The Mainstream Right Is Struggling With Coronavirus

For once, I agree with Rich Lowry.

National Review:

“An irony of the coronavirus debate is that the more successful lockdowns are in squelching the disease, the more vulnerable they will be to attack as unnecessary in the first place.

A growing chorus on the right is slamming the shutdowns as an overreaction and agitating to end them. A good example of the genre is an op-ed co-authored by former Education Secretary William Bennett and talk-radio host Seth Leibsohn. It is titled, tendentiously and not very accurately, “Coronavirus Lessons: Fact and Reason vs. Paranoia and Fear.”

They cite an estimate that the current outbreak will kill 68,000 Americans. Then, they note that about 60,000 people died of the flu in 2017-18. For this, they thunder, we’ve imposed huge economic and social costs on the country?

This is obviously a deeply flawed way of looking at it. …

Consider the perversity of their reasoning a different way. If we had shut down the country a month sooner and there had been, say, only 2,000 deaths, then on their terms they’d have an even stronger argument, i.e., “We did all this, and there were only a couple of thousand fatalities?” …

New York certainly gets disproportionate media attention, but it is also, as all of us had no hesitation recognizing on Sept. 11, 2001, part of America.

If the disease struck smaller heartland cities such as Omaha and Wichita, would Bennett and Leibsohn hope that the story got ignored?

Bennett and Leibsohn neglect the key fact that the economy began to shut down before there were widespread official orders. People voted with their feet because they were fearful of a highly transmissible, virulent disease. And they acted rationally. If everything had gone on as normal, the outbreak would have been worse, and we would have eventually had shutdowns anyway. …”

Judging by the beaches in Jacksonville and Donald Trump’s tweets this morning about “liberating” swing states, we can conclude two things:

1.) First, it now seems unlikely that we are going to have the staggered and controlled return to normal life that was described in yesterday’s plan.

2.) Second, it seems lots of people have concluded that this was all one big conspiracy by public health experts against them because the virus was suppressed before it got the chance to hit them between the eyes and the coast is clear and there is nothing to worry about.

Rich Lowry has a different view from the vantagepoint of New York City. The vast majority of people who have died from this have passed away in a few hot spots.

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  1. Open the beaches but not jobs. Our rulers are psychopaths. Meanwhile Bezo just bought some more shit. What a shit show.

  2. I think the politicians are realizing they’re at the limits of how much they can keep people indoors. They can deploy the national guard, but that’s not likely to be viewed favorably by their constituents.
    I really hope this Shelter-in-Place is actually working. I have no faith that the non-Whites would ever abide by it.

    • Re: “they’re at the limits of how much they can keep people indoors”:

      There could be plenty of work to keep everyone OUTdoors, but we are mostly not allowed, limited or restricted from doing it. It’s not natural, not human, to live indoors. Our people need an agrarian cultural revolution to allow us to work the land and eat like our ancestors, by the sweat of the brow instead of the swipe of a card in Walmart.

      Winstanley wrote, after the English fake “revolution”: “Was the earth made to preserve a few covetous, proud men to live at ease, and for them to bag and barn up the treasures of the Earth from others? (…) Property and single interest divides the people of a land and the whole world into parties and is the cause of all wars and bloodshed…”

  3. This mentality reminds me precisely of the leftists several decades ago claiming that the Soviet Union WASN’T an aggressive empire that would gladly take over Europe …

    … precisely because they were able to pretend that due to large military forces and a nuclear arsenal deterring them from further military expansion into Europe.

    Same perspective.

    “I’m still alive after that arrow was loosed at me! Shows that this plate armor I’m wearing is completely useless after all, it’s clear that arrows aren’t dangerous!”

    • The USSR had a sphere of influence that it was committed to defending, but they weren’t out to literally conquer the world. Britain and America were, though.

        • No, this is a fact. After WWII Soviet Union was defensive and tried to keep what they already had. The liberation of Europe died in 3rd of July 1941 with Stalin infamous words that Lenin left us great legacy but we fucked up everything.

