Nicker Nation Nixed: Deplatforming and Heresy


At a bare minimum, the Trump administration has to tackle the deplatforming issue before anyone should even consider supporting him in our community. If he can’t even be bothered to do that as president and instead prefers to celebrate how Big Tech corporations are each worth over a trillion dollars now, we would be cucks to support him in the 2020 election.

Note: Actually, we were the cuckolds in 2016 and 2018 because we voted for one agenda and got the mainstream conservative agenda of tax cuts and Zionism.

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  1. Supporting free speech is the moral high ground. When the left had no power, they supported free speech.

    Also if you don’t have technical skills then support the free speech supporters that do. Encourage your followers to use alternative tech if they allow us on their platforms. If you have technical skills try to invent technology that cannot be censored by anyone.

    I saw Richard say that Bitchute is kin of crappy, but I think it is more fun than Youtube, in that it reminds me of what Youtube was like in the early days when it was still fun.

    Bitchute gives the wrong impression of what is in it, because its political content drowns out everything else on its front page and makes the site seem boring. What they should do is have 80% entertainment and 20% political content on the front page. Also if they fixed their search function so you can actually find things, you’d be suprised how big and interesting Bitchute is.

  2. In re: The McSpencer Group vid…I was hoping for an in-depth analysis of the ten hour long lolisocks/catboicami livestream. Catboi nick has found a nice dumpster fire, and cannon-balled right in. Deplatformed? Hardley…he’s alive and well, grifting crypto shekels on Dlive…from whoever will give them.

  3. It’s extremely gay. I mean, look at these guys. Listen to them talk. Spencer is a flaming fan. Fuentes and Anglin are fan. “Oooh. Yeah, We’sh lookings out for you’sh. Shend a little more monies.” Good god.

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