new everything. People must understand the same thing that they understood 100 years ago. Kings and knights are not the problem, aristocracy is very prone to rot and must be gone.

      Trump, picking up all battles and pushing things constantly over the edge, does a great service to demolish Jew world order and this is why he must be supported. When Donald build the wall, then next president takes it down and that,s it. Until money is created by Jews, nothing goes better. And when institution is designed for tyranny, then it is little help when time to time, normal guy happens who does not abuse his power. But after normal guy, bad guys came and then we go again.

  3. We are denigrated and persecuted because we oppose the paymasters of the elites. There is no one in the multiculti snob world that wants anything to do with us. When the historical winds change, some will come running to our side, but don’t forget that no one is doing so now. All the so-called little people are tissues that can be used and flushed, in their eyes. Remember that, too.

    We should be developing our own cooperative systems that don’t need or want the approval of TPTB. Slowly build our own power bases in our own communities that will be fortresses of collective sanity in the middle of the chaotic atomization that has led to our society and civilization circling the drain. Jefferson was wrong to want a republic of farmers. When your main concern is your land, your property, you can be isolated and overwhelmed by outside forces. “Voluntary collectivization” with the like-minded brings safety through numbers, and through shared goals and cultural allegiances. If you want to preserve what’s left, you won’t be able to do it alone.

    • BTW, that insecure, gloryholing, gloryhungry Johnson is worried about you becoming a leader of the Dissident Right, HW. The slight of you “LARPing” as a spokesman is jittery projection on his womanly part. When have you ever proclaimed yourself a leader? Johnson’s desire to be seen as the Buckley of our crowd is almost palpable. His absurd defense of Blompf’s total betrayal on the issues that got Rabbi Cheeto elected is weak and pathetic. Johnson’s trying to align himself with power; to snuggle close to Daddy. Disgusting. As you’re not on social media, his taking shots at you on Twatter shows extreme cowardice. May the backstabbing queer get penile leprosy.

  4. I wouldn’t be to worried about election results in America or North America for that matter, the system is rigged, everybody knows that, but I think Trump does have some love for America and what it means to be American, look at his properties, he could have been a lot richer spending his money on being a slumlord like the top 10 slumlords in New York did, he could have been #1 by far if he wanted.
    We’ve given fair warning to America, Europe and the rest about where the road their on leads to, we’ve done our duty to mankind and paid a heavy price for doing so…I heard somewhere that trying to destroy a rotten system is futile, that system will destroy itself no matter what you do, so it makes more sense to develop parallel systems and a strong community amongst ourselves and await the avalanche of newcomers when the whole cart tips over.
    If I was American, I would take 30 minutes out of a day in 2020 and vote for Trump because the alternatives aren’t an option, but I would spend the rest of the time strengthening our position and organizing for the inevitable.

  5. This redefinition of “nationalism” is pretty much in line with the so-called far right and nationalism in Europe, though. The “nationalism” of the Swedish Democrats or (((Geert Wilders))) is about promoting a “national” identity around liberalism and opposing Islam because it is anti-liberal (and anti-Zionist). All the Ameritards who think that because the (((media))) says the far right is rising in Europe that means we are seeing the second coming of Adolf Hitler are deluding themselves. There are a few exceptions, all in Eastern Europe but mostly the electoral “nationalist populist parties” are just liberal Zionists who realized that liberalism and Zionism won’t survive if you let too many Muslims in.

  6. Shame on you for trying to keep our movement on the fringes, HW. I had no idea you were such a megalomaniac.

  7. Brad, nothing is going to change until the Jew and Roman Catholic political alliance, that Tom Watson warned about, gets broken up.

      • Especially when the ‘faithful’ have an antichrist bastard sodomite as Pope….. and they don’t even know, or seemingly care. Save for one. Ann Barnhardt- I’d nominate her, as an American, for Sect’y of Defense, in a new, godly Order.

        She’d scare the Piss right out of the Pisslam crowd, and the Sodomite Crowd, as well.

        “Bruce Jenner is a man. And furthermore I consider that islam must be destroyed.”

        • Is that the same Ann Barnhardt who openly loves kikes, and calls to stand with the Jews against “Anti-Semitic Marxist Muslims”?

          You really have a habit of taking up for neo-cons.

