Coronavirus Pandemic Monitoring Party: Day 4

Up about 4,000.

The flu is pretty bad this year in China.

Infections have doubled in four days.

There was a scene like this in Contagion.

The bars on the windows are a nice touch.

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  1. In the last ten years or so, every fkn time something like this blows up (SARS, ebola, Corona) the PTB response invariably facilitates the spread of the disease agent – because you, goy, would be far better off watching your OWN CHILD choke to death on his blood than to be called “racist” by some Christ-betraying, back-stabbing piece of sh*t from a piece of sh*t tribe. I’ll leave it at that. Knowing a thing or two about the suffering inflicted by diseases this nerve is too raw, and I’ll stop now.

  2. I agree wi HW , the flu is really bad this year.

    Watch these mega-hospitals be flooded with patients and more hospitals needed.

    Eventual Communist solution to coronavirus: anyone who coughs will be shot.

  3. “SARS insertions into the coronavirus are introduced into animal as part of a vaccine, they create heightened fatalities when patients are exposed to other coronavirus strains.”

    This is what i was alluding to in my previous posts. A disease that imparts greater vulnerability.

    So, if this is true, the first wave of infection will kill X% of infected. Then subsequent recurences would kill multiple X%.

    Isn’t sharing our technology wonderful ? They take our advanced sciences, blunder around with it, and we get a global pandemic.

    Sharing is caring.

  4. Professor. Charles M. (((Lie)ber))) has been arrested by FBI for accepting
    $50000 per month and 158k helping chinese students from wuhan technical university…….Lieber was awarded more than $1.5 million to establish a nanotechnology research lab at WUT.

    Gotta love those foreign students and ‘fellow whites’. Great patriots !

  5. Gotta love globalism.

    ‘Free’ trade with China, they accumulate trillions to buy our technology, bribe their way into our research facilities, steal our biotechnology, engineer a “vaccine” and we get a global pandemic.

    Seems fair, to me.

  6. Seems the FBI is tracing things out.
    The coronavirus may have been developed at WTU with the help of ” fellow white” prof charles lieber. I wonder if the CIA knows of weapons research at WTU and informed FBI of the Harvard linkage via prof Lieber ?

  7. Is this the reason China has suddenly gone into hyperdrive to stop this?
    Someone finally spilled the beans.

    “Uh, err, hmmm, Chairman Xi we had this little problem, at the lab in Wuhan.
    Seems the negative pressure fans quit working and the little bug we working on got out. Uhm, errrr, yeah, the one to kill off all the round eyes , the laowhy, yeah, that one.”

  8. My hubby an I have been sparring, It was pretty obvious that this virus came out of a lab almost immediately. He’s blaming the CIA for using bio-weapons. I maintain that the Chinks did it to themselves. They were experimenting with bat viruses, to give themselves an edge in carrying viruses, but keeping the viruses dormant in the Host. Instead of protecting their own ethny they FUCKED up and used a half-understood process that GOT LOOSE and attacked their own people. This outbreak has ripped the façade of Chinese superiority to SHREDS. ALL the Western technology they possess has been stolen from us. People should NEVER EVER EVER be given something they haven’t earned.

    The Hubster has residual SJW tendencies; blame and excoriate “ourselves” for everything. It’s very Kristardian. I do regard the Criminal Israeli Asset aka CIA are the embodiment of Evil on Earth, of course – but I also know that other Sentient Bipeds are equally evil – if not far worse. He’s been mewling about the CIA conducting bio-warfare. I told him I DON’T care; I hope this coronavirus takes out EVERY Gook on Earth. He then asked me about the Palestinians. My eyes haven’t stopped rolling….

    • Denise

      You may both be right.

      Here’s an insidious idea.

      The CIA/FBI new that prof Lieber and friends were spying for the CHINESE, so they planted information that they knew Lieber would convey to the Chinese. However, the information technology gave the Chinese the opposite results of what they were seeking, instead of a bioweapon that targeted laowai, it targeted ethnic Chinese. So , in the event of war and the release of this weapon the Chinese would kill their own troops.
      The Chinese clumsily released the bug to the general population.

      The above, all entirely speculative.

      • Perhaps the Chinks don’t have what it takes to rule over us for the next three centuries after all?

    • I’m still going with the CIA/ZOG did it, because they have something to gain by taking down China, while China has nothing to gain from killing its own people and destroying its economy.

      Twitter are also banning any account that hints that this virus was engineered. If you even retweet another twitter account saying it, they will ban you too. Very suspicious behavior, no?

      Now if this happened in America and a virus was released to kill Whites, I would also believe the (((elite))) in America did it, because they have an irrational hatred of Whites. I would also suspect the Chinese government in that case, because they would have something to gain if America collapsed.

  9. I still have mental images of my stay in a polio ward in the late 1940s when I was three, it was so traumatic. I was on the first floor and my parents were allowed to visit by the window by my bed. I wasn’t old enough to know, but I bet my parents and the parents of the other kids didn’t panic as people indoctrinated with learned helplessness do today. Check out the photos from that era for comparison, especially those with little patients in their iron lungs in the center aisle of the wards.

    • Polio and TB were major problems in the not-so-good old days. Institutionalization of the physically and mentally ill was far from ideal but seemed preferable to how society deals with such issues today. And people seemed to be a lot tougher then, no emotional breakdowns over fears of racism on social media.

  10. I found this little nugget of information quite interesting. This short video claims sources at Wuhan China’s crematoriums are saying that they are burning fatalities from 2019 CoV 24/7.

    Those who recall the HIV/AIDS outbreak back in the mid-80s will remember that AIDS fatalities were permitted to be buried. Since 2019 CoV and HIV share receptors, why aren’t the CCP allowing burials due to this coronavirus? Are all their grave digging machinery being used for constructing “hospitals,” or is there something more sinister at play?

    Anyway, the bottom line is that there are multitudes more deaths due to China’s epidemic than the CCP wants the outside world to know about.

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