Trump Blames Everyone But Himself For Coronavirus

Mongolia: 0 dead

North Korea: 0 dead

South Korea: 222 dead

Japan: 143 dead

China: 3,341 dead (official number)

Vietnam: 0 dead

Hong Kong: 4 dead

Taiwan: 6 dead

Singapore: 9 dead

Australia: 61 dead

New Zealand: 5 dead

United States: 23,640 dead

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    • SC Rebel, I know what you mean. I feel sickness in the pit of my stomach because I actually campaigned for him on the ground in ‘Fruitopia. Can’t tell myself it was only a dream. The naysayers on the right were absolutely correct.

    • President Trump loves this country, but, a graduate from The Madison Avenue School, SC Rebel, he is so habituated to his corruption mixing in with the better angels of his nature, he is not equipped to fulfill the job he so fantastically campaigned for.

      A great salesman and publicist President Trump he is, as well as strategist, but, a Robert E. Lee, George Washington, or Jefferson Davis, he is not, nor will ever be, and when I tried to so that to my fellow Southern Patriots in 2015-1016, I was regularly accosted, often without a shred of decency.

      Yes, I voted for President Trump, and hoped for better, but, I never thought him an adequate alternative to secession and a new Southern Nation.

      When are Southerners going to get real and stop outsourcing the work for ourselves that The Good Lord has given us to do?

    • Well said, SCR. Pretty soon that inept orange clown is going to say “Dr. Fauci? I don’t know him.”

  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. If the powers that be didn’t want Trump, they would have given him the Ron Paul treatment. Not $5 Billion in free airtime.

    • They did not want Trump, Walt – they were giving Candidate Trump free airtime because they thought that by giving him great exposure, and, thus, by getting people to see Trump for what they considered him to be, that we would be just as revolted as were they (The government-media establishment complex)

      They were wrong, as they have been many times before.

      They are not as masterly as either you or they would like to think, Walt.

  2. Politicians and bureaucrats create a problem. The same politicians and bureaucrats are going to fix the problem. Why does this pattern sound so familiar?

  3. I don’t believe the East had beat the virus. Least of all China and Vietnam. Communist are not to be trusted.

  4. Despite the disappointments and shortcomings, I still support Trump – simply because
    of the raw hatred directed at him by the media. He MUST be doing something right if
    the BBC have a half-hourly bash Drumpf moment – regardless of the topic they’re discussing.

    • Yes, Nostril, President Trump, though not even comparable to Candidate Trump, still has some value.

      Though, in my mind, I am not sure if that value outweighs the bad – the worst of the latter being that too many of my fellow Southerners actually think he can make The South great again!

  5. The thing that gets my goat is how filthy and unsanitary so many people are. All the nasty fucking habits suddenly become antisocial. All it took was mortal fear.

    • In Charles Dickens’ account of his visit to America in 1842 he was disgusted by the sight of spittoons filled with used chewin tobacco that were located all over the place. Even the White House had them, along with chewing tobacco spit-stains on the drapes, wallpaper and carpeting.

    • Yes, Captain – my wife tells me of how many times she would go into the ladies room at work, and see that the ladies did not bother to wash their hands with soap, after relieving themselves.

  6. Yeah because voting for anti white Joe Biden would be such an astronomically better choice. Four more years of unpredictable Trump doing his last term is forever light years superior than a chameleon Democrat who has dementia and at his age is willing to do anything to get elected including surrounding himself with communist white haters who want a mass invasion of non whites to turn us into Brazil

    Most politicians and apparently these folks like Fauci were all late on coronavirus. New York was basically open for business well into March with the mayor and health commissioner telling people to not worry. In California, Xanax Pelosi was more worried about ” muh Chinese” not being discriminated against and all the other dumb, softball garbage white Democrats say.