        • Secretary of Defense is an Orwellian oxymoron. Ever since the USA changed to Department of Defense from the War Department, it hasn’t defended the homeland, but sure shed a lot of goyim blood overseas for the jews and Southeast Asains.

          And no, Ann Barnhardt wouldn’t hold any cabinet position in a sane administration.

    • Krafty back at it again making claims Catholics are the problem. Protestants and Jews go hand in hand and have done so since the start of World War Jew. Protestants particularly those with an Anglo background are traitors to their race and religion.

      • The two most successful Croatian politicians in the US have been John Kasich, and Dennis Kucinich both major assholes like you. Both married to White women who are Protestants.

        The Political Cesspool is promising to have a Croatian General on the show, who is pushing for all Croatians to return to the homeland. Here’s your big chance to get back to your Catholic roots.

        Also, I don’t know if James Edwards knows that the General led troops against the Serbs.

        • Krafty Worker,

          You sound like a spurned lover. Are you pissed off that some Catholics stole the jews away from you post-WWII? You can take woo them back. They like WASPs. Where would they be without them?

          • @November Yeah Murica and Israel are the best countries on the face of the earth. Hell muh people are being slaughtered but did you catch that sports ball game after church yesterday fuck yeah murica hur dur hur don’t you know God is gonna bless us if we support Israel hur dur hur god damn commie socialists are working with ISIS and Iran to harm Israel hur dur dur hur. I fucking cannot stand these retarded Evangelicuck protestants. They gargle Jew cock and will then sit here and say retarded shit like it’s the Catholics who run the world.

        • @Krafty Wurker Here you go again naming two individuals out of millions of Croatians worldwide that number 4.5 million in the country of Croatia and 2-4 million who live outside of Croatia. You want me to go down the list of Anglo politicians that are major cocksuckers like yourself? George HW Bush, George W Bush, Jeb Bush, Bill Clinton, John Roberts, Susan Collins, Jeff Flake, Ben Sasse, Dan Crenshaw, John McCain(part Irish), Lamar Alexander, Lindsey Graham, Jimmy Carter, Lyndon Johnson, Harry Truman, ect.. the list goes on and on and on. Also since you want to be a smartass and bring up the Croatians fighting against the Serbs then let’s look at the Irish and British who fought one another in Northern Ireland not too long ago. You make it as if you and you ancestors hands are clean when they are covered in shit.

          • CROAT0517,

            Don’t forget all those Protestant evangelical zionists that ‘tea bag’ jewish scrotums with glee and devotion. Muh Israel!

      • CROAT0517,

        That Croation general on the James Edwards radio show does sound interesting. If it occurs I will try to listen to him.

        I believe James Edwards has mentioned what the Baptists did to him because of the race issue. Not even Baptists are what they used to be. I think Mr.Edwards left the Baptist religion because of that.

        • @Cristina Romana Alva. H. I know James often has on Dr. Tomislav Sunic who is a former Croatian Diplomat and one of the most intelligent individuals in the Nationalist/White civil rights movement. Yeah Baptists are notoriously cucks when it comes to the issue of race. At least half of Baptist congregations are non white especially Southern Baptists.

          • CROAT0517.

            Thank you for the information on Ivan Pernar down below. Sometimes western European types forget there is an Eastern Europe. I am including myself in such a category.

        • Well Ivan Pernar is Croatian and he is the best politician in the EU, by far. He hates the (((church))) though.

          • @Jijcf Ivan makes good criticisms of the church such as not allowing the clergy to marry and the covering up of child sex abuse but on almost every other topic related to Catholicism he is wrong.

  8. Mr. Wallace, as usual, you are right on target. 100% correct. Why aren’t there more of us that see that? I suspect that because politics has now become like a religion: a faith. Can you really persuade a Muslim that his “holy book” is nonsense, and that a 6th century Arabian war-lord is not a spokesman for God? Of course not. Belief and faith are immune to logic and reason, and immune to history I might add.

