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  1. Its a sad reality we find ourselves in, where the best America presidential candidate is an openly communist jew creep.

      • I don’t support Bernie, but the idea that socialism is some death knell is hilarious. I live in “freedomland” Texas which is an unbearable shithole economic zone. I guess I’m free to own 1000 guns and drive through hours of endless third world shitholery and free to raise my blue eyed white daughter in Mexican culture eating tacos and speaking Spanish or frequenting cultureless strip malls. So free. Free to earn money in a place completely disconnected from anything that means anything to me, culturally or traditionally or racially. But GDP or something. Fuck tacos, I’m a white southerner.

        Fuck all that, bring on the fascism. Today please. Thx. God forbid we lose our freedom lol.

        • I’m sorry, but you missed my sarcasm completely. But then, living in that sh*thole known as Texas, I wouldn’t be surprised. I’m sorry for your daughter, but you should move to a majority white state, and there enact your Lebensraum solution, nicht wahr?

          • Fr. John +,

            Southerners are allergic to latitudes north of Missouri.

            I’m of the opinion that in any partition of America that we insist on the Northwestern states. Dixie is nice to visit, but the climate is more for shitskins than Europeans.

    • He is not the best American presidential candidate. You really don’t understand how far Leftism can go. Unless you’ve had family who lived under that regime, you have no idea whatsoever.

    • This constant shilling here for Bernie is simply unbelievable. You’d think the Iron Curtain had never existed. You do realize that there was a reason why they had to build barriers manned by soldiers with order to kill anyone trying to escape, don’t you? And at the risk of death, literal death, people still tried to escape. It’s a nightmare beyond your ability to comprehend. You think YouTube deplatformings are oppression? You don’t know what oppression is. And you may actually get it, if you go on this way.

      • “. It’s a nightmare beyond your ability to comprehend. ”

        You’re right!
        Especially Americans, we have no real concept of tyranny.

        • Um yah we do. We live under intense tyranny right now, just not the healthy kind. But at least you can fuck other dudes in the ass and buy cheap Chinese shit amirite.

      • And do YOU think we sinful, foul, vulgar Americans DON’T deserve our own Bolshevism, especially with what we know about the Jews, the Russian Revolution, the Cold War, and all the rest? If it’s going to come, it’s going to come. While the Roman conception of purgatory may not exist, atoning for collective sins clearly has some precedent. And America is NOT repenting for her multiple, abominable blasphemies…

      • I wouldn’t call it “shilling” for Bernie, it’s just that he’s not as despicable as the other candidates are. The same goes for Coconut Milk Mommi.

    • This story has no connection to the United States’ pathetic political contest. It’s about the plague-infested rats who are in control of every avenue of influence in the modern western white world.

  2. Yeah I like how Kunte Kente there says “our Viking ancestors”.

    You don’t have any Viking ancestors dude.

    Now spear chucking ancestors, yes. Plenty of those.

  3. Nordics have to reclaim their bio-spirit. They can’t rely on the calvary to always be there covering their flanks.

    The choice is for not only the Scandinavians but all of us. We either rediscover our destiny or go extinct.

    • They can’t rely on the calvary to always be there covering their flanks.

      November – this is one of the sacred sacraments of the Religion of Americanism ™ that has seeped into the broader thinking of many fellow Nordish Whites, especially thru Talmudvision, and especially, in old hollow-wierd westerns.

      Example: John Wayne and the cavalry always ride in at the last minute, and save the day (against overwhelming odds, of course;)

      *In other words, no need to really do anything, Anglo Whitey, just sit back and relax, since, don’t you know, that good always prevails over evil!!! If you don’t fully understand or properly appreciate this, than just watch some more darn movies!!!!!

      • Virtus,

        What I meant was that I suspect that the overwhelming down votes for this video on jewtube didn’t come deracinated Scandinavians, but racially aware Americans and perhaps European nationalists. In other words, we’re fighting the Scandinavians identity war for them. Other than the two Nordics in the video above, I wonder what the ratio of up to down votes was on this SAS Airlines White erasure propaganda piece?

        Being a quarter Norwegian, I am embarrassed of the kumbaya behavior of the supposedly big, strong, and intelligent Scandinavians.

        Last year during the Scanza Conference in Oslo, Norwegian State Police arrested and deported Greg Johnson (yeah, I know his sexual orientation and that he’s an AmNat), before he even arrived at the conference because “he was a threat to incite violence and apossible terrorist.” These Nordic nations have effing “No Go Zones” due to third world and muslim immigrants and refugees, but they aren’t deported them by the plane load back to their shithole countries. Sweden has a literal bombing problem and sexual assaults are rampant due to the turd world cultural enrichment.

        The Nordic Resistance Movement is fantastic, but has a ridiculously small membership considering what’s taking place there. So we White Americans, Canadians, and non-Nordic Europeans can only do so much for our Nordic friends.

        • When whites come to their senses, we WILL liberate the deluded masses, if for no other reason, than to save the gene pool.

