Donald Trump Blames The WHO For Coronavirus

Presumably, every other country on earth like New Zealand where 9 people have died from the virus received the same intelligence from the WHO in February to “ride it out” and “treat it like the flu.” That’s why there are less than 500 deaths in all of East Asia outside of China. Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Mongolia, Japan, Vietnam and Taiwan all treated it like FOX News!

Note: The WHO really did blow this. The death toll and case fatality rate varies wildly from country to country though depending on their leadership and how seriously they took the threat.

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    • Denise- Hunter is no longer a loner- he’s now in the pay of the Enemy. Don’t you get that? Ever since the Chink VD crisis began, HW has been a one-man cheering section for the PTB. He’s no longer the same kid he was, back when you and I and Stonelifter were discussing ‘The American Nations.’ Brad is a co-opted shill. The fact that he is openly mocking those who point this out, and banning certain of my posts, is more than a clue. It’s corroboration. I’ll be surprised if he lets this post through…. though the duplicitous often appear to be ‘free speech advocates’ (think of a certain Tribe) until they gain control…. or receive their thirty pieces of silver.

    • Re: the “wet” market: Many of the earliest cases had no direct or indirect connection to that traditional open-air fresh food market. But many of the earliest cases do have a common connection to the hotel – and in fact to the very part of the hotel – where hundreds of U.S. athletes were staying during the world military games in Wuhan last October. The hotel is not far from the alleged “wet” market source, while the other alleged source, the Wuhan research lab, is quite far away and across the river. Remember those U.S. “athletes” who became very sick very suddenly during the games, and had to be flown home? The probable first Chinese cases of SARS Co-V2 did not occur until about two weeks after the games. Back to the “wet” market: Chinese people still buy about one third of all their food and most of their fresh food (as opposed to canned and frozen food) in these traditional outdoor markets, which are really not “dirty” (no more so than many American traditional outdoor farmers markets) and have a good health record overall. Interesting video of a typical “wet” market in a Chinese city: (Note: An “Epoch Times” ad popped up when I viewed this video. I click “skip ad” to not give a view to this hybrid-war propaganda organ directed to a target audience of Republicans and Fox News fans.)

    • uh huh. And you know how long it’ll stay suspended? Until

      the day after the second Tuesday in November. And that’s IF Drumpf actually

      DID IT, not just “announced” it. Drumpf

      is big on “announcing” things…that never happen.

        • Absolutely spot on, Dear Miss Denise – The North most certainly ought be free of The South.

          After a bad marriage is ended, perhaps we could get on with the business of being friends.

          • Ivan – we didn’t have to be enemies. The Dixians still blame the Yanquis for the Rothchild’s Cotton War, Instead of the Jews that created the disaster. Common people in the North and South did not have access to the inside info on why the war was fomented. Most folks still don’t know the source. However – Southerners do everything the Jew wants. They fight the wars that advance the goals of the Jew. The Jew has been abusing Southerners since the creation of the country. The Jew DESPISES Dixie, and Dixie worships the Jew. And blames the Yanqui.

            Meanwhile – there is a dawning awareness, elsewhere, that Whites are one People, from different lands. Because THAT is what matters.

        • If its no biggie just go and ride your horse through Brooklyn or Miracle Mile in Chicago. No one is actually stopping you. If you have stayed home, you did it to yourself.

      • Long Live Corona-chan! Unlike her little sister

        Ebola-chan, who was a terrible flop,

        Corona-chan is a true accelerationist. And

        we on the white hardRight should be grateful for

        her benevolant acts. HW, will you really submit

        to shabbatz goy Bill Gates shooting some liquified Windows 10

        into your bloodstream?

      • No, Mr. Griffin – I don’t want their vaccines, because of all the junk they put in them – starting with the heavy metal poison, Mercury, as a preservative.

        As to what else they might add, I do not trust.

        This government is lawless, and the idea of ingesting anything they recommend is a much scarier premise to me than any natural death.

        That said, I do not think the menu is either vaccine or death.

        The virus is yet to prove it can overcome either Garlic or Elderberry, 2 medicines with a long clinical history of annihiliating every virus known to man.

        To know just how effective Garlic is at fighting every possible virus and infection, just think about this – The Russian Army fought all of WWII without a single man-made synthetic antibiotic, yet had an outstanding rehabilatory record with wounded warriors.

    • What kind of caved-in head sub-nigger retard is AGAINST vaccines?

      You people do realize that a vaccine simply gives your body advance warning about a disease organism, and your own body then does the killing of the said organism, right? It’s the equivalent of passing out ship recognition silhouettes to your airmen so that they can identify the enemy. It’s just taking a shortcut allowing your body to identify the threat safely, without getting deathly ill first. It’s no different from getting sick and becoming immune, except that it skips the “getting sick” part.

