CPAC 2020


Nick Fuentes is banned from CPAC.

Gavin McInnes was removed from the building.

Jared Holt and Lady MAGA seem to be a having a good time.

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  1. What a pathetic sight to see boomers (or possible Gen-Xers?) greeting that Lady-MAGA freak! The world has truly gone mad.

    Interestingly, there was a time when ‘normie’ conservatives thought homosexuality and Transgenderism was immoral and downright weird. I remember decades ago George Bush (Senior) rejected a large donation from the ‘Log Cabin’ republicans because they were homosexuals. Although I loathe the entire Bush family, they at least reflected the sentiments of the time before total insanity took over the nation.

    Today, every deviant and parading freak show is accepted and fawned over by republicans, especially if they declare their support for Trump.

    When the Trump-era ends and his popularity among the simpletons is over, I predict that Lady-MAGA will have a political ‘conversion’ and denounce his former years as a Trump supporter. He’ll spill a load of nasty poison to the media on how ‘discriminated’ he was by republicans, and how they could never truly accept him as one of theirs, etc.

  2. Why the freakin frick is Jared Holt there? He was anti trump since day one and has been doxxing trumps most loyal supporters. Then again this shouldn’t surprise me last year chapo trap house communists were invited along with other socialist commie dipshits monitoring intensifies

  3. The entire system is revolting. Both sides and all sides.

    Truly, the most vile thing about Zlimpf and the GOP is their absolutely deceitful treachery and betrayal regarding immigration. That’s far far worse than their support of gays, honestly.

    Both parties and our neoliberal corporate oligarchy ruling class have been engaged in this for quite a while. But, for the Zlimpf administration to fully support the Great Replacement while championing MAGA and KAG in his down syndrome native supporters faces is truly evil.

    Zlimpf invites a bunch of Black Americans into the White House and completely plays them for fools while he replaces them with foreign labor. He perpetrates the same fraud on his White Working Class supporters.

    It’s truly disgusting but no other establishment side or camp has any moral advantage and Bernie would open up the immigration flood gates even more.

    A malignant cancer with no treatment that has to simply run its course…….


  4. Bernie’s success is a testament to the “conservative” inability to conserve anything. CPAC going after socialism, what a joke.

  5. I recall when I first attended CPAC in 2011, there was some small controversy over the “log cabin” republicans. They were going to have Sophie Hawkins sing at an event out in town (instead of in the main hotel).

    …sad how the culture has changed, but it wasn’t unexpected.

    Act like herd animals, get herded like herd animals…

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