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The coronavirus has provoked some strong reactions:

This is my own fault.

The Alt-Right was always deeply flawed. I’ve known that for years. I have come to dislike all these terms and regret having ever identified with any of them. They invariably become toxic.

It is clear now the term “Dissident Right” is also overly broad and this crisis has just exposed a preexisting fault line. There are people who are “dissidents” in the sense that they believe things like the earth is flat, the moon landing was a hoax, the victims of mass shootings are “crisis actors,” viruses are not real, microchips are being implanted in our brains to create “a worldwide slave grid,” SARS is the flu, women are the enemy of men, Harvey Weinstein is a hero, and so on. It makes no sense to continue to use a term that lumps together people who have such radically different values, perspectives and temperaments. Many of these people tend to overlap with the fringes of conservatism and libertarianism.

I just shake my head in disbelief. The coronavirus was a once in a lifetime crisis that came along and vindicated pretty much everything we believe: unregulated immigration, the foolishness of outsourcing our manufacturing base to China, the Left’s unhealthy obsession with “racism” and “xenophobia,” the Right’s unhealthy obsession with the stock market, the entire liberal mainstream dismissing the virus as the flu, etc. Instead of nailing our elites to the wall though on these issues, much of the Dissident Right plunged head first into an abyss of conservative and libertarian conspiracy theories.

How many people have family members who have gotten the virus? How many people have friends and family members who work in the hospitals and who are dealing with this crisis right now? There are people who support this website who have actually gotten coronavirus and are recovering from it. Some people in the Dissident Right are determined to tell those people it is a HOAX and none of it is real. I’m not even sure what we are doing at this point or who we are trying to convince. Instead of discrediting the political establishment which didn’t have its eye on the ball, this is a missed opportunity that has discredited many of its critics. Those early missteps will be conveniently forgotten and instead the narrative will be “look at this nuttery” on the Right as the global death toll from this mounts.

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  1. You were making sense until you lumped women and men being enemies as a conspiracy theory on par with Alex Jones. To say men and women are enemies is no more out of reason than saying Jews and Gentiles are enemies.

    • My view is a bit more subtle, but in agreement to an extent.

      I think there’s a subset of women who are ambitious and power-hungry, who were let loose when the New England Puritans made women the “arbiters of morality and guardians of the family,” effectively transferring sexual/family power from men to women. It was only a matter of time until these harpies emerged full-fledged when they realized the tremendous social influence they could wield by weaponizing their sexuality.

      To make a long story short, feminism — with its combination of celebrating female sexual profligacy/power, and effectively criminalizing male sexuality in the most Puritanical manner possible — emerged from Puritanism.

      For quite a while, most women remained fairly normal anyway. However, the advent of mass media, under the control of the Jews, in the 50s and 60s, allowed the “East Coast Feminist Harpies” to infect the great mass of women with their ideas, turning them into our de facto enemies.

      Same idea, but with more detail.

      • I’ve seen so many gold diggers online trying to get involved with someone as some sort of financial asset. They even brag out it on forums.

    • “To say men and women are enemies is no more out of reason than saying Jews and Gentiles are enemies.”

      If you really believe this, you are insane. Ethnic conflicts between Jews and Gentiles have been extensively documented in careful scholarship. Dissident Right attacks on women, by contrast, are nothing but unsubstantiated armchair bullshit at best, and malicious lies at worst.

  2. The problem with the “dissident right” label is that people believe being a mildly politically incorrect conservative is “dissident.”

    I just call myself a socialist now. It repels conservatives like garlic to a vampire. I want an authoritarian socialist state. I want ethno-nationalism. I want the American empire gone and America as a political, cultural, and economic entity in the dustbin of history where it belongs. There is no common ground with conservatives there (“Paleo” or otherwise).

    • Paleocons sided with Israel and ZOG and supporter all kinds of wars during the cold war. They only broke with neocons after 1991, and even then, they can be convinced to support Jew coups in third world countries if they are seen as “socialist”. Pat Buchanan supported the ZOG coup in Honduras as late as 2009.

      It’s National Bolshevism or death.

      • Yes, Buchanan still praises Reagan and Nixon, probably the two biggest architects of modern globalization in the second half of the 20th century. This is also why I was always skeptical of “America first” as a rallying cry because it can be very easily diverted into neocon objectives. Neocon policy actually makes some sense from an American/liberal chauvinist and geopolitical realist perspective. Geopolitics is zero sum, so by America-chauvinist logic, American imperialism is “America first.” And we are even seeing white nationalists now take up these neocon positions, but unfortunately do not realize that multiracialism and shit culture are features, not bugs, of American imperialism.

      • You can’t. American global empire and white nation are mutually exclusive. Immigration is used as a tool in service of American empire. Again, it is a feature, not a bug. Brain draining competitors, welcoming cheap low-skill labor, immigration as a diplomatic incentive and kickback for vassal states, etc. All of these policies are completely rational from the American imperialist perspective.

    • I’m with you Dart. But being a Orthodox Christian, I would would prefer an authoritarian Christian Theocratic Socialist government.

  3. Hey there.

    I believe in the coronavirus, but I also believe that if the state takes swift and decisive actions the effects of it can be reduced to a drawn out annoyance into a complete catastrophe that overloads the healthcare systems and makes a mild virus into a super killer.

    I am however also starting to think that Covid originated in the US as several Asian nations have been saying for some time. I think it was brought over into China for geopolitical reasons doing the global war games in Wuhan and that the current Corona crisis in the US/West is the unexpected blow back from a very risky covert operation.

    • A Chinese “scientist” probably stole it from a lab at UNC, from what I’ve read. The Chinese are great mimics and reverse engineers, not so great at innovation, which is probably why they needed to steal so much intellectual property to develop their economy. Their lack of competence at original development probably helps partially explain how it got out in Wuhan in the first place. We could’ve released it there, though. Who knows?

  4. Do lighten up Mr Wallace you may be closer to success than you think

    Europe is going Right mighty fast … you have a special situation there in ‘Murica but a lot of things are obviously in play

    Don’t be so insistent on separating from ‘conspiracy’ folk, many are salt of the earth like yourself

    Eventually, majority of Muricans saw the gov story on JFK’s killing as absurd – do you write them off too?