          But folks like the cucked Norse, Swedes, Finns, and Danes? Traitors may be shot at sunrise, but only after we harvest the best and brightest sperm and eggs, to recreate Adamity…. God willing- and give such children to avowed Right Thinking surrogate parents.

        • November,

          I just had to respond. That was an excellent comment. I am obviously not Nordic and I found the message disturbing for that video.

          I have little idea what modern Scandanavians are like except what I read. I have watched Viking movies. Like the one with Kirk Douglas and the Warlord with Charlton Heston. Excellent movies.

          Too bad that many modern Swedes are not more like their ancestors in ferocity. A history book I have said that the Eastern Romans had the Varangian Guard—Viking Rus–well known for their efficiency in war.

          Anyway, here and there I will be in touch on this site.

  4. Western and Northern Europe need to wake up! These evil Jews want you, your family, and your civilization erased from the face of this earth and from the history books! Eastern and Southern Europe are not perfect but at least they have some common sense when dealing with these kikes.

  5. Hunter what the hell are we supposed to do when our own people seem to be oblivious to the propaganda at best or outright supportive of it at worst? How do you build a movement based on identity with a people who have thoroughly lost it? We don’t have any more fucking time.

    • There will be a shock to the system. Perhaps the corona virus wrecking the economy and the financial markets, perhaps something else, perhaps a cascade of bad things in quick succession. This shock will change life for everyone quickly, like a phase change in physics, such as when water suddenly crystallizes into ice at 32 deg. F. Whatever this shock is it will end people’s faith in the almighty government and current living arrangements because of another government failure, like 9/11 and the anthrax attacks were government failures.

      When this change takes place the old way of living will go away and new circumstances, much harder, will take over. It will take a while for the knucleheads to realize that the old feetsball watching, credit card debt, infinite spending is gone and self reliance is the new game in town. The sjws and normies will either have a ‘come to Jesus’ moment or disappear. Until then nothing gets fixed and the old ways of looking a the world i.e. diverse, multicultural, globohomo shopping mall, continue.

      If I knew when this shock will happen I would tell everyone. We cannot go on indefinitely as we have with endless wogs streaming into the country, endless wars and spending and the ruling class either indifferent or actively encouraging the country’s destruction. There is always a day of reckoning.

      Get thee prepared now, time is short.

    • People who say this ignore history. We have been ethnocentric and we were. Just look at the founders and the early immigration acts. Look at the White southerners who fought bravely against the civil rights act and integration. Never forget these heroes. A few Judges forced this bullshit, not whites. We were intensely ethnocentric and still are – implicitly. Its why the diversity dogma must remain on the neck 24/7 forever. If it lets up, whites revert to fascism. The enemy is correct about that.

    • The anti-white scum could have gradually replaced us without causing any animosity or violence, madam. But they have deliberately chosen to provoke, insult, threaten and even physically attack us. So I hope they don’t whine too much if and when we start to deal with them in an utterly RUTHLESS manner. Hitler was far too kind to his enemies. We need to be more like Stalin.

  6. Oh well, c’est la vie. Western Europe and North America may be brown wastelands a hundred years hence. But at least there is a redoubt in Russia.

    • I have a great deal of hope not only for the future of Russia but for the entire former East Bloc as well. Paradoxically, the postwar Soviet occupation of Eastern Europe actually saved it from destruction in the long run, because they were never exposed to the decadence and race-mixing that Western Europe was under American domination.

      • Here is what I believe will happen to Eastern Europe – FUSSR states – if the current system continues without a major catastrophe or setback to stop it.

        White Western Europeans will FLEE mixed race Europe and pour into Eastern European Nations bringing their money and businesses with them resulting in those countries becoming rich. Then you will see the EXACT SAME SITUATION REPEAT ITSELF.

        Once Eastern Europeans become well-to-do they will cling to their standards of living over protecting their nations and cultures as hordes of brown armies pour in to fill jobs in farming, dish-washing,janitors, – the same type of situation that has happened everywhere.

        The only way to prevent this is with a far right government bloc that gives the death sentence against corruption. Good luck with that considering Eastern European nations have long history’s of corruption. For impoverishing the population one need look no further than Moldova as a prime example.

        • Czech women are crazy hot but they will gladly sleep with Arabs and Negroes if the price is right. Yes, the Eastern Europeans can/will be just as easily corrupted as their Western European counterparts.

          • Spahn,

            I agree with your take on the scrumptious Czech women, but as to wrote, they’re beautiful but brainless.

    • “In the end, ALL the churches will serve Antichrist.” – Fr. Seraphim Rose, American convert to Russian Orthodoxy.

      I wonder, Gunther.

      As far as I can see, the most visible heresy of the Antichrist, (besides denying that God became incarnate in Adamic flesh- cf. I John 4:1-3 “Every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God, and every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of God. And this is the spirit of the Antichrist, which you have heard was coming and is now already in the world.” (NKJV)) is the sin of miscegenation- both of one’s race, and the fruits of that race, one’s culture.