      So those railing against vaccines are really railing against their own immune system. Makes you stop and think about these escapees from the kraal, doesn’t it?

        • Completely insane.

          Besides I doubt there will ever be a vaccine. This thing is like HIV.

      • In theory, Ironsides, I very much agree with the notion of vaccines.

        In practice, however, I do not.


        Because, as I said, in The United States (unlike the rest of the world) vaccines are verifiably augmented with venoms, such as Mercury, that a heavy metal which not only wrecks havock upon the immune system of a healthy person, it is the principle suspect in ADD, Autism, and mental disorders, ranging from panic attacks to schizophrenia.

        Moreover, I do not trust a government, which cannot follow even it’s own laws, to be on the up and up in the matter of mass vaccination.

        I will never take a vaccine made in this country, or for this country, but, rather, either build my own antibodies or perish.

        • Ivan put it best.
          Vaccines are amazing if not modified.
          Why do vaccine makers have a federal exemption from lawsuits ?

    • I never take vaccines made, and or administered, in America, because they are all preserves in a base of Mercury – that heavy metal a substance which wreaks havock with both the mind and the immune system.

      Moreover, who knows what else they add to the vaccines?

    • Anti B – good for you. First of all – in order to have a vaccine work – you must get it before the illness it’s supposed to prevent. Secondly – they obviously don’t have one little teeny tiny CLUE about reality, on the ground, now. When the concept of vaccines were first discovered and introduced via modern medicine (the actual practice has been around for centuries) – it was done by responsible WHITE People.

      Then the kikes got their claws on everything.

      I’ll bet none of the blithering idiots ready to take the needle, so ZOG will let them go outside, don’t know a thing about Salk and his polio vaccine, who killed more people than polio did.

      Now we have the psycho Bill Sauron Gates, his ORGAN the Turd World WHO, and his minions who are greedy to a degree that would make Lucifer blush.

      Hey Needle Tards – tell me about Gates and his needles in India and Africa. You UNTERMENSCHEN retard nigger SLAVES. Thanks!

    • Yeah, every virologist thinks they’ll be the next Edward Jenner.

      Discoveries like that only come along every couple of centuries (and it took a milkmaid to seed the concept.)

  1. Trump has been on fire during the last couple of days. Everytime he smacks-down a journalist, he swings on behalf of a billion weary plebs. The sheer magnitude of butt-hurt this president has inflicted on the very worst of our enemies is F###ing glorious. God protect him.

  2. “The WHO really did blow this.”

    Yes, I agree, though, I would add – it was NOT an accident, sad to say.

    WHO seems to care more about the repute of The Communist Chinese Party than they do protecting the lives of Mankind – which, one would think, would be their only concern.

    • Not just the CCP, but being a SJW juggernaut, hiring a token bantu, who doesn’t have a hard science degree, just ‘public health admin’ basket weaving degree.

    • It was pathetic watching their 2nd in command pretend not to know what Taiwan was at a press conference in Hong Kong obviously exposing them to be under Xi’s thumb. Xi went into hiding the first 3 weeks of January as he didn’t know what to do when he probably learned how bad this thing was around the end of December. He decided to keep it a secret to not jeopardize the Davos Conference and First Round of the Trade Treaty with the US. They didn’t act until the delegation from Washington was on the plane home. Then they kept the international flights open to leave Wuhan despite shutting it off from the rest of China suggesting Xi wanted the whole world to be leveled down to the same crisis China was experiencing. This is normal behavior for psychopaths like Xi, the same as people who deliberately spread around VD which is quite common. Like the Canadian flight attendant in the early 80s who deliberately spread it around the bath houses or that queer dentist in Florida who injected female patients with his blood mixed with the novocaine. Tedros is part of a regime dependent on Beijing, he knows the consequences at home for his position if he went against their wishes. Nobody under their influence should be in that position. The liberals want to make this disease all about Trump when there should be a bipartisan effort to root out this Chinese influence and collaboration throughout our society. Getting in bed with China has absolutely destroyed the economic opportunity of the American middle class, those responsible should be severely punished. However it looks like even this is not going to stop this festering treason. Come 2021 I’d rather have Trump than Biden who is beholden to Beijing.

  3. I do recall that everyone was responsibly waiting on Tedros to actually say “yep it’s a pandemic”.

    If he’d said so a week or two earlier then the border hawks in the US would have been stronger in cabinet meetings.

  4. Everything you buy has a label of ingredients on them like food and medicine but when it comes to vaccines they don’t tell you what’s in it.

    In Australia there was a billboard that only said: “WHAT’S IN A VACCINE?” The government had the billboard removed.


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