    For 9-11 it’s close to half of Muricans don’t accept the gubmint story … in Europe it’s easier as we had a President of Italy – Francesco Cossiga – openly tell Italy’s biggest newspaper, that every major European intel agency knows 9-11 was USA and Mossad

    Older Europeans remember Operation Gladio, that got fully exposed in European courts … long string of killings of hundreds of Europeans by alleged ‘communists’, were actually done by USA-Nato agents, some of them confessing openly, the son of the key German killer became a historian

    It just doesn’t matter what anyone thinks about the ‘moon landings’ … that’s more an interesting prism for discussing what is possible in gubmint deception

    You can set out a policy of no moon landings, 9-11 discussion etc … but given you’re so caught up in virus ‘news’ it’s a bit hard to outlaw all the doubters of the official story on this … some of whom are as you see, reasonable people questioning a continually-lying establishment

    IIRC, George Lincoln Rockwell told William Pierce for years, that if you’re serious about dramatic change, you’re not gonna get it done without wignats … Pierce said late in life, that tho he long argued against it, Rockwell was probably right

    • “Eventually, majority of Muricans saw the gov story on JFK’s killing as absurd – do you write them off too?”

      JFK, a hardcore open borders fanatic, anti-white liberal and servant of jews, was killed by a communist. The conspiracy theories about it were all left wing in origin, from liberals wanting to blame “right wing” forces. No one in our movement used to believe in those theories, we all cheered it . We were into learning about powerful elites, the bankers, politicians etc. and what they were up with public policy issues. That is one type of “conspiracy theory.” The “X didn’t happen” type conspiracies have nothing to do with the old right in America and were generally left wing in origin. It used to be that only leftists didn’t believe in the moon landing. No one in our circles thought that at all. A few years after 9/11, we started getting slammed with conspiratards coming into our spaces and pushing left wing nonsense.

      We need separation from people with core disagreements. They can have their own movement for racist conservatives or racist conspiratards.

      • JFK, a hardcore open borders fanatic, anti-white liberal and servant of jews, was killed by a communist.

        What an pathetic, ridiculous statement

        If you can’t see the utter contradictions in this absurd belief, than you are the conspiratard, assbotl

      • As traditional ideas became more and more taboo it attracted the unhinged who are by nature attracted to all kinds of “offbeat” ideas. 60 years ago a lot of these people would have become communists instead.

  5. Hey there.

    I believe in the coronavirus, but I also believe that if the state takes swift and decisive actions the effects of it can be reduced to a drawn out annoyance into a complete catastrophe that overloads the healthcare systems and makes a mild virus into a super killer.

    I am however also starting to think that Covid originated in the US as several Asian nations have been saying for some time. I think it was brought over into China for geopolitical reasons doing the global war games in Wuhan and that the current Corona crisis in the US/West is the unexpected blow back from a very risky covert operation.

  6. There is nothing nationalist about a global economy fueled by international finance. That “racialist” pensioners/telecommuters in the middle and underemployed tools on the bottom benefit under the present arrangement doesn’t change that fact.

    Conservative and libertarian “racialists” have always been cuck$ for ea$y money, and it never mattered how they benefitted from it. Ea$y money over family, Bubble$ over blood, Equitie$ over borders.

    You care about preserving the lives of mom, dad, an asthmatic child, or a healthy 40 yr. old friend? Well, that places you firmly in the blood and soil category.

    No con$ervative can be a nationalist. No nationalist can be a con$ervative.

    There is no such thing as civic nationalism, only cowardly con$ervatives trying to be edgy.

    The cuck$ knocking you were always cuck$ for dollar$ and it never mattered where those dollar$ came from. Cuck$ for Dollar$ can never be dissidents, so of course they are going to call you a Marxist.

    That’s how it rolls.

    To my knowledge you’re the only genuine dissident on the Right. The rest are poseurs. Fuck them.

  7. “There are people who are “dissidents” in the sense that they believe things like the earth is flat, the moon landing was a hoax, the victims of mass shootings are “crisis actors,” viruses are not real, microchips are being implanted in our brains to create “a worldwide slave grid,” SARS is the flu, women are the enemy of men, Harvey Weinstein is a hero”

    I appreciate your site and read it daily, but this is a tactic our enemies us. False equivalency, guilt by association, whatever you wanna call it. Taking something patently absurd and then associating it with everyone who asks legitimate questions about ANYTHING. I would hope people on our side would be better than this.

    • @G J T

      this is a tactic our enemies us. False equivalency, guilt by association, whatever you wanna call it. Taking something patently absurd and then associating it with everyone who asks legitimate questions about ANYTHING.

      Yes, it is a tactic our enemies use.

      O/T – what’s the deal with Matt Heimbach?

  8. Any way of thinking or acting is only a tool of understanding reality or organizing groups. Systems don’t make a strong but compassionate society, people do, by thinking and acting not simply on short term self interest but also in the long term interest of everyone. A public spirited democratic socialist is a better role model then a selfish paleoconservative. Dissident or Alternative Right refers to a mindset that challenges total power from any source: government, oligopoly businesses, or other forms of gigantism that operate to secure power and wealth without regard to anyone or anything. That is an honorable philosophy, critiquing their allies as well as their adversaries. All groups have their grifters and phonies, and even unstable characters. That is not a reason to reject the mode of understanding, if it shows some part of truth.
    You have every right to be angry at anyone sending you such vile and hateful messages as listed above, and disengaging from such people is perfect understandable. I would say it would be fruitful to debate those who argue the merits of controversy rather than ad hominemism. None of us have all the answers, and some are open to honest persuasion. Corvid-19 will fade or be eradicated eventually, but the neoliberal paradigm will remain unless honorable people remain engaged in that fight.

    • Combine extensive social safety nets and social/cultural conservatism, and you’ve got a highly electable platform many people could get behind, JRC.

      • Hear hear Boomer X. Let’s run on that platform. Huey 2020 redux. Only question, who is president and who is vice-president when we win?

        • Being known as commenters here won’t help us win! We could solve the problem of who’s at the top of the ticket by doing what James Garner and Jack Lemmon did in “My Fellow Americans” and run as co-presidents. We would be assured of two votes, anyway.

          • Well, Brad/Hunter is mad at me for calling him on his disdain for so-called non essential businesses and employees by agreeing with corvid-19 truthers like Dr. Fauci that the only way to 100 percent prevent loss of life from the virus is to allow a 12- 18 month nationwide shutdown like Ezekiel Emanuel advocates, so we won’t get his vote.
            Seriously, I see the normies shrugging off the future social credit/ health directives that will be the result of this exercise in crisis management, as they just want to be left to consume their trash culture, food, and learned hatred of their fellow citizens.

            People today have more power than the strongest rulers of the past, due to technology and information access, but are easily distracted from their wage slavery by a few toys and degeneracy. No real hope. I’ve pointed out the facts to people of all political perspectives, but the answer is always the same : we can’t do something that would benefit THOSE PEOPLE we have been taught all our lives to hate. So I’m done.

  9. “…much of the Dissident Right plunged head first into an abyss of conservative and libertarian conspiracy theories.”

