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    • Sorry, Brad. Now that the COVID pandemic is winding down, and you are left with a lot of unanswered questions, I am not going to rise to the bait. As Andrew Anglin pointed out on his site:

      “But firstly, I should note that attempting to frame this as fringe, or a conspiracy theory, especially this late in the game, is either Jewish-level dishonesty or a result of hysteria. The positions I’m going to lay out here are shared by one of the most prominent medical authorities in the country, Dr. John Ioannidis of Stanford University….

      Many other prominent authorities have spoken out against this hoax, including two other professors from Stanford, Eran Bendavid and Jay Bhattacharya, who published a March 24 op-ed in the Wall Street Journal about the dishonest way in which the denominator of the morbidity rate was being manipulated, and came to the conclusion that the real number was the same as any other flu.”

      I’m still waiting out a final analysis on the COVID phenomenon, but your myopia on this issue has been highlighted by a number of ‘old-time’ commenters, and it’s only (primarily?) the newbies, lured to your site by the click-bait Corona stats, that seem to be ‘true believers.’

      As to the reality of a BIBLICAL earth scenario, I just finished reading Hendrie’s second massive book on this subject. My takeaway from his ‘Sphere of Influence’ is that the vast majority of those who ridicule and denigrate anyone who dares to depart from the RELIGION of SCIENTISM, are liars and manipulators of a very gullible public, who, by and large, just bought into the negation of their Civil Rights for fear-mongering.

      I’ve included quotes by eminent authors, You Tube videos (which no one has commented on, so, clearly, they ARE ALSO IN DENIAL that their Weltanschauung is WRONG) and yet, you post this, at a time when your credibility on this site is slipping daily, as you continue to point out the reality of the virus… which we all agree on.

      Hopefully, saner times will prevail. Or we are merely at the fringe of the American version of the JEW-lag Archipelago of the XXIst Centry.

  1. Setting aside all the scientific and religious arguments…if I start from California and fly due west, after many hours I will arrive in China. Same thing if I fly due East. Makes perfect sense if the Earth is round and I’m essentially just traveling in a circle.

    If the Earth is flat, then I can only get from California to China one way. If I go the other way, I either fall off the edge or hit an invisible wall, or whatever flat earthers believe.

    This kind of crap was plausible hundreds of years ago before the average person was capable of traveling the globe. Not now.

    • This kind of crap was plausible hundreds of years ago

      Not even then. 2000 years ago, the Greeks, Romans and the Hindus had figured out the earth was round. Only the Christian kooks still continue to believe flat earth nonsense.

      • Not even that was true. Educated Christians have always accepted that the world is a sphere. The myth that medieval Christians believed the Earth to be flat was started in the 1700s to discredit traditional Christianity.

        • I didn’t say anything about medieval Europe, where obviously the Greek knowledge of the spherical earth survived. But it’s a fact that nearly all Flat Earthers today are Bible-thumping kooks.

      • My point still stands. On that map, you can more or less make the trip by flying to the northeast; trying to reach China the opposite direction would have you literally flying off the.map.

  2. I foresee a lot of rage in the comments section.Anyway here is my take,i remenber a lot of flat earth memes I saw in 2017-2018,my 2 coworkers were full on the flat earth theory,and after a while it began getting of the rails,every day the same topics,arguments,until it gets a point where you realize it isn’t a big deal,whether it is round or flat.What matters is what is happening in it.(I algo foresee a great deal of mutts mocking flat earthers,not because they believe in the globe earth or anything,but just because the earth being flat would discard the “murican” moon landings,I mean mutts cannot go one day without “muh ZOGUSA went to the moon”.

  3. Wasn’t the original idea about teaching rhetoric and debating skills – defend something
    absurd using verbal skills and lies in order to join the political elite?

  4. Who was the first person to say earth is a geoid (not spherical)?

    It was Isaac Newton who first theorised about the flattening of the Earth in his famous book Principia, published in 1687. He went much further than just theorising, using his theory of gravity he calculated the flattening assuming hydrostaic equilibrium. Amazingly his calculation was almost spot on. The reference is at Book III Proposition XIX Problem III. In Andrew Mottes translation it is on page 407 and reads:

    His calculation of the ratio of 230 for the equatorial diameter to 229 for the polar diameter is spot on according to modern measurements. However the survey instruments of his time were nowhere near accurate enough to confirm Newton’s calculation.