    I cast my first ballot in 1980 for Reagan. I remember Falwell on national TV saying, “Reagan will give us 2 SCOTUS seats. Abortion will be illegal by 1990.” Yeah, I remember that. I remember the cheers as Reagan took center stage like a Caesar. America had an orgasm over Reagan. Yet nothing good happened, even though the GOP controlled both houses. Factories were dismantled, wages dropped, homosexuals became bolder and more aggressive. By 1996, my professors at Ohio University weren’t even hiding their contempt for White, Christian America and Western Civilization. (yes, I was an “older student”)
    I met Morris Dees back then, he was a friend of one of my professors. Addressing my class, he had nothing good to say about our culture and his contempt for us (whites) dripped like honey off his lips. That was 25 years ago.

    Keep writing Mr. Wallace. You are among a very few who sees things as they are: not as you wish them to be.

    • You had the chance to [tell] off Dees, and you didn’t? Sigh. “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” By 1996, you were a student? Son, you’re a mere kid…..

  9. Forgive me, but “wignat” , like “net neutrality”, is one of those terms whose definition constantly eludes me. Are wignats the equivalent of plastic stahlhelm Nazis?

  10. This is spot on–really sharp analysis. The sooner the race traitor capitalist Zionist pig Trump goes down, the better for our people and our struggle.

    Why is an open homosexual like Greg Johnson even treated as a respected voice in this movement? What’s next, “white nationalist” trannies?

    • I dislike Greg as much as the next wignat, but to gregs credit he’s not an open sexual.

      He denies it outright or he sidesteps the question by saying he’s not going to dignify that with response.

      Which I prefer honestly

      White nationalism is fake & gay though. White nationalism implies we have a nation, we don’t. Most natsocs are attracted to the Hollywood meme of what national socialism is. I’m against using or heavily identifying with Hitler/nazism because regardless of what Hitler was historically the vast majority of people attracted to it in 2020 want to be Hollywood nazis and would’ve probably thought Hitler was a leftist care-fag.

      Most natsocs, like your buddy Eric striker (one of the most confused people I’ve ever encountered) will call himself a conservationists. When Hitler was an open environmentalists and even attacked conservationists as bourgeoisie hobbyism. Hitler spent a lot of his political capital enacting not fake & gay conservationism but actual hard hitting but necessary environmental regulation. Hitler enacted his tough environmental policies before his major legislation on jews or other racial laws. It cost Hitler a lot of political capital, and yes it even put some working class people out of work (unlike America he did find jobs for them, but industrial dislocation is never popular. At least not until people have a new job)

      Mike Enoch laughed at the idea of factory farming elephants for ivory. Hitler would have you killed for that. Germany’s anti-animal abuse laws were very strict and outlawed circus performance animals (circus have always been heavily Jewish from the shuttle) and cited elephants intelligence as an extra act cruelty that wouldn’t be tolerated.

      This affirmation of animal life and environmentalism isn’t a side issue to German national socialism.

      It is fundamental to affirm the beauty of the natural world and our place in it.

      Mikes apathy towards suffering in factory farms is disgusting, and Hitler wouldn’t of had any of it. He banned factory farms before crystal knock (which was politically more popular) and nazis required all food to be grown organically (what nazis considered organic was much stricter than our standards)

      I still think Hitler was very flawed philosophically. While Hitler upheld Nietzsche as the greatest philosopher I dont think he (or even Nietzsche himself) really internalized the problems with Christianity and what “western values” really are.

      20th century fascism was simply a secularized and militarized enforcement of “western” (read jewish/christian) values.

      Westernism should be discarded with, Nietzsche and Hitler knew what had to be done but didn’t have the heart to crush their own people’s jewish imposed identity.

      I have zero desire to “protect the west”

      and Hitler was always sandwiched between his desire to be a revolutionary and being a reactionary. Making the whole project as incoherent as TRS trying to ally with e Michael Jones

      Petty bigots like mike and reactionaries like striker embody everything what’s wrong with identifying as a white nationalists.

      Striker & Mike promote a secularized Christian morality, using e Michael jones arguments against Jewish power is completely impotent.

      Christian or “western” morality is a morality of personal responsibility. You’re not going to no-fap jews out of power.

      Our conflict with jews is a materialist struggle, and only a materialism will save us.

      • Strawman of Akkad,

        Some us NatSocs are very familiar with Ricardo Darrè originally from Argentina, but became the Third Reich’s environmental minister. I consider myself an environmentalist in the sense that authentic environmentalism naturally conserves both flora and fauna.

