Apocalypse Now: Is Wuhan Virus the Opening Shot in World War III?

I don’t trust any of the numbers about the coronavirus coming out of China. The outbreak on the Diamond Princess is much more revealing.

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  1. Have your doctor prescribe a good wide spectrum anti-biotic for you. It will not help with the virus, but, it will kill the bacteria that the virus causes by destroying your cells.

    Your doctor knows you, and knows your body chemistry so he will have a good guess about what anti-biotic will get you through. Hopefully, he will know what anti-viral might be effective in the near future.

    • Make homemade kim chi and sauerkraut, they both strengthen your immune system. Use antibiotics only if you have to

  2. The other theory I’ve seen is the virus was released by the Chinese government to shut the country down, because they feared the color revolution the USA was putting on in Hong Kong might spread across the country.

    However I still think the (((globalists))) released it, because it has become obvious that the Chinese government is national socialist, the USA backed color revolution in Hong Kong failed, and the big danger to the liberal West is all of its manufacturing is there.

    • No the Chinese wouldn’t do this themselves they wouldn’t want to lose all that money on the global economy. If anything its because of the cia backed revolution in hong kong, its because the globalists are angry at china for supporting Iran and released this virus to cripple their economy is my guess but who knows

  3. God this corona stuff is depressing Be right back gonna go play some resident evil before this virus gets bad enough and I have to self quarantine myself

  4. Well if push comes to shove and it proves worse than the T-Virus perhaps I can see the ever beautiful Milo Jovanovich one more time in action! My own opinion is it will fizzle like like the fear over Swine Flu.

    • The resident evil movies were mostly trash but thats what they get for adapting a 3rd person survival horror video game into a film. Tho the last one the final chapter I saw a few weeks ago was pretty decent yeah Milla is sexy

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