    In 1818 Carl Friedrich Gauss speculated on a mathematical formulation for the shape of the Earth after completing a rather routine land survey for the House of Hanover.

    In 1849, Irish mathematician Sir George Stokes derived the formula for computing the “surface of the Earth’s original fluidity” from surface gravity measurements. This later became immortalized as “Stokes’s integral”

    In 1873 German mathematician Johann Benedict Listing coined the term “geoid” to describe Stokes mathematical surface

    In the 1950s, military needs for missile accuracy led to much more precise measurements definition of the Geoid.

    In 1987 increased use of GPS resulted in the acceptance of WGS84 as the standard geoid by the US National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). Use of a geoid is essential because GPS measurements return a position in terms of an earth based co-ordinate system – rather than referencing elevations against mean sea level. WGS84 has been revised several times since 1987.
    — Quora: “Who was the first person to say earth is a geoid (not spherical)?”

  5. I’ve observed large ships many miles out at sea and not one of them ever appeared to “sink” below the horizon. I’ve flown in high altitude aircraft and never saw any curvature.

    Let’s face it…the earth is a spiral-shaped disc, similar to the spiral shape of hurricanes and the galaxy itself. Even our sacred Hakenkreuz is shaped like that.

    “The joy of discovery lies not in seeing new things but in seeing them with new eyes”
    – Proust

  6. If the earth is a spinning ball on a tilted axis, rotating around the sun..how come Polaris is always in the same position? If they can make it so you don’t know where you are, they can make you believe anything… Up until the 1700’s all races and cultures decribed earth as a plane and Galileo was a mason….they dont call themselves globalists for nothing you know!

    “If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”

    ? Adolf Hitler

    • The ball earth story is to get you to believe we are just meaningless entities floating around in infinite space..it helps you be a good slave…but, if the universe is revolving around this plane(that’s why Polaris never moves) then you would surely have a hard time believing you are here for nothing more than to work for jewish fiat currency so you can climb the “corporate” ladder and buy Chinese trinkets.

  7. Basically, observation of a sail told people the Earth is round a long, long time ago.

    “Hull down” didn’t originally refer to tanks.

  8. The “Flat Earth” thing is itself a conspiracy. Someone did a great bit of research and found that the whole thing stared on a very specific date – right after the Sandy Hook thing. All of a sudden, youtube specifically and the internet in general was flooded with very, very high quality, very expensive, professionally produced “flat earth” videos.

    That means somebody had a budget. This wasn’t just some random cranks, it was an organized effort to spam the internet with “flat earth” propaganda.

    I once read an article claiming that the original “Flat Earth Society” was formed in the 1970s and it was dedicated to two propositions:

    1. The earth was flat.

    2. The Moon Landings were fake.

    Now, why – in the early 1970s – would these two ideas be paired?

    It’s also not a coincidence that the “flat earth” thing was started about the time that the Obama administration hired Cass Sunstein to “infiltrate online communities” that believed “conspiracy theories” like … wait for it … “Israel was involved in 9/11.”

    Israeli complicity in 9/11 was the specific “conspiracy theory” that they were concerned about.

    I mean, really, just put two and two together. It’s pretty obvious. And that is why the “flat earth” thing exists online.

    Hell, they did the same with the “neo-nazi” movement of the 1970s and the “Islamic Thinkers Society” in 2002. Yes – a half dozen prominent Jews in New York City were paraded around in the media as “pro-Bin Laden Al Qaeda sympathizers” who were “glad about 9/11.”

    Even when FOX News had to admit they were all Jews and Israelis, no one paid any attention. “Youseph Al-Qatab” – real name Joseph Cohen. “Adam Ghadan” – real name Adam Pearlman.

    I mean, really, this is how black propaganda works. The Soviets called it “enemy face.”

    The “white nationalist” movement of the Hal Turner types are very afraid of this topic because – um, well – they are “enemy face” propaganda themselves.

    Atomwaffen – Matt Heimbach and the “National Socialist Movement” – how fucking stupid do you have to be?

    • It’s also not a coincidence that the “flat earth” thing was started about the time that the Obama administration hired Cass Sunstein to “infiltrate online communities” that believed “conspiracy theories” like … wait for it … “Israel was involved in 9/11.”