    Well Brad, you are proof that it is not always the Left that lacks self-awareness!

  10. “There are people who are “dissidents” in the sense that they believe things like the earth is flat, the moon landing was a hoax….”

    How DARE you lump the QAnon crowd lunatics along with honest people who have advanced degrees, have faith in God’s Word, and have watched and witnessed to the historical questioning of the ‘received dogma’ from the First Church of Statism, Bolshevik. A number of posters have asked you to PROVE your stance, Brad. And not a few of them are FE advocates, or are those who think NASA is yet one more disinformatia outlet…. but we deserve to be heard, as much as anyone else. More so, since we hold that the West’s demise is intimately tied to the fallacy that Adamic Man is NOT the center of the universe.

    Yet you don’t even have the cojones to do a simple investigation of the FACTS re: either FE or the supposed Moon landing. WHAT DOES IT HURT to believe either of those things? One’s pride? Please….

    Ever since you had your son, you’ve become less edgy, more bland, more ‘safe.’ Part of that is being a father, but it goes deeper with you. I’ve read this site for over a decade (I think) and all we’ve been hearing since you had the Yang dénouement, has been you ‘playing it safe,’ wanting to distance yourself from ANYONE and ANYTHING that might make you out to be a fool… the latest is doubting ANY of the Corona Porn, just because you would rather worship Science than seek out the reality behind it. You’re on terminal repeat in your own myopic mind. DO you listen to yourself, your comments to the increasing number of people who read this site, and are ANGRY that you seem oblivious to change from the FEDGOV status quo? And, no matter how much you yell, no matter how much you say you aren’t a…. WN, racist, Supremacist, Gay Hater, Womyn hater, etc., the J-Left will ALWAYS see you as one of the crowd in C’ville they came to kill, with the help of the mayor and the Po-po. Y’all were lucky back in 2017. Because, face it, you ARE a fool and an ‘anti-Semite’ (the most egregious curse in a bag full of useless terms… to the J-Left.

    And just as Matt H is now back-peddling to some form of Charlie Kirkism (God, help his soul) you are becoming… what? I don’t know, but it’s not the man whose amazing columns I once read with relish.

    The Bible is clear. You, not so much, anymore. And that’s a shame. [Amos 3:3]

    • ‘Ever since you had your son, you’ve become less edgy, more bland, more ‘safe.’ Part of that is being a father, but it goes deeper with you. ‘

      I see the same OD host from a decade back, with similar convictions, Father, but, yes, some of his former negativities have been attenuated by rising godly goodnesses.

      In those days our host was infatuated with certain things that have not aged in the barrel well, and, that so, he has either incorporated them into larger understandings or simply gone past them.

      But, his core is still very much there.

  11. When someone says they are Pro-Anyone, or Pro-Anything, yet, at the drop of a hat, shriek foully malevolent denunciations of anyone not confirming their views, or such a person casually talks of, and or jokes about, wholesale deportations, dispossessions, and or the liquidations of individuals, or groups of people, then you know they are either mentally damaged, daemon-possessed, and or both.

    You don’t have to be bright or educated to know this – only decent and sane.

    • I think you are a bit mistaken, Spahn – the missive addressed to our host was unquestionably penned by Rue Paul…

  12. I had it in January. It was a very bad flu. I am over 60, it hit me pretty hard. But I kept working, did not miss a day.

    This whole thing is a hoax. It is a bad flu, that is all. The Judenpresse is lying about it, and you fell for the lies.

    You fell for the lies. Bad.

    • They are starting to think this think may attack your hemoglobin and strip out the iron. That’s why you become so fatigued, winded, and low blood oxygen. Does the influenza virus act like this?

  13. You hit the nail on the head with how the Dissident Right is composed of individuals with radically different values, perspectives and temperaments. I’ve already made peace with the dissolution of the Movement and have assimilated back into my old Conservative-Libertarian ways.

    For me, the “Dissident” in Dissident Right, and the “Alternative” in Alternative Right, simply meant that we are redpilled on race, whereas mainstream conservatives and libertarians are bluepilled on race and believe that it doesn’t matter. I unironically believed that all the esoteric stuff that Spencer and Liddell used to post on the 2010-2013 website, or the “North American New Right” material covered by Counter Currents, or the promotion of weird philosophers like Alain De Benoist and Alexander Dugin…that all of it was window dressing for the real agenda, which was the resuscitation of discredited racial thinking. (Or, if it wasn’t window dressing, than perhaps it was just cute and fun philosophizing: Talking about ideas without actually taking them seriously).

    To “join” the Pro-White Movement is effectively the same thing as joining the Dark Side in Star Wars. Even if the choice to stand for the White Race isn’t technically evil, it’s perceived as evil by every normal White person, and, if we’re being honest with ourselves, it feels like we’re joining evil when we first join the Alternative Right. And that’s because Race is ultimately at the center of it, as our enemies in the media correctly deduced. So then, from my perspective, and no doubt, from the perspective of other Pro-White conservatives like me, the alternative philosophies and ways of thinking discussed by Spencer, et al, were merely a sophisticated cover up to make us look like serious people, when in fact, what we really wanted – wink wink, nudge nudge – is basically the same thing as the South wanted or that Germany wanted, albeit updated for our modern, 21st century needs.

    What this Corona hysteria has exposed, once and for all, is this: Spencer and people who think like him really did believe their own esoteric bullshit. There was no window dressing. There was no cover up of the “real agenda.” There was no winking or nudging. Spencer and his ilk really did want an alternative – a replacement – for mainstream conservatism and libertarianism, and their coverage of obscure thinkers and ideas was their way of shopping around for non-mainstream themes that they could pitch to White people, or, failing that, to anyone of any race who would listen to them. I would feel embarrassed for not being able to see this all along if it wasn’t for that fact that I didn’t think anyone with an IQ over 90 could be that dense.

    In fairness to the following two individuals, Matt Heimbach and Matt Parrott are ahead of the curve on this, hence why Heimbach abandoned White activism altogether, and why Parrott is on route to doing so. Race and White identity are simply not necessary if the goal is to eradicate conservatism and replace it with some weird and/or awful alternative. Heimbach and Parrott are unironic communists, and communism stands for the poor and downtrodden of ALL races, not simply Whites. There is not now, nor will there ever be, Communism or Socialism for White people. The very idea is the clingiest, most embarrassing idea I can possibly think of. Literally nothing RamzPaul or Bill Mitchell have said compares to it.