    Cuomo the clown literally admitted he helped to create the coronavirus spread by promoting and being part of a “welcoming” state which simply means to turn your back on all the cultural differences and to push hordes of illegals. Meanwhile the fake cat lick pushes murdering babies right up to birth. I find it hilarious all these Democrat fake cat licks are suddenly mentioning GOD. Cuomo, Murphy. Lol. Gee, ya mean your aging asses and your humanist approach is making you sweat a bit? And back to dust you shall go.

    I will take Trump being slow on Coronavirus and anything he does over virtually any demonic Democrat. Slow Joe is so evil he is even pushing more abortion at his age..aka nearly dead.

    Biden at 77. Pelosi at 80. Sanders at 78. Clyburn at 80. Nadler in his 70s. Mad Maxine in her upper 70s. Feinstein at 86. We are run by a demonic old folks home. These piglets are literally nearly out of time on this earth and here they are pretending they are 30 years old like Ocasio Cortez. Give me Orange Julius over Lizard Joe…every single time.

    • Joe Biden is no more anti-white than Trump, the Brazilification of America has been bipartisan policy since 1965. Trump said it himself: “I want legal (non white) immigration in the largest numbers ever”. I’d go so far as to say that Trump is more anti-white than Biden because at least Biden is open and up front about his views while Trump likes to hint that he is a secret undercover racist in order to fool pro-whites into supporting him. Trump is 100% on board with the anti-white diversity agenda and if you’re too shortsighted to see that well then you’ve got the president you deserve.

      It boggles my mind how people can STILL think that having the most pro-Jewish president in American history sitting in the white house is some how “winning” or sticking it to the libtards. It’s much better to have an open enemy than a false “friend” so with that in mind I say fuck Trump and I support the liberal media attacking him. He deserves it. He deserves to be harassed at every opportunity and have his presidency picked apart in front of the nation. I don’t care who is doing it. Why should I care if some Zionist traitor is having a hard time?

      • Hey butt goy. You obviously did not follow the Democrats running for president when Biden constantly tossed white people under the bus and basically blamed them for all the ills of blacks. He blamed white police, so called institutional racism, general white racism for dem po blaxx. I almost cannot blame you for missing it because the Jews media treats it like normal and says Zippo about it.

        Biden demands 2 million more invaders instantly along with a huge increase in refugees of which Trump has it at its lowest in decades.Biden will also reactivate Hud to destroy white areas and spread Democrats like covid 19. It boggles my mind that you cannot see the difference between Trump and Joe Dementia who is actually floating around rabidly anti white VP choices like Kamala Harris and Blubber Abrams.

        Trump is 1 billion times better than a rancid baby killer sucking up to mass illegal alien promoters who will tear down any wall up and will stop most deportations. The truth is the so called right is a little spoiled by Trump. You have forgotten the utter disgrace of Obama, Clinton and Bush.

        Build off Trump and move on. Some of you people cannot even handle Trump for one more term and would rather give it to a guy radically worse? Trump is not a king or is not even Putin. 4 more years and he is gone for good. Build off his wall, his judges, his de weaponizing Hud, his going after China, his call for more productive immigrants. You sure as heck do not do that by electing a senile guy literally fine with killing off white America for his couple of years as president before communist wahhhmenzz takes over.

          • Yes, Ivan.I hear ya. As I have said before, it would be understandable in a parliamentary system. Then a true pro white candidate would step up and only 5% of the vote would be needed to have representation in such a system. But America has a disgusting and totally undemocratic system.

            So here we are. It’s just Trump and Biden That’s it. The choice is so comically clear. Biden literally has dementia. He literally has run an anti white campaign in an absurdly diverse America. Now the whale out of water, Stacey Abrams, just promoted herself being a great vp choice. She ran a radically racist anti white campaign in Georgia and barely lost because too many blacks live there now. Most blacks are insidious and would happily turn us into Haiti. That is not opinion. That is fact.

            The fact she could sneak in As vp and then become president should freak out every white person. The fact dementia and anti white Joe would have her and Kamala Harris at the top of his vp choices means Trump is far better than Biden. Biden is a disgusting pos. A bad dude right till the end. I don’t just want him to lose. I want to see him destroyed this election to send a big signal.

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