A Friendly Reminder

At a time when everyone is mad about the coronavirus, it is important to remember the following:

1.) No one here is responsible for bringing the coronavirus to the United States.

2.) No one here is responsible for bungling America’s response to the virus.

3.) No one here is responsible for the current lockdowns in response to the virus.

Everyone here is just watching this unfolding shitshow and trying to make sense of it. I haven’t seen anyone claim this is where they expected to be in 2020.

Carry on.

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    • @searchit1 My gripe is that the AMA sold out the White American medical doctors and replaced them with foreign coons. I can’t imagine us having a public health crisis of this magnitude if we still had a WASP medical establishment in the US!

      When WASP medical doctors were the rule, medical doctors made house calls.

  1. I take it you approve of Dr. Fauci’s recommendation to destroy the economy, throw millions of people permanently out of work and turn everyone into isolated, depressed prisoners in their own homes for months on end, HW? And all because of an irrational terror of getting sore, aching muscles and a fever for a couple of days.

    • As you may recall, I supported taking the coronavirus seriously in January and shutting down international flights until passengers could be effectively screened for the virus. Well, that didn’t happen. The call was made to “ride it out” because it was “just the flu” and making a big deal about it would have “spooked the markets.” Now it is everywhere and you can either let it run wild, which would kill millions of people, or suppress the virus with a lockdown.

      • In Canada deaths from the flu, heart attacks and various other ailments have dropped off to almost none, while “Corona Virus deaths” have skyrocketed…the Mainstream Media is lying subversive scum…that’s been established, so why do you believe what they’re saying now? ..Does anybody know anybody who knows anybody who’s VERIFIABLY died from this Communism implementing virus?..I still haven’t met anybody who has any tangible proof that this is anything other than the flu, albeit a particularly virulent strain that’s being hyped and orbited by yellows and jews, but the flu nonetheless.

      • Besides that I’ve noticed that various Qanon Just the Flu people are not exactly breaking curfew quaranteen and lockdown. Lots of bullshit bravado contradicted by actually observable behavior.

      • Problem is there is no end to this “shutdown” in sight and after 37 days it should have cleared out of those infected if it was effective as is. BUT certain people are NOT following instructions and “chillin” “partying” etc so this doesn’t seem to be working as planned and while large social gatherings need to remain closed like the commie schools, movie theaters, bars, sporting arenas, we do need to mask up and get back to most of our ordinary economic activity with distancing guidelines such as no company cafeteria, eat spaced out at your workstation, or in your car, etc. It would also be good for Trump to remind people that he was right about the consequences of manufacturing overseas, and especially our enemy China. The media is actually siding with the Chinese fake statistics, the Chinese influenced WHO that minimized this thing under Xi’s instructions not to “spook” the world that SARS was back, not telling the truth that Chinese spies and organized crime went store to store and wiped our shelves clean of masks and PPE.(They did the same in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Southeast Asia, and tried to in South Korea before they shut down the export of PPE) I met a random 50 something white lady looking for masks at Lowes asking where I got my N95 (ten years ago) and she let loose some really anti Chinese sentiment which I think a lot of Americans are thinking right now and have been for a while.

  2. . . . and the irony is the “markets” (AKA Ponzi schemes) will collapse anyway, that is the way out. The U.S. Government is piling debt upon debt to bail out everyone, crumbs for the deplorables, big chunks for the usual suspects. That is all they can do, they are one trick ponies. If debt were the way to prosperity the U.S. would be the wealthiest nation in history, by a country mile. Debt makes nations, corporations and families fragile, not resilient. It also shifts wealth to the super wealthy (hedge funds like Black Rock) because they get bailouts first, the Cantillon Effect.


    When the more virulent Spanish Influenza struck between 1918 – 1920 the U.S. was in a much stronger position to weather the storm in spite of very strict quarantines, supply disruptions and WWI to fight all at the same time. The recovery into the Roaring 20’s after Versailles in 1919 and a brief, sharp recession 1920 – 1921 was only possible because the U.S. was not indebted very much, unlike Europe. Unfortunately, the Federal Reserve allowed Wall Street to gamble away the prosperity in the stock market through margin debt resulting in the 1929 crash then bank panics that ruined many small businesses and families. The Republicans never change.

