A Catastrophic Failure of Leadership

Follow along.

Kansas City Mag:

“If you’d been a molecular biosciences student at the University of Kansas last semester, you might have known this was coming. In class, the concept of a deadly new coronavirus outbreak originating in China—such as the one currently bringing the world to its knees—was discussed. That class was taught by Dr. Anthony R. Fehr, Assistant Professor of Infectious Disease at the University of Kansas. Until very recently, Fehr was one of about a hundred people in the country studying the coronavirus full-time.

“I had a lecture on coronaviruses last semester, in the fall, before this all happened,” he says. “I knew that there’s a lot of SARS-like viruses in China that this could happen. So I actually had a slide in my lecture that was like, ‘there are lots of SARS-like coronaviruses, we could have another outbreak within our lifetime.’”

“So I basically, you know, predicted something,” he says. “I guess I was conservative on the timeframe. But I posted that to my Facebook and everybody’s like, ‘pretty crazy!’”

Right now, Fehr is working to research conserved proteins within coronaviruses and trying to develop compounds that could inhibit them. …”

This wasn’t a failure of science.

We’ve known for decades about the unique threat to public health posed by SARS-like coronaviruses in bats in China and Southeast Asia. The Nipah virus, SARS, MERS and Ebola all foreshadowed COVID-19. We had multiple advance warnings that something like this was coming.

The Nation:

“Despite President Trump’s repeated assertions that the Covid-19 epidemic was “unforeseen” and “came out of nowhere,” the Pentagon was well aware of not just the threat of a novel influenza, but even anticipated the consequent scarcity of ventilators, face masks, and hospital beds, according to a 2017 Pentagon plan obtained by The Nation.

“The most likely and significant threat is a novel respiratory disease, particularly a novel influenza disease,” the military plan states. Covid-19 is a respiratory disease caused by the novel (meaning new to humans) coronavirus. The document specifically references coronavirus on several occasions, in one instant saying, “Coronavirus infections [are] common around the world.”

The plan represents an update to an earlier Department of Defense pandemic influenza response plan, noting that it “incorporates insights from several recent outbreaks including…2012 Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus.” …”

This wasn’t a failure of foresight.

The Spanish Flu killed more Americans than all the wars of the 20th century combined. The military has long known that “the most likely and significant threat is a novel respiratory disease.”


“In determining its five priority issues—nuclear proliferation, conflict in the greater Middle East, water scarcity, pandemics, and climate change—the Skoll Global Threats Fund gave special weight to two criteria. The first is importance of the threat. In current circumstances, only pandemics seem to be an existential threat, capable of destroying America’s way of life. …”

The Rand Corporation’s National Security Research Division concluded that only a pandemic is an “existential threat” that is “capable of destroying America’s way of life.”

New York Times:

“WASHINGTON — The outbreak of the respiratory virus began in China and was quickly spread around the world by air travelers, who ran high fevers. In the United States, it was first detected in Chicago, and 47 days later, the World Health Organization declared a pandemic. By then it was too late: 110 million Americans were expected to become ill, leading to 7.7 million hospitalized and 586,000 dead.

That scenario, code-named “Crimson Contagion” and imagining an influenza pandemic, was simulated by the Trump administration’s Department of Health and Human Services in a series of exercises that ran from last January to August.

The simulation’s sobering results — contained in a draft report dated October 2019 that has not previously been reported — drove home just how underfunded, underprepared and uncoordinated the federal government would be for a life-or-death battle with a virus for which no treatment existed. …”

The Trump administration simulated a pandemic last year in which 586,000 Americans died.

USA Today:

“Event 201 was a tabletop exercise that simulated a global pandemic, which resulted from a new coronavirus. The program was hosted in October by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and World Economic Forum

The invite-only event featured medical professionals, policy experts and business analysts all focused on how different institutions would respond to the onset of a deadly virus. The fictional coronavirus — a coronavirus, in general, being a specific kind of virus — in the scenario killed 65 million people over 18 months. Joint recommendations from participants urged international cooperation both in preparing for and handling a pandemic.

The Center for Health Security has hosted three pandemic simulations prior to Event 201, going back to a 2001 simulation known as Dark Winter. The October simulation was the first time the center included private sector actors in its exercises, in the hopes of modeling how they might also react in such a crisis. …”

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the John Hopkins Center of Health Security simulated a global pandemic that emerged from a novel coronavirus last October that killed 65 million people.

For almost 20 years the U.S. military has been preparing for Dark Winter.

Foreign Policy:

“On June 22, 2001, a group of well-known U.S. officials and a handful of senior policymakers gathered at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland for a senior-level exercise that simulated a biological weapons attack—an outbreak of deadly smallpox—on the United States. Designed by the Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies (now called the Center for Health Security) and the Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), the day-and-a-half-long “Dark Winter” simulation was conducted to gauge how senior leaders would respond to such an attack and included such high-level participants as Sen. Sam Nunn (who played the president), former White House advisor David Gergen (the national security advisor), and the retired career diplomat Frank Wisner (the secretary of state). But Dark Winter has since become legendary in senior policymaking circles in Washington for a different reason: It has regularly been cited by its designers and participants as the clearest exhibit of the spiraling stresses, and potential social collapse, that could be sparked by a public health crisis. …”

Dark Winter simulated a smallpox attack on the United States.

