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  1. Left wing/self hating whites are just as evil as kikes and brown people. They have no place in a sane society and need to be removed. The police are just as bad. Police up until the early 1990’s actually were 97 percent straight white males now in 2020 most are non whites, wahhhmen, faggots, and the rest are grug brained bullies for ZOG.

    • As I’ve said on this forum before, when I was a very young college student at a So Cal Christian college, we went on a trip/vacation to the SF Bay area, for a medieval society thing. After we had been to the event in the day, we were back in the city late that afternoon, and, while waiting for a light to change to get to the hotel to crash before dinner, I was seated on the passenger side while my GF was driving her car, and the rest of our friends were in the back seat chatting away. On the opposite side of the interchange was an SF Police car. The non-driving ‘officer’ was intently staring at me, and I suddenly realized, he was cruising me (this was the time of the Village People’s “YMCA”) – the utter revulsion, fear, and knowledge that such people existed- and could/would use their ‘power’ for their own lusts, was my first encounter with such folks. (The three attempts by RC clergy in So Cal to seduce me, beginning two years later, is another story – and why I eventually left the ‘Church.’- cf. “Goodbye, Good Men” by Michael S. Rose) Power corrupts, and absolute power (it would appear) is the desire of every sodomite on the planet- and Jew.

      Just look at Whore-hey Bergoglio; Harvey Weinstein, Schiff, Soros, et al. Just sayin’…..


  2. Yep. Mostly brainwashed white kids taught to hate themselves in college and kiss black and brown butt forever and ever. Yet another reason not to vote Democrat ever. For the Bernie Sanders lovers, most in the video are his supporters showing once again how treasonous it is to vote for him

    Democrat politicians created this mess by pretending non whites are always victims. Then they allow mostly black and browns to not even post bail for many crimes and just walk. From there we get retarded whites calling for never ending invasions from South of the border. These types are even too cowardly to speak out against Burkas or the fact Islam represses women. Only whitey and Christianity are condemned.

    The lunatic Governor Cuomo is playing this game of slobbering to non whites and letting them out of jail while at the same time pretending he is pro cop. Then he wonders why New Yorkers keep flooding out of there.

    The other issue is the Democrats are simply becoming a non white party. These white bread kids become like goons to prove they are not raycisss.

    The city and state are on the brink. It could not happen to a better place. When Trump wins again, riots will happen in various cities.

  3. I truly wish these people could suffer the consequences of everything that they desire. They are clueless about what it takes to build and maintain the civilization that tolerates their very presence.

  4. These people want to subvert law enforcement under the guise of “social justice” so they can replace it with themselves and their Bolshevik/Stasi snitch network..a lot of the leaders of this movement are direct descendants of the genocidal Red Army Bolshevik “holocaust survivors”, they are reading from the same playbook and doing the same things that led to the Bolshevik revolution and subsequent slaughter of 65 to 100 million people…except we’re not Russian or Chinese peasants and would wipe them out in an armed conflict, so they will try to disrupt and cause chaos in everyday life until they conquer us or we destroy them.

  5. Like scenes from a nineteen eighties comedy movie – the tall beard talking about daddy makes me recall Dan Ackroyd in Trading Places.

  6. I wonder how NYC will function when the corona virus starts raging there. I think all the lawyering in the world won’t help.

  7. 200 hours of community service having them remove grafitti, trash, etc.

    Show them what communism is like.

  8. They aren’t communists, they’re radlibs. Don’t confuse the reds with the liberals. The liberals are infinitely worse.

  9. It is now a state beyond satanic faggot. They sacrifice thousands per faggot life. Think of all those hideous losers watching the no talent NFL. Upchuck.

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