        The NSDAP is now 100 years old. Of course, offshoots are going to adapt to the present, but keep intact the principles that underlies National Socialism.

        BTW, no NatSoc that I knew or know ever LARPed as a “Hollywood Nazi.” You’d be surprised at the libraries many have of NS books translated into English that have out of print for 50+ years.

        • @November

          I’m not saying there’s NO GOOD natsocs, there definitely are. However i’d stand behind statement. The average 4chan nazi is effectively an Uber conservative. Their minds can only conceive of punishment as a means of dealing with social ills. That is why I call them Hollywood nazis. German national socialists first instinct was to try to help better people, not punish them. Exceptions being militant activists, but even lots of the rank-and-file communists of said militant groups were offered redemption.

          German natsocs believed in ‘tough-love’ most American self identified natsocs do not even see rehabilitation as an option for “degenerates”

          A lot of comes down to the fact that Germanic people are more pragmatic while anglos are more moral/dogmatic. A sinner *must* be punished, not because they think it’ll improve the society but simply because Americans pop a justice boner anytime they have an excuse to punish a sinner.

          I believe people must be shown empathy and compassion first, if they refuse to get on board then you back it up with hard force. Tough-love has to includes love, not moralistic rhinos searching for fires to stamp out.

          Also I would argue a healthy racialists *should* be able to enjoy, respect and get along with other races. I give people more leeway on this because whites are so under attack white people aren’t able to encounter or deal with the other with healthy boundaries. None the less simply hating all non-whites is retarded. Claiming all non-white culture is trash is retarded. Again, I’m softer on this point because of where we find ourselves but we need a much healthier racialists outlook.

          The angry goy video game is perfect example of this or mr bond. I actually kinda like mr bond, but I take him as seriously as another rapper but you see people unironically mr bond posting (heel turn folks) it’s sad to see.

          German national socialism was still a little to reactionary for my liking but it was more forward thinking than nostalgic, how ever the other problem I have with modern natsocs will hold up hitlers words like a constitution. Again going back to the most American natsocs are simply conservatives, who are nostalgia fags.

          Hitler saw the limits of materialism, but was far more of a materialists than American natsocs. Materialism in the marxists sense isn’t consumerism, it’s about how material position is affecting your relationship to power. Hitler had empathy for germans coming out of Weimar, he expected everyone to improve but he wouldn’t go to a guy who was living in the slums of Berlin before he took power and except him to act like an SS officer.

          Almost all modern natsocs fancy themselves a mini furher or SS officer. When natsocs talk about national socialism would benefit them in a non-fantasy manner ill believe them. If you’re working as a manager at autozone you’d probably be in a similar position in life under national socialism so dont tell me about some estoric himmler mysticism, tell me about how national socialism will benefit you as a pion (no disrespect, I’m a pion as well).

          Most natsocs envision the entire German society as a militarized Marshalled environment. Like you’d go to your office job in an SS uniform and salute your boss as you walk in, and if you fuck up…. your boss will discipline you like an army sergeant. None of this is true.

          All of this is fantasy, and the fetishism of the marshall aspects of national socialism is what tells me these folks ain’t serious. They are not even trying to envision let alone create a whole and balanced society. While we are definitely missing the marshall spirit domestically, but most everyday germans were not goose stepping to work, or living a militarized life. Most were normal people working normal jobs.

          • This is based.

            “Western Judeo-Christian civilization” is a cancer, an enemy of the Aryan Heathen folk soul. We aren’t going to save Aryanity with cohenservative bullshit. And the key to defeating the Jews lies in dialectical materialism and mass revolutionary class struggle.

            I would disagree with using Eric Striker as an example though. He is generally a good guy, who is doing more than anyone else to turn white nationalism into a socialist and anti-imperialist movement. I don’t agree with everything he’s said but the worst shit he wrote was when working for (((daily stormer))) so he was just going along with his masters. I haven’t seen anything horribly cringe from him since then.

    • Oh, Lord God, I sincerely hope we have a mass insurrection before that happens. Better that that streets run red, than to legitimize any freak, any further. REPENT,* and turn from your evil ways, America.

      * from the Gr. ‘metanoia’ to turn 180 degrees, and go in the opposite direction….