This wasn’t a failure of imagination.

A global pandemic bought about by a SARS-like novel coronavirus has been predicted by public health experts for years. Hollywood has made movies about the threat.


“U.S. Sen. Kelly Loeffler’s most recent financial disclosures show that millions of dollars in stocks were sold on her behalf at the same time Congress was dealing with the impact of the coronavirus.

The largest transactions — and the most politically problematic — involve $18.7 million in sales of Intercontinental Exchange stock in three separate deals dated Feb. 26 and March 11. Loeffler is a former executive with ICE, and her husband, Jeff Sprecher, is the CEO of the company, which owns the New York Stock Exchange among other financial marketplaces. …”


“The luncheon had been organized by the Tar Heel Circle, a nonpartisan group whose membership consists of businesses and organizations in North Carolina, the state Burr represents. Membership to join the Tar Heel Circle costs between $500 and $10,000 and promises that members “enjoy interaction with top leaders and staff from Congress, the administration, and the private sector,” according to the group’s website.

In attendance, according to a copy of the RSVP list obtained by NPR, were dozens of invited guests representing companies and organizations from North Carolina. And according to federal records, those companies or their political committees donated more than $100,000 to Burr’s election campaign in 2015 and 2016. (Burr announced previously he was not planning to run for reelection in 2022.)

The message Burr delivered to the group was dire. …”

This wasn’t a failure of intelligence.

American intelligence agencies KNEW how bad the virus was in late January. The U.S. Senate was briefed on the threat and Sen. Burr and Sen. Loeffler sold off stock. China and the World Health Organization are being scapegoated. President Trump was also briefed about the threat. Even if China covered up the true death toll of the virus, the CIA knew immediately how bad it was in January.

What happened here?

I will tell you what happened: Washington didn’t want to deal with the coronavirus because it had other plans. Donald Trump was focused on assassinating Iranian military leaders, cheerleading the stock market and celebrating the lowest black unemployment rate in history. This was his case for reelection. The Democrats were focused on impeaching Trump and defeating Bernie Sanders in the primary.

In January and February, Donald Trump was told by both public health experts and by American intelligence agencies about the threat posed by the new coronavirus, but as he said in one of his recent press conferences he was advised by businessmen to “ride it out” because it was “just the flu.” This was the official GOP narrative until the second week of March when it fell apart due to the ramped up testing and the stock market crash. Trump briefly pivoted to being a “wartime president” for a week. Then he did a 180 degree turn and decided it was just the flu again and that the country would reopen by Easter. Then once the deaths started piling up in New York he changed his position again.

The critical moment was in February when Trump overruled intelligence agencies and his public health advisers and went with the narrative that was it was “just the flu.” There was no turning back at that point. Who told Donald Trump to “ride it out” because it was “just the flu”?

Kansas City Mag:

COVID-19 isn’t the flu. SARS-Cov-2 is nearly identical to SARS. It is a more contagious and less lethal version of SARS. This has been obvious since January.

UPDATE: It only gets worse.

The SPARS Pandemic:

“The Center’s SPARS Pandemic exercise narrative comprises a futuristic scenario that illustrates communication dilemmas concerning medical countermeasures (MCMs) that could plausibly emerge in the not-so-distant future. Its purpose is to prompt users, both individually and in discussion with others, to imagine the dynamic and oftentimes conflicted circumstances in which communication around emergency MCM development, distribution, and uptake takes place. While engaged with a rigorous simulated health emergency, scenario readers have the opportunity to mentally “rehearse” responses while also weighing the implications of their actions. At the same time, readers have a chance to consider what potential measures implemented in today’s environment might avert comparable communication dilemmas or classes of dilemmas in the future. …”

Read through it all.

SPARS-Cov was a hypothetical novel coronavirus pandemic :

“In mid-October 2025, three deaths were reported among members of the First Baptist Church of St. Paul, Minnesota. Two of the church members had recently returned from a missionary trip to the Philippines, where they provided relief to victims of regional floods. The third was the mother of a church member who had also traveled to the Philippines with the church group but who had been only mildly sick himself. Based on the patients’ reported symptoms, healthcare providers initially guessed that they had died from seasonal influenza, which health officials predicted would be particularly virulent and widespread that fall. However, laboratory tests were negative for influenza. Unable to identify the causative agent, officials at the Minnesota Department of Health’s Public Health Laboratory sent the patients’ clinical specimens to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), where scientists confirmed that the patients did not have influenza. One CDC scientist recalled reading a recent ProMed dispatch describing the emergence of a novel coronavirus in Southeast Asia, and ran a pancoronavirus RT-PCR test. A week later, the CDC team confirmed that the three patients were, in fact, infected with a novel coronavirus, which was dubbed the St. Paul Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (SPARS-CoV, or SPARS), after the city where the first cluster of cases had been identified.”

There is also the “Atlantic Storm” war game which also dealt with a smallpox attack.

“Clade X” ought to sound familiar:

“A novel virus, moderately contagious and moderately lethal, has surfaced and is spreading rapidly around the globe. Outbreaks first appear in Frankfurt, Germany, and Caracas, Venezuela. The virus is transmitted person-to-person, primarily by coughing. There are no effective antivirals or vaccines. U.S. troops stationed abroad are infected. Now the first case to reach the United States had been identified on a small college campus in Massachusetts.