    As for esoteric philosophers like De Benoist, in addtion to being jack asses, they really don’t have anything to say to Pro-White conservatives like myself. Their worldview is identical to that of Rachel Maddow or Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, and they also manage to combine it with that insufferable elitist attitude of “in Europe, Bernie would be a centrist, bla bla bla.” There’s a reason Spencer chose De Benoist to be the keynote speaker at the 2013 NPI conference. The writing was on the wall even then. All of us on the Right failed to see it because, again, we thought it was a clever way to run interference for the real agenda, not to mention, we all were on the war path against mainstream conservatism after how it so utterly failed us in the 2012 election season.

    But now, 8 years later, thanks to Corona Chan, things have returned full circle, and we have reset to where we were in 2010. Things could always change in the near future, but right now, it looks like the 2020s will be marked by an intensification of the ideological divide between Left and Right, and although this divide will be “racial” in the sense that at least 3/4 of non-whites will side with the Left, it won’t be a true racial divide because, as Tim Wise prophesied the day after the Tea Party wave election in November 2010:

    It’s OK. Because in about forty years, half the country will be black or brown. And there is nothing you can do about it.

    Nothing, Senõr Tancredo.

    Nothing, Senõra Angle, or Senõra Brewer, or Senõr Beck.

    Loy tiene muy mal, hijo de Puta.

    And by then you will have gone all in as a white nationalist movement — hell you’ve all but done that now — thus guaranteeing that the folks of color, and even a decent size minority of us white folks will be able to crush you, election after election, from the Presidency on down to the 8th grade student council.

    Like I said, this is math. And numbers don’t lie.

    This decent sized minority will inevitably include erstwhile “Racist” Leftist like Spencer, Parrott, Marcus Cicero, Evan McClaren, those obnoxious “fake Black guy” accounts on twitter, etc. Once they realize that a formidable socialist coalition between White Leftists, Hispanics and Asians can be formed, there will no longer be any need to cling to anything related to Race, except insofar as Blacks refuse to go along with full-fledged socialism because they already have their gibs and don’t want others getting it.

    At the end of the day, the people who joined the Alternative Right had very different motives and reasons for opposing things like unregulated immigration and the outsourcing of manufacturing jobs, and that’s assuming they ever truly opposed those destructive policies to begin with. Someone like Richard Spencer has no reason to oppose non-white immigration unless he truly hates their physical presence, in which case, he is as awful of a person as everyone in the media says.

    I’m not sure who will carry the Pro-White mantle into the future, but I know that it won’t be Leftists, and to be honest Hunter, I don’t think it will be Populists either. The populist agenda, although socially conservative, still embraces much of the same false assumptions about economics as Leftists, and this makes it inherently vulnerable to being subverted into just another raceless movement that stands for the “Little Guy.” Granted, it might not be conservatives and libertarians carrying the mantle either – the truth is, right now, it’s one one – but I’m much more willing to bet that Conservatives and Libertarians will eventually wake up and defend their race than Leftists or Populists, the later of whom simply will not be able to shake the fatal flaws of their economic worldview, rooted as it is in egalitarianism and victimhood.

    tl’dr The members of the Dissident Right are returning to their ideological roots and pursuing their real agendas, and that means that for now, White Identity will be on the backburner

    • Interesting comments that will only be proven right or wrong by time, of course. What do you think of the idea that “all politics is identity politics”? If that’s what politics is these days, wouldn’t it be possible to carve out a de facto White coalition on both left and right that must be catered to? I know many say that’s what we have now, but the fact is pols run away from anything resembling ethnic pride if it’s European.

      • What do you think of the idea that “all politics is identity politics”?

        If by “identity politics” you mean “racial politics,” then I’d say that statement is true for non-whites but not really true for Whites.

        I don’t say this to brag or to put our race on a pedestal, but as evidenced by the voting statistics, Whites are the only race that has nuance and doesn’t just vote in lockstep. Consider this: Over 70% of Hispanics and Asians, over 80% of Jews, and over 90% of Blacks support the Democrat Party, and not only that, but they do it because the Democrats support policies designed to benefit their groups, often at the expense of the well-being of Whites. There’s little nuance to how they see the world. Sure, they each have issues particular to their community that concerns them – police brutality in the case of Blacks, immigration reform in the case of Hispanics, etc – but the Democrats have convincing solutions for all those issues. The Democrats are thus able to hold together a “Coalition of the Oppressed” by giving each group what they want.

        It’s different for the GOP and Whites. Romney and Trump each won 58% of the White vote in their respective elections, and if I’m not mistaken, that’s the highest percentage of the White vote that a GOP candidate has ever gotten. Typically, Whites split their vote 50-50 between Republicans and Democrats. There are also regional differences. Southern Whites are deeply Red, whereas Northeast, Upper Midwest, and West Coast Whites are deeply Blue. Different groups of Whites are concerned about different issues, and this informs their voting habits.

        As you can see, Whites are politically nuanced in a way that non-whites simply are not. We have significant ideological diversity, whereas non-whites tend to think exactly the same. Thus, while identity politics is sufficient for the Democrats to unite non-whites under a single coalition, it is not possible for the GOP or the Democrats to use identity politics to unify Whites. It is our manifest destiny as a race to be divided by ideology, and I firmly believe this divide is unbridgeable, as we are witnessing right now with the demise of the Dissident Right. So then, although it’s certainly possible to have a united coalition of conservative Whites or a coalition of leftist Whites, these two groups can never, and frankly should never, be united. The differences in values are simply to stark.

        This, of course, begs the question: If there is an unbridgeable ideological gap between Whites, then does White Nationalism have any sort of future? My answer: It can have a future if enough normal Whites continue to wake up like Tony Martel was talking about in his March 26 article on this website, “White Advocates Must Adapt or Die.” That’s the first thing that must happen. Normal Whites must independently change their minds and find in themselves the natural desire to defend their own race. Nothing of significance will be accomplished unless and until that happens. A collapse of the system will change absolutely nothing if Whites remain convinced that standing up for their race is evil.

        In the event that normal Whites wake up and take the redpill on race, I do indeed believe that the majority of them will have the worldview and values of a Classical Liberal as opposed to a Leftist or a Socialist. So then, it is my contention that White Nationalists should be courting conservatives, libertarians, and yes, liberals (not the same as leftists). A “radicalized” center, if you will. I see no future in a “Red-Brown” coalition of Far Left and Far Right, both because it’s deeply undesirable, and also because it ignores the core population of normal Whites that we are trying to save. The Far Right and Far Left do not have the solutions we need to secure the existence of our people and a future for White children. The Tucker Carlson-Laura Ingraham route is the correct route.

        • The Carlson-Ingraham route leads to white minoritization not just in the USA, but in Europe and everywhere else as well. It is a death sentence.

          And your assumptions about politics are completely retarded. What people believe or agree with is entirely irrelevant for government policy. Doesn’t matter what percentage of whites vote for which party because the parties are just in competition with each other to execute plutocrat policy. You could think of the parties as contractors bidding on a project, rather than as the actual agents of political change.