    Wow, never thought i’d see the day that greg johnson would endorse white nationalists to withhold our vote to the gop.

    Wignats & Amnats agree, don’t vote gop 2020 and make pro-white politics an electoral threat ?

    Bantz aside, in one sense you’re correct. We are not coherent enough of a group nor are
    we organized as an official electoral voting block that can be integrated into either of the major party’s as a legitimate body. However, this is taking the maximalists interpretation of what a voting block is.

    US electoral politics has a long history of unofficial voting blocks on both the left and the right. In times past left liberals had to obfuscate their alliance with racial & sexual identities. While you can pull up plenty of quotes of FDR openly stating his desire to end segregation, you can also pull up plenty of quotes of FDR playing good optics in front of white crowds and obfuscating or outright lying about his desires. While blacks were some what integrated into FDR’s publicly facing coalition, they were still marginalized, sidelined and expected not to be visible. FDR arguably did a decent amount for blacks in the cultural landscape he was navigating but that is largely irrelevant to my point that he still pumped them for votes while not making them visible.

    Homosexual rights was another great example of left liberals having to “hide their power levels” and using the homosexual rights activists as democratic activists/voting block while keeping them invisible and publicly counter signalling them.

    So the phenomenon of having a small but heavily engaged unofficial voting blocks is nothing new to the left or the right.

    As we’ve learned from the information coming out about smartcheckr/clearwater ricky vaughn clearly had an intent to identify and fundraise and funnel the alt-right into bland republicanism.

    The reason why your fellow amnats insist on over representing our influence and taking the most maximalists narrative of us “memeing the presidency” is because it justifies the border concept of American nationalism to their shit tier reactionary audience. You can obviously argue we didn’t win the election for Trump while supporting American nationalism in theory, however that requires a much higher IQ and much much much more stable EQ of the average viewer/reader of any of the big amnat platforms. Anglins, and now fuentes strategy to directly court the incels leave them with an audience that doesn’t have the intellect but more in importantly the confidence or emotional stability to hold both thoughts simultaneously. To the average fuentes or stormer fan, if they thought they were expandable and had little to no influence they would simply lose interest and fall into some other resentment focused subculture they felt had a winning potential.

    People with low trust and lack self confidence like incels do, are completely risk-averse and is why they went amnat instead of wignat (wignats have our own low trust insecure folks on ourside that comes in the form of the c0lLaPaSe iS c0MiNg crowd, but they have a false bravado of being adventurous while passively waiting)

    So if your message was to become dominant in amnat circles it would lead to an implosion of clicks, which in the goyim farmers world is unacceptable.

    Amnats appeal is that we can simply vote for the most “based” Republican primary candidate but vote gop no matter what, and posting n-word towers under bluecheck marks will “push the Overton window” and even though the gop is terrible now, in 10 years our n-word towers will guarantee our victory over billion dollar funded think tanks and lobbyists groups.

    The average amnat will intellectually admit he’s out of power but emotionally they feel they’re ascendant and just a couple of Steve kings away from victory.

    Bursting low trust insecure people’s bubbles doesn’t harden their resolve, it crushes them.

    Stormfront were far more successful at the amnats game than the amnats. Stromfront people had close relationships with the run Paul campaign and had congressmen that would take their personal phone calls. David duke had a political/working relationship with murray rothbard, and could coalition build in the libertarian & plaeo-con circles. Many young people my age or younger might downplay the significance of David dukes electoral success, but an ex-klansmen winning a congress seat was confirmation at that time the pro-white vote had legs. Despite the official narrative of duke losing the governor and senate race, everyone in Washington knew they had to pull out all the stops to defeat him, and if given a fair shot was close enough he could’ve won. I’m not really a fan of duke, and people who dislike him will say something petty and myopic like “he still lost” but that is largely irrelevant to the point of whether or not we’re a voting block or not. The votes were there and party leaders/strategist they knew they we were only able to rid themselves of duke by cheating and party operatives were coming up with watered down kosher approved race baiting they could integrate into their own establishment campaigns

    Can you imagine any Republican congressmen meeting with anglin, fuentes or forny???