So began a recent day-long exercise hosted by the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. The simulation mixed details of past disasters with fictional elements to force government officials and experts to make the kinds of key decisions they could face in a real pandemic. …

Unlike Ebola, which spreads through direct contact and bodily fluids, the “Clade X” virus in the Johns Hopkins simulation was a flulike respiratory virus, which would spread far more easily from person to person through coughing and sneezing. That’s how the 1918 influenza pandemic spread. It killed more than 50 million people and is the deadliest pandemic in history. (If you ask infectious disease experts what they fear most, without fail they answer: “pandemic influenza.”)

The fictional outbreak kept getting worse. It had a 10 percent fatality rate, about the same as the SARS virus that traveled around the world in 2002-2003. Because the virus in the drill was new, no one had previous immunity to it, and it spread quickly in large cities. As it killed more than 100 million people globally, health-care systems collapsed, panic spread, the U.S. stock market crashed, and the president, members of Congress and the Supreme Court were incapacitated.

The war game was livestreamed on Facebook. It is on YouTube.

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  1. As it was mainly spread worldwide by air travelers from China, all countries would’ve had to do is block air travel from there to halt the spread of the virus. That’s all it would’ve taken, a simple executive order to forbid flights from China to land in the US, and to block Chinese tourists from entering over land as another sensible safety precaution. But muh GDP, and keeping unemployment low of people who will never vote for you, Blompfus. Amazing how market economics and/or political power are always good reasons to needlessly risk lives, isn’t it?

  2. Anyone doing “just the flu” or “it’s a hoax” right now is carrying water for ZOG, and more particularly for Trump and the Republican party. The irony bros, amnats, stormers, faileocons, etc. We know where they stand, and the only question is if they are being paid or are just stupid enough to be doing it for free.

  3. Banks will be swamped by kooks and criminals looking for no interest, guaranteed small business loans with loan forgiveness! Plus, legitimate small businesses will be in line too. Hell, my bank currently is by appointment only, and their lobby is closed.

    @Brad this is your big chance to take Occidental Dissent big time. Work up a business plan, and borrow a few million, this could be the start of your media empire, you could be the next “mouth of the South”.


  4. Some billionaire hedge fund manager probably told Trump to “ride it out” because it is “just the flu.” He was dumb enough to believe it too because he can’t tell the difference between SARS and the flu. Imagine being there trying to convince this idiot to make the right call and he chose instead to listen to Jared Kushner.

    • From Trump’s perspective, even if intelligence had told him about the seriousness of it beforehand, he would be disinclined to believe them. They have been more or less openly conducting a soft coup against him for over three years in order to keep his administration in line with their foreign policy goals, so if they came to him and said “you need to destroy the economy because of this possible pandemic,” it seems he would naturally be suspicious. Especially when it is an election year. Who would be surprised that Trump turns elsewhere for guidance? Not that it absolves him of guilt, but the problem goes beyond just Trump alone to the whole host of factors that are intrinsic to liberal governance. The polarization, the partisanship, the plutocrat hands on the reins, the unrestrained bureaucracy, etc. It is a failure that is a repudiation of the system of liberalism in total.

      • Agreed. That was Tucker Carlson’s take, and I think it’s right.

        Funnily enough, I’m reasonably satisfied with Trump’s response. I don’t think that any U.S. president of recent times would have done any better, and most or all would have done much worse.

        Also, HW said something painfully true when he once pointed out that the Office of the President is really just not that powerful a position, and [the following is my addition] it only seems powerful under people like Obama because Obama’s party was WILLING to do whatever Obama said.

        But since much of Trump’s party is against Trump’s 2016 stated policies, and also against Trump personally, there’s really not much more he could have done than he did. He could have done more, but certainly not do what, say, an Orban could do.

        And that’s not even getting into what a basket case of a mongrel nation Trump is leading, as compared to, say, a homogeneous, high-trust society like Japan, where, if you tell the population to wear masks, they’ll just do it, no ifs ands or buts. Try telling Americans to start wearing masks back in February. Any president would be simply laughed at, Trump included.

        But all in all, I see Trump’s willingness to change direction and stick to more aggressive measures, as the data comes in, as a strength of his, not a weakness; as something that redounds to his credit. After all, he COULD have just simply been stubbornly egoistic all the way until now — like some YouTube bloggers we know — and dug in his heels, and kept calling it just a mild cold virus, and accepted a million dead for “muh liberty” or “muh economy.” But he didn’t, he hasn’t, and lives are being saved as a result.

        • Funnily enough, I’m reasonably satisfied with Trump’s response. I don’t think that any U.S. president of recent times would have done any better, and most or all would have done much worse.

          That’s how I see it too. Hunter’s on an anti-Trump crusade, so we can’t expect too much objectivity from him on this issue. But if there was a failure of leadership, why blame it all on the president? How many presidents in history have ever even heard of “respirators,” much less considered it a crucial part of their job description to ensure an adequate supply in case the Big One happens on their watch? Surely the greater part of the responsibility lies with other government organs. And anyway, for a “catastrophic” leadership failure, I don’t think America has handled it all that badly. The idea that Mr “Literally Hitler” was going to demand a total Chinese travel ban in January, when it hardly seemed certain this was going to be huge, is pretty daft. (Yeah, politicians care about reelection, shocking huh.)

