What Happened In Iowa?

Buttplug is still leading in the delegate count with 75% of precincts reporting on DAY THREE of the Iowa Caucus. It is clear that Joe Biden is the Jeb Bush of the 2020 race. I don’t see Bernie losing the nomination to Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren or Michael Bloomberg. How will centrist liberal technocratic Democrats handle Bernie Sanders as their nominee?

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  1. I think the DNC sabotaged the Iowa caucus in order to deny Bernie his victory. And here I thought the Republicans were stupid!

    • I’m positive of it, Spawn. I’m almost rooting for the Bern at this point.

      The DNC all deserve a slap in the face (or being slapped in irons) for their sneaky, jewy way of making a mockery of everything this nation used to stand for. And against a Jew? Talk about Jewish irony. The entire (((bunch))) must hate themselves with a hatred only a damned race can engender, for crucifying God.

    • Who know? HRC might still have enough sway with DNC “super delegates ” to steal the nomination at the democratic convention, if one candidate doesn’t have enough delegates to win the nomination outright. Sure it’s a long shot, but look at what has occurred already.

  2. This is all part of the Dim establishment’s incredibly obvious and heavy-handed Anyone But Bernie strategy. Their utter incompetence and stupidity is fun to watch, though.

  3. actually, after NH, Biden may win a few primaries in states with large Black/Spic populations. And be assured the Clinton/Obama-controlled DNC wil stiff Bernie at every opportunity.

  4. No, it won’t be Bernie, it will be a stiff.

    Recall from Industrial Society and its Future by Dr Theodore Kascynski, one of the hall marks of the left is their over-socialization. They will do whatever they are told.

    Bernie will stand their with his hands over his crotch like he did when black lives matters took over his stage. Bernie folded on so many issues at the last minute, he ain’t manning up now.

    This has been a YUGE week for Trump.

  5. Demography is destiny. The Democrats don’t need some conspiracy somewhere, they don’t even need to be smart or competent, all they need are the numbers. The Democrats are smart enough to know this and can afford to write off this election cycle because they will win everything by being patient, the browning of America will put an end to the Republicans, given time.

    • 12AX7,

      The RETARDicans and GOP are the false hopes of White normies, and they’re in our way in getting our message out. They’re the gatekeepers of White resistance to ZOG-USA. Good riddance.

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