    James Edwards of the political cesspool was one of the most successful amnat propagandists. He was openly pro-white, worked on the Buchanan campaign, maintained relationships with mainstream and quasi mainstream politicians, had his show aired on the radio, and was able to operate on the periphery of the mainstream.

    The GOP has a party could’ve easily of banned their politicians coming on his show, but they didn’t. They wanted his audience, trunews still has their press credentials at the White House. Don jr went on to the political cesspool in 2016 a radio show associated with stormfront.

    Unlike the gay activists of the 70’s and 80’s we were never integrated into the party formerly or publicly and have been kept as a ‘black block’ of potential voters. And unlike the gay activists we have actually seen our marginalization increase over time. From John Birch to stormfront white nativists movements have been pumped & dumped.

    Sadly both the Birchers and stormfront continued to shill for the gop even after being publicly abused them.

    The meme of the based zoomer is retarded, but serves a valuable purpose. It allows amnats to disassociate from the recent past of the total failures of the amnats strategy.

    The current crop of racist-rightwingers will never touch stormfronts success of the 80’s and 90’s (yes storm front didnt exist in the 80’s but it was an outgrowth of the same people like David duke, Jack black and James Edwards)

    James Edwards had a million times better optics than fuentes and regular had (and to a much smaller degree still has) mainstream politicians on his show and had relationships with Republican operatives. The current amants will never ever have a 1/100th of the impact of the storm front had. They’re less connected, organized, less funded and less mobilized than 1.0’s and yet they think they can take their playbook and win with it???

    Saying we’re not a voting block obfuscates the failures of prowhites being used as a voting block.

    The problem is we’re *too dependable* as a voting block. While a single flex will never change anything in isolation, us denying republicans the vote is a necessary step to regaining some agency and political clout, even if it’ll only be whispered about by dc gop operatives.

    TRS has settled on a new narrative to force feed their audience back in the gop goyim farm. “If Trump loses 2020 it’ll be blamed on his ‘white nationalists’ positions” while that’s probably true or at least part of the official narrative but that’s ultimately irrelevant.

    We know we can red pill normies, that’s why they censor us. It doesn’t really matter if we red pill them today or tomorrow, what’s stopping us is the lack of moving room.

    If trump loses because of us (not just not voting but by being directly and openly hostile to voting) I’m sure CNN will say “America rejected trumps racism” but gop leadership and strategists would be more likely to actually throw us a bone on censorship to court us back to the gop.

    I’m sure Charlie kirk actually thinks he can win a significant amount of blacks to vote trump. I’m sure gop leadership is hoping and wishing there’ll be enough based black guys to make up the for a smaller base vote, but it won’t work and if Trump loses because of us they would feel more pressure to actually pander to us.

    Voting trump 2020 simply reaffirms to gop leaderships their most cyclical views of us, and they can pump-n-dump us and we’ll still show up to vote.

    Denying trump a 2nd term would be more powerful than us taking down Dan Crenshaw. The gop knows Crenshaw is our polar opposite, so if we took him down it wouldn’t change their perception of us. They would expect us to hate him, but would expect us to love trump. If we went hard on Trump it would scare them so much more, because as much as they fear “racists” they really don’t like “racists” that don’t for fall neatly into their cartoon cut out of what a bad right wing racist looks like

  12. Brad, I’m going to keep Trumpo and the Republicans guessing. Let them guess if I will vote, and how I will vote? That’s smart money.

  13. Checked my mail after 2 weeks yesterday, there was another fundraiser from the Trump campaign. I donated a thousand in 2016, and soon regretted it. When he chose Pence I already knew what the deal was.

    This one went straight into the trash. I will not be supporting Trump in any way, shape, or form in 2020. He continues to bring them in by the millions, and so he is my enemy.

    HW is 100% correct. Sit this one out. We have no dog in this fight.

    God Save The Southland.

    • yes we do: the Red Jew (((Sanders))). Because

      Whites in ‘Murka are rapidly running out of demographic time.

      we will only survive via an accelerated collapse. 2030

      will be too late.

  14. I am with Ahab. How the hell does anyone even visit a website of an open homo? Anyway yall whiteboys is crayzee. Umma voat 4 witcheva one uh dem crakaz gone up muh baby formula a munt. dis 4 can aint enuf fo my raerae.