        • Trump has done a C- on this. His travel ban from China back in January keeps him from a D. But I wish he had Bannon there, Bannon argues we need a full on 30 day lockdown right now the longer we wait the more damage it will do to both our health and the economy. Bannon is funded by an exiled Chinese billionaire though so you can hear certain “spin” on his talk show he gets paid for like calling it “The CCP Virus” the way Fox repeated that silly Bush Jr. rambling about “Homicide Bomber” and Bannon is always talking up the Chinese People as if the government fell and we had a Chinese Yeltsin it would be OK for all our factories to be there then, but his take on taking the bitter pill NOW instead of waiting for it to get worse is correct.

    • Or he watched a RamZPaul video.

      Speaking of which, one of RamZ’s early takes was that we didn’t need to “shut down our economy” (apparently the worst event in the history of human life) because South Korea didn’t, and they contained the virus.

      Well, besides massive widespread testing (which I think RamZ also ridiculed), one of the main things that South Korea did was track the cell phone locations of everyone who was diagnosed with SARS-Covid-2, so that their locations could be monitored at all times and people could, quite sanely, avoid them.

      And just today, RamZ denounced both the efforts to put an ankle monitor on a coronavirus patient to make sure that he self-isolated, and RamZ also raised a particular warning about a U.S. initiative to… you guessed it… track corona sufferers’ cell-phone locations.

      So apparently, South Korea is the model we should have followed — but we can’t adopt any of the measures that South Korea took to keep the contagion under control, because that would be an offense against “muh liberty.”

      And because we can’t do those things, and now have a burgeoning crisis as a result that we can only keep in check by mass measures, we shouldn’t do those either, because of “muh economy.”

      So apparently, we’re supposed to magically have South Korea-like positive results but without taking any South Korea-like measures.

      • I think he’s realized that he’s wrong about the seriousness of what we’re facing, so he’s retreating from challenging the facts about the virus to a principled (albeit moronic) position of no virus being serious enough to justify infringing the “muh liberty” his ancestors fought and died for.

        • The only way he can save his reputation is to move into a nursing home with corona virus patients, and give his libertarian takes from there. Put up, or shut the fuck up Boomer!

  5. Maybe Trump isn’t handling the coronavirus situation the best way possible, but no one else in Washington knows how to handle the situation the best way possible either. Maybe Trump is not handling the situation the best way possible, but if Hillary was president now, things would be A LOT worse, as Hillary is totally beholden to the Chinese government.

    Trump is doing a lot better handling the situation than any one else around. Trump has a lot of faults, but he’s still head-and-shoulders over everyone else in Washington. Better Trump as president right now than any Democrat around, and Trump is better than any Republican around.

    I think he’s doing a good job handling the Coronavirus situation. Considering he faces so much intense opposition to everything he wants to do, he’s doing a good job. He has to go up against a whole army of very intense horrible treasonous traitorous deeply ANTI-American c*nts just to get one little thing accomplished. Many of those he has to go up against are criminals, criminals who are deeply ANTI-American and posing as “patriotic” lawmakers. I think he’s doing a very good job — with the coronavirus situation and with the other aspects of governing , the other issues both domestic policies and foreign policies. Considering what he’s up against he’s doing a good job. NOT a great job, but a good job. He’s NOT an “Emperor-God” but he isn’t a disaster for the country either.

    “A catastrophic failure of leadership”, how overwrought. A little balance when analyzing things is always preferable. Histrionic theatrical hysterics is fake and gay and a Jew vaudeville stage show.

  6. I don’t know that there’s been a failure here at all, Mr. W.–or if you’ll let me put you a question: How would you, who do see a failure, have defined non-failure? No COVID-19 deaths in the U.S.? Only one of such deaths? Ten? One fewer than whatever was the total when you began typing the present blog entry?

  7. This bad virus killed 138 in Canada. Total. (even if those numbers can be believed in this politicized atmosphere)

    So no you’re wrong about it, it’s a normal novel virus that kills 10s of thousands, but that’s it. Just like the regular flu, only not as bad.

    Trump, like so many, can be bamboozled because they are ignorant of physics, statistics/math, chemistry and biology. No offense.

    The real failure can be seen in the destruction of the economy – this wont be going away any time soon and the consequences are hard to forsee but likely to be bad.

    You and I and the rest of the OD fellowship knew that our good friends in New York were going to crash the economy anyway, were NOT planning on a bailout – but now Trump has something besides himself to blame the crash on and also 6 trillion pumped into Q3 to produce “record post Corona highs!” on the Dow and “record low post-Corona black unemployment!”…

    But even with the 6 trillion, it may not be enough – I think every American needs 5000 dollars AND we IMMEDIATELY reopen the economy or face genuine peril.

    PS What will we do in October when the flu season is under way and people are really dying?

    • I remember you. You’re the guy who said that Germany borders Milan.

      I’m just worried that Trump could be bamboozled by ignorant YouTube video clowns and blog commenters who live in a make-believe world where the virus isn’t lethal and who cite numbers out of Canada instead of numbers out of Italy and Span — and increasingly, numbers out of the U.S.

      If Trump instead responds to biologists, chemists, physicists, statisticians, mathematicians, and so forth, then he’s in good shape, as such people are, of course, acknowledging the seriousness of this pandemic.

      • “right-wing” marxists

        many of whom probably never had a real job in their whole lives
        BINGO AGAIN!