      Israeli complicity in 9/11 was the specific “conspiracy theory” that they were concerned about.

      I mean, really, just put two and two together. It’s pretty obvious. And that is why the “flat earth” thing exists online.

      I mean, really, this is how black propaganda works. The Soviets called it “enemy face.”

      The “white nationalist” movement of the Hal Turner types are very afraid of this topic because – um, well – they are “enemy face” propaganda themselves.


      Best comment on this thread, and on this blog in general, BannedHipster

      • Bingo. Most of these zany hobby horses are clearly generated by sophisticated propagandists on the left. Michael Woodley of Menie even suggested a name associated with Obama’s policy unit in the Whitehouse as the puppet master.

        Not to say these things couldn’t have a life of their own now with machine learning programmes.

    • Michael Woodley of Menie in a discussion with Ed Dutton suggested that these disinformation campaigns originated with the Obama Whitehouse. Speculations about False Flag, 9/11, Flag Earth and even Antivaxx might be part of a special unit in the Democratic Party churning out this gibberish to distract and misdirect the ire of Whites toward darkies onto essentially harmless hobby horses like Flat Earth and yeah even Vaccines.

      There’s way too much slick content being produced for it not to be their case. If people were to bluntly contemplate race and ethnicity as a factor in all these issues plaguing us around 50%of our problems would vanish.

    • Your options are the conspiracy theory. Why are people who correctly point out that the moon landing was faked cold war propaganda, lumped in with flat earthers?

      Earth is round, and those masonic devils never landed on it. They even made Capricorn One just to dunk on you. The simple fact that a Sears Roebuck 16mm home movie camera and the film in it, could not survive the frigid vacuum of space, or the radiation, has gone over everyone’s heads. It was faked. The people who deny this refuse to even look into it because they don’t want to lose the achievement of the 1st moon landing, because it’s a great example of White supremacy.

      These fools probably think 9/11 was done by goat farmers with boxcutters.

  9. I think the earth is flat. Why? Those dots in the sky are flat. Plus scientists tell us we’re a dot in the sky. Therefore, if we’re a dot then the earth is flat.

    I think the earth is flat. Why? There’s a lot of yellow, brown, and black people in my area. If the earth was round their ancestors would have fallen off our planet. Oh gravity, you say? Get a clue, dude. I can easily defeat gravity by connecting a 1.5vdc battery to 40 turns of wire wrapped around a common nail and pick up a steel paperclip. Electromagnetism defeats the pull of earth’s gravity. So gravity is weak. If the earth was round, these yellow, brown, and black people wouldn’t be here. They would have fallen off the planet!

    I think the earth is flat. Why? We’ve got oceans, lakes, and rivers ‘n shit. So what, you say? Turn a pitcher of water upside down and see what happens, dude. Duh!

    I think the earth is flat. Why? Here’s a leaked photo taken from a high elevation:

    Are you going to believe the jews or your Bible?

  10. 1-We are told all 24 time-zones converge and meet at a single point at both the North and South poles. What time is it then at both poles? Because the answer can only be either it is ALL times at once or no time at all, the Earth is NOT a sphere!

    2-A plane flight that flies 600mph toward the spin of the Earth(New York to San Francisco)would arrive in minutes rather than the generally estimated 5hrs without a layover. Whereas if your flying to New York from San Francisco, the Earth is spinning AWAY from you at hundreds of mph, so you would have to travel much faster than the spin of the Earth to get to New York. The only reason East-West flights are slightly shorter than the same West-East flights is because of the resistance of the jet stream and that only delays arrival by minutes.

    3-If the Earth were curved, then pilots(or autopilot) would have to constantly adjust to the curvature by having to adjust the altimeter setting, otherwise a plane would fly out into space. Any pilot’s instrument panel always has it flying straight and level. At no point do pilots have to make any adjustments for a curvature.


    • I hope that you’re posting this for a laugh. But just in case not …

      The answer to all of the questions is that we’re too small and too slow for any of those things to happen. We’re tidally locked to the planet, so to speak, and have to move ourselves by pushing against other matter — shoving against the ground with wheels or tires, or shoving against the air itself or against combustion gases or ions/particles in the case of jet or rocket engines.