          • And your assumptions about politics are completely retarded.

            You just don’t get it. Which political party the different races vote for serves as a proxy for what those different races want, and what they believe in. The Republican Party is seen by everyone as the Conservative Party, just like the Tories in Britain. Obviously, the Republicans don’t actually govern like a conservative party, but their popular perception is that the ideology and agenda they stand for and promote is conservative. Same with the Democrats and liberalism. They are the Liberal Party here in the same way that the Labour Party is the Liberal Party in Britain. So then, when non-whites vote overwhelmingly for Democrats, that’s a clear indication that they support liberal policies over conservative policies. Power is irrelevant here, because what we’re trying to ascertain is what values and policies the different races believe in. Nothing more.

            It should be obvious why this is important: Leftist policies and ideologies are destroying White societies. Non-whites clearly support those policies, and they have a significant number of Whites on their side. Whites who support Leftist policies are unwittingly wrecking their own nations, regardless of whatever good intentions they might have. Therefore, if White Nationalists wish to save the White Race, the only way this can be done is by appealing to conservative Whites, and also any White person who legitimately changes their mind on the foolishness of the Leftist agenda. Socialism has no place in a future White Ethnostate.

            I must add one more thing, because this really sits in my craw: You Leftists have it all wrong when it comes to your worship of power. You’ve marginalized yourself by convincing yourself that we are all just a bunch of tiny, helpless ants at the mercy of massive, all powerful corporations and political parties. You act as if changing hearts and minds doesn’t matter, and as if “systems” are the determining factor in how people behave and what they believe in.

            Let me give you a White Pill: If the White Race became racially conscious tomorrow, we’d take back our homelands within a month. It is people, not systems or structures, that determines the course of history. Get a mass of White people moving in a single direction, and the only thing the Jews can do about is the Sampson Option (look it up). Real power lies with the will of the people, NOT corporations, or political parties, or even the Deep State. The Jews know this, which is why they try to keep us docile with non-stop, 24-7 propaganda and psyops from the media. You are doing their work for them by promoting Socialism and Communism. Whites will not be the victors in a Communist Utopia. Jews and ONLY Jews win in that scenario. Hence why they bankrolled your precious 1917 Bolshevik Revolution.

          • What different races want is irrelevant, because what masses want and how states govern are completely different things. You are operating under false liberal assumptions of how politics works. It is not “the people “who determine anything. Never has been.

    • The modern pro-white movement is a direct continuation of the WWI era anti-imperialist right wing, as opposed to the jingoists morons, who were like modern boomers and neocons . There is a direct line of people, organizations and publications from those folks to people like Jared Taylor and David Duke. We have our own worldview that encompasses many things. We are part of the larger movement that European nationalists are part of.

    • “Someone like Richard Spencer has no reason to oppose non-white immigration unless he truly hates their physical presence, in which case, he is as awful of a person as everyone in the media says.”

      So, you admit the only reason you oppose whites being a minority is “nonwhites vote for the dummycrats.” You don’t think whites wanting to live primarily among other whites just because we like our own people more is a legitimate view. That sums up where you are coming from.

      Spencer is pro-white and you are not.

      • Civic nationalism is how we were steamrolled by the multiculturalists and globalists, so I don’t see that as a winning strategy. You can’t be pro-White and defensive about it at the same time and expect to be effective. Populism, in the form of left economics and right cultural and social norms, is what people aren’t getting from the American corporatist system. Conservatism tends to support the economic atomization of people, which leaves the peasants at the mercy of the marketplace without much of a safety net. The elites get the money printed at will, we get told to lift ourselves up by the bootstraps. I’m old-school right on foreign entanglements and social issues, but the elites have ruined us too often for their own gain. We’ve got to have a system of social and economic protections for when banksters and financiers send our jobs away to get another summer home in the Hamptons.

      • DP84 is not pro-White at all; he is a vile neocon. He claims that NazBols support “the poor and downtrodden of ALL races” while he calls for a class-based coalition of the bourgeoisie of all races. The difference is that NazBols favor racial separatism; this vile anti-White parasite does not.

        He is the kind of person who would call me an anti-White shitskin-lover for supporting the Palestinians, and then let a Based MAGA Mestizo bang his wife.

        There can be Communism and Socialism for White people. In fact if you are not a Socialist, you are not “for White people”. You can not believe that some White people are garbage to be exploited and be for your people.

        • There is a rather large faction of white nationalists who are only “pro-white” because they believe that whites are the only people who can do liberalism correctly. They see pro-white politics only as a means to reaching their real end, the preservation of liberalism. A perfect example of this is Ricardo Duchesne, or DP84 here. Pretty much the same story with ramzpaul, too.

          • “Europeans are the greatest people on the planet, the ones who achieved the most, accomplished by white hetero males. As Charles Murray and Ricardo Duchesne have documented, 97% of the greatest accomplishments in the Sciences were by Europeans, 96% of the greatest philosophers were European, 95% (and this is a modest figure) of the greatest explorers, 100 percent of the classical composers — with similar percentages in all the fields of human knowledge and endeavor.”

            If that’s what you mean by Liberalism, than it sounds like a paradise, something worth conserving and fighting for. You can have your miserable socialist system and its mass starvation of White families and White children. I’ll take Progress, Advancement, and White Well-Being.

        • @jijcf

          1. I said that Communists in general support the poor and downtrodden of all races. Right now, Nazbols like you only support poor and downtrodden Whites. But, you’ll eventually realize, as Heimbach and Parrott did, that white socialists like the Bernie Bros will never take you seriously if you only support socialist programs for your own race. And if you have any sort of moral conscience, you’ll recognize that it is hypocritical and disgusting to pretend to only care about poor White people and to not give a crap about poor and downtrodden non-whites who, according to your own narrative, are suffering from the exact same neoliberal system as poor Whites are.

          2. I never said I support a Bourgeois coalition of all races. I said I support a coalition of Bourgeois Whites against the failed, spiteful whites from below, and the haughty, degenerate whites from above. Bourgeois/Middle Class Whites are being high-lowed by the elitism of trust fund commies like Spencer and by backwater commies like yourself. I never wanted a Class War within the White Race, but circumstances have forced my hand, and I will happily reign hellfire on anyone who wants to destroy me and and my way of life. We are Borg. You will be assimilated.

          3. Reminder that this jijcf guy is the same Nazbol who said below, “The moon landing WAS a hoax, made up by Jews to embarrass the USSR.” Imagine believing that the Jews ever had a problem with the Soviet Union. ROFL.

