China’s View of America’s Coronavirus Epidemic

I was curious about China’s perspective.

I’ve heard so many takes on the pandemic from FOX News and the Dissident Right. What do the Chinese think of us? Basically, they think our government is run by a bunch of incompetent liberals. They are following the public health vs. the economy debate in the United States.

Note: DP84 has argued here that 100 million dead Americans is preferable to a national lockdown. The range of takes in the Dissident Right has varied from it is “just the flu” to the virus is less serious than lightning strikes to actually it is a blessing that old people are dying.

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  1. “China surely is looking, and most importantly, feeling good after corona. China may have produced the virus, but it got it under control in record time given the circumstances. And it got it done precisely because it had the administrative apparatus that Xi Jinping has been introducing for years, the very weapons of totalitarianism that China has been criticized for the last 5 years. Massive surveillance, complete control of the internet, party cells in every neighborhood and residential compound. China got hit bad, but it recovered, now restaurants are open and people are back to work. 4k dead officially, 80k infected. Say it’s double that, it’s still nothing.

    Meanwhile 1 million infected in Europe, another 1 million in the US. The EU completely collapsing as a political actor, with European countries not only not helping each other but actively sabotaging them, e.g. France confiscating medical supplies bought by Italy from Sweden as it passed through French territory. Trump denying the whole thing, then getting shamed by Tucker Carlson to do something, then getting AMOG’ed by state governors into taking a harder line than he wanted, then pushing for hydroxychloroquine as a cure all, then having the whole Cathedral campaigning against the treatment, preferring people die than proving Trump right.

    The Chinese are watching Tiktok all day, which in China feeds them government news videos randomly among the first 10 or so videos, and last month it was all about “see these dumb white people not wearing a mask! Partying as the virus spread! Saying it’s like the flu! What are they thinking?!”. So yeah, the Chinese are feeling very damn smart right now. Which I think it’s great. As you all may know, my stance is that the world needs political diversity. China is the only world power not under the control or influence of USG, the Cathedral and progressive ideology. No Globohomo down there. China was way more admiring of the West 10 years ago, when they felt poor and inadequate compared to the wealth and sophistication of the West. Now they think they’re rich and smart and we’re stupid and incapable of manufacturing even fucking paper masks. China is making a point of selling medical equipment as a diplomatic endeavor, “winning hearts and minds”. But the fact remains that the West is physically incapable of providing basic goods for the healthcare of its citizens. Which is something you’d expect of the Third World.

    So yes, the prestige of the West in Asia is pretty much dead. I hear in Vietnam (a very poor country with a long land border with China who has nonetheless masterfully managed to control the outbreak) people cross the street when they see white people because they think they might be infected.”

    This is a very insightful analysis, ties right in.


    • New Zealand is doing so well they are aiming for total eradication of the virus. Australia has slowed it down a lot, but their conservative pundits are agitating to re-open, just like they’ve done in America. There has been no Alex Jones style protests on Australia’s streets so far, because the government put aside money for workers who’s industries were closed down. Taiwan and Vietnam also got it under control, without totalitarianism.

      IMO China’s advantage isn’t necessarily totalitarianism. Its that they don’t have a large population of self centered libertarians to baby sit. Neither does New Zealand, Australia, Taiwan and Vietnam.

    • Spandrell is a Chinese government tool. He’s been 100% pro-Chinese propaganda and anti-western liberalism his entire internet career. While the anti-liberalism arguments rang true as long as we were dealing purely with intra-societal disputes, when the Hong Kong protests happened he did a total about-face on his own previous arguments with absolutely zero regard to the hypocrisy. He uses anti-liberal arguments purely as corrosive and weakening forces. The goal is what matters, not the truth of the statements.

      Same with this piece. It is pure propaganda of the sort that could come straight out of any government office in Beijing. It is also false. China is currently experiencing a second wave of COVID-19 and is clamping down on any discussion of it – if you do a search for COVID-19 on Weibo you don’t get results, instead you get told that all discussion is restricted “due to applicable regulations”.