        • This is the thinking that is responsible for the crisis .

          Conservatives created a false dichotomy between public health and the economy. When the world first became aware of the virus in January, nothing could be done about it because that would have harmed the economy and “spooked the markets.” Donald Trump chose to listen to people like Jared Kushner who told him the virus was the common cold and would go away with spring weather. He probably looked it up on Wikipedia.

          This is why flights continued landing from China, South Korea and Italy. This is why Mardi Gras went ahead anyway. This is why Spring Break went ahead anyway in Florida. This is why Trump continued to hold his rallies. This is why the virus was dismissed as the flu. By the time testing began for the virus, it had already spread everywhere and nothing could be done but mitigation to stop the spread rather than more targeted measures.

          Conservatives dug this hole by rejecting science. They kept digging and digging until the market crashed. BTW, it is conservatives who are in power. They made all the decisions and produced this catastrophic result and have buried themselves. No one made them do it.

          • This is why flights continued landing from China, South Korea and Italy.

            If only he had listened to the wise men at the W.H.O. instead eh.

          • I don’t think he ever gave a shit about the WHO which as far as I am aware never said it was “just the flu.” Instead, it would have been harmful to the economy to shutdown flights.

  8. What, me worry? I saw Jared Kushner at the daily corvid-19 briefing today. I’m so relieved he is in charge, aren’t you? Everything he touches turns to gold:. The 2017 tax cut for billionaires raising taxes for the rest, the comprehensive immigration reform bill promising the most immigration ever, the deal of the century to cement Isreal’s need for U. S. troops to save them from angry Arabs. What could go wrong with his vision for healing corona-chan? Oh ye of little faith.

    • I figured out the proper response for the Trump Administration when the dust settles on this clusterfuck, just blame the disastrous response on bad luck!

  9. It’s difficult to wrap my head around how you could be competent in a situation like this. Even if he’d shut the China border this thing woukd have slipped out somehow.

  10. I remember you. You’re the guy who said that Germany borders Milan.

    I’m just worried that Trump could be bamboozled by ignorant YouTube video clowns and blog commenters who live in a make-believe world where the virus isn’t lethal and who cite numbers out of Canada instead of numbers out of Italy and Span — and increasingly, numbers out of the U.S.

    If Trump instead responds to biologists, chemists, physicists, statisticians, mathematicians, and so forth, then he’s in good shape, as such people are, of course, acknowledging the seriousness of this pandemic.

  11. In light of my previous criticisms of our host and others counseling acceptance of the current shutdown of the economy let me offer my suggestion: the Treasury Department pays all employee salaries and remaining business expenses until June 1, 2020, along with a nation-wide shutdown of all businesses, then extend both policies one month at a time until corvid-19 is reduced to a seasonal flu level of contagion. That gives the professionals time to profess while allowing workers and business to stay afloat. I assume Hunter and Tony could accept that collaboration. You may thank me later.

  12. Maybe the problem is looking for ‘leadership’ amongst a cesspool of sociopathic front men and not understanding how realpolitik functions- from behind the scenes! One of the central laws of power is to remain hidden!

    “By letting others outshine you, you remain in control”- Robert Greene

    “The administrators, whom we shall choose from among the public, with strict regard to their capacities for servile obedience, will not be persons trained in the art of government, and will therefore easily become pawns in our game in the hands of men of learning and genius who will be their advisors, specialists bred and reared from early childhood to rule the affairs of the world”- Protocol #2

    • Ed,

      Blight-wing idiot goyim don’t have the faintest idea how power works IN THE REAL WORLD, so they won’t listen to you, the cognitive dissonance for them would be too overwhelming.

    • The Rand Corporation’s National Security Research Division concluded that only a pandemic is an “existential threat” that is “capable of destroying America’s way of life.”

      But we haf to have an army that’s capable of fighting the Soviets in the 1980’s. And a navy that’s capable of taking on the Kaiser’s High Seas Fleet.

      • We have to have a surface fleet capable of confronting the Huns, Mr. Owen. Do you want to be responsible for another Battle of Jutland??

        • And a navy that’s capable of taking on the Kaiser’s High Seas Fleet.

          Do you want to be responsible for another Battle of Jutland??


          Vizeadmirale Reinhard Scheer and Franz von Hipper would absolutely love another rematch.

          • Vizeadmirale Reinhard Scheer and Franz von Hipper would absolutely love another rematch.

            No they wouldn’t. They’d both run for their lives at the first sight of the Grand Fleet.

          • Dupe-leixk

            The Germans tactically won the Battle of Jutland, even though they were outnumbered 2 to 1.

            The Grand fleet was a joke, just like the United Ku¢kdum, only good at maintaining starvation blockades against civilians.

          • Krautus,

            Germans “tactically won” against Beatty’s BCF with their entire HCF. They in fact outnumbered the BCF. Once the Grand Fleet arrived on the scene, Germans ran like cowardly cucks during the night.

            After Jutland, HCF ran home and never were a threat again, while the Grand Fleet continued their effective blockade and won the war.

          • The Germans won the Battle of Jutland, and they were outnumbered 99 to 151 ships, you liar.

            “Effective blockade” huh?? .. that was a war crime, you limey cuck.