          • You don’t have a way of life. Nobody that is pro-European takes libertarianism seriously anymore. It’s a joke. And it’s a joke precisely because it has led to the Zionist, multicultural hell that is destroying it all. Liberalism is ultimately the eradication of all limits and all borders which is why ‘conservatism’ (whose only tradition worth ‘conserving’ is the progressivist god and the abrogation of limits) is so invested in spreading transsexualism and homosexuality to every corner of the globe not to mention every other kind of depravity. Charlie Kirk and the rest of the schlomos are, of course, at the forefront of this as they preach the Jewish idea of ‘America’ as an idea and Israel ‘as blood and soil.’ This is the face of orange blormph, and this is the face of the anti-white conservative movement. Anyone defending libertarianism is ultimately advocating for the dissolution of the borders of Europe and the end of whites. Libertarianism only makes one people on this planet safe from disintegration and we all know who that is.

      • So, you admit the only reason you oppose whites being a minority is “nonwhites vote for the dummycrats.”

        I want to live around people who share the same values as us, who think like us, and who act like us. In theory, non-whites can do this, as evidenced by individuals like Jesse Lee Peterson, Walter Williams, and Michelle Malkin. In reality, the far majority of non-whites have different values, think differently, and act differently. Simply put, I acknowledge and accept that the only way to have cohesiveness and familiarity in a society is for the population to be of the same race. There is room for non-whites who are exceptions to the rule, but in general, I want a homeland that is +90% White, because only then will we have the kind of society that we want to live in, peacefully and comfortably.

        You don’t think whites wanting to live primarily among other whites just because we like our own people more is a legitimate view.

        It’s legitimate if your reason for wanting to live among Whites is based on character and values as opposed to superficial reasons, in which case, I’ve got some bad news for you: The White Race itself has moved beyond your views. Shared blood alone is not enough to unite a people, as was demonstrated in the U.S. Civil War and both World Wars. A homogeneous population is necessary but not sufficient to unite a nation. There must be shared values and a shared culture, otherwise, it will self-destruct from within.

        Spencer is pro-white and you are not.

        Spencer is a trust fund baby who imagines a destitute society in which degenerate drunks like him lord it over a starving, miserable, hopeless class of working Whites who don’t own private property and who rely on the central government for all their needs. He has admitted that Marx was right about “a lot of things” and denies that Marxism has any flaws. Its no wonder that the Pro-White Movement went nowhere when communists like you were the rank and file, because no normal White person will follow a movement composed of bitter, marginalized men who hate them and their way of life.

        • There you go, trying to put constraints on white people being allowed to favor their own people only if you deem their motives pure. Real pro-white people don’t use that kind of moral framing. It shows you are not really one of us.

          We see a lot of people like this in our scene now, nominally pro-white, but still thinking like anti-whites. These people are the virus deniers, the GOP chumps and the annoying boomers who are always reacting the wrong way to things.

          Notice how his frame is that he doesn’t want to have to favor his own kind, but he is being forced to by extreme circumstances. He feels a strong need to virtue signal and draw a distinction between himself and other upstanding racist boomers and the bad kind of racists, the ones who are really into this identity stuff, who even put their racial identity ahead of corporate profits. He’s not one of them.

          • Why would you want to live around other White people simply because they are White? Would you want to share a country with Sean McElwee? Or Keith Olbermann? Or AIDS Skrillex and Carl the Cuck?


            I sure wouldn’t. Values and beliefs should matter. Behavior should matter. Character should matter. If none of those traits matter to you – if you unironically want to live around other Whites just because they happen to look like you – then congratulations, you’ve justified everyone who has ever thrown around the word “racist.” Or, as Jack Donovan said the day after the Charlottesville rally, you’ve proven a lot of bad people right.

            The only people on planet earth that I’m loyal to simply because we share the same blood are my immediate family members. Normal White people will not and should not have loyalty to other White people just because they are White. That’s not only stupid and retarded, it’s also insane. What better way to sneak destructive policies and ideologies through the backdoor than to compel us to share a nation with genetic and spiritual vermin like Sean McElwee? Forget about it pal.

            You should ONLY be loyal to Whites who actually share your beliefs and your values. Race and Character must be tied at the hip for Race to have any meaning. That’s how the world operates, whether you like it or not. Racial identity has no meaning if you severe it from our character, our accomplishments, and everything else that defines who we are. You would trade our racial inheritance for a pot of soup from the socialist kitchen. Get rekt.

          • “it’s legitimate if your reason for wanting to live among Whites is based on character and values as opposed to superficial reasons”,

            What if I want to live among whites because I like how they look and smell, and think non-whites are ugly and smell bad? Does that pass your “legitimacy” test. Mister Pretending to be an “Authority” but has no Credibility?

            If those are my reasons (which are part of the truth) then my reasons are good enough as far as I’m concerned. People are in this for all kinds of reasons. You don’t get to be the “legitimacy judge,” you overbearing moron.

          • @ Mike:

            I should remind you and everyone else that it is Nazbols who have no reason to be loyal to the White Race. My original contention was that Richard Spencer has no reason to oppose the presence of non-whites, as they support the exact same values and the same socialist policies that he does. A non-white nation would be good for traitors like him. Then this old fart, ATBOTL, who said in another thread that he’s been in the Movement since 1992, accused me of only opposing the presence of non-whites because they vote for Democrats. I responded to that by laying out a case for why character and values should matter when it comes to who we do and don’t want to live with. I said that racial homogeneity is necessary for shared values, but is not sufficient to attain them.

            If you don’t want to live around non-whites because they are ugly and smelly, I won’t fault you for that, particularly the smelly part, but I should remind you that White Antifa and White Commies are no different. In fact, conservatives are more physically attractive then leftists. Its no coincidence that leftism appeals to white men and white women who lost the genetic lottery:


            There’s absolutely no justification whatsoever for why White Nationalists should be courting socialists and communists, or why we should allow socialists and commies in our ranks. Being Pro-White shouldn’t mean we defend literally ALL White people, it means we should defend Whites who are worthy of being saved because they are good, attractive people with decent moral character. Socialists and commies must be allowed to be taken away by the good god Darwin in order for our race to survive and prosper.

        • A homogeneous population is necessary but not sufficient to unite a nation. There must be shared values and a shared culture, otherwise, it will self-destruct from within.



          Very good call.

          “Whiteness”, in and of itself, is an abstraction. Again, necessary, but not sufficient.

          Only with a legitimate, underlying culture is it in any way genuinely sustainable.

          Essentially, the American South would simply not be “the South” without it’s Anglo-Celtic people.

  14. You’ve recently put up with some nasty personal attacks. As you review the comments yourself, perhaps you should just start filtering out those that aren’t limited to disagreeing with you on substance.

