KAG: Shakira & J. Lo’s FULL Pepsi Super Bowl LIV Halftime Show

In case you missed it, I am sharing it here so that everyone can enjoy it. Just as a reminder that the wignats and blackpillers were right about American Nationalism too.

The Public Discourse:

“Is America a creed or a culture? Reno and Lowry’s books are both healthy reminders that Americans do, in fact, need to have a culture, that the culture needs to have heroes, and that historians need to delineate them for us, or else they stand as nothing more than spavined Machiavellian cynics. The irony, though, is that our creed is our culture.

In 1916, Elias Lieberman, an English teacher in the New York public schools who had emigrated from Tsarist Russia at age seven, wrote a free-verse poem, “I Am An American.” Although almost forgotten now, it was popular enough to be anthologized in my mother’s literature schoolbook, which is where I first encountered it eons ago. The poem spoke with two voices, one a descendant of the American Revolution, the other an immigrant whose “ancestors died in the mines of Siberia.” To the “Great White Tsar,” the immigrant’s “father was an atom of dust,” his “mother a straw in the wind.” But

In the light of the Liberty torch
The atom of dust became a man
And the straw in the wind became a woman
For the first time.
“See,” said my father, pointing to the flag that fluttered near, “That flag of stars and stripes is yours;
It is the emblem of the promised land,
It means, my son, the hope of humanity.
Live for it—die for it!”

Those words were Lieberman’s testament of love; they still sing in me.”

See, the irony is that the creed is our culture.

Sure, we are being displaced by the creed and our culture is being systematically torn down and we are being replaced by this commodified pageant of tropical degeneracy on display below, but isn’t that what makes America the promised land and last hope of humanity?


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  1. People who obsess over pork ball are mentally and spiritually empty anyway…our lost folk….I bet there will be a homo/pedo halftime show within 5 years because kikes bought the NFL with all the money the stole from America with Federal Reserve swindle

    • > I bet there will be a homo/pedo halftime show within 5 years

      That won’t be good enough. They need live sacrifices to Moloch on stage.

    • It’s also black / brown worship. Or OTW : Other Than White. Notice on 90 % of commercials (((they))) just can’t have blonde and blue. Nope. Gotta be light brown. Where’s Richard Spencer with a manifesto, ( after all these years, ) to create Confederacy 2.0 ? Oh yeah … he’s liking Obama, hating Trump and watching football.

      Who else do we have out there ? Hill retired. Duke’s a one pony show : Hate all Jews and all Israel. The pagan goat sacrificer got busted. Hunter’s too young and busy doing a great job with OD. Guess we have to re elect Trump to buy time while we figure it out ???

  2. Parallel institutions of white based culture, is the solution, with social media via the internet. It’s possible now vs 1993 to 2007 lacking mobile high speed devices, cheep easy to use for all ages , and a site to reference to on the net Occidental Dissent an example to build a community.

    Watch this tonight with my wife and 5 month year old son awake on her lap eyes wide open taking it in.

    I told her it was degenerate, anti white and lacked artistic musicianship.

    Her eyes rolled back and said I was over reacting.

    I replied:

    America has not reach peck degeneracy.

    • I believe the only way white America and whites worldwide will wake up is when normies face the same prosecution and violence we face. It’s easy for them to watch many of us get locked up on bs charges and watch some antifa faggot sucker punch Richard Spencer while he’s talking to a reporter but when the white middle class normie starts feeling the pain things will start to change. As of right now the normies are still protected by the current system. If antifa goes up to a white guy who is non political and who is heading to his office job and they beat him over the head with a bike lock and steel pipe then they are going to face serious criminal charges and the book will likely be thrown at them. However if someone in our circle has the same thing happen to them the police more than likely won’t even write an incident report. Until it reaches the point where the normie receives the same treatment that we do then nothing will change.

  3. Magic Dirt transforms Somalis and Salvadorans into flag-waving, MAGA hat-wearing normies? Gosh, I shouldn’t want to stop such fine, upstanding instant Americans from pouring over the border, should I?

    • Americanism is a state religion, like Political Correctness, which believes dirt, words, the flag and other inanimate objects transforms 3rd worlders into 1st worlders who will be just as good as or better than White people.

  4. The halftime show was perfect 2020 America. Disgusting, foreign, brown, sweaty, degenerate, and completely alien to anything I am invested in as a straight white southern male. It’s hilarious, but it really truly is America. Which means its nothing at all, of course.

    • Negro worship, jungle music, corporate sponsorship and total jewish control….Everything I hate about ZOG USA was on full display in Ghettobowl LIV.