      Spandrell’s a liar.

    • Just for example, his line here:

      “China is making a point of selling medical equipment as a diplomatic endeavor, “winning hearts and minds”. But the fact remains that the West is physically incapable of providing basic goods for the healthcare of its citizens. ”

      No, China is making a PROPAGANDA point of selling medical equipment, which then consistently turns out to be worthless and unusable. There’ve been headlines for practically every country in Europe to this effect over the past few weeks – whatever China donates, it’s garbage and unusable. China is donating it for appearance’s sake only. Italy donated tremendous amounts of PPE to China in January; a few weeks back, they asked if China could give whatever hadn’t been used back to Italy. China’s response: “Sure, you can buy it back from us.”

      Spandrell doesn’t mention any of this, because Spandrell is a Chinese propagandist and government tool, and a liar.

    • Asia – where they eat living animals, and throw live dogs into pots of boiling liquid, and weld people in this homes, and send their sick and diseased to spread the infection all over the world, and sell their kids to kikes and child rapers, and sell their defective equipment to Nations they’ve made sick, and only care about money, and have EVERYTHING they have that Whites created, and I mean EVERYTHING, because they stole it from Whites, or Jews stole it for them.

      Asians – who cheat and lie about EVERYTHING.

      Very prestigious and admirable.

      Fuck you, traitor.

      The gooks are attempting to by up major American farmland, due to traitors like YOU. They want the land to feed their own people. I hope you starve to death, defending the prestige of the Gooks

      • yeah , any white man praising these heinous gook insects is a disgusting turd….
        but you also asked me if i was on LSD one day when i pointed out that the technology exists to create fake people profiles on the www that look no different than any actual real person…
        lol i don’t take offense to what people say but i wonder why nobody talks about this technology when using anything from the www as a reference citing or “proof” of some sort of info being accurate….

      • It’s typical of many Asian cultures to be shamed only by getting caught lying, not the lie itself. Most Asian cultures are amoral which is worse than being immoral. They are indifferent to moral right and wrong, only what “works”, is most efficient or makes the most money now.

        Unfortunately capitalism is also amoral, it has nothing to say about right or wrong only glorifying profit maximization by firms; George Soros type logic. Capitalism has nothing to say about selling off millions of acres of some of the most valuable farm land in the world; muh “free market”. Capitalism sees Walter White of “Breaking Bad” fame, Ford Motor Co.
        making legitimate products and financial speculators ruining nations through debt through the same warped lens; profit maximization without regard to moral content.

        That mentality, Chinese government coordinated intellectual theft and corrupt, greedy businessmen working with corrupt, greedy politicians and institutions in the West selling off the nation’s patrimony to China accounts for much of China’s recent success. That and the hive mind societies full of ant like workers. Were it not for the hideous system of democracy in the U.S. where the usual suspects engage in legal, systematic looting of the country while providing bread and circuses for the masses China would still be way behind the West.

        The bread and circuses have come to and end, corona chan did that, for better or worse.

      • Denise, this is the latest on my MIL. Apparently, she fell about a week ago (needs an aid to walk) and when they examined her, she had a fever. Something else must have triggered a trip to the hospital (my husband and his sister have a contentious relationship) where she was diagnosed with Covid-19. Within a day or two they were doing physical therapy. WTF? From what I understand she was not sent to isolation. WTF? We will never get the $$$$ aspect out of his sister. She has some pneumonia which is apparently why she is getting physical therapy. Don’t know if the hospital or his sister is behind the Covid diagnosis. She exaggerates and is a known liar (like his mother). I tend to think it’s his sister but if it is the hospital there may be some incentive to this. I think there is a lot off with this diagnosis but just don’t know the source. She’s 92 or 93. My current thoughts are Covid is real, it is grossly exaggerated, there is an agenda to this by our secret rulers, but I do believe it is an engineered bioweapon out of the Wuhan lab. I continue to take immune support and will do so long after it disappears, if ever. If anything changes I’ll post it.

