Jared Kushner Appointed To Reopen America Council

After abdicating responsibility to impose the lockdowns to the governors, Donald Trump now wants to be solely responsible for Reopening America. He has also put Jared Kushner and Ivanka in charge of it.


“Trump spent many weeks shuffling responsibility for leading his administration’s response to the crisis. He put Azar in charge of the administration’s virus task force before replacing him with Vice President Mike Pence toward the end of February. Even as the virus spread across the globe, prevailing voices in the White House, including senior adviser Jared Kushner and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, urged the president to avoid big steps that could roil financial markets.

The president had firmly linked his fate to Wall Street, and it took a tumble by the markets for Trump to ratchet up his response. In late February, while Trump was on a trip to India, the Dow Jones plummeted 1,000 points amid rising fears about the coronavirus. …”

Jared Kushner was one of the leading people telling Trump in February not to do anything about the coronavirus because it would “spook the markets.” He was also advised by Steve Mnuchin, Stephen Schwarzman, Steven Roth, Paul Tudor Jones and Nelson Peltz to “ride it out.” Everyone who died from the virus as a consequence could be written off as having died from “just the flu.”

Note: It is pretty much all the people who ignored the problem in the first place.

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  1. Oh my God, we are doomed. Jared Kushner really is President of the United States. As the liberals say, he’s not my president

  2. Jared is just the mouthpiece for his mobster father, Charles Kushner. ( ( they )) are cunning ppl, they know that trump is a sucker for his daughter and Jared can use her to manipulate Trump’s decisions, with Charles and his cadre as master controllers .

    We’ll have another know-it-all jew scheme to reopen the economy, with consequent blunders and wreckage, with our suffering in the process.
    However, they will profit tremendously by the insider knowledge of the schedule and sequence of the restarts.

    Just as Ivan Boesky, and countless other jews profit from insider trading.

    • The recent big book on the Kushners suggested that young Jared is a bit on the stupid side, and said he puts his convicted-felon father on speakerphone to listen in on White House meetings, so his father can advise Jared later

      The book described a long Kushner grooming game of Ivanka, exploiting her feeling of emotional neglect by both her father and mother. Ivanka was swept away to the point she eagerly joined the most intense Jewish conversion regime.

      It is often underestimated how often Jews engage in inter-marriage with upper classes, so you see Jewish intermarriage into Trumps, Clintons etc … Jews are so intermarried into the UK aristocracy it is essentially now indeed ‘Anglo-Jewish’

      Today they dump a lot of true info between the covers of books because they know fewer people read books or spend or even have funds to buy them, and if the facts about the Kushners etc are not highlighted on Fox News or similar they will just get ignored and not absorbed by the public

      • Good ol’ flag waving, Country Western, family values Fox, judged the worst offender when it comes to sexualizing content in their children’s programming and worse even than ABC, yet its adult viewers deem it irrelevant. No wonder such doublemindedness allows Fox to effortlessly encapsulate the Israel-first meme in the trappings of jingoistic patriotism. I’ve been able to watch maybe 10 minutes a few times a day and even in that short time I’ve noticed Fox News promoting a new class of medico-technicratic elites, using the Plandemic as cover.

        For example, despite nineteen more qualified white males being passed over for every female accepted to medical school in the United States, and despite both a place in med school as well as grades being commodities in India, Fox is consistently turning to Jewish, female, and Indian MDs as our new leadership elite. And this despite MD’s in almost no cases being either scientists or mathematical epidemiologists with relevant expertise. Then there’s the absurdly faked call-ins from people “sheltering in place” with stupid questions for the “docs” to answer.

        The thing is, while Fox is self-evident propaganda promoting the Plandemic hoax, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, and the networks are literally committing treason by consistently and vehemently interfering with the operation of government in time of national emergency. The latter’s licenses should be immediately suspended pending a full investigation and prosecution begun of the managers responsible for treason. Hanging is too good for these bastards whose treason will result in the deaths of millions before it’s over.

  3. Let’s play “Deaths for Dollars”! Blompf broke all of his promises to us, so he rolled the re-election dice on keeping the stonk market high for his (((advisors))). Let the murdering, greedy orange turd fall on his sword.

    If the Unstable Pinhead thinks all governors are going to drop trou and just do what they’re told, he’s as much of a egomaniacal dolt as I think he is. Unless he can threaten to withhold federal funds, which makes him look really bad in a time of crisis, he’ll have nothing to hold over their heads.

  4. HW has been doing the “I told you so” over the Coronavirus thing for weeks now.

    I’ve been doing the “I told you so” over the Trump thing since about 2018 when the “Alt Right” finally wised up and realized that Trump was always a shill for the Likud party and Jews and was never in the slightest bit interested in the well being of white America.

    I told you so.

    They aren’t letting this crisis go to waste: Trump has sidelined the first non-Jewish Fed chairman in our lifetimes, Powell, and has instead put his private Jew banker, Larry Fink of Blackrock, in charge of stealing literally TRILLIONS of dollars and passing it out to his Jewish bankster friends.