    As to this crisis being an opportunity for our side, I think the emptiness and hypocrisy of the multicultural globalist crowd has been exposed to everyone from Manhattan to Mombasa. The further catering to the elites at the expense of the many will not be soon forgotten. The only way to take advantage of this is to organize (not as an official organization, because they always get co-opted), as populist measures in the US Senate, for example, have gone nowhere or have been severely watered down. Politicians will only act in the voter’s interests if they’re scared of losing power or face. We need to frighten them into ignoring their donors’ wishes. Flooding sites where normies congregate with the rhetorical sparks needed to start electoral fires (while suggesting sites like this one) might be one tactic to use.

    • I thought about doing it.

      It is clear though that most of the comments don’t reflect my opinion on the subject. I am content to let these people keep sounding off about the TRUTH that 12,000 people have died from the flu in three weeks.

      • Mr Wallace,
        I had just come over to your site yesterday because UNZ stories and comments have been all over the place as it has lefties and righties, writing and commenting which is great in a way. The DS hasn’t been the same for many months since it has switched to Satirical Social Commentary
        aimed at the indestructible youth and away from the enlightening Jewish Problem that goes over most people’s heads if they are listening to anything mainstream.

        On Rogan(mainstream) 3-4 weeks ago I was listening to Peterson talk about “Disgust” that was in our evolutionary genes, and that it was there to keep us safe from different people and different diseases we have not interacted with before. I am German, English, Scot, and Italian. I have a high level of this disgust gene in my daily life. Alot of people I know don’t have it and are sloppy and dumb. This is probably what a lot of the differences come from on the right. I am just a regular man and not to booksmart. I am a great machinist and craftsman that likes to fish. I run on common sense mostly and wanted to give you my input. Have a great day! Dave

  15. “I’m not sure who will carry the Pro-White mantle into the future, but I know that it won’t be Leftists, and to be honest Hunter, I don’t think it will be Populists either. The populist agenda, although socially conservative, still embraces much of the same false assumptions about economics as Leftists, and this makes it inherently vulnerable to being subverted into just another raceless movement that stands for the “Little Guy.”

    There is a massive ‘Pro-White agenda’ in this country, DP – it is just not voicep with hostility towards non-Whites, which means it is not seen as either appealing or legitimate to some.

    Evidence of this is on full display every day throughout the Internet, and, indeed, every night at Fox News – from Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham, both of whom, if I am not very much mistaken, have numerous times received the praised of Dr. David Duke.

      • Not to worry, Dear ATBOTL, for this aging Southerner suddenly finds he has a millennial New England Yankee to guide him through life’s intellectual traps!

  16. The Catholic nuts are out in force, maybe they can tell us about the infallible Pope, confession to a Priest, worship of the Holy Mary, Holy Water, the earth being the center of the universe, saints, the rosary beads, and why COVID-19 isn’t dangerous.

    Brad, if you and I were mean spirited we would probably agree with them on COVID-19 being just like the flu, because it’s the Catholic areas that are bearing the brunt of the COVID-19 outbreak. Heck, why should we Protestants care?

    • Krafty,

      WTF does all this have to do with Catholicism?

      Face it man, you are a congenital liar, and you are not at all a Christian, let alone a Protestant, since Christians are forbidden from bearing false witness.

  17. Those people are not the alt-right or dissident right, they are just racist conservatives. We shouldn’t say “the thing we used to call ourselves is dead” over and over, that looks really bad. Too many people have been doing that and Hunter and Richard Spencer have been the worst. Hunter has declared whatever he was just promoting dead many times over the years.

    We did a bad job of indoctrinating new people who wanted to associate with us into our world view and now we need to cut the cord on these types and salvage our movement for ourselves. Do not give up our brand to Rush Limbaugh fan imposters.

    Instead of throwing a tantrum over these bad elements, we need to analyze what we did wrong that people who don’t share our worldview were allowed into our movement undigested. The mistake was being too desperate for followers and being too tolerant of the racist boomer types. I saw over the last dozen years, more and more of these types coming into our spaces and not being corrected. When someone did try to correct them, they were told, “go easy, we don’t want to scare them away.” Some argued we shouldn’t enforce any lines because the racist neocon types would absorb our ideas over time. I saw that many of these types from the get go were very strident and coming into our spaces to lecture us that we were wrong for not supporting the GOP and FOX style conservatardism.

    You can’t give these types a platform and then complain that the movement is full of them. The solution is to have tighter, more discipled networks and not just welcome random people who say they agree with us but really don’t. Make it clear to those types they can only be welcome into spaces if they accept our full belief system and agree to defer to the more experienced.

  18. What needs to be decided asap is whether we all intend to unite behind a party of our own or whether we intend to work within an existing party. If the latter, it’s obvious that the Republican party is the best fit because there are far more pro-white Republicans than there are pro-white Democrats, and it is much easier to get pro-white Republicans to come to the left on economics. So, all this anti-conservative and anti-libertarian rhetoric really only alienates people that might otherwise listen to us. We should still be criticizing Republican leaders and conservative/libertarian economics, but what we shouldn’t do is engage in Democrat level hostility towards Republican voters themselves. Being pro-white Bernie bros is not going to get us anywhere. I honestly wonder whether the Richard Spencer types care about class more than race at this point.

    Now, if we intend to go third party, let’s do it already, but we all have to support it. The American Freedom Party seems like the most promising unless we want to go full explicit National Socialist. Coincidentally, Hitler predicted all the problems the Dissident Right is facing as being inherent flaws of big tent movements.

    • “What needs to be decided asap is whether we all intend to unite behind a party of our own or whether we intend to work within an existing party.”

      These need to split into two separate movements. The people who want a pro-white party have to have our own spaces, with zero tolerance for GOP supporters. The GOP people can be okay with doubters in their ranks, it won’t hurt them as much, since they are supporting the establishment.

      “Now, if we intend to go third party, let’s do it already, but we all have to support it.”

      No, we don’t have to all support it. We need to separate. You can’t have a third party with GOP supporters in it. The mistake has been people waiting and waiting and waiting to build a party becuase all these people are on the fence. The solution is to just do it. Pull the trigger already and over time, more people will join us. We have to make sure every single one of those people joins us on our terms and doesn’t bring boomerism with them.

      Let’s be clear, the GOP supporters are coming into white nationalists spaces now and trying to undermine them. That what is going on here in these comments. The people who think white nationalists are bad, wrong, crazy etc. need to stay out of our spaces. Make your own spaces racist Rush Limbaugh fans. I’m serious, that would be funny.

  19. The moon landing WAS a hoax, made up by Jews to embarrass the USSR and to improve the image of US imperialism at the time when it was deeply unpopular around the world.

    • There’s one in every crowd.