          • Proxy wars and propped-up regimes. That was their main method of conquest after the War. It’s inaccurate to say they weren’t trying.

          • As much I hate my former “homeland”, it is clear that future National Socialism can not based on lies. When we invent our own myths aka Holy Hoax we end up like like Jews. They had power and they screwed it.

            Because of that, I say that all Soviet proxy crap was only counter measure to Anglo attacks. After WWII, Soviets wanted to left alone to fix consequences of 40 years madness and 40 million deaths.

            We do not need lies to bash communism or like you say liberal democracy. Liberalism is bad enough without popular BS a la USSR wanted conquer the world or AK is copied from German StG44 or Yugo is garbage car or whatever.

      • They did not get to be the country with the biggest land mass by being docile. We thought it was communists who were expansionist but it looks like its actually the Russians.

        • Lucky for them the descendants of Genghis dwelling East of the main Russian heartland were unlike him and were easily subjugated.

    • Ironically if the Soviet Union had taken over Europe Paris and London would still be white cities and homosexuality would not be celebrated in the streets. As shitty as communism was at least it did not have the destruction of the native population as its goal.

      • True enough, but it’s still the same perspective.

        “Precautions stopped the threat from materializing. Therefore the threat never existed to begin with.”

        The precise details of the politics don’t matter. The Soviets would have taken the rest of Europe if not for the threat of annihilation if they tried it. But the leftists interpreted that as them being pacifistic and harmless.

        Successfully preventing something from happening leads unintelligent people with bizarre, reality-divergent ideologies like American “pinko” leftism or modern libertarianism to convince themselves that thing wouldn’t have happened anyway. See, for example, every anti-vaxxer ever.

  4. Beautifully timed with perfect follow-through and velocity! Drinks are on me if I ever run into this guy at a bar!

  5. I don’t see how keeping parks open is the same as requiring retail workers for example or waitresses to go back to work.

    Okay keep the public beaches open etc for strolling and fresh air. That’s not the same a Dragging people back into customer facing jobs.


  6. So when no one is dying from the pandemic and people realize that. Then you claim “look! The quarantine was a success. There is no damn virus numbnuts.

    • No one has actually died of the virus.

      As part of the global conspiracy, the so-called victims have faked their deaths. Everyone who has gotten sick with the virus is also part of the conspiracy.

      • The same people that believe that are the same crackpots that think no planes hit the WTC 1&2 buildings, but were holograms.

      • If it wasn’t for fixing the computers, the Soviet dead-hand system would have caused Armageddon. The Y2K bug was a cash cow.

  7. Like it or not this is a war and there will be mass casualties. If we do not reopen the economy the yellow barbarians will have the upper hand and will impose their rules on us. There won’t be much fun if you have to take orders from your new insectoid overlords I can assure you that!

  8. Would you like to see troops enforce quarantine then? Shoot people for going outside. Shoot protesters since protest is a non-essential activity? Where do you draw the line? Because my line is the bill of rights, which have been egregiously violated in this LOCKDOWN. It seems like you are more of a communist than a Confederate.

    • As long as the military are keeping the savage Dindus and BAME down, shot away I guess.

  9. Xenophobia, discrimination, social distancing from specific people/groups are real strengths. We need to roll this country back to a more discriminating attitude toward outsiders/degenerates/etc to overcome this PC/Globalist deadly disease that has been forced on us by the destructive Left in the past half century.

    Let’s all hope that what is about to happen in the next days, weeks, months, years will reinforce this needed discrimination and return the founding white stock of this nation back to right thinking and appropriate policies. The past several months have been refreshing in this regard.

    White America was once a much better country and place for White people to live for those who are too young to have ever experienced it.

  10. Just use common sense as with all important issues:

    Know who you are (what age, what level of intoxication, what state of physical and mental health)
    Know where you are ( Hunter and his small family on a pond in rural Alabama isn’t as infectious dangerous as being on a crowded New York City subway with all kinds of 3rd world type people who don t bathe much and use hard drugs, engage in risky sexual activity etc).