    Also, Powell and the Fed have also been sidelined by the Jew Steve Mnuchin at Treasury, who has more power than Powell.

    This is why the autistic types can’t figure jack-shite out. So focused on The Fed as an institution, the Jewish criminal network just moved to another institution.

    Under Obama? Obama hated Netanyahu, so AIPAC created a spinoff, “J-Street” that was full of the kind of Jews Obama liked. The foreign policy of doing whatever Israel wanted didn’t change, despite the fact that conservatards were constantly saying that “Muslim Obama is anti-semitic and hates Israel!”

    Trump? I mean, come on, Trump has been a goy frontman for Jew money since he bought the Atlantic City casinos. His political mentor was Ry Cohen, the homosexual Jew that ran the same sort of blackmail ring as Jeffrey Epstein did, only 20 years earlier.

    Trump’s entire family is Jewish. His grandchildren live in Israel. He spent the entire Obama administration spreading conspiracy theories that Obama was a “secret Muslim” with a “fake birth certificate” that was in an “Islamic jihad against the Jewish state.”

    So now Trump’s Jew son-in-law, the father of his Jew grandchildren, is in charge of picking the winners and losers. Which companies get to open up and make a FORTUNE, and which companies are still closed by government orders.

    Anyone want to guess is Trump’s Jew son-in-law is going to show favoritism to his Jew friends and the Israeli companies he’s invested in?

    • It was indeed gay Jewish lawyer & political fixer Roy Cohn who was Donald Trump’s early mentor. Apparently Trump’s first casino / hotel ‘deals’ as New Jersey began to legalise gambling, was the last big project of Jewish mobster Meyer Lansky, with Cohn channelling the funds and recommending Trump as the ‘all-American goy’ front man bearding for Lansky.

      Lansky was the real life role model for ‘Hyman Roth’ in the ‘Godfather’ movies, tho in real life Lansky was not assassinated, and not jailed either. Tho even Israel refused to admit Lansky as a resident, the US couldn’t convict Lansky for lack of direct evidence, and Lansky died in Florida a free man.

      Regarding President Obama’s birth certificate, the real story is that the ‘Kenyan birth’ hoax etc, and the obviously erroneous birth certificate issued by the White House (used a Hawaii hospital name that did not have that name in Obama’s birth year, etc) –

      That was all a distraction to hide Barack’s real father, American black card-carrying Communist Frank Marshall Davis, who actually published a long-ago book, ‘Sex Rebel Black’ describing sexual relations with Obama’s mother. If you look at the side-by-side pictures of President Barack with Davis and with the claimed father Barack Sr, you see it is obviously Davis who was father to President Barack:

      • the real story

        No, that’s not the real story. That’s merely Plot Line B that was invented by the same Jew Israelis – like Orly Taitz – when the first conspiracy theories fell apart.

        I remember how much energy the conservatives – including supposed “white nationalists” – spent with all those stupid conspiracy theories about Obama’s birth certificate.

        Then, the Israelis behind Breitbart got the same White Nationalists to drop everything to shill for Zion Don.

        Truly, a stupid movement. Then again, it was started by FBI informant George Lincoln Rockwell and his Jewish deputy – who wrote all of his lines – Dan Burros.

        I mean, Obama as the son of a white girl bedding, card carrying Communist Black Panther? Was it not obvious to everyone that that particular fantasy was being created to appeal to your own preconceptions and bigotries?

        Obama, the “socialist” that passed the biggest neo-liberal giveaway to heath insurance companies in history? Obama, the “secret Muslim” that drone-bombed more Muslims than George W. Bush? Obama, the “black panther” that spent more time promoting “gay marriage” and “trans rights” than he did lifting a finger to help Ghetto Tyrones?

        Conservatives are always, 100% of the time, wrong about basically everything. If a conservative tells me the sun is shining, I’ll automatically bring an umbrella just in case.

        I mean, now the conservatives are saying that Michelle Obama has a dick and she’s going to run for President against Trump.

        When a narrative is created that appeals to every one of your hot button issues, it’s time to look twice at who is creating these narratives – and for what reason.

        • BannedHipster-
          Please show me proof Rockwell was an FBI informant. Thanks.

          Making these types of accusations is a bad look, and frankly makes me wonder about who you are.

          • @G J T

            It doesn’t matter how many times the proof gets posted, the shills will just ignore it and do the same thing tomorrow.

            From Rockwell’s own fans:

            From the time he asked permission from the FBI to attend a Gerald L. K. Smith rally, he kept the Bureau constantly informed of his activities, and even those of his members.

            Rockwell went so far as to call the FBI while Fields was in the room. … internal [FBI] memos credited Rockwell with being “very cooperative with Agents,


            You might also want to read the FBI documents on the FBI’s own site.

            “makes me wonder about who you are.”

            Yeah, well, It’s pretty obvious what you are.

            Not only was Rockwell an FBI informant, the man who wrote all his newsletters, Dan Burros, was a Jew. A Jew ran Rockwell’s entire operation.