      Thus, multiculturalism and miscegenation are both SIGNS OF ANTICHRIST.

      Now, if I am correct, then every Christian should shun and denounce both race-mixing and Nigger culture.
      If I am wrong, well, at least we would have isolated pockets of white culture that will survive… but only if people start acting as if this is true.

      • Amen Fr. I cringe whenever I hear young whites speaking ghetto. It’s disgusting. I feel like saying, “Have you no respect for yourself?”

        But the answer to that question is obvious. They have no respect, for themselves nor their ancestors who created the very civilization they enjoy. Most importantly, they don’t recognize the Almighty God who blessed our people that made this all possible in the first place.

        Each day I keep nodding my head in agreement with you that we are experiencing God’s righteous judgment against us.

        I can’t argue that we don’t deserve it.

        • “Have you no respect for yourself?”

          No , they don’t.
          It’s been beaten out of them by schools, media, tv, zog, churches, social persuasion etc.

  7. I just heard something about this story on RT. I didn’t hear the entire report but according to the airline their ad wasn’t intended to denigrate Scandinavian culture or people, they were only trying to encourage people to travel more.

  8. The the commercial doesn’t want to sell tickets. It’s not about profit. It’s about blatant in your face propaganda. Most Scandinavians will mentally scoff spit and hiss at this propaganda commercial. But nobody will remember it when they book their airline tickets.

    The “problem” with this anti-white system is human nature. Greed. Complacency. Riches make people soft. Tolerance and complacency are caused by being materially rich and economically mobile. White people are terrified of losing what they have.

    Nobody wants to lose their nice houses, nice cars, businesses, vacations, good food, good wine, parties, children’s sports classes, fishing and sailing trips, and all the other hedonistic perks that come with the system.

    How to you address this problem and get white people to wake up and fight this evil in the midst of their riches? I do not even begin to know the answer.

    • Also, White ppl project their character onto other races.
      Whites think they can turn a jungle monkey into a research scientist. Just childish delusions, Whites should be adult about the reality of race.

      • I like those ads on Talmudvision that show whites and coloreds hanging out together at Dave and Busters or watching the big game at home on the couch. Just like in the real world. No hidden jew agenda there!

        • But the terrible thing abt those commercials, they imprint on the subconscious. Ppls minds are bent to accept the unreal.

        • I like those ads on Talmudvision that show whites and coloreds hanging out together at Dave and Busters or watching the big game at home on the couch.


          Pretty much every american tv commercial made, since at least the early 1990’s, Spahn.

  9. Since the substantial (and mostly excellent, as per usual) comments have now been expressed, I’ll jump in and mention that HW has a sick gift for picking ugly photos that make me want to pay homage to Ralph, the porcelain god, with a few abdominal heaves. First it was David French ad nauseum, and now this piece of feces with glasses. Thanks for nothing, dude.

  10. I have little idea what modern Scandanavians are like except what I read. ~Cristina
    Being a quarter Norwegian, I am embarrassed of the kumbaya behavior of the supposedly big, strong, and intelligent Scandinavians. ~November


    Crristina, November, (and anyone else who is interested in the psycho-social dynamics of Germanic countries)

    Modern Scandinavians (perhaps excepting the Lapps, or the Sami, the aboriginal, Uralic population) are essentially just North Germanic peoples (‘Teutonic’ additionally is another name for the Germanic nations).

    I think this article might explain a very lot of the mindset of what makes German, and kindred Teutonic peoples tick:

    Weltschmerz: There’s a German word people use in times of despair, and it’s as apt today as it was in the 19th century — Quartz

    The phrase has its roots in the 1830s. It was first coined by German writer Jean Paul, who used it to describe Lord Byron’s discontent in the novel Selina, and it signifies a sadness about life. “Weltschmerz is the sense both that one is personally inadequate and that one’s personal inadequacy reflects the inadequacy of the world generally,” says Joachim Whaley, a professor of German history and thought at the University of Cambridge. “It is pain suffered simultaneously both in the world and at the state of the world, with the sense that the two are linked.”

    As explained by the Encyclopedia Britannica, the expression sought to define “the prevailing mood of melancholy and pessimism associated with the poets of the Romantic era that arose from their refusal or inability to adjust to those realities of the world that they saw as destructive of their right to subjectivity and personal freedom—a phenomenon thought to typify Romanticism.”

    For 19th-century German writers, weltschmerz was an abnormal sensitivity to the evils and ills of the world and the misery of existence. …


    In a nutshell, Teutons are very (often genuinely) rather guilt-prone folk, even when what they’re feeling guilty about has little to no basis in objective reality.

    They can be very perfectionist, and often feel, as the article states, like personal “failures” if and when society is not somehow “perfect” or at least ideal, (especially today if Nordic, or global society, is not deemed sufficiently “equal” enough) … a pain suffered ‘simultaneously both in the world and at the state of the world’ (…Thunberg, anyone?)

    This is not just a post-1960’s phenomenon either, as the article mentions the concept was first expounded upon as early as the XIX century.

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