  15. I think there will be some positive outcomes for us no matter who wins. If Bernie is elected, non-whites will get all the credit for defeating Trump and maybe more conservative whites will begin to understand the realities of immigration and race. If Trump wins, whites will take the blame and anti-white hate will increase, hopefully leading to a rise in white racial consciousness.

  16. Of course we were right about Trump, the federal government, and GOP infiltration, and forming IRL groups, which is specifically why the jew WEEV and the Daily Shiller attacked us, THEY ARE FAKE NATIONALISTS. Greg is an irrelevant homo, and Fuentes LARPs as a news anchor. Also, I have never seen Hunter claim to be anything more than a pundit.

    Whites lose once and for all in 2020.

    Local politics, moving to better areas, building business (becoming doxx proof) online presence, community building, self defense. THIS IS NOW THE STRATEGY.

    GOP infiltration and cheerleading is peak NPC. Fuck these shills and idiots, they are not welcome on my farm.

  17. I look at the right in general, the people who call themselves conservatives or nationalists or America first in 2020 and shake my head. It is a total mess. It is embarrassing and I want nothing to do with any of it.

    Outside of the grifters, shady characters and nonsense and antics like catboi – what is the message coming from it? What are its ideas or goals? Does it have anything to say on economy? Or healthcare? Or foreign policy? Is it in anyway serious? Does it have anything to say that anyone who has a family cares about? Immigration is not even a issue on the table in 2020. Trump is in no way credible on the issue and therefore the issue is irrelevant. Maybe these fools can try again in 2024 and get lucky before Texas turns blue. Good luck to them.

    They have one argument and it’s the same one I have heard for decades. What they have is making the lesser of two evils argument and begging everyone to vote GOP. It’s pathetic. The GOP won’t even let them in the building and yet they are out shilling for them again. I have no respect for these people. I never read or listen to anything they say anymore. They got everything wrong over the last couple of years and have become nothing more than a boring Trump cultists with GOP talking points. Occidental Dissent keeps me informed of all their current nonsense and boring arguments of why I should vote for Trump and the GOP and it just instills in me further how irrelevant they all are in 2020. They have been reduced to nothing more than a voting bloc that the GOP can count on while getting absolutely nothing in return for it. Hell, the GOP wont even give us healthcare – literally nothing.

    Trump has nothing to say in 2020 either. The energy and excitement of 2016 is gone and everyone can feel it. The rallies are the same as they were in the Midterms. Boring with the same cast of characters and mainstream conservatives along with alt-lite grifters.

    They have nothing to say that I care about. I find myself much more interested these days in listening to the rising populist left who are making real arguments and talking about things I care about. Populism is what matters. That is what is rising. The vast majority of what is known as the “dissident right” is just a bunch of paleoconservatives complaining about immigration while at the same time shilling for the GOP who is 100% in the pocket of Woke capital. As long as the right refuses to call out and oppose Woke capital they are wasting all of our time.

    I will 100% not be voting for Trump and the GOP in 2020. Not a chance. They are a sinking ship and I have gotten off. Anyone who ties their name to Trump and his failing administration in 2020 is a fool.

  18. Even though we know that Trump isn’t what he marketed himself as, I think it’s a mistake to throw him over for a Communist. The low info normies believe that his nationalist rhetoric is being implemented. It would be a bad for them to get the idea that it’s not a stance that the American people want. We will need their votes when a genuine Nationalist candidate appears.

  19. If Trump gets elected to a second term and is still unable to accomplish anything that ought to be living proof that change cannot come from within. In other words the Ethno-State resolution is the only solution. Not just the south but the entire white heartland needs to start think seriously about red state secession and the formation of a White Heartland Republic as a free and independent nation. This late in the game history has afforded us a golden opportunity to ascertain the political toxins that are killing the United States and make sure said toxins do not take roots and grown in the White Heartland Republic. (WHR)

    Speaking of dissidents I caught a radio show by former Duke staffer Jamie Kelso and was appalled. He was slamming Duke and white racialists and has caught the Civic Nationalism bug but is is cuckoo for Trump!