  5. I haven’t watched nigger ball since the Mike Vick dog torture events occurred. I simply have no interest in watching niggers run up and down a patch of grass.

    I watched the first episode of the Aaron Hernandez documentary on Netflix last week. I plan on watching the other two this week.

    Turns out he was a homosexual as well as a serial murderer. At least three murders and one more alleged. He did these all while collecting millions from the NFL.

  6. The corona virus pandemic is truly a ‘black swan’ event; an exogenous shock to the world’s economic system by crippling China, the world’s second (perhaps the) largest economy. This affects trade and money flows in unpredictable ways and diminishes confidence which is necessary for transacting business. Oil prices have fallen to about 50 USD/barrel (42 U.S. Gallons) which leads to bankruptcy of fracking in the U.S. which causes debts to go unpaid as one example. Chinese markets reopened today and fell down limit immediately including commodities such as copper and iron ore.

    The financial markets, the dollar, international and domestic trade, the likelihood of debts being repaid to a significant extent, banking, commerce etc. are all inextricably linked and interdependent. If one part of this exceedingly complex and delicate system fails it will bring the whole financial system down with it. There is very little flexibility or resilience to the world’s financial system, it’s like an upside down pyramid with all the debt in the base and gold, i.e. honest money at the tip, and not much of it either.

    All of these hideous spectacles such as the Superbowl are only possible because of the surplus wealth of America. The surplus wealth and much of the means of generating new wealth have been destroyed or squandered through various wars and welfare schemes as well as various destructive ideologies such as so-called “civil rights”. The U.S. has been living beyond its means for decades through debt, debt, debt. This debt has been successfully incurred because of the legacy reserve currency status of the dollar and the broad, deep and relatively honest financial markets compared to the rest of the world.

    This will come to and end if the pandemic shuts down trade, that’s the main reason stringent quarantine measures have not been taken, money. If financial markets crash in the U.S. the current financial regime will end. Without the current debt based financial regime the current globohomo shopping mall regime comes crashing down, too. If the money goes bad the current hostile elite will enjoy diversity up close and personal except for of course, the tiniest element of that elite who will flee somewhere else and set up shop to do it all over again, they always do.

  7. We Brazil now,dawg! And “Idiocracy”…yeah, dat’ beez it! Nome’say’in? All that is needed, imho, is more openly displayed, silicon-enhanced bobs. Oh yeah…also dem rappin’ niggaz’ gotta’ be wavin’ gonz aroun’, nome’sayin?
    Dat beez’ perfek’ Half-time Globo-homo/ Idiocracy nigga’ball show,nome’sayin? Piece Owt!

  8. I watched about two minutes of the game. First game I’ve watched all season and the first sportsball I’ve watched in a while. Some frizzy haired mystery meat Quarterback for San Francisco made a nice move to score a touchdown and started shaking like he was Black.

    We are headed towards a higher latitude non-tropical version of Brazil if we aren’t there already in many places.

  9. Haha at that Bezos lizzo photo,I’m pretty convinced satan rules this world strange that atheists doubt this concerning all the facts we live in a cursed timeline

    Jlo is overrated trash don’t even like one song from that latina big assed bimbo jenny from the block indeed she should of remained there on the block. shes old now like 46 of something? probably wheeling her out to keep interest of her

  10. I skipped through it. SO ugly. Howling apes, displaying their crotches and buttocks like baboons. Are those 2 “singers” the White La=TEENOS so vaunted by so many on this site?

  11. The Spanish-speaking world can do a lot better than these hoes.

    But what do we expect from the Negro Fellon League?


  12. The Super Bowl was played yesterday. I heard it on the news last night, at eleven.

    (The winner, if you want to know, was a team called the Kansas City Chiefs. They beat whoever the other team was.)

  13. There is a class element in all this whether we want to admit it or not. The average white middle and working classes cannot afford a super bowl ticket much less flight fare and hotel accommodations. It is the society of spectacle whereby revolutionary discontent is bought off by spectator sports. I dare say most of the audience probably confused the American flag with the Peurto Rico flag in J Lo’s cloak since it was reversible with an America flag on one side and a Puerto Rican flag on the other. Regardless both were Hispanic but I think Shakira is has more European DNA than does J Lo. Did you miss the commercial from Amazon Prime about a new series called Hunters whereby Communistic leftists use violence to eliminate “Nazis” who have infiltrated all levels of society now? One of the politicians they showed looked a lot like David Duke. Imagine an Alt Right militia going after Cultural Marxists in society! Would it even be allowed on TV?

    • “America is half judaized and half Africanized. How can such a state hold together?”


    • I think JLO’s facial bone structure looks much more caucasian than Shakira’s. Both probably have Spaniard in them.