      Hence the term “escape velocity.”

  11. Riddle me this? (For the record I believe the world is round but this is a different dilemma) Imagine if you will a hole is bored all the way though the Earth to the other side. (Lets take the molten core out of the equation and imagine it is one unobstructed tunnel. Now if we jump in do we fall out of the other side of the planet? If gravity pulls towards the center wouldn’t the center be zero gravity other wise if you continued falling past the center are you not defying gravity since all pulls to the center (core)

  12. The moon landings seem sketchy. The flag should still be there and yet zero photographs have been shown to prove it. We have satellites that can pinpoint the exact location of people in the Middle East and drones that can precisely be used to drop munitions on them. But we can’t get a picture of the flag or the footsteps on the moon from the astronauts.

    There is zero wind on the moon so everything should be exactly the way it was when the landings happened. And, why hasn’t there been more missions to the moon? Technology is has been massively increased since the 1960’s.

    • What do think of Rocket Science in general? I think that’s a better question to think about.

      What do you know about Thrust? Liquid Oxygen fuels?

      The moon landing was white man magic alright.
      Understanding it must be hard for some.

  13. If you’re spinning at 1000 mph I’ve got a beach front property in Oklahoma for sale. From my front porch you can see the sea.

  14. The earth is technically spherical but from the perspective of most of humanity it is flat. The same way the images on your TV screen are not actually moving but the human brain makes them appear to be.

    One thing I will disagree with is the modern idea that earth is an insignificant spec in an infinitely large universe. Again from the perspective of humanity earth is, and always will be the center of the universe. Since it is our home and the only place we know that can sustain life why would we not consider it the center?

  15. There was a Flat Earth Society in the second half of the 20th century, but it was more of a theatrical endeavor than actual belief. The people involved were play acting out a farce for fun, sort of like that weird “Church of Bob” that was around college campuses too. But somehow with the internet this thing has found all the paranoid weirdos who are nuts enough to actually believe such nonsense.

  16. Chaucer knew the Earth was round, and also that the planets went around the sun. I will paraphrase here when he mentioned, the sun, around which nine spheris is.

      • Not really. It creates an ambiguity that bad elements thrive in. We want to disassociate ourselves from edgy humor, the online meme culture and these kinds of false conspiracy theories. Giving these people a platform to act out is why they keep coming into our spaces to begin with. We need to transition to a more serious movement focused on electoral politics. There is no reason why our spaces should be open to flat earth people. If you want to laugh at them, go to their spaces to do it, don’t bring them into our spaces.

  17. I’m not sure if you are still reading this comment section but I will add my two cents.

    I’m a Christian and sympathize with people quoting scriptures accurately, but I think they miss the figurative elements of speech. The Bible often uses natural examples, over simplifications, and anthropomorphisms to help the reader (humans) understand. The Bible figuratively describes Terra firma as flat, does God not know about mountains? LoL, it’s figurative and not meant for us to form a dogmatic doctrine over it.

    Regarding flat Earth comments from above. When I get in an airplane the horizon looks flat and I never see a ship sinking below the horizon. The maximum distance a person with good eyesight can see out in clear weather is 10 miles, 10 miles is not far enough to see a curvature effect on items travelling away from you. The item will become indistinguishable because of distance way before it passes under the Earth’s curvature out of your line of sight. The airplane comment is just as bankrupt. The highest flying airplanes you can ride in will only reveal a horizon of the earth no greater than 200-300 miles in breadth. Go draw a circle on a piece of paper and make it relative to the circumference of the earth, then draw a wedge that is a 200-300 mile wedge relative to the circle. In that little sliver of the circle can you realistically tell it’s a curve? No way! Just as such when you fly in an airplane at 40k ft you see three hundred miles of horizon and it’s not a big enough portion of the whole to see the shape of the whole.

    Triangles have 180°, but airplane pilots can’t go straight between two cities because spherical triangles have more than 180° and their flight path curves

    Eratosthenes calculated the circumference of the earth with mathematics based on shadows. He knew the distance between two cities and at a certain time of the day could tell the difference in shadow distance in each city. This allowed him to scale it up. He did it almost perfectly coming within like 200 miles of the scientifically known circumference.

    I love the flat earthers but I think the earth is a round sphere!

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