    Some good news: Good thing that scumbag and co-president Jared is looking out for “Our Greatest ally” first:


    According to JPost the U.S. Government bought more than one million masks from China then shipped them to “Our Greatest Ally”. For whose benefit is the U.S. Government run anyway, I forget?

  3. Richard Spencer and TDS shrieking Corona Doom just to counter-signal Rebuplitards was cringe.

    People will never trust their judgement again.

  4. I do however relish in the fact that society’s assholes who have had too much luck for too long, and had it too good, are now getting shut down and forced to know what it’s like to have bad luck in the job market or business market.

  5. HW, Haven’t you been reading ANY of the comments? (Not just mine!?) If we all ‘avoid’ the Chinese Origin VD (CO-VD), and don’t deal with it, as a PEOPLE, it will merely make a ‘comeback’ once restrictions are lessened, and normal social interactions resume… that is, IF it is truly the ‘horrible plague’ everyone is saying it is…. And then, we are faced with yet the SAME EXACT SCENARIO. More distancing? More isolationism? More government interference in our already burdened lives? Is this what you want, personally? Is this what your graphs and charts are trying to tell your readers??!?

    And what do we make of the widely fluctuating claims of ‘numbers dead,’ and all that, when the links so many of us are sending you (and your readers) are preaching ‘another gospel’? Why did the ENTIRE WEST COAST send all their respirators to JEW YORK STATE? Who gives a damn about dead obese, low-IQ n*ggers or godless Jews? THEY DESERVE TO DIE. It’s WHITE AMERICA that I thought this site was concerned about, not some Christ-killers, or African illegal aliens…..

    What I, Spawn, Denise, and others are saying, is merely ‘cui bono?’ Who benefits from this?

    Already, the Wall Street (((Bankers))) are making billions off of this, while White businesses are literally bankrupt, and the unemployment claims in the ‘running graph’ that AA ran yesterday, should be a wake-up call, that this is NOT JUST A MEDICAL EMERGENCY!!!

    When Anglin quotes the Seattle Times (the first state to have dealt with CO-VD) and notes that THEY are saying,

    “After a “massive infusion of new data,” modelers at the University of Washington are painting a much more optimistic picture of the novel coronavirus epidemic in the state, revising sharply downward their estimate of how many people are likely to die and suggesting Washington may have already passed the peak of hospitalizations.”-

    And then, not one iota of a mention that ISRAEL has a ‘cure’ that somehow ‘Trumps’ all other methodologies (as I mentioned over two and a half weeks ago) that False Fauci WILL NOT ALLOW as OPTIONS- (who the hell died and made him god?) so that ISRAEL CAN MAKE BILLIONS FROM A QUESTIONABLE CURE/PATENTED MEDI$IN, that already was in development, MONTHS before the ‘Crisis’ was even known…..

    I think THAT is what is missing from your reportage- this vast fluctuation of facts and data, asking
    WHY” – and your desire to solely rely on FAKE NEWS from THE Fake News “Presidumbbell” and his cronies – or you merely are so scared for yourself and your family (understandable) that you forget God is in control of either your life, or your death, – either way- and you can do NOTHING (save trusting in Him) to change that….

    Just sayin’…..

    • Volunteering to clean the ICUs of infected coronavirus patients, are you?

      No need for concern. Walk the talk and trust in God.

      It will boost your credibility.

    • Fr John – we, obviously have had loads of differences in the past – but you are spot on, this time. Kushner and his toad jews just sent thousands of American medical supplies to Israel. For free, natch.

      I can’t BELIEVE so many who should know better are being wholly buffaloed.

  6. I ve supported ending all entry in to the United Stares, Europe, White societies like Australia and New Zealand of any and all hostile, alien people like Kung flu plague carriers, Al Qaeda and ISiS Islamic extremists , Somalian Bantu Muslims that practice female genital mutilation and don’t use TP or soap, Central America Mayan Orks and also strongly opposed the various groups of Jews and their Goy enablers who demand we must have open borders immigration from the entire world including Communist China.