        • Snow – I think a lot of medical personnel are making it up as they go along. They are probably doing alright by your MIL if is is 92 etc, and giving her physical therapy. Pneumonia is what could take her out. If they are getting her up and moving it will help her lungs. The fact that your MIL is in her 90’s, and is still alive, is verification that she doesn’t have the virus – or it’s not as deadly as the Corona Porn panicker tout. Good luck to her!

          FYI IRL I’ve already dealt with several dram queens who were SO PROUD of the fact they caught a cold, and eagerly awaited their test results on the WuFlu, and were so disappointed when they tested negative.

    • They just had to lockdown Wuhan again, and I don’t believe for one second that they had only 3,000 odd deaths. There were backups in the funeral homes of 50,000 urns of cremated people. I’d say their actual death toll is probably in the millions. Remember 21 million cell phone accounts in China disappeared since this plague started.

    • “France confiscating medical supplies bought by Italy from Sweden as it passed through French territory.”

      Wait what, why on Earth would it pass through France when the fastest route from Sweden to Italy goes through Denmark down through Germany and Austria into Northern Italy. Even if you ship it by sea or air, stopping in France is a massive detour.

      You might also start reading some other news sites since we have started to help each other, except of course for the 3 lolbertarian stooge nations of “Murica, United Kangdom and whatever passes for France these days”

      But we do know that Goy Trump has ordered the CIA to focus on stealing supplies from other nations with all means possible since he shipped everything the feds had to his gentile masters free of charge and is now looking like the emperor with no clothes before everyone.(again)

  2. We really need to study the social history surrounding the black death, Spanish Flu and the 1665 plague.

    It calls for a reorganisation of economics and interactions for a while.

    • Yes, John, “The Last Plague” started off slowly, as most great plagues do – “Just before Christmas, two men died in Drury Lane, with a few additional deaths during the remainder of the winter. The next few months were months of beautiful weather in London, but not for people!”

      The “noble” are mostly spared by these things. Death “fell most heavily upon the poor, who had no means of escape from their crowded, filthy city hovels. The rich, by contrast, fled to country estates. In 1665 the King and Court decamped first to Hampton Court, then to Oxford. Sessions of parliament were postponed, theatres stayed closed until November 1666. The fashion for wigs suffered a temporary eclipse, because of fears that they were made from the hair of plague victims. Pepys lamented the near-disappearance of passage boats from the Thames because so many watermen were dead. Grass grew among the cobbles in Whitehall for lack of workmen to remove it. One notable stay-behind in the City was the great financier Sir Martin Noell, who expired on 28 September” (it was impossible to keep making money at long distance, with no computers, internet or phone systems in those days) :

    • whaaaaaat????!? and take that funding from the virtuosity of finding the scientific virtues of transgenderism or taking away the free gibs for useless generational welfare apes and parasitical trespassing mud beasts???

  3. China is enacting ….

    National Socialism

    The Han Chinese government dies what is best for the Han Chinese people . Like NS Germany, there are strong elements of private enterprise, some markets – there are few Jews around causing trouble . Chinese media is run exclusively by Han Chinese yeah pushing Chinese nationalist propaganda.

    Until the war in the East went bad, National socialism worked very well in Germany and German dominated countries .

    So the moral of this story is got homogeneous nations and communities to just DO National Socialism without calling it BS or dressing in NS costumes .

    • China has risen because dumbf**k American and European leaders have allowed it unfettered access to our markets over the past few decades. Cut off the trade spigot and their NS “success” will quickly wither.

  4. Scientifically it is very simple, as ‘Audacious Epigone’ points out on Unz Review

    Is there a genuine annual excess of death numbers which can be associated with covid? No other number matters for the truth here

    For many places the answer is clearly No, death rates are not overall increasing

    There are some places where there is indeed an increase rate of deaths for particular weeks – but then, the question is, are these temporarily higher death rates, any greater than the typical flu-season temporary spikes in death rates, time-shifting deaths of elderly and sick vulnerable people to happen a little earlier?

