Live Thread: Super Tuesday II

UPDATE: Joe Biden wins Mississippi and Missouri.

The expectation is that Joe Biden will finish off Bernie Sanders tonight who may have a chance in Washington state. We shall see. We seem to be heading toward the most boring general election of my lifetime unless there is a second miraculous turnaround in this race.

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  1. I have been watching and voting in elections since 1980 and Reagan’s “Morning in America Again.” It is all a farce, a tragic one at that, and one that reminds me that Plato was correct about democratic, self-rule in his time over 2,500 years ago.

    Nothing about our modern democracy gives me hope. I believe that the days of Jefferson, Jackson and Roosevelt are long gone.

    Even FDR, for all of his sins and failings, could at least feign a feeling of empathy during his “Fireside chats.” Trump, Obama, Bush, and Clinton could not even do that. I am afraid it is only a matter of time before the “jig is up” and the masses realize that democracy is a dead-end street. And then what?

    • It’s not those guys you named that are the problem. They are merely a symptom of the problem. Democracy is a farce when all of the “masses” are allowed an equal vote. An 80 IQ delinquent can cancel out your vote.

  2. Holy Catholic Joe Biden gets into an argument about the Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment with a bunch of union officers in Michigan. Biden starts name calling, and the union guys don’t back down!

    Big Choice in Michigan: Crazy Joe or Crazy Bernie. Will guns and the Bill of Rights make the difference?

    • Bill of Rights?!? We got no stinkin’ Bill of Rights! Guns, we got (for now)…and as a student of History, I’d say that they do make a difference. Not advocating anything crazy, just sayin’.

      • LOL. What’s this “we” shit sonny?

        The Holy Catholic Biden is lucky he didn’t leave his encounter with the union leaders with shoe strings hanging out his ass.

      • Guns don’t make much difference if the other guys have tanks, jets, helicopters, smart bombs, and armed drones.

        • Wrong. Guerilla warfare ALWAYS wins, ALWAYS. We “the GREATEST most technologically advanced Army EVAH” are slinking out of 4th Century Afghanistan NOW.

        • “Guns don’t make much difference if the other guys have tanks, jets, helicopters, smart bombs, and armed drones.”

          Tell that to the raggamuffins in the high mountains of Afghanistan.

  3. the demoncrat nomination “contest” ended last Tuesday when the DNC

    flat out stole Mass, Okla., and Tejas for Biden. And

    Bernie the wimp didn’t even raise the issue.

    • Such a corrupt party. Tulsi is no threat to get anywhere, but they still felt they had to change the rules to keep her out of the debate.

  4. Fuck this. Biden is wrapping up his ill-gotten nomination tonight. Hope that senile old bag gets coronavirus this spring. Trump, too, if that’s not too greedy.

  5. Folks this is not “Democracy” Even Jimmy Carter admitted a such when he declared the America system is nothing but a moneyed oligarchy. Examine how Switzerland works. Citizens actually get to vote directly on issues that effect their lives via national referendums. America is not-despite what it claims-the freest nation in the world nor was it the nation that invented freedom.Now if we could combine the best elements of Orania and Switzerland…..

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