            As a matter of fact Dupe, the British were such an overall poor military force when fighting actual soldiers that they got thoroughly beaten, along with the Australians, at the Battle of Gallipoli by the Turks … again, when they actually had to fight in a real battle, and not just cowardly starve civilians, on behalf of their Jewish masters.

          • Germans didn’t win Jutland, dumbass. British remained in control of the battlefield at the end of the battle and HSF fled to their ports. And where did you get that bit about 99 and 151 ships? Wikipedia? LOL.

            Jerries thought they were doing well when they were fighting the battlecruisers with their main fleet. But the moment they drifted out of the smoke and saw the Grand Fleet with Dreadnoughts, they ran. They never again dared to fight another naval battle with the GF.

            The British trounced the Huns in both World Wars. Your Krauts were only good at terrorizing Belgian and French civilians. They were no good against the British soldiers. At the Battle of Mons in 1914, Germans outnumbered British 3:1. Still, the Huns got beaten so badly they cried like little girls after the battle.

            Cowardly Huns committed crimes against civilians in Belgium and France. They got their deserved comeuppance in 1918 as well as in 1945. Germans are also the most slavish cucks of Jews. Just how many trillions in Holocaust reparations have they given to Israel? LOL.

            BTW, I’m no “limey”, you silly jerry cuck. I am a Walloon. We kicked the Huns asses out of our country in both wars.

          • Your a lying, filthy swine, Dupe, repeating discredited atrocity propaganda against the Germans in ww1 that even the British rejected as being war propaganda.

            The German army was never defeated on the battlefield of the first world war, unlike the cowardly British, whom you cuck for, who got utterly trounced like little girls by the Ottoman Turks.

            Walloonian, huh, from the artificial state if Belgium. Talk about worthless soldiers. The only thing your “country” and “soldiers” (lol) could do was commit genocide against innocents in the Congo. You f-kin hypocrite.

          • Ottoman empire was defeated and dissolved you dumb swine, just like your fake “Kaiserreich”. we wuz nie defeated; we wuz stabbed in our backsides is the excuse butthurt bad losing Krauts invented. In reality the Huns were trounced in the Hundred Days Offensive and they came crying to the peace table.

            Belgium is nation with much richer and older history than your Hunnish pigsty, you imbecile. And we were good enough soldiers to kick the cochon boche out of our country. But you are an ill-bred stinking swine raised from gutter who couldn’t understand history even if it landed in your snout.

            Belgian Congo was the richest and most civilized of all European colonies in Africa which the krauts were jealous of because they had only worthless colonies. Huns couldn’t bring any civilization to their colonies because they were uncivilised pigs themselves. Krauts started two wars for their stupid imperial scheme and were torn apart in 1945.

          • You loathsome liar, “Belgium” is an artificial rump state — one part the Germanic Flemish, the REAL “Belgians” — the others, the “Walloonians”, the descendants of the scummy French interlopers that invaded and stole the lands of core German territory, like you frogs did with Elsass-Lothringen (“Alsace Lorraine”), under Louis XIV in 1685.

            Seriously though, the Belgium army was never once effective against the German military, either in the first world war, nor the second. You guys didn’t make an absolute dimes worth of difference in the outcome of the wars, and you know it. There never was a single foreign soldier on German territory in 1918, their armies marched back home from the battlefields in France, after they were deceitfully offered an “armistice” in November, 1918 (armistice is NOT a “surrender”).

            Regarding the “Belgium Congo” the reason why it was so “rich” was because the way you bastards were so utterly evil in the way you treated, worked to death worse than slaves, and **genocided”** the native population, especially that repulsive swine Leopold, who considered the Congo his “personal property”. All on behalf of your Jewish masters, who were, AND ARE, the real owners of “Belgium”. (After all, do you think it’s just a cohenincidence that brussels is the capital of the Rothschild-owned €U – because you are such a base, corrupt, worthless people, that contribute nothing to European civilization, except oppressing it thru the “Eussr”, because you are the golem property of your Jewish masters.

          • Belgium has existed longer than the artificial state of Germany, you ignoramus twat. France conquered Alsace from the Habsburgs fairly during the Thirty Years War. Lorrain was never properly a German territory. Incidentally, Marshal Tilly, commander of the Catholic League, was a Wallon who beat the crap out of the boche in several battles.

            The heroic resistance of Belgians against the barbaric Hunnic hordes was instrumental in the Allied victory. Krauts begged for armistice because they knew they would be kaput if they continued the war. Once again you show yourself to be an ignorant dipshit when you say there were no foreign soldiers in 1918 Germany. Belgian, French and other allied soldiers occupied Rhineland in December 1918. Ever heard of Rheinlandbastarden?

            Congo Free State was Leopold’s personal initiative and he worked largely with foreign agents. Once the Belgian government took over, it became just another European colony, only richer and prosperous than others. The real genocide was committed by Huns in German SW Africa. The jealous pig and blowhard Kaiser little Willie started the war for his colonial ambitions and failed badly.

            You’re an autistic retard calling others Jew puppets when your Bochie is the Jews bordel since medieval times. The obnoxious fat sow Maman Merkel is the chief maquerelle for the Jews in Europe. LOL.

          • You really are a sub-human liar, Dupe, one who is supremely jealous of Germany, and Germanic peoples.