    Once again the answer seems to be No … tho one can argue it is too early to tell if ‘many more deaths begin piling in’ … however numbers seem to have peaked / be peaking, in typical flu-season fashion

    As commenters note, “corona miraculously cures every other disease; no one dies of anything else when corona is in town”

    It is simply retarded to list a bunch of alleged ‘corona deaths’ from biased, corona-death-attributing systems, with hospitals in some nations getting big ‘corona death’ payment subsidies, supervised by government officials who often have tied to the big pharma lobbies, or the arguably-murderous vaccine-pushing Gates Foundation etc … and governments around the world intimidated into going along with the programme ‘or else’

    Sweden is not on lockdown, and ‘death rates’ are lower than in many lockdown countries

    “In the US, there are five states–Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota–that never issued orders for residents to stay at home. So far, these states have suffered from covid among the least of all in the US.”

  5. Yes, allowing hordes of Chinese to travel to America and Europe has truly paid off, eh? I am sure greedy Italy is quite happy they let all them Chinese cheap laborers in by Milan sending wine and pizza swilling Giuseppe and Carlo to their swan songs. But at least Italy was not called raycisss as their old got killed off by the sum ting wong virus.

    Roughly 40% of whites have become so mind numbingly stupid enjoying their nations being taken over in an anti racist death. In this case, literally. Whitey needs a time out and a do over.

    Diversity is the disease. It brings crime, lower standards, disease, anti white racism, higher taxes, tons more useless bay buhhhhs plopped out by useless single ( but of course) mothers. After all the dads did their thing and planted the seed. Right Tyrone and Hector?

    If Coronavirus does not produce massive change, nothing will. Bring down this retarded uber capitalist system, corona. Can we stop rewarding sports ball, Hollyweird, baby dumpers and very shady hedge fund dudes? That would be a great start. Thanks.

    • 40% of whites, I’m sorry to say, are not worth saving. They are only interested in selling out their race to the jews and Orientals. Such wretches deserve to be garroted.

      • Spahn – you aren’t kidding. Monitoring the Libtards on Twitter – I’d be pleased with a 90% death rate. Their obnoxiousness in direct proportion to their absolute ignorance about EVERYTHING, Most amusing are are NIGGERS babbling about how it doesn’t matter about the money – their lives are mo’ impoten’. They kill each other every single day. Wait til the White tax money runs out…..I hope they slaughter the White libtards.

        Hail CoronaChan. GET THEM ALL.

  6. No, Chinese know our government is run by Jews and the Chinese know the Jews are at war with them. Who rules? The question is being fought over on an international scale. Huawei, Hong Kong, the Uighers, last years pig flu that killed half the pigs in China and now coronavirus. There is a pattern here, the Jews are at war with China. And we are being put in danger by these Goddamned Jew animals.

    • yeah , i always sort of looked at the kungflu in this light….China is being blamed and scapegoated by the jews for being nationalists and not bowing to globoschlomohomo….plain and simple..

      And now the pleb wage slaves, boomers and mongrels in ZOGmerica are out for yellow blood or are being more open to the idea of WW3 with the subhuman gooks.

  7. Incompetent liberals and money hungry buttgoy republicans who hate spending money on healthcare except for themselves of course, birds of a feather…

  8. I would never simp for china especially considering they created the virus in the freaking first place (still no official explanation of the wuflu yet thanks to zog and chincom shills in media) but they are right that American democracy is corrupt shitshow refusing to spend money on basic preventive measures to contain the virus

  9. Trying to determine what Chinese think based on their posts is pointless. They cannot speak freely.

    And still, overall deaths in ZUS are down this year. All categorized as COVID, of course. The hoax is wearing thin.