      • Powell,

        I recall Eva Longoria receiving her DNA analysis, and she had over 90% European DNA. Eva also mentioned that she was the darkest in her family. She thought she was some Aztec hottie, and was disappointed to be “Whitish.”

        Too bad she had to be a sjw for chicanos and illegal immigrants

  14. The two Latin hoochies, Shakira the middle aged and forever ho J Lo who is older than middle age at 50 are basically proud sluts.

    I really have no idea what the Nfl is remotely doing these days. It’s a train wreck that keeps on wrecking. How could the stupid kids in cages scam and the old stripper J Lo on a pole literally get approval to do their act? They had an obscene amount of dancers too which always gives off a massive ego massage to J Lo and the bouncing turd, Shakira. I think both women are attractive but total skanks.

    I used to love football but have probably cut back by 75%. The Super Bowl has become an annoyance. I watch about half of it. I love when it’s over because it’s almost like dealing with castor oil at this point.

    The smug Commissioner Goodell makes something like 40 to 50 million per year to suck on black booty. I even cracked up when they showed him sitting with a black guy I didn’t know. It all just feels so forced.

    All the stupid league has to do is draft more white players. With retarded white people even the obvious is hard to get done since so many are such bought off shills or trying to not be raycisss in public. I can only imagine what all white area the disgraceful Goodell lives in while he spent years sucking up to Kapernick and other assorted classless thugs.

    Draft more white players, dummies, and you won’t have the problems!! I am virtually phased out of the league, regardless. The too black league and old Latin hoochies during halftime with their anti Trump messages and slutting around makes me sick.

    • Notice that they make a big deal about needing more “diversity” in the head coaching ranks, but no mention of needing more diversity in the player’s ranks. Diversity is just another word for “get rid of whites”.

      • Thank you Powell. So true. The last starting white cornerback in the Nfl was Jason Sehorn who goes back to the 1990s and even he was not wanted in the position. He was drafted as a safety which the league still ” allows” some whites to play at but never cornerback. Anyway, a defensive coach for the Giants, the team Sehorn was with, said hey, I think this guy can play corner. There literally has not been one white starter there since with only a couple of white back ups in the past 20 plus years.

        The same goes for half back. This white kid McCaffrey with the Panthers is a star runner. He is one of the few whites over decades allowed to play the position.

        Yet with blacks all we hear is we need more blacks at quarterback or in coaching positions. The truth is there are many blacks playing quarterback today since crazy whites are obsessed with their running ability even if their passing is mediocre. But the insanity still remains because whites are still the majority of quarterbacks so blacks and treason whites want that done away with.

        There are white coaches notorious for creating nearly all black teams like Pete Carroll of the Seahawks or the thankfully fired Jack Del Rio. There are certainly others.

        Carroll is such a lunatic he said it was an ” honor” to have double murderer O.j. Simpson come by to watch practice when Carroll was coaching Usc. He said Simpson was great to talk to and a great guy. Today he coaches the Seahawks where his black quarterback Russell Wilson, the Trump hater, who keeps on professing his Christian faith yet is a strong Obama supporter, Hillary supporter and will be backing any abortion and homosexual promoting Democrat this election. CHRIST said you will know his followers or fake followers by their fruits, aka, what they do and produce. Wilson is paid 35 million dollars per year to throw a ball and side with trouble. No doubt he supports Kapernick.

        The NFL needs to go back to at least a 60% white league like in the 70s. This 33% white league is a disgrace and only more trouble is coming due to it. The league simply needs to draft more white players. There are a ton of good ones out there.

    • Yes she does, Sturm. She is still very good looking. She is a dancer by trade so all dancers have great bodies. You watch any of those ” Dancing with the stars” type shows and every female dancer by trade looks outstanding. Even the dudes have very low body fat and are pretty jacked up. Dancing is a great way to get in shape.

      Lopez is very trashy, though. Three failed marriages now and probably the soon to be marriage to Alex Rodriguez will go down in flames within 5 or so years. She sluts around like she is 21 instead of 50.

      She was doing her slut performances when Hillary was running and now this absurd kids in cages, wearing a Puerto Rico outfit and pushing a passive aggressive anti white, anti Trump message during halftime. Lopez even stuck her 11 year old kid in there to bore us with.

      Things like this easily push me to vote for Trump again despite some here mad at him. The fact virtually all of Hollywood hates him as well as nearly all blacks, most Hispanics and most Jews, well that tells me to vote for him again.

        • Pretty much you do. Don’t forget who you are siding with if you vote against Trump. You become an honorary hood rat or shitlib and get free tickets to b ball or the show Hamilton.

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