    This all seems rather simple to me, it always has been simple. but far too many White Americans have weird obsessions or are too busy watching the Negro Felon League, or are dividing up over various Jew Christian church denominations , or trying to get invites to Bush family social events etc.

    Again, seems simple to me.

    The Japanese do these simple migrant, student visa restrictions ever single day.

    Japan ain’t getting decimated by this Chinese Kung Flu , nor are the Japanese getting terrorized by Chicago’s Black African street gangs.

    J Ryan

  7. 17 million unemployed over the common cold… oopsie! So much for the working class!

    We all know they were going to crash the economy anyway and blame it on Trump, but now Trump has a get out of jail free card of “muh 2 million”.

    But we also know Trump botched this; the unemployed are on his hands. The fact that you cant go to church on Easter is on his hands.

    But due to the false prism of the media it will be seen as the opposite.

    PS expect Boris to make his “miraculous” recovery just in time for Easter!

    • Whitey botched this. Trump listened to the vile cretin JEW Kushner. And viola! Soros’ most well placed protege just Wrecked the most generous Host the Tribe ever had. Whitey’s allowed this to occur for centuries. Will Whitey ever learn?

  8. Are people still ignoring the fact that a “lockdown” in New York City is different than a “lockdown” in Eufaula, Alabama or Oklahoma City?

    If I were taking the subway in Manhattan, I’d be wearing a face mask and gloves and otherwise staying at home.

    In a rural town? Wearing a mask while driving my car to the gas station? No one thinks that a bit excessive?

    Not every state is in lock down in any case. I don’t think e.g. North Dakota is under martial law like Boston

    I NEVER supported Donald Trump. I said he was a Likud party asset the day he announced. I was banned from the “Alt Right” while everyone else was saying he was the Savior.

    But didn’t Trump ban flights from China back in February and got attacked as “xenophobic” because of it? Isn’t that when Italy started the absolutely hilarious “Hug A Chinaman To Prove You Aren’t Racist” campaign?

    Not a joke, they really did that.

      • This is the real reason for the lockdown and request/order to lockdown. Without a quare teen every hospital would be a vector. Not that they are not already of course. The viral load in nurses is very well known. They’ll kill many physicians and ambulance guys. And while this has ruptured the economy I’d prefer to have hospitals work near to efficiency. Priorities eh?

  9. I love these spergs in here with their moralizing: you want to ra- ra- risk muhconomy and hurt ma- ma- millions of peoples livelihoods???? Howwww could you huntaaa.

    Crying sniveling babies. You belong at CPAC with Charlie.

  10. Would you leave (((Dr. Fauci))) or Bill Gates alone with your son? But you trust him that his vaccine is totally safe! That none of these Jews would be dishonest. Your nonsense is hurting our people.

  11. The people signaling against the people worried about “muh economy” are … weird.

    I don’t know if they live with their parents, or are independently wealthy, or what. But most Americans are two weeks from starvation literally and we’re looking at one third of the population unemployed.

    It’s not just boomers worried about their 401ks. It’s regular (white) Americans wondering how they are going to eat food come the end of April.

    That is what “muh economy” means.

    Are we going to allow white children to starve to death because 70 year olds in the old folk’s home are dying two years early due to a really bad cold? The majority of coronavirus deaths have been very, very old people.

    Shutting down the schools for the rest of the semester makes good sense. Putting parents out of work – then not even giving them unemployement, or allowing them to even work – is not a well thought out plan now is it?

    What planet are these commenters – and some bloggers – living on, exactly?

  12. Trump’s MAGA means Jared Kushner the son-in-law sends a million face masks to Israel for the Israeli military and Trump can’t be bothered to supply the U.S. military with any face masks.

  13. I understand but I believe patient zero was of Chinese ancestry who flew to Washington State after visiting Wuhan, China. I wonder why Canada does not have as great as infection as the United States since they have far more Chinese immigrants per capita.

    • Maybe Canada does. Justin Trudeau isn’t known as the most honest or forthright person in the world.

      Patient zero wasn’t “of Chinese ancestry”, he was a Chinese citizen. In other words, he had no business being in this country just like the rest of the wogs.

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