  10. I’d hold the praise for the CCP considering that they only did something once Xi pivoted from ignoring and suppressing the epidemic to finally doing something about it and we are probably blacked out from the news that the epidemic that hit Hubei was probably the most deadly of the outbreaks so far, though Italy Spain and NYC aren’t far behind. I’d look more at China’s neighbors that don’t have a totalitarian control of information to the gold standard for acting right away with a plan in place. Still, the epidemic in the West is pathetic, considering they had months to prepare watching it in advance. Even if we had lucked out and been spared we would still have needed heavy surveillance through testing to make sure the virus didn’t pop up and having a test available, let alone in quantity necessary was completely lacking. Then the pathetic affirmative action surgeon general telling people that masks are unnecessary? The exposure that the globalist traitors had moved all our necessary medical production overseas? The question is are we going to learn something from this? Or are the actors just going to point fingers at each other and make this all about Trump as both the left and right seem to want to see this thing. Seriously, the Democrats first response was to try to push “green new deal” crap, and the Republicans want to see this as a conspiracy against Trump. Not a good sign of the seriousness of the citizenry.

    • Looks like it. Hunter has lost his way unfortunately. The other day he ran two articles in a row praising Jews.

      This virus has him not only in a scared frenzy but it’s also altered his ability to see things for what they are.

    • Could it be that HW is working for Peking, madam? That might explain why he doesn’t have a conventional W2 job.

      • I think Hunter is doing what he THINKS he needs to do. He really shouldn’t be bragging about spending most of his time outdoors though, and demanding every one stay inside. I’d also like to see ONE post trashing the Gooks.

        The Chinese are not our pals. They aren’t their own pals. They are SOULESS insects. The world would be a much better place with out ONE of them.

        • The Chinese have an ethnically homogeneous authoritarian state that genuinely looks out for the interests of its own people, this is something whites in the west can only dream of. Chinese communists have never attacked us as a race whereas liberal whites and Jews do.

          Remember Asians and other non-whites only start hating white people when they move to the west and get indoctrinated by ZOG. It’s ZOG that is the enemy here, not the entire non-white world. Boorish hatred of anyone who isn’t white is counterproductive.

    • Just presenting the chink POV is shilling for them? That is as whacko as saying because HW accepts that corona-chan is a real problem means he’s getting his info from Fauxci on Fox. There were in-depth investigations being done on the virus long before Blompf and his team of normie idiots reluctantly got involved. Some of those were linked to in posts and comments here, remember? It wasn’t that long ago. There has been a massive amount of projection done by those talking about hysteria and anger on the part of those not believing this is a hoax, as well.

  11. We cannot see China’s view clearly because they are very different from us, and they have illusions of us as well, some harmful. The Chinese might be BETTER off now if they had NOT opened themselves up so much to “Western” materialistic influence and financial ties. It was really the Cultural Revolution, that purged Opium-wars corruption and renewed Confucian morality, that made progress possible. See:

  12. (((Anglin’s))) “blessing” article has led me to reclassify him as enemy vermin, the next step down from “useless jackass.”

    • I agree with your assessment of Colonel Anglin. The same goes for his creepy boyfriends Lee Rogers, Azzmador, Weev and Ricky Douchebag. We’re going to need another Night of the Long Knives.

      • I’m kicking myself for not spotting it earlier but I was fully convinced he was an enemy agent by early 2017.

        The 100% certain way to spot these shills is if they advocate for a mainstream politician while simultaneously using rhetoric that excludes them from participating in mainstream politics. If it seems a little strange that a neo nazi would be supporting the most openly philosemitic president in American history that’s because he is not a neo Nazi. He is a larping traitor.

  13. Thank you for posting this Hunter!

    He is wrong about one thing: American democracy is not just “disappointing” but at this point, lethal to millions of it’s citizens.

    His tweets were not just informative, but to use an old Tennessee expression, he took Trump to the woodshed, pulled his britches down, and tanned his hide.