        • FMD was a communist, not a Panther. According to his autobiography, Sex Rebel Black, he enjoyed orally pleasuring white men. Hunter can take that out if it’s too adult for this blog. The point is that Obama’s mother was raised by liberal WASP communists in a milieu that was pretty much the same as the radical left today. That WASP pro-communist culture was HUGE in between the two world wars. A fairy large portion of the middle class Northern WASP community was into far out, proto-60’s type extreme cultural liberalism even back in the 1920’s. That’s the point.

        • Ohh, I think that Frank Marshall Davis fathered Obama on Stanley Ann Dunham. He looks more like FMD than BHO Sr. He even sounds like him and has similar moles as he ages.

          But I think the whole birth certificate flap was a deliberate misdirect on the part of the Obama administration to hide what was right under everyone’s noses.

          IMO, the 44th president WAS born in Hawaii, BUT his mother renounced his citizenship so that his stepfather LoLo Soetero could adopt him and he could go to school there in Muslim Indonesia.

          That’s why his college records are sealed. He went to the American colleges as a foreign student. That’s why he was able to travel to Pakistan when American citizens couldn’t.

          He’s Indonesian citizen, Barry Soetero, son of Frank Marshall Davis, who was conceived and born in Hawaii.

      • Everyone should take a look at Sex Rebel Black. It’s free online at Library Genesis(look it up). This is the social milieu that Obama’s middle class WASP grandparents were part of. I don’t think the sex rebel was O’s real father though, O has clear Nilotic traits, like his dark lips(found on typical Nilotic/Caucasoid hybrids) and the shape of his skull that could not have come from a Bantu West African like Davis. Bantu/Caucasoid hybrids never have dark lips like that. Literally never.

  5. I like the idea of building a big beautiful wall around New York, New Jersey and Connecticut? That’s one way to contain COVID-19.

  6. People are to be kept as stupid as possible. It’s all about making the most possible wealth for the elites, same as in Spain and other neoliberal-run countries: “Spain’s trade unions are endorsing the politically criminal policy of the Socialist Party (PSOE) and Podemos government to force workers back to work today, even as the pandemic is nowhere near ending, with over 20,000 deaths. The measure threatens to lead to hundreds of thousands of more infections and tens of thousands of deaths, while big business reaps massive profits. From today, around 4 million workers return to work in the construction and industry, including auto, in crowded public transport and without any proper protection gear. Workers will not only risk their lives, but those of their dependents and partners at home. Spain, ruled by a coalition of the social-democratic PSOE and the populist Podemos party, is one of Europe’s first countries to force workers back on the job amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic is nowhere near controlled. Yesterday, authorities announced that 619 people had died in Spain from COVID-19, an increase of almost 100 people over the previous day….” Source: https://niqnaq.wordpress.com/2020/04/13/europe-3/

    • The Firefighter service in the UK has all but collapsed with 5,000 contract holders self isolating. That’s the buffer for front line emergency services. The Ambulances must be close to snapping.

  7. How about a break from corvid-19 (hey, give me credit for using the establishment approved description of our destruction, unlike that renegade liberal Bill Maher) for a review of “The New Class War?” Life will go on, so ideas for change are useful to plot out future change tactics, assuming a person wants to try improve things.

  8. BTW. . . . . . https://www.unz.com/chopkins/brave-new-normal/.
    Any comments? I obviously agree in principle with Mr. Hopkins, not necessarily on all his details, while our host takes the Ron Unz sensible opposition position to support Power as being exercised prudently and in everyone’s interest. Time will tell who was right.

  9. Nothing to see here. Just the latest of many blunders and missteps from this dumpster fire of an administration.

    • The thing is, to look forward and see where the shylocks are taking us. Then to take appropriate steps.

  10. It’s not a good look for “just the flu” bros when you are agreeing with Jews 100% to open up the economy.

  11. Well, looks like everything will turn out great then. Back to business and covid-19 eradicated in no time. Maybe Ivanka could even design some stylish masks for her fashion line.

  12. Time to defeat the Trump presidency by hook or crook. There is much preparatory work to be done by mid-summer in middle ‘Murican population centers of 10,000 or more.

  13. Nah.

    Instead of shutting down the US economy should have/ should just shut down all bad immigration, student visas etc.

    That s what Japan has always done.

    Same with Black urban street gang violence.

    My Chicago has average over 500 murders and 2,000 shootings by Black African American street gang members every year for the last 40 years. In contrast Japan has suffered roughly 0 murders and shootings by Black gang members every year.

    Anybody in Japan arguing Japan should import a lot of American Black AA street gang members to achieve parity with Chicago would be either executed or confined to a nut house.

    It’s the same with this Coronavirus Kung Flu. Japan has clamped down even stronger on immigration, migration from Kung Flu plague areas.

    This is an easy issue for us, but our side can generally be counted on miss the most obvious of easy winning issues – preferring to fall back on old out of date obsessions like obsessing that some White college student smoked some MJ in 1963 and enjoyed some R & B rock and roll music instead is Perry Cuomo or Dean Martin.

    Then there is the JC Bible crowd thinking all the good people are about to get Raptured.

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