      I view “moon landing hoaxers” as one of the stupidest and vilest types of anti-White retards around, because they don’t even realize that they’re enthusiastically carrying waters for the Jews and devaluing the very real achievements of highly intelligent White men.

      • Yes, during the 60’s anti-white jews around the “new left” were early circulators of this rumor. They were angry at what white men had achieved and wanted to deny it happened. The fact that many of the scientists were German also motivated this attitude. It’s sad and shocking to see these kinds of crazy anti-white ideas in our scene now.

        The larger problem is that we need to set boundaries about what beliefs we have and don’t have. People can’t just make up their own theories about everything and be welcome in our spaces. People who believe anti-white false conspiracy theories can’t be welcome in our spaces, even if they give a talmudic twist to the story in an effort to make the false claim seem like it is somehow congruent with being pro-white. In this clown’s case, he did a kind of pro-USSR slant were the cold war era USA was so evil that we have lie about it. That’s silly.

    • People who think stuff like this are not part of the white nationalist movement and their opinions shouldn’t be allowed in our spaces.

    • There are legitimate doubts to express about the moon landings (NASA “lost” the telemetry data for the Apollo moon missions and the technology they used — and can’t rebuild any of it, the astronauts somehow made a live phone call from the moon, the single 60’s-era camera they used for live shots could magically change depth of field and do jump cuts, etc., etc.), but what’s the point of talking about it here? The validity of heliocentrism is an interesting topic, too, but why bring it up when it’s not germane to the subject of the post? It’s a weird effect; it’s like I started reading HW, then further on down the page the post morphed into a David Icke piece.

  20. Dissident Right? Alternative Right ? Weak! Why not Racialist Right or Revolutionary Right?

  21. “Dissidents.”

    This is a structural problem, and the name issue is merely a reflection of it.

    Let’s leave aside the obvious matter of people who post nutty conspiracy theories in bad faith (though this certainly comprpises the lion’s share of commenters).

    Let’s just talk about those who are sincere. Even within such a paradigm, the vast, yawning, almost unbridgeable gap between dissidents is not only not surprising, it could hardly be otherwise.

    The absolute universal hegemony of Cultural Marxist ideology (call it what one will), encompassing as it does everything from schooling to the media to most churches, means that — the Amish aside — the entire Western world experiences a literal lifetime of brainwashing. 24/7, 365.

    Think about the kind of personality that one has to have in order to truly think outside such an all-encompassing bubble. One has to have a profoundly iconoclastic streak. And that will encompass everyone from sound historical revisionists to the farthest-out-there nut jobs.

    Trying to build a community of iconoclasts, even a discussion group, or a group of any kind, of such stubborn iconoclasts . . . well, it’s kind of fundamentally impossible, isn’t it? Practically an oxymoron.

    I don’t how one would square this circle.

    • The sane people have to separate ourselves from the crazies. Other cultures do this easily, only white Americans are struggling with this. The problem is the tolerance for dissent. We need to create spaces that are more structured. We don’t need more spaces for freewheeling discussions with anyone who shows up and claims to be on our side.

  22. I don’t think the virus is a hoax, however I understand why there are those that have varying levels of skepticism about it considering how governments lie and deceive all the time. My own personal belief is that this virus is a warning from Almighty God that we need to change our behavior.

    The problem of course is that I don’t think most people will get the message. Indeed, once the all clear is sounded, people will go back to the same debauchery they were enjoying prior to the outbreak.

    We have all defied God and have mocked Him. This selfish and indulgent nation has spit in God’s face and has truly lost its way. We think we know what’s best and are so smart. We are not smart, we are dumber than a doorpost.

    People need to accept that we are experiencing God’s righteous judgment against our evil ways.

    Get on your hands and knees and repent as soon as possible. It’s the only way out of this mess.

    • Typical Southern thinking, SC Rebel – and being just like you, only from NC, this is how I think, too!

  23. HW, with some of the “fans” you have who needs any enemies. I would not be violent unless it was in self defense but these bad actors committing violence on the Right against the public are the biggest cowards I’ve ever seen. There a plenty of people in the USA/world who openly hate and threaten violence, crooked court rulings, financial destruction, etc on white nationalists and these people are never taken out. The only people the violent Right goes after are innocent people in church services / bible studies, walmarts, etc . What a bunch of godless worthless dogs!

  24. Why bother with specifically aligning with either wing? Haven’t you pointed out, HW, that the vast majority actually are left economically/right culturally? That goes beyond left and right, and enables those of us thinking in such terms to go with whomever will get us to where we want to be. Not that I’m advocating trusting anyone who doesn’t accept the 14 words. I’m saying, use those seeking power the way they always use us. If we must have a name, just make it general and positive, like pro-White or Pan-European. I’m open to suggestions. Labels can be flexible, like black or African-American, right? We can use that to our advantage, if we insist upon the label being accepted in the culture at-large.

    Proclaiming a movement dead sends people away, never to return. That’s incredibly short-sighted. Within any group, there will be outliers. There has to be room for people to grow and change, and allow for mistakes. Evolution is a continuous process, after all. If you want more people to come into this pro-White sphere, you’ve got to make room for all kinds. We don’t have to accept everything anyone says, but we shouldn’t turn our backs on them, either, unless their purpose is to be divisive and destructive.

  25. What a disconnect from reality. You actually believe the hype. You probably think we can vote our way out of the permanent technocracy rule via oligarchy we find ourselves in. You then go on to promote that all conspiracy theories are fake like the mainstream media. All you do is write sentence posts on repeat the same mantra over and over. Then you attack the dissident right, while it has problems you go on to call them kooks. Yes there are kooks due to government disinformation, but that disinformation is in place to blur reality and hide the real conspiracies they are engaging in. Would you have us locked away in our house for 18 months until we receive our mystery syringe from Gill Bates? Do you support his microchip vaccine ID program? Show you vaccine records before you can leave your house? Did you know viruses and vaccines can change human behavior through gene hacking and that these programs are already old and seeing results?

  26. There is a case to be made on the honor of upholding our values against the tide.

    “‘Honor the Truth, be Steadfast, Defend the Nation’ — Say ‘No’ to jockeying for political advantage on the coattails of Corona Hysteria” — a partial response to Hunter Wallace.

  27. Hunter, your argument assumes that the dissident right has enough ability to project a coherent narrative – which it does not. But regardless, any talking points regarding the superiority of this or that nationalist principle can still be broadcast; that opportunity is in no way squandered by what you argue is a fatal error in underestimating the virus. So the crux of your position is that credibility was wasted by making the wrong argument. But it is premature at this juncture for you to have made that declaration. It could be that when the dust settles, it will be your position that is revealed as faulty.

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