            You rotten French have always been at war, stirring up trouble, for centuries. Never did you “fairly” win anything from the Germans – Alsace, just like much of Luxemburg, the lands of the Germanic Flemish, western Switzerland, were all STOLEN by you French mongrels. Then you French bastards sent the tyrant Napoleon to fuck up Europe even more.

            The French, as well as the British, are the home of the Masonic occult in Europe, and both of you were the reason for the world wars. World war one would have never even began had not the French declared war on Prussia in 1870, a war they so soundly lost to the Germans, throwing your worthless country into a tailspin, and bringing a second revolution (Communards) because of the utter incompetence of the loser, arrogant French generals, and especially the Freemason bastard “Napoleon III”

            Seriously dude – your not “Belgian”, your French swine – only the Flemish are the real Belgians, most of whom cannot stand you, nor care to share a fake country with your lazy, entitled French asses, who sponge of the hard work of the Flemish.

            And yeah, Merkel is a sau, but guess what, the reason Germany has vile traitors like her was again because IT WAS FORCED ON GERMANY AFTER THE WAR by the Jewish puppets of Britain and France.

          • Jealous of la Bochie? LMAO. What’s there to be jealous of in that worthless shithole inhabited by subhuman swampniggers like you? On the other hand, you Hunnish bastards have always been envious of France as the expression Laben wie Gott in Frankreich indicates.

            Germans have been trying to imitate the culture, manners, fashion, architecture etc. of France since the time of Louis XIV. “Frederick the Great” spoke in French with his friends and officials and didn’t even bother to learn German properly. Napoleon was in fact the real father of Germany. By destroying the Unholy Roman Empire, he gave Krauts a national identity. He also brought civilization to Prussia after smashing the Prussian military utterly in battlefield. But poor Prussia no longer exists today thanks to the stupidity and incompetence of Kaiser Willie and that swine Shitler. Germany is nothing more than an artificial, bastard nation of shameless mongrels who grovel to Jews and lick their boots. No one is forcing today’s Germans to be the slaves of Jews. They are just mindless herd that need to be led by others.

          • Dupe,

            You sub-human French swine, France was the first “European” country to come up with “proposition nation” – that is, any cretin on two legs can be “French” – that is why you always have historically been considered the “niggers” of Europe. Being “French” means absolutely nothing, because you French are nothing.

            Oh, and I’m very glad you admit and conceded that France was the aggressor countless times in European history, and admitted that France is the fundamental reason why Europe is so fucked up today. Especially that little runt manlet Freemason Napoleon (I know you all have his complex, cause you are all short little manlets yourself)

            You envious little bastards, your “culture” is an effeminate cesspool of shit, a country overrun with non-Whites, with the only “French” that have contributed anything worthwhile were always ethnic Germans, like “Georges-Eugène” Haussmann, who had to clean up that open sewer known as “Paris” because it was a literal merdetrou. Countless notable “French”men” (lol) were of German blood, most coming from Alsace. That is why you short little manlet mongrels were always trying to steal German territory (which you also admitted), such as from Alsace, Luxemburg, Lichtenstein, Switzerland, and, of course, your artificial rump vassel “$tate” of Belgium.

            Oh, and REALLY glad you admitted thru your hysterical ranting that you are in your heart and mind French and not really “Belgian” – thus agreeing that “Belgium” doesn’t exist as a true country — a ” “nation” without a true natio. You and your vile French swine are interlopers, THE REAL “BELGIUM” IS FLANDARS, who you realize hate you, since you didn’t even bother trying to rebut this.

            Vlaanderen is België!

            WALEN BUITEN!

          • You stinky subhuman piglet, Krautus, Germans are the niggers of Europe, and that’s why they are called Huns. German immigrants were considered to be white niggers by the Americans because of their criminal and whorish ways. By contrast, the French were always highly regarded all over the world. Napoleon is still remembered as a great conqueror and military genius whereas your Shitler is mocked as a cowardly swine who shot himself, his mistress and his dog.

            It’s you who started the hysterical unhinged rant about France. You are an impotent little manlet jealous of France just like your half mustached impotent manlet hero who managed to make Germany look like some gigantic trash heap. Allied soldiers and trümmerfrau had to rebuild Germany LOL. Germany is a mongrel bastard nation created by entirely by foreigner soldiers with German women. It’s been been that way since the Thirty Years War.

            I don’t have to rebut your nonsense about Belgium, you ignorant doofus, because the very name Belgium comes from the ancient Gaullish tribe Belgae whose modem descendants are Wallons. It’s you Kraut subhuman bastards are interlopers in Belgium as you are in all civilized countries.

            Vive la Belgique!

            Va te faire foutre, Boche!

          • Dupe,

            You are truly one sick and impotent little man, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and of course physically. Why are you even on this blog to begin with?? You are not even regular commenter, you cowardly respond back to my comments to you 24 hours later, on a thread that is weeks old. Why don’t you participate in the regular comment threads here? Are you scared that no one would bye your bs, and rio you apart..?? You are obviously not here in good faith, and just a passive-agressive smart ass, that responded to everything I ever said with childish snark, that much is obvious.

            How sickenly hypocritical of you saying French invasions of other lands were “good” but German ones were “evil”. France, since the days of it’s “revolution” , one that killed many innocent Frenchman of good racial stock. The Masonic tyrant Napoleone (Italian from Corsica – not even ethnic French) then invades other countries to “export” the terror. The guido met his match at Waterloo, with Wellington and the Prussian, von Blucher, banishing and quarantining him on St. Helena. The Prussians, Russians and Austrians, then, formed the Holy Alliance, as a European, Christian firewall against France and the subversive, Masonic occult terror that it was always trying to spread, in the name of “liberte, egalite, fraternite”.