  20. I’m hoping Greg’s arguments aren’t as shallow as they first appear.

    He wants the movement to not go after Trump because:

    1) Trump was a net good, although small

    2) Hunter Wallace et al are misguided people who advocate silly and dangerous things – unlike the “Slow Cleanse”

    3) We have better things to do with our time

    On the other hand

    4a) Going after Trump might cause Trump to lose

    4b) The movement is too small to move the needle in any meaningful way

    4c) The movement did/did not help Trump get elected

    it’s all very confusing and tiresome:

    I agree with 1 & 3) Trump was a purchase of time only; that time was not used well.

    Consider if the Alt Right would have done something similar to John Mark and Curt Doolittle rather than follow the likes of Enoch, Anglin and Spencer we would be in a much stronger position. Will the movement spend the next four years more wisely with Trump than with the Democrat?

    I think our message will resonate much more with the target audience once they realize that America is dead. That is the real obstacle, the hope folks have that the dead can be brought back to life. I will be happy if Trump goes down in November; whatever he was, he is now a retarding force.

  21. Both political parties want us dead or imprisoned. Why would we support those responsible for White Erasure, Agenda 21, Kalergi Plan, and The Great Replacement? For another pitiful and cowardly “lesser of the two evils” cope? Screw that! Voting in ZOG elections only reinforces the cognitive dissonance of our predicament.

    Voting for Blompf makes us no better or different than those misguided MIGA boomercons. Let the chips fall where they may. Like Jim Morrison sang, “No one gets out alive.”

  22. After all this talk, and revelations about Drumpf, I thought, “What DOES Bernie stand for?” The man’s a COMPLETE IDIOT, he’s basically ‘free everything for everybody, no questions asked!”

    sorry, not only is he a God-damned Kike, he’s a fool. And nothing is worse than a damned fool.
    Becuase the only thing he can do, is take everyone down with him, when he fails.

    I may loathe DT, but I STILL loathe the Bolshevik from Vermont, MORE.

  23. The fundamental flaw in AmNat/paleocon strategy is believing that by latching on to MAGA and not being too critical of conservatism/civic nationalism, we’ll somehow win over the “normies”.

    Orbiting around Trump’s brand of tr00 conservatism is not a winning strategy. The whole reason why I joined “dissident” politics in the first place was when principled anti-war conservatives and libertarians presented themselves as an alternative to Bush’s neoconservatism. If Lew Rockwell and others had said things like “we need to support Bush because he’s better than Kerry!”, I would have been less interested in what they had to say.

    Instead they opted to ruthlessly attack neoconservatism and the GOP, and set the stage for Ron Paul. And even though Ron Paul’s presidential campaign was quixotic, I firmly believe that Ron Paul actually succeeded in pushing the Overton Window in a positive direction. Many of the original “AltRight” were Ron Paul supporters in the 00s.

    And the AltRight itself grew because it presented itself as an alternative to mainstream conservatism. When the post-Cville AltRight opted to mutilate itself in accordance with Ricky Vaughn’s agenda, the movement died. It lost its reason to exist. Being a “memetic vanguard for the GOP” was not enough reason to justify its existence. Even Red Ice, as great as it is, lost its edge during the intense period of GOP/MAGA support in 2018. And this ideological retreating is how violent accelerationist groups grew on Gab, feeding off the frustration and depression of people who saw the AltRight die and wondered what the hell had happened.

    If the “Dissident Right” (I hate that term) opts to repeat the AmNat strategy of 2018, then the cycle will start all over again. We must be an explicitly pro-White movement that is distinct from conservatism if we want to avoid the fate of the AltRight.

  24. you mfers know you are dealing with mossad-kgb and child fucking kikes right Morris Dees did the okc 95 false flag with his precious kikes and Pieceznik pieceznik and the rest of Soviet Pissrael…you mfers need to read and also this

    you are surrounded by zionist death cults and paramilitary religions infiltrated subverted and controlled by a massive satanic spy grid of statew control all to protect the judenrat

  25. stop dropping n bombs one thats what they want you to do…the system is the enemy and the lies of the jew can only be met with broad opposition….you need to oppose all their tentacles and eclare them illegal and remove them and their juden puppet congress ignore these fake artificial computer driven puppet POZ simulation “movements” with feds its sarkhov shit infiltrate be covert and go broad at least you stupid fucks there is no massive uprising in a National jewish hyper racist talmudic as fuck psyop hoaxing security state aka ZOG

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