    So many or even most Left vs Right divisions are simply due to people not understanding the difference between peoples and the differences in where people live, work and play.

    Take guns. White ranchers like Cliven Buddy in the West can t see how mass immigration, migration of millions of Mestizo orks is a problem for the country as it isn’t t a problem for him and his kind. Sure if you re a White rancher in Idaho and your next human is another White guy that lives two miles away, having all kinds of military guns isn t very dangerous – but in 95% non White high density public housing in Bronx NYC or the West side of Chicago anything goes guns, guns, guns is insane – Civilization collapses.

    If you re some high IQ White college student the Libertarian 60s mindset of doing your own thing regarding sex drugs and rock and roll music (now rap) probably isn’t going to kill many people, but for the urban Black underclass it s a killer – results in things like 90% illegitimacy rates , gang terrorized no go zones etc.

    So with the Kung Flu Coronavirus – just be aware of the local situation – where you are, who you are. Take the same type of precautions you would take in regular times – wash, bathe – don t have intimate sexual relations with HIV + bi sexual Haitian heroin addicts, crazy homeless people that live on the streets with plague infected rats.

    I got mono my Sophomore year at Vanderbilt from living in an unhealthy high rise dorm (looked exactly like Chicago’s High Rise projects on the Dan Ryan expressway.)

    So I just recommend be sensible, practical without becoming a coward.

    That s my view of the Kung Flu Coronavirus here locked down on the Western Cape of Southern Africa.

    (I d love to share some interesting observations here on OD and also on James Edwards’ the Political Cesspool . I ve also got some great new Farstar political cartoons to share only I ll need help logging into OD and it would be 3 AM to call in live to TPC but I can do that. Brad/James E. can you contact me by text messaging, WhatsApp?. Thanks J Ryan.)

  11. Ironic that Trump’s centerpiece boast about the great economy which he takes credit for is in shambles. This debacle, unlike 9/11 or regional natural disasters, affects everyone. Whenever the dust finally settles a fall guy will be demanded. Who better than Trump?

  12. New York City should publicly apologize to John Rocker. Maybe have a virtual ticker tape parade and John Rocker Day (no need to expose Rocker) for the most persecuted prophet of our era.

    John Rocker nailed it. Too bad he lost his blazing fast ball.

    Rocker………8,448 (confirmed deaths in NYC from COVID-19 and still counting)

    Controversial statements

    In a story published in the December 27, 1999, issue of Sports Illustrated, Rocker made a number of allegations stemming from his experiences in New York City and answering a question about whether he would ever play for the New York Yankees or the New York Mets.

    I’d retire first. It’s the most hectic, nerve-wracking city. Imagine having to take the 7 Train to the ballpark looking like you’re riding through Beirut next to some kid with purple hair, next to some queer with AIDS, right next to some dude who just got out of jail for the fourth time, right next to some 20-year-old mom with four kids. It’s depressing… The biggest thing I don’t like about New York are the foreigners. You can walk an entire block in Times Square and not hear anybody speaking English. Asians and Koreans and Vietnamese and Indians and Russians and Spanish people and everything up there. How the hell did they get in this country?

    During the interview, he also spoke of his opinion of the New York Mets and their fans:

    Nowhere else in the country do people spit at you, throw bottles at you, throw quarters at you, throw batteries at you and say, “Hey, I did your mother last night—she’s a whore.” I talked about what degenerates they were and they proved me right.
    — Wikipedia — “John Rocker”

  13. Those who choose to expose themselves and be recorded in perpetuity as idiots at de-facto Trump rallies do not realize they are more expendable to this administration than illegal workers. This is natural selection. Let it be. Once the country is cleansed, we can be back about the business of restoring something resembling honor in America.

    • Vickey – those that go outside and defy ZOG help prevent their replacement be Orcs. We don’t expect you to thank us. You just hide under your table, or in a closet, or panic room. We’ll check on you every few years. To see if you are still alive. Maybe…..

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