  14. It’s been brought to my attention that Chinese investors are buying up American farmland now, on the cheap, of course. Farmland values are depressed in many areas by the escalating deliberate destruction of small and medium-sized traditional farming. Farmland is a much better buy than urban real estate and buisiness properties during this Depression, and especially during a pandemic. However Chinese investors run a VERY slight risk of Americans ever deciding to become socialist and nationalizing the farmland that they just bought, and they run a much greater risk that the U.S. government will seize the property as “reparations,” as the war heats up, allowing “American” big ag corporations buy it very cheap. From family farm bankruptcy to Chinese investors, to the big ag corporations, so ends traditional family farming in the U.S. unless the American people wake up.

    What if real Russians (as opposed to “Russian mafia”) started buying up American farmland? You know what would happen.

  15. This blog has been more-than-usually-enlightening lately. Evidently, there are white persons proud to state, before all the world, that a national lockdown that has disrupted millions of livelihoods and maybe ruined not a few of same was prerequisite to their getting closer–in their non-minds, at least–to their families.


    • JB of P – the thing that DISGUSTS me the VERY most are the idiots, of every race and circumstance, who can’t THINK for 5 seconds past their noses.

      Vickey states that she’s spending so much time with her sons and hubby. That’s awesome. She must be in a situation where they can hold out. For food. For money. For taxes? For how long?

      I noted, in another comment, that the Twitter Niggers are babbling about how deyz not worree bout da money – deys carez about day helf. The Niggers you see, ARE getting payed. But for how long? What happens when the food supply runs out? Are Vickey and Fam able to grow their own food? Awesome! Do they have weapons of self defense? Can they make their own ammo? If not – what happens when the ammo runs out? Because ZOG is stil trying to import thousands of orcs from every dump on Earth.

      The truly bitterly ironic thing is, for all my complaining, is that I am in a position to ride this thing out for pretty much ever. No matter which way this goes. I am ok. I am not wealthy – but I am in a situation where I can ride out whatever happens. I don’t only care about myself, though. I see what this is doing to other people. White people, in all sorts of circumstances.

      Do the Vickey’s think they can last forever? What happens when Vickey and her Fam step off their property, and take a look around, and they are the Last Whites Left?

      Some White Advocates talk about the White Collective. What happens to one of us has huge effects for all of us. But some Whites don’t SEE that – and don’t care at all.

      • Let us add, Denise, that Madame V hasn’t reported how her sons and hubby feel about all the extra time they’re spending with her.

        (Sorry, V, but it had to be said.)

  16. Also, on that farmland tangent: I failed to mention that Chinese billionaires can work in combination or symbiosis with “Western” billionaires, since they are all equally materialistic. “There is no honor among thieves,” and no racial, ethnic or religious division either when it comes to collecting “rents.” Usury is a universal criminal tendency.

    • Nah the reason for that is Whites, and especially American Whites, value money and individualism more than they value duty and loyalty. It’s really that simple. Until Whites get over their addiction to liberalism and individualism, it will continue.

        • The American food supply is very secure. All jobs in the food supply chain are considered “essential.” Opening things prematurely would actually create a greater risk to the food supply because it would increase the likelihood of these essential workers getting sick and being out of work for up to a month or more.

          • Really? Dairy farmers are dumping milk, and other are plowing under their crops .Areyou keeping up with emerging data?

            In European Nations – not Gookland – thart have begun doing mass testing – it turns out that far more people have already been exposed, and nothing happens. Cuz this Frankenbug is not terribly lethal. But locking healthy people up WILL be.

            To all you Locktards – no one is making you go outside. So FUCK OFF.

    • I suspect most of the contributors on this site are more interested in praising Jayzus or hating Yankees than defending their race against the Yellow Peril, madam.

    • The yellow niggers are a plight on this world…just look how they pollute mother nature and treat animals.
      I dont need to know or see anymore about these subhuman parasites.

    • You need to be harassing normies with pto white talking points. How the foreign brought the plague… What’s your agenda here?

      • Spring you blithering idiot – you think I DON’T? What do YOU do, except lurk here here and bitch? No one is making you go outside. Aren’t you married to a kike?

  17. LOL like any “news” out of Communist China should be believed… once upon a time Nationalists knew better.

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