            Oh, yes, and then France, under ‘tony napoleone’ the 3rd, starts a war with Prussia, and gets quickly and devastatingly beaten after a mere 3 weeks at the Battle of Sedan, causing France to chaotically plunge into a marxist civil war with the Communard terrorists. You really got a lot to be proud of there, lol.

            Again, just get your facts straight. I don’t care in the least man if you hate Germany or German people. What is interesting, however, is the the intensity of your hate – this is usually evidence of an underlying envy, rather than mere contempt. Really, do you have this level of hate towards the Asians, Africans and Muslims that ruined your countries, that you French let into your country for well over a hundred years … WELL BEFORE any other European country let them in … foreign men that are even shorter and smaller-statured than you French, and they have routinely destroyed your country for generations now??

            Again, this is what happens with proposition nationhood, when you let any two-legged cretin become “French”, just because they speak the language. In other words, if anyone/everyone can “become” French — than nobody is really French.

            Now get off this blog, and go do more important things, like call the police on your White French neighbors who are violating the curfews, while the Africans are roaming your streets.

            Ah, but €ngland & £ran¢e won the war, riiiiiiight…?!?

          • Who are you tell others what to do, cowardly impotent little Krautus? You Nazi swine haven’t changed all these years. As for this blog, it’s not a Neo-Nazi crank conspiracy website thankfully, though clowns like you have been trying hard to make it so.

            Again, It’s you impotent manlet who brought France into this conversation and I had to correct your false assertions regarding the French. France is a nation of long and glorious history and civilization, unlike your fake nation of swampniggers who were killing each other most of the time. Napoleon did smash Austria and Prussia after they provoked him into war. Even after his defeat and exile, he was admired and respected by his enemies, including the great Iron Duke. That cannot be said about your Hunnish wannabe warlords.

            Krauts are most destructive subversives and revolutionaries. Germany is the birthplace of Marx, Engels and many other Jews and Crypto-jews. It’s you Krauts who sent Lenin to foment Bolshevik revolution in Russia, which came back to your ass (literally) when Red Army entered Germany in 1944 and taught you putes boches few unforgettable lessons. Paris commune was nothing compared to the ignominy and chaos to which Hunland plunged after their defeat 1918 and 1945 or for that matter 1806.

            Your are a mongrel people of Huns and Turks and you are all impotent little manginas like yourself, who poke your nose into other people’s ass. That’s why you started two world wars and were crushed. And, yes, Britain and France were both victors of the war, among others. You impotent eunuch crying here doesn’t change that. Now get off here, piglet, and go fondle yourself on some Neo-Nazi website.

          • Oh, and if you really like this blog so much, then put up or shut up, and stop being a cowardly little bitch, and join us in the current comment threads, and let’s see just how many people agree with you

          • You are one cowardly little fag and that’s why you continue to post dumb shit here after I have refuted your ignorant nonsense thoroughly. Now, take your own advice and go screw yourself.

          • You are just a supreme coward, you just can’t put your childish ego on the line in current comment threads, just content like a bitch at sniping at other people’s comments on old posts.

          • You are the ultimate coward. You are still whining like a bitch here, after getting exposed as a dim-witted dumbass.

  13. TY / Thank you ! I want to start with 1Simple, yet im portant thought – here – to be paired with an equally important thought – – Later – – I am not a CHILD of the Southland I believe ALL OUR Lives are affected by this -VIRUS- and for MANY white LIVES, the rebound will be Long & Rough – – I pray for us all !!

    • I just saw this report on TV…

      My God

      Predictive programming, Spahn

      It’s also what’s known as, in occult circles, as the Revelation of the Method

  14. There is nothing we can do about this thing! I repeat:nothing! We’ll destroy our economy in a vain attempt to slower the spread of the desease and then in a few months it will come back with a vengeance. Just open everything and fuck it! The Germans are saying that until 2/3 of the world population is infected and develops immunity.
    “ “In order to control a pandemic from a coronavirus, two-thirds of the population must be immune to it,” says German virologist Martin Eichner. In an interview with ARD, he looks at several possible scenarios.“

    • There’s a good reason to delay it. Weather might mitigate. Doctors will be able to understand symptoms better if they are not slammed with patients right at the start. You may also see mutagenic changes in the virus that make it less of a killer.

  15. Blumpf dick riders on the presidents response to withholding information from the public on the corona virus for 3 months “Best president evar 20 moar years”

    Remember people this virus is a democrat hoax and blumpf most certainly doesn’t kiss chinese ass except when he does

  16. We gotta give Trump a little credit here, he is smarter than the alt-right adjacent flu-bros. To get herd immunity, the deaths would int he millions in the USA. Some morons still don’t grasp that a freaky high number of C-19 patients need life support to stay alive and there isn’t enough life support to go around. The death rate is not a fixed function of the infected rate, but goes up dramatically above a certain threshold of infections in a certain time period.

  17. .. an addendum to my April 2nd comment .. TY ! TY HW !! GOD BLESS America GOD BLESS RUSH Limbaugh – – to Live